9094 examples of sharper in sentences

Then, as to quality of the food: if nature has provided more delicious fruits for the natives of tropical climates, she has given a sharper appetite and stronger digestion to the Hyperborean, which equalizes the sum of their enjoyments.

As for the young Fellows that have Money, they have no Mercy upon their own Persons, but wearing Nature off as fast as they can, Swear, and Whore and Drink, and borrow as long as any Rooking Citizen will lend till, having dearly purchased the heroick Title of a Bully or a Sharper, they live pity'd of their Friends, and despis'd by their Whores, and depart this Transitory World, diverse and sundry ways.

I hope they won't, for if they did then they might put some one in his place that has some sense, and then the war would come to an end and we should be cheated in a settlement, for the Yankees are sharper than our big-hearted, generous men.

That muffled sound from the vast, silent multitude was, doubtless, the quick beating of innumerable hearts; but that sharper note?

The cold was growing sharper as the night went on.

"Learn to curb your tongue when you speak with old and honorable men, or some one hastier than I may reprove you in a sharper fashion."

These were some of the wild thoughts that leaped up out of the bitter fountain in Agnes's distorted mind at that instant, and her voice was sharper than ever as she again said, "I want my property,the paper I gave you to keep for me.

He had come to London with his brains already sharpenedthree years of business life in the Metropolis had made them all the sharper.

The better the coal the sharper 'tis.

Poverty, bitter though it be, has no sharper sting than this,that it makes men ridiculous.

[Sings] "Is naught so hard and evil As to be fatherless; Than slavery more grievous And sharper than distress.

The last of the three, whose looks betrayed his characterthat of a sharper and a bullycalled himself Major Pillichody, his pretensions to military rank being grounded upon his service (so ran his own statement, though it was never clearly substantiated) in the king's army during the civil wars.

Verily this law of love is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.

There are not only widely differing opinions, but occasional misunderstandings, and sometimes sharper words than ought ever to pass between Christian men.

Let us, then, leave the kinetic theory of gases for a time with this difficulty unsolved, in the hope that we or others after us may return to it, armed with more knowledge of the properties of matter, and with sharper mathematical weapons to cut through the barrier which at present hides from us any view of the molecule itself, and of the effects other than mere change of translational motion which it experiences in collision.

The gradient became sharper, and I began to feel a little anxious about Jane, as the short, brown grass was slippery with frosta slip would be very easy, and the results unpleasant.

Had he but been sharper with his men he might still have got a fair day's work out of them while working himself.

It is upsetting all Octavia's theories, and she is coming round to Mrs. Van Brounker-Courtfield's view that it is the life a man leads more than blood even, which tells; and there they are fighting the earth for the ore with great courage and endurance and hard manual labour, and so it produces finer expressions of faces, and lither forms than using your brains to be sharper in business than your neighbour.

The head is large and depressed, the ears small and rounded, the neck stout and short, the muzzle sharper than that of the beaver, and the whiskers very long and stiff.

Her sharp little eyes seemed to grow sharper as she watched.

Growing fainter and sharper the cry at last was lost in the phantom desert.

" "I want to borrow a young man, as I said before, of good appearance"with a glance at Wyatt's sumptuous apparel"and some little brains"another and a sharper glance, "One who will obey orders if he breaks owners, who will stand without being tied, and who doesn't especially care whether school keeps or not.

And again this passage, called forth possibly by the letters of the Rev. Walter Blaise: "Slander, Whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue Outvenoms all the worms of Nile; whose breath Rides on the posting winds and doth belie All corners of the world.

4. Yea, further, with those inward strokes upon the soul, they may have sin and guilt charged upon their consciences; and this will make their life yet more bitter, and put a sharper edge upon the rods.

and then in a sharper, more urgent voice, "Where's my husband?

9094 examples of  sharper  in sentences