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5951 examples of  shame  in sentences

5951 examples of shame in sentences

For in this age, when the smallest poet seldom goes below more the most, it were a shame for a greater and more noble poet not to outthrow that cut a bar.

Even of the commissioners appointed to sit in judgment on the king, scarcely one-half could be induced to attend at his trial; and many of those who concurred in his condemnation subscribed the sentence with feelings of shame and remorse.

But he continued to issue his mandates in defiance of their orders and threats; nor was it till after the new pacification between Charles and the confederates had been published, and the execution of the king had fixed the public opinion on the pernicious result of his counsels,[a] that shame and apprehension drove him from Ireland to France,[b] whence, after a few months, he was recalled to Rome.

What various causes cooperated to produce the weak and disgraceful management which he showed in the first Macedonian war, we cannot tell; it may have been due perhaps to that indolent arrogance which only puts forth its full energies against danger when it becomes imminent, or perhaps to his indifference towards a plan which was not of his own devising and his jealousy of the greatness of Hannibal which put him to shame.

Perhaps the bitter thought struck him, that he had not led the best, but the worst life; that comedy, farce, opera, monody, and oration were nothing, nothing to a pure conscience and a peaceful old age; that they could not save him from shame and povertyfrom debt, disgrace, drunkennessfrom grasping, but long-cheated creditors, who dragged his bed from under the feeble, nervous, ruined old man.

The others mainly were droopy figures of misery and shame.

So parents often err, many fond mothers especially, dote so much upon their children, like [2130]Aesop's ape, till in the end they crush them to death, Corporum nutrices animarum novercae, pampering up their bodies to the undoing of their souls: they will not let them be corrected or controlled, but still soothed up in everything they do, that in conclusion "they bring sorrow, shame, heaviness to their parents" (Ecclus. cap.

"Play with me, but hurt me not: Jest with me, but shame me not.

Surprize at the sight of a person whom, of all the world, she could least have expected in that place, made her at first start back; and conscious shame for having, as she thought, so ill rewarded his goodness, mixed with a certain awe which she had for no other person but himself, occasioned such a trembling, as rendered her unable either to retire or move forward to salute him, as she otherwise would have done.

I was ready to lay violent hands on myself, since there seemed no way to conceal my shame; but my good nurse having set all her wits to work for me, found out an expedient which served me, when I could think of nothing for myself.

A long sickness has put other thoughts into my head, and inspired me with a tenderness for those unhappy babes, which the shame of being their mother hitherto deprived them of.

She told me that shame would never betide, With truth for my creed and God for my guide; She taught me to lisp my earliest prayer, As I knelt beside that old Arm-chair.

For near her stood the little boy Her childish favor singled; His cap pulled low upon a face Where pride and shame were mingled.

pudor, m., shame, modesty.

vergรผenza, f. shame.

Well, perhaps we shall give it up: it has even been suggested in the halls of Congress that we shouldto the shame of the suggester, be it said.

Afterward Bobby experienced no shame for these reflections.

And side by side with his determination grew shame for his former weakness.

" "Shame!" said Mr. Nugent.

" Heabani listened to the words that came From Samas, and his brow was lit with shame To hear the god of war urge him to go To earthly happinessmayhap to woe; But he within his cave now listless turns When Samas ceased; then to his rock returns, And seats himself with calmness on his brow; His thoughts in happy memories now flow,

My lonely cot I look upon with shame; Again I long to seek the fields of fame, Where luxury my remaining years May crown, and happiness may findor tears; 'Tis true!

I firmly met the beast that with him came: Unmanly fear, confess I to my shame, Came o'er me when I first beheld the beast, In vain I plead, and in despair I ceased When he refused, and angry from me passed Within his cave, where cliffs and rocks are massed; I climbed, but the wild entrance did not gain,

The custom old, Accadia thinks is good, They all are young and fresh with maidenhood; The ugly ones as well, shall husbands have, And their young lives from shame thus they will save.

But these were few and silent soon became, And hid their ugliness away in shame.

; And kneeling at his feet, they bathe his hands With tears of joy, and kiss the 'broidered bands Of his bright robes, then joyous haste away; And Erech's shame was ended on that day.

And some demented hurl aside their gowns, And queens their robes discard and jewelled crowns, And rush upon the streets bereft of shame, Their forms expose, and all the gods defame.

" When the name of Lavington was mentioned, Mark observed Stangrave start; and an expression passed over his face difficult to be definedit seemed to Mark mingled pride and shame.

Pleasant white wooden bridge, with its row of urchins dropping flints upon the noses of elephantine trout, or fishing over the rail with crooked pins, while hapless gudgeon come dangling upward between stream and sky, with a look of sheepish surprise and shame, as of a school-boy caught stealing apples, in their foolish visages.

Her diamond cross was at the bottom of it all; and it was a shame for her, being his wife, not to have given it up to him when he condescended to ask for it so often, especially when he made it no secret he had married her for her money.

Then everything was seized by the gripers, my son Jason, to his shame be it spoken, among them.

He remembered well the night of shame and anguish when he first saw his father quite wild and foolish.

Lett's retyre To the backe gate then, there complane our wants And that which others doo with impudence Lett us in shame and blushes.

All shall bee As you instructe; but punishe, syr, with pitty; Putt him to payne or shame, but deathe, alas, Is too seveare.

gainst whome? Cl. Oppression, frawde, rudenes, reproch, synn, shame, debate, discourse, theft, rapine, contempt of religion and breach of sanctury, against a magazine of misdemeanors and a whole monopoly of mischeif.

(1) Why to defame, reproch, and shame poor innocents thus dragge yee? (2) With[106] your offens there's no dispence: away then!

Beefore I give due thankes to this good man, Which tyme shall paye in all pluralityes, Oh shewe mee but that monster of mankind And shame of men on whom to bee revendgd!

Sorrowe and shame I feare will bee the sadd end on't.

The sinne it self, the churches malediction, As doone to one of a sequestred lyfe And holly order, the lawes penalty, Being duble forfeture of lyfe and state, Reproach, shame, infamy, all these incur'd Through my inconsiderate rashnes!

Of that gould No not the valewe of one poor deneere: 'Tis all base brokadge boathe of sinne and shame Of which wee neare weare guilty; yet inclosed There shall you find a cabinet of myne, Where boathe my naturall parents you may see In a small roome intended.

why, then I see 'tis doon of malyce, and of purpose Only to shame mee, since hee knowes the rest Take notyce what a loose man I am growne.

This havinge done, to prevent deathe and shame

Yet, if Grace failed them, Gerald must suffer, and she doubted if her husband could bear the shame that must fall on all.

"I'll be going," said the persecutor, with a grimace that seemed mixed partly of inherent bravado and partly of shame, as his pulse slowed down to normal.

It was a shame to keep her waiting all that time by herself in the study.

The shame of that wild unfaithfulness burned in Theophil's soul for many days.

And when the priest succumbs and their shame is noised abroad, they make a great uproar and complain to all the echoes, instead of bowing their head and humbly saying: mea culpa.

He sought silence and solitude there, and when he heard the steps of a keeper or of some pedestrian, or even the happy voices of young couples calling one another, he concealed himself behind the masses of foliage, and hid himself with a kind of shame like a criminal.

Never did those who tried with such unwearied perseverance to detect his secret amours, have the pleasure of beholding that mistress whom they would have been so happy to cover with shame and scorn.

The handsome Curรฉ of Althausen made his choice therefore at his ease and without the least shame.

She, she there, at the vary moment of the consummation of his shame.

Mad with shame and rage he shut himself up in his room, and asked himself what was going to become of him.

"Ain't it a shame?

"You put shame on me and my bar.

"It's you, it's your use of The Aura that has been its only shame, Dickie," was the last of all the things she had said.

He tingled with shame.

Gratitude and shame possessed her.

The beauty of the sky only deepened her misery and shame.

She felt nothing but weariness and shame.

He had wept out the first shock of his anger and his shame; now he lay in a despairing stupor.

In Dickie's mind there was no association of shame or ignominy with a night spent under the sky.

Dickie fought this shame sturdily, but it seemed to cling, to have a sticky pervasiveness.

For that burst of weeping was the one single overflow of long pent passion, disappointment, and shame.

Willis seemed either doubtful of the success of his deputation, or not over desirous thereof; for, after trying to put John Beer forward as spokesman, he began: "I'm sorry to trouble you, sir, but these young men will have it soand no shame to themon a matter which I think will come to nothing.

"I assure you that I am as calm as a man must be who believes that he has but a few days to live, and trusts, too, that when he dies, he will be infinitely happier than he ever has been on earth, and lay down an office which he has never discharged otherwise than ill; which has been to him a constant source of shame and sorrow.

For Baalzebub is a sunny fiend; and loves not storm and tempest, thunder, and lashing rains; but the broad bright sun, and broad blue sky, under which he can take his pastime merrily, and laugh at all the shame and agony below; and, as he did at his great banquet in New Orleans once, madden all hearts the more by the contrast between the pure heaven above and the foul hell below.

More shame to me than to you that I did not know it before.

Besideand it is an honour to Elsley Vavasour, amid all his weakness, that he had justice and chivalry enough left to know what nine men out of ten ignorebehind all, let the worst come to the worst, lay one just and terrible rejoinder, which he, though he had been no worse than the average of men, could only answer by silent shame, "At least, sir, I was pure when I came to you!

How many outbursts of it there must have been; how many paroxysms of astonishment, shame, and grief,perhaps, alas!

I was some Years afterwards, to my great surprize, an eminent Banker in Lombard-street; and remembring how I had formerly suffered for want of Money, became so very sordid and avaritious, that the whole Town cried shame of me.

A great wave of humiliation and shame swept over me.

Shame that I belonged to a race that could be so dealt with; and shame for my country, that it, the great example of democracy to the world, should be the only civilized, if not the only state on earth, where a human being would be burned alive.

Shame that I belonged to a race that could be so dealt with; and shame for my country, that it, the great example of democracy to the world, should be the only civilized, if not the only state on earth, where a human being would be burned alive.

I knew that it was shame, unbearable shame.

I knew that it was shame, unbearable shame.

Shame at being identified with a people that could with impunity be treated worse than animals.

And, though the shady gloom Had given day her room, The sun himself withheld his wonted speed, And hid his head for shame, As his inferior flame The new-enlightened world no more should need: He saw a greater Sun appear Than his bright throne or burning axletree could bear.

"It would be such a shame to go away when you've wanted to stop hereso late, too, and you mightn't get in anywhere else.

Nevertheless, she was aware of Nick's hand on hers, and glad of it, with a gladness made up of several conflicting feelings: such as surprise, some slight shame, and defiance of that shame.

Nevertheless, she was aware of Nick's hand on hers, and glad of it, with a gladness made up of several conflicting feelings: such as surprise, some slight shame, and defiance of that shame.

"But," said he, "blazon it to the shame of the South, the knowledge thus acquired has been snatched from the spare records of leisure in spite of their owners' wishes and watchfulness."

" In his anger and shame Robin felt that he wanted no food now, only to go and hide himself away among the trees; but his enemy's next words had their effect.

She inculcates lessons of patriotism, manliness, religion, and virtue, fitting the man by reason of his training to be an ornament to society, or dooming him by her neglect to a life of dishonor and shame.

Oh, what a shame it is we are going to miss all the fun!"

As in a great house there are vessels unto honor and also unto dishonor, so in the purlieus of the dry-goods trade there are gentlemen who would honor and adorn any society, and also men whose manners would shame Hottentots,

Fie! for shame!

At that Sin Saxon smiled, too, and looked up out of her hearty shame which she had truly felt upon her at her own reminder.

But I thought at the last that she just wouldn't let me go, she clung to me so, and begged me to forgive her for all she'd brought upon me; and said it was a cruel, cruel shame, when there were children, and people ought to stop and think and remember, and be willing to stand anything.

He found that by asking for it in homoeopathic doses he was able to shame the foreign colony into loaning him all of one hundred dollars.

I see no shame in that.

I will wear spectacles without shame."

Those little secret stalls that put shame into you where none was before.

what a scandalous shame it is then to call Admiral Blake a naval hero; surely he could have been but a mere botch to make such a tough job of cutting up Van Tromp, the Dutch commander.

At last one of them, to shame the rest, and show how brave he was, said, "I am not a bit frightened!

It is no shame to you that you did not.

Very slowly, under the Whipple regard, the Merle twin poured the price of his brother's shame into his brother's cupped hands.

He would not again willingly approach that spot where he had gone down into the valley of shame.

"Your locket's slipped inside your waist," she said, not dreaming that Winona had in shame brought this about.

"You are here to show me yourself and your wounds, and there must be no false shame.

All the pains and passions, the sorrows and the groans, the humility and poverty, the labors and watchings, the prayers and the sermons, the miracles and the prophecies, the whip and the nails, the death and the burial, the shame and the smart, the cross and the grave of Jesus, shall be laid upon thy score, if thou hast refused the mercies and design of all their holy ends and purposes.

But is not this a shame for them that are such?