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Do we say   shadows   or  shadow

Do we say shadows or shadow

shadows 3902 occurrences

Gradually, darkness fell, and soon the details of the gardens were merged into shadows.

I had recollections of a succession of great cellars, and of one, greater than the rest, the roof of which was upheld by pillars; beyond that my mind was hazy, and predominated by a sense of cold and darkness and shadows.

It is reached, through a huge, arched entrance, on which I observed strange, fantastic carvings, which threw queer shadows under the light of my candle.

Eastward, the shadows of every seen thing crept toward the coming greyness.

And the movement of the shadows was visible to mea stealthy, writhing creep of the shadows of the wind-stirred trees.

And the movement of the shadows was visible to mea stealthy, writhing creep of the shadows of the wind-stirred trees.

The clouds rippled and vanished, and there was once more before me, the vision of the swiftly leaping sun, and nights that came and went like shadows.

After that, there rose in my memory the still more terrible Thing, that had haunted the shores of the Sea of Sleep, and lurked in the shadows of this old building.

Her voice came to me, out of the shadows, faintly; apparently from a great distance: 'A little while' It died away, remotely.

Pepper had really passed into the land of shadows.

They seemed to the sense of mystic apprehension that for the moment held possession of me, to be everywherein the bunks, on the floor, back in the shadows, watching, watching, watching from the advantage of another world.

I breathed deep, and saw cutlasses in harmless shadows.

Nevertheless, glaciers are still at work in the shadows of the peaks, and thousands of lakes and meadows shine and bloom beneath them, and the whole range is furrowed with cañons to a depth of from 2000 to 5000 feet, in which once flowed majestic glaciers, and in which now flow and sing a band of beautiful rivers.

They occur singly or in small groups on the north sides of the peaks of the High Sierra, sheltered beneath broad frosty shadows, in amphitheaters of their own making, where the snow, shooting down from the surrounding heights in avalanches, is most abundant.

Here, also, I observed a series of small terminal moraines ranged along the south wall of the amphitheater, corresponding in size and form with the shadows cast by the highest portions.

The meaning of this correspondence between moraines and shadows was afterward made plain.

The series of small terminal moraines which I had observed in the morning, along the south wall of the amphitheater, correspond in every way with the moraine of this glacier, and their distribution with reference to shadows was now understood.

When the climatic changes came on that caused the melting and retreat of the main glacier that filled the amphitheater, a series of residual glaciers were left in the cliff shadows, under the protection of which they lingered, until they formed the moraines we are studying.

It appears, therefore, that shadows in great part determine not only the forms of lofty icy mountains, but also those of the snow-banners that the wild winds hang on them.

Long, blue, spiky shadows crept out across the snow-fields, while a rosy glow, at first scarce discernible, gradually deepened and suffused every mountain-top, flushing the glaciers and the harsh crags above them.

These mark the halting-places of the vanished glacier when it was retreating into its summit shadows on the breaking-up of the glacial winter.

Yet the sun beams gloriously many a cloudless day in midwinter, casting long lance shadows athwart the dazzling expanse.

The lanterns threw strange shadows that looked like fierce men in the darkness.

But, ere he could draw sword, came a voice from the shadows near bya deep voice, clear and very sweet: "Oh, children," said the voice, "oh, children of God, put up your steel and pray for one whose white soul doth mount e'en now to heaven!"

"Hark!" said he: and, in a while, as they listened, upon the stillness came a rustle of leaves and thereafter a creeping step drawing slowly nearer: then swift and soft-treading, Walkyn stole out into the shadows.

Thereafter at a sign from the friar, Beltane stooped and raised this slender, shrouded figure in his arms and reverently bore it out into the shadows.

The waning moon cast shadows black and long, and in these shadows Beltane crept and so, betimes, came within the outer guard-room and to the room beyond; and here beheld a low-arched doorway whence steps led upward,a narrow stair, gloomy and winding, whose velvet blackness was stabbed here and there by moonlight, flooding through some deep-set arrow-slit.

Maud saw him no more, though her father and Mr. Woods stood on the rocks quite half an hour longer, catching occasional glimpses of his form, as it came out of the shadows of the forest, into the open space of the little river; and, indeed, until the major was within a short distance of the spot where he was to meet the Indian.

The rays of the sun were streaming athwart the verdant meadows and rich corn, lengthening the shadows, and mellowing everything, as if expressly to please the eye of one like her who now gazed upon the scene.

The sun was now set, and the shadows of evening began to render objects a little indistinct beneath them.

In the peaceful shadows of the room it seemed a still softer shadow framing the vivid girlish face.

There were shadows under her eyes.

" Tutt stood after she had gone watching the sunset until the west was only a mass of leaden shadows Then, strangely relieved, he took his hat and started out of the office.

It had risen so high that the shadows of the horses were no larger than themselves.

His strong, firm jaw was clean-shaven, and his companion had frequently remarked how much it suggested those old Roman busts which peered out from the shadows in the corners of his chamber.

Pulses and breathing quickened, intent eyes probed the shadows as if she thought to wrest from them a clue to the mystery of her status in the household of Victor Vassilyevski.

Refracted light sculptured with curious shadows that saturnine face intent to immobility.

She noted with a pang how gaunt he looked and how deep were the shadows about his eyes.

The sunlight faded, and the shadows fell around him, and he still remained bowed in a strange, quiet ecstasy of expectation.

He suffered no longer, but the shadows of the grave were gathering upon his face, and it was not probable he would survive till morning.

The candle-end, which had burned below the rim of the china candlestick, was throwing pulsating shadows on the ceiling and walls, until, with a flicker larger than the rest, it expired.

See the remarks, in the Introduction, on Hugo's treatment of shadows.

355 He pausedfor shadows of strange shape, Massy and black, before him lay; But through the dark, and through the cold, And through the yawning fissures old, Did Peter boldly press his way 360 Right through the quarry;and behold A scene of soft and lovely hue!

And so, where on the huge rough stones The black and massy shadows lay,

Oh, you can't understand it; for you can not realize the beauty of shade on that great sun-bathed prairie, or the promise in the changing shadows under that little tree!

Gleaners were already in the field, their bent figures casting sharp shadows on the golden upland, and the field itself stretched upwards to a great wood that lay folded round the top of a spreading hill.

He was singin' low and easy to his pony's steady feet, But his eye was live and driftin' Round the scenery and siftin' All the crawlin' shadows shiftin' in the tremblin' gray mesquite.

The western sun trailed long shadows across the cañon; shadows that drifted imperceptibly farther and farther, spreading, commingling, softening the broken outlines of ledge and brush until the walled solitude was brimmed with dusk, save where a red shaft cleft the fast-fading twilight, burning like a great spotlight on a picketed horse and a man asleep, his head pillowed on a saddle.

The western sun trailed long shadows across the cañon; shadows that drifted imperceptibly farther and farther, spreading, commingling, softening the broken outlines of ledge and brush until the walled solitude was brimmed with dusk, save where a red shaft cleft the fast-fading twilight, burning like a great spotlight on a picketed horse and a man asleep, his head pillowed on a saddle.

Waring, seated upon the ledge, leaned back against the wall, watching the angling shadows shorten as the moon drew overhead.

The morning sun traced clean, black shadows of the chaparral on the sand.

Brown shadows shot from the western wall and spread across the widening outlet.

Waring turned a corner and drifted through the shadows toward the edge of town.

Waring crossed to the deeper shadows and whistled.

Slowly the desert sun drew overhead and swept the scant shadows from the brush-walled enclosure.

He worked alone, whistling as he rode, swinging his glasses on this and that arroyo and singling out the infrequent clumps of greasewood for a touch of brighter color in their shadows.

Wide from north to south stretched the deep, sweet heaven, full of the tenderest tints and softliest creeping shadows; the tree-fringes stood up against it; the gentle winds swept through, as if creatures winged, invisible, went by; touched, one by one, with glory, the stars burned on the blue; we watched as if any new, unheard-of wonder might appear; we looked out into great depths that narrow daylight shut us in from.

Twilight fell with the dark shadows sweeping under the silent pines; the night wind rose and began its moan.

"Hounds running wild," he yelled, and the dark shadows of the cedars claimed him again.

" I descried gray objects the color of the rocks, moving down like shadows.

A red sunset bathed the canyon in crimson, painting the walls, tinting the shadows to resemble dropping mists of blood.

To the black shadows fading away, to the brightening of the gray light, to the glow of the east, to the morning sun, to the Giver of Lifeto these the Indian chanted his prayer.

IX One by one my companions sought their blankets, leaving the shadows, the dying embers, the slow-rising moan of the night wind to me.

He trotted around the circle cast by the fire and looked out into the darkening shadows.

The yellow, flickering shadows on the wall of my tent told me that the sun had long risen.

When I peeped out to see the forest in the throes of a blinding blizzard, the great pines only pale, grotesque shadows, everything white mantled in a foot of snow, I emphasized the Indian words in straight English.

Shafts of golden sunshine shot down from these rifts, dispelling the shadows and gloom, moving in paths of gold through the forest glade, gleaming with brilliantly colored fire from the snow-wreathed pines.

The round red sun dropped out of sight beyond the trees, a pink glow suffused all the ridges; blue shadows gathered in the hollow, shaded purple and stole upward.

XIV I awoke before dawn, and lay watching the dark shadows change into gray, and gray into light.

What might not happen to a girl who was passing the balmy Christmas months amid the sweet shadows of an Italian lake?

We were out of the dreadful sands and shadows of Death Valley, its exhausting phantoms, its salty columns, bitter lakes and wild, dreary sunken desolation.

" Is it possible, Mate, that my glorious day, which I thought had barely tipped the hour of noon, is already lengthening into the still shadows of evening?

I have a very private opinion about reading my title clear to the Christian Sister business, but no woman with a heart as big as a pinch of snuff could resist giving her very best and much more to the slip of a winsome maid, who confidingly asks itespecially if the sister has any knowledge of the shadows lurking in the beautiful world.

In contrast to my recent hostesses it was like coming from a garden of brilliant flowers into the soft, quiet shadows of a bamboo grove.

I can think of a thousand things right now I want to say to Jack and while storing them away for some future happy hour, I walked further into the deep shadows of twilight.

Dreamily I watched a great red dragon-fly frivol with the fairy blue wreaths of incense-smoke that hovered above the leaf shadows trembling on the sand.

Out of the big gate they went and down the street all aglow with the early evening lights twinkling in the purple shadows.

The very shadows spelled romance and poetry.

The sunny greetings of multitudes of children lift the shadows from the darkest day, and always there is the glorious scenery; the shadowed mystery of the mountains, a turquoise sky, the blossoms and bamboo.

Bog looked very sheepish as he sneaked from one street corner to another, and skulked in shadows to avoid observation, though he tried to flatter himself that he was doing something highly meritorious.

They walked on, and the shadows deepened.

Night was now deepening in the woods, with the haughty maiden, and high, proud and humiliated youth, walking still side by side through its shadows.

So, in the dark he stood there, a shadow among shadows.

In the shadows at the other end, the amazed Maghrabi swordsmen hesitated one precious moment.

The lamp-shine, obliquely striking upward from the floor, cast deep shadows over their faces; and these shadows seemed symbolic of the shadows of death closing about them at this hour of self-revelation.

The lamp-shine, obliquely striking upward from the floor, cast deep shadows over their faces; and these shadows seemed symbolic of the shadows of death closing about them at this hour of self-revelation.

The lamp-shine, obliquely striking upward from the floor, cast deep shadows over their faces; and these shadows seemed symbolic of the shadows of death closing about them at this hour of self-revelation.

"Your color has gone, and the shadows are coming about your eyes.

Such violet shadows on the golden water!

The hills were darkening on their eastern slopes; the shadows of the few poplars that sparsedly dotted the dusty highway were falling in long black lines that looked like ditches on the dead level of the tawny fields; the shadows of slowly moving cattle were mingling with their own silhouettes, and becoming more and more grotesque.

The hills were darkening on their eastern slopes; the shadows of the few poplars that sparsedly dotted the dusty highway were falling in long black lines that looked like ditches on the dead level of the tawny fields; the shadows of slowly moving cattle were mingling with their own silhouettes, and becoming more and more grotesque.

The joyous dinner with Franz Müller; the busy Temple; the noisy theatre; the long chase through the wet streets at midnight; the crowded gaming-house; the sweet country drive at early morning; the quiet wood, and the dead man lying on his back, with the shadows of the leaves upon his face,all this, in strange distinctness, came between me and the living tide of the Boulevards.

The clouds had rolled between me and the sun, and wrapped me in their cold shadows, and all was dark about me.

" Going down, by-and-by, into the valley as the shadows were lengthening, I met a traveller with an open book in his hand.

She had heavy, bluish shadows under her eyes, and he saw quite plainly that, the night before, she must have been weeping bitterly.

And there came a priest, who was a sub-lieutenant, out of a wood of snuff-brown shadows and half-veiled trunks.

It was an eye clear as heaven; it could read the hearts of men; it saw at a glance all things in the world at once, while we ordinary mortals see them only one by one, and then only their colored shadows.

I suddenly became aware of two dark shadows thrown across the road.


Future events cast their shadows before.

shadow 7202 occurrences

Donnegan turned and saw in the shadow and about the edges of the room a host of drawn, tense faces and burning eyes.

A shadow came and went across the face of the colonel, and Donnegan caught his breath.

He found himself looking down into eyes full of fire and shadow; and eager lips; and the fiber of her voice made her whole body tremble.

A twenty-hour vigil had whitened his face, drawn in his cheeks, and painted his eyes with shadow; and now he wanted action.

And big George followed him like a shadow cast from a lantern behind a man walking in a fog.

"What call had Johnnie Consadine got to come here and act the servant for them rich folks?runnin' around after Gray Stoddardand much good may it do her!" Mandy crowded herself back into the shadow of the dripping evergreens, and Shade went boldly up on the side porch.

Below him the road wound, a dimly conjectured, wavering gray ribbon; on the other side of it the steep slope took off to a gulf of inky shadow, where the great valley lay, hushed under the solemn stars, silent, black, and shimmering with a myriad pulsating electric lights which glowed like swarms of fireflies caught in an invisible net.

" Laurella had said to Pap Himes that she wanted to sleep, and indeed her eyes, were closed when Johnnie entered the room; but beneath the shadow of the sweeping lashes burned such spots of crimson that her nurse was alarmed.

Low and rambling, covered with vines, and nestling amid shrubbery which even in winter gave it a habitable air, it looked as much the abode of comfort as of luxury, and gavein outward appearance at leastno hint of the dark shadow which had so lately fallen across it.

He stood, silent as his own shadow, while the coachman rubbed away with less and less purpose, until his hands stood quite still and his whole figure drooped in irresistible despondency.

Working his way along in the shadow cast by the house and afterward by the stable itself, he came upon what was certainly a wall and a wall with a door in it.

Behind him, and still further in the shadow, could be seen the quiet figure of Sweetwater.

Sweetwater moved a trifle on his seat, but the othersmen who had passed the meridian of life, who had known temptations, possibly had succumbed to them, from time to timesat like two statues, one in full light and the other in as dark a shadow as he could find.

But that old friend's face was too much in shadow, and the young man was forced to meet the district attorney's eye, instead, and answer the district attorney's question.

A lamp from the opposite side of the street threw a broad illumination across the walk where I stood, but the gate-posts behind threw a shadow.

Angy had suddenly become conscious of the shadow of the green-eyed monster.

In some he has part, and some he has whole, And of some, (like the Vicar of Baddow) It can neither be said they have body or soul; And only are devils in shadow.

The owner of those eyes, and of a surprising head of florid hair, had barely time to draw back into the shadow of the corridor and notice an approaching face like that of one walking in his sleep, when the clove-eater swung disjointedly by him, with jingling lantern, and went fiercely bumping down the stairway.

Closely, without sound, followed the watcher, and the two, like man and shadow, went out from the house into the quarry of the moon-eyed black leopard.

rang o'er the heather wild, While the dew-drop lifted its golden head, and the hoary bull-frog smiled; Yet every eye was dim with tears, as the shadow of Time replied, And the echo from over the moorland drear, In cloistered glory and voice of cheer, Silently welcomed the Bride.

The dust as smoke riseth; it spreadeth wide its wing; It maketh me as a shadow, and my City a vanished thing!

Add to this her harsh and brutish ill-treatment of the Belgian civilian people, her ravage of their ancient buildings and works of art, and her clearly expressed intention both in word and deed to annex their territory by force should the fortunes of war favour herall these facts, which we may say are proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, form a most serious indictment.

That He who brings us into "the valley of the shadow of death," is the same as He of whom it is said, "Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me?"

Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?

One is there always I feel too much in the shadow of that mighty Castle which for the most part is not old at all, too much in the power of that great new church that surely was never built by English hands, which has altogether blotted out the older sanctuary, and which, Catholic though it be, has never won my affection.

Arundel itself is all in the shadow of these two things, each of which is too big for it, too heavy for free laughter and light- heartedness.

He looked at the gloomy walls that rose a thousand feet sheer above the circling pines around him; at the sky, ominously clouded; at the valley below, already deepening into shadow.

"Loved, almost adored, by the company," says one of them, writing of the sad event, "Capt. Acker's fall cast a deep shadow of gloom over his command."

* * * It seems to be beyond all shadow of doubt that when the hour came in which all that Christ stood for was to either stand or fall, Christ raised up a man to lead the hosts that battled for him."

" Ordeal departed, leaving Mrs. Abbot in some such condition as that of the man who had no shadow.

Liberty led but a shadow existence, and the deeds done were the deeds of royalty.

Her dress, in short, achieved in its pure simplicity all at which the artistic skill of matrons, milliners, and maidens aims in a Parisian ball costume, without a shadow of that suggestive immodesty from which ball costumes are seldom wholly free.

Likewise an agreement, or the shadow of an understanding with France on the question of Alsace-Lorraine would have been a recognition of French claims.

expanse hovered a shadow that was neither hood of dust nor hue of gold.

Saturn was exquisite; the rings were separated all around; the dusky ring could be seen, and, of course, the shadow of the ball upon the ring.

But here their matings are accomplished, and though they are fearful of so little as a cloud shadow or blown leaf, they contrive to have some playful hours.

He had travelled a great distance in that beautiful country, and one day came to a tower, under whose shadow he sought a little repose, for the thoughts of his melancholy and disastrous condition kept him almost constantly awake.

He kept saying: "Now I feel no alarm about Sám or Zál-zer, Nor the splendour and power of the great Minúchihr; Whilst aided by Rustem, his sword, and his mace, Not a cloud of misfortune can shadow my face.

Poshang was proud of the chivalrous spirit and promptitude displayed by his son, who is said to have been as strong as a lion, or an elephant, and whose shadow extended miles.


After a time, the deep voice of her husband, speaking very low, and to her alone, became dimly audible: "'All this is come upon us; yet have we notOur heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declinedThough thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons, and covered us with the shadow of death.'

"But I am telling you I saw ... that assassin!"she shuddered again"standing there, in the shadow, glaring at me as if I had surprised him and he did not know what next to do.

By putting out a hand he could have touched the helmsman, but his body made not even the shadow of a silhouette against the sky.

Other stars may go round as they will; there is one fixed in its place, and under that star the shadow of despotism hopes to endure forever.

In the shadow of a modern civilization stalked poverty and ignorance worthy of the Middle Ages.

These men had risen up in the shadow of the Maderista revolution, and at its close, instead of laying down their arms, they devoted themselves to the looting of ranches and ungarrisoned isolated towns.

On August 10, 1911, the ancient British House of Lords gathered in somber and resentful session and solemnly voted for the "Parliament Bill," a measure which reduced their own importance in the government to a mere shadow.

A great horse-chestnut stood like a giant bouquet of waxen bloom beside a granite monument which threw a long shadow over the green turf mounds towards the west, and marked the grave of Sir Timothy Crewys.

She must set herself to charm away that shadow of discontentof disapprovalthat darkened Peter's grey eyes when they rested upon her; a shadow of which she had been only too conscious even before he went to South Africa.

She must set herself to charm away that shadow of discontentof disapprovalthat darkened Peter's grey eyes when they rested upon her; a shadow of which she had been only too conscious even before he went to South Africa.

Then she had prized and coveted the solitude of a summer afternoon on the lawn, and had stolen away to read and dream undisturbed in the shadow of the ilex.

I shall surely die by lightning; I have not had that live shadow of a sky-reaching fear hanging over me, with its black wings and awful mutterings, so long for nothing; in every flash my eyes are scathed by the full blaze of hell.

My chariot waited, gold and gay: "I'll ride," I said, "to the woods to-day, Out to the blithesome woods away, Where the old trees, swaying thoughtfully, Watch the breeze and the shadow's glee.

The faeries in whom he believes have given him many subjects, notably Thomas of Ercildoune sitting motionless in the twilight while a young and beautiful creature leans softly out of the shadow and whispers in his ear.

He had reached the outskirts of the town, and was almost in the shadow of the big, cruel factory, when the Magic began to work.

He had not thrown her so far as that, however, and she landed safely in the shadow of a clod of rich earth, which the sun had warmed through and through.

" A minute or two later we went our respective ways, Thorndyke towards Lombard Street and I to Fetter Lane, not unmindful of those coming events that were casting so agreeable a shadow before them.

The mention of his name cast a dark shadow on the party, which was not dispelled for full five minutes.

The cold regions of the north, almost within the gloom and shadow of the Arctic Circle, sent him their tribute in the shape of furs; hot Africa sifted for him the golden sands of her rivers, and gathered up the ivory tusks of her great elephants out of the forests; the East came bringing him the rich shawls, and spices, and teas, and the effulgence of diamonds, and the gleaming purity of large pearls.

ISAAC BICKERSTAFF [i.e., RICHARD STEELE] is no more [the Tatler having come to an end], and I have now nothing to dispute with on the subject of his fictions concerning me, sed magni nominis umbra, "a shadow only, and a mighty name.

Only I see the dusk Of evening twilight coming, and have not Completed half my task; and so at times The thought of my shortcomings in this life Falls like a shadow on the life to come.

That night from the castle-gate went down, With silent, slow, and stealthy pace, Two shadows, mounted on shadowy steeds, Taking the narrow path that leads Into the forest dense and brown, In the leafy darkness of the place, One could not distinguish form nor face, Only a bulk without a shape, A darker shadow in the shade; One scarce could say it moved or stayed, Thus it was we made our escape!

And we heard a shout, and a heavy tramp, And our horses snorted in the damp Night-air of the meadows green and wide, And in a moment, side by side, So close, they must have seemed but one, The shadows across the moonlight run, And another came, and swept behind, Like the shadow of clouds before the wind!

All that go to and fro must look upon it, Mindful of what they shall be, while beneath, Among the wooden piles, the turbulent river Rushes, impetuous as the river of life, With dimpling eddies, ever green and bright, Save where the shadow of this bridge falls on it.

Ah, how pleasant To come once more into the light of day, Out of that shadow of death!

Prince Henry Here let us pause a moment in the trembling Shadow and sunshine of the roadside trees, And, our tired horses in a group assembling, Inhale long draughts of this delicious breeze Our fleeter steeds have distanced our attendants; They lag behind us with a slower pace; We will await them under the green pendants Of the great willows in this shady place.

It was a dream: it has fled like a shadow; it has burst like a bubble!

The bishops of that day lived in a state of worldly grandeur, reduced the power of presbyters to a shadow, seated themselves on thrones, surrounded themselves with the insignia of princes, claimed the right of judging in civil matters, multiplied the offices of the Church, and controlled revenues greater than the incomes of senators and patricians.

And from deep glens unbeholden Of the forest to his song There came lynxes streaky-golden, There came lions in a throng, Tawny-coated, ruddy-eyed, To that piper in his pride; And shy fawns he would embolden, Dappled dancers, out along The shadow by the pine-tree's side.

I have felt as though a terrible shadow were brooding over the world.

On perceiving this, I went forward to throw some fuel on to the fire, and then, even as I moved, it seemed to me that I saw something stir in the shadow of the tent.

Now here there was a deal of shadow; for there were scattered certain large masses of rock about this part of the hill, and these held off both the light of the moon, and that from the fires.

You must understand that a woman must be loved and must love some one in the world, and if she lacks true love she seizes the first pretext of itthe first shadow.

Her long drooping eyelashes threw a shadow on her cheeks, but from time to time she raised her head and her eyes, as though she were trying to remember what she had to write, and then one could see her beautiful eyes, so blue that compared with them the turquoise depths of the Archipelago would look pale and faded.

He took no walks or drives without her, and she seemed satisfied with his entire devotion; but a veiled singing shadow haunted the chambers of her soul.

" "Ohand he comes to see youandMiss Sallianna; she said" Verty's head drooped, and a shadow passed over his ingenuous face.

In every rustling wind the victor hear, And Marlborough's form in every shadow fear, Till the dark cope of night with kind embrace Befriends the rout, and covers their disgrace.

Had there been any sunshine, there might doubtless have been many beautiful effects of light and shadow in these woods.

The eye ranged through a long lessening vista, with nothing to interrupt the view but a distant statue, and a vagrant deer stalking like a shadow across the opening.

" "I believe you're right about that," said Bruce, "but what it is I haven't the least shadow of a notion.

she saw Napoleon Bonaparte as a mere boy,knew him well,knew him as a young man, unknown,saw him occupied, like anybody else, with the ordinary occurrences of every-day life; then she saw him grow, and grow, and rise, and throw the shadow of his name over the world.

With that she was gone from the room, like a shadow; and Mr. Poole and I were left foolishly staring at each other.

The earth was a grey shadow more unreal than the sky.

We respected them, when we saw some shadow of departed worth and usefulness; or some memorial of what had been creditable to mankind.

The author certainly had in his mind Falstaff's puns on the names of the recruits, Mouldy, Shadow, &c. (ii.

From one corner a shadow loomed suddenly out in human shape.

That shadow was his man, and in a moment he would be in a chair in the chimney corner to smoke his pipe, maybehis last pipe.

The shadow slouched suddenly and disappeared; and Buck was glad.

The shadow of a head shot along the rafters and over the fireplace.

Imber had crossed the street and was standing there, a gaunt and hungry-looking shadow, his gaze riveted upon the girl.

Mahomet's grief was too profound for the passing shadow of it even to darken the pages of the Kuran.

Death alone could still his ardent pulses and bring about his relinquishment of command over the kingdom that was hisdeath that was even now winging his silent way nearer, and whose shadow had almost touched the fount of the Prophet's earthly life.

But the world does not realize this Love at present because it is grasping at the fleeting shadow and ignoring, in its blindness, the substance.

As the shadow follows the form, and as smoke comes after fire, so effect follows cause, and suffering and bliss follow the thoughts and deeds of men.

And, because of the pleasantness of this place, Sir Percival here dismounted from his horse and sat him down upon a little couch of moss under the shadow of an oak tree that grew nigh to the cottage, there to rest himself for a while with great pleasure.

Many a sad heart has been cheered by beholding a light at a window, or a shadow on its closed curtains, and such would have been Leonard's feelings if he had not been depressed by the thought of Amabel's precarious state of health.

Presently, as we drew near some high rocks, Decros, pointing to a dark hollow in the shadow of them said, 'There it is.'

I pass a little group of houses in the hollow of overhanging rocks, splashed by the shadow of the wild fig-tree's leaves.

Oh that a preacher might arise and expound from the Book of books a religion with a God, a religion with a heart in ita Christian religion, which would abolish the cold legend whose centre is respectability, and which rears great buildings in which the rich recline on silken hassocks while the poor perish in the shadow thereof.

Less than two years ago I had been familiar with every curve and expression of his face, every outline of his great figure, every intonation of his strong cultivated voice; but now he seemed as the shadow of a former age.