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9094 examples of  sharper  in sentences

9094 examples of sharper in sentences

Then, as to quality of the food: if nature has provided more delicious fruits for the natives of tropical climates, she has given a sharper appetite and stronger digestion to the Hyperborean, which equalizes the sum of their enjoyments.

As for the young Fellows that have Money, they have no Mercy upon their own Persons, but wearing Nature off as fast as they can, Swear, and Whore and Drink, and borrow as long as any Rooking Citizen will lend till, having dearly purchased the heroick Title of a Bully or a Sharper, they live pity'd of their Friends, and despis'd by their Whores, and depart this Transitory World, diverse and sundry ways.

I hope they won't, for if they did then they might put some one in his place that has some sense, and then the war would come to an end and we should be cheated in a settlement, for the Yankees are sharper than our big-hearted, generous men.

That muffled sound from the vast, silent multitude was, doubtless, the quick beating of innumerable hearts; but that sharper note?

The cold was growing sharper as the night went on.

"Learn to curb your tongue when you speak with old and honorable men, or some one hastier than I may reprove you in a sharper fashion."

"But I think, my dear ma'am, you will allow that all this is excessively biting and severeI can't say I ever read any thing sharper in my life.

Four or five of the shot-guns boomed at once; then the second barrels were discharged, along with a sharper cracking of small arms.

"Lads," he said, incisively, a sharper note of leadership in the tone "it has been a bit quiet for you lately; but now I am back again, and we'll try our luck at sea once more.

" Never did conspirator glance about him with sharper eyes, or hearken with keener ears, than did George Bellew,or Conspirator No.

" Mr. Cassilis smiled, and his teeth seemed to gleam whiter, and sharper than ever in the moon-light: "Wouldn't it be rather more apropos if you said'Good-bye' Mr. Bellew?" he enquired.

There came a definite, hard glint into Livius's eyes; he had a name for being sharper to detect intrigue and its ramifications than even the sharp outline of his face would indicate.

Perhaps, in so doing, he may lay his hand on an even sharper weapon than those which he has already used against the sensationalist theory of morals.

These were some of the wild thoughts that leaped up out of the bitter fountain in Agnes's distorted mind at that instant, and her voice was sharper than ever as she again said, "I want my property,the paper I gave you to keep for me.

He had come to London with his brains already sharpenedthree years of business life in the Metropolis had made them all the sharper.

The better the coal the sharper 'tis.

Poverty, bitter though it be, has no sharper sting than this,that it makes men ridiculous.

Not that I throw any blame on you; you have reasoned, besought, inculcated, inveighed; but it now behoves you to use sharper and more vigorous remedies; and conjoining your spiritual authority with the civil power, to purge effectually the temple of God from thieves and intruders

He had a keen eye for cows and was rather a sharper in horse trades.

[Sings] "Is naught so hard and evil As to be fatherless; Than slavery more grievous And sharper than distress.

" "And I counsel that all go well armed," quoth Captain Miles Standish, "for these men of the forest are sharper than a thorn-hedge.

By some other route swarms of birds must at that moment have been entering the United States from Mexico and beyond; but unless my observation was at fault, and I am assured that sharper eyes than mine have had a similar experience,their line of march did not bring them into the Florida hill-country.

if thus we stay, Lord Marmion, for our fond delay, Will sharper sermon teach.

Her voice came with a sharper stress.

It however turns up the light soft soil very well considering its pretensions, and those made in the factory workshops are generally heavier and sharper than the ordinary village plough.

For heavens sake look more calm; Thine eyes are sharper than thou canst make thy sword.

The frosty air gives such a brittle and slippery look to the two iron lines which lie between you and destruction, that you appreciate the Mohammedan fable of the Bridge Herat, thinner than a hair, sharper than a scimitar, which stretches over hell and leads to paradise.

That fleeting, satanic impression of yesterday came back, sharper, more alarming.

The stroke of a sharper sword is coming, at which it will behove thee to weep."

The wind's growin' sharper an' sharper.

The wind's growin' sharper an' sharper.

The boy was glad that everything began to look like itself once more; although the chill was even sharper than it had been during the night.

The savage master, treading the primeval forests in search of food, would not fail to recognise the helpfulness of a keener nose and sharper eyes even than his own unsullied senses, while the dog in his turn would find a better shelter in association with man than if he were hunting on his own account.

The air was sharper.

" Presently he came to the tailor's shop, and as the tailor had sharper eyes than the baker, he saw the pipe in the boy's pocket.

The last of the three, whose looks betrayed his characterthat of a sharper and a bullycalled himself Major Pillichody, his pretensions to military rank being grounded upon his service (so ran his own statement, though it was never clearly substantiated) in the king's army during the civil wars.

The denial of the reciprocal dependence of matter and spirit leads to sharper accentuation of their common dependence upon God.

This antithesis was made still sharper in later thinking, when Condillac made full use of the priority of sensation, which in Locke had remained without much effect; while Berkeley, on the other hand, reduced external perception to internal perception.

That is settled, and that is the very reason why people will talk the more and sharper, and nothing you can say, Madam Jane La Fleur, will stop them.

"I don't see what we can do, except keep a sharper lookout in future.

"He is making a fool of himselfmy boymy Bobbefore a whole hotelful of sharp eyes and sharper tongues!

To a fine sensitive boy nothing could give a sharper wrench than that.

" Ginger Dick coughed and began to think as 'ow old Sam was sharper than he 'ad given 'im credit for, but afore he could think of anything else to say Mrs. Finch looked at old Sam and began to talk about 'is ship, and to say 'ow much she should like to see over it.

The clean, sweet air and the exercise had given him an appetite to which the smell of cooking bacon and hot coffee that proceeded from the house had set a sharper edge.

"I never saw a sharper lad.

He now saw that he had been imposed upon by a prowling sharper, who, observing his figure, had marked him for an easy prey.

The air in the upper part of the city is salubrious, and the climate, perhaps, better on the whole than England; but the winters are sharper, and the summers hotter; fogs are less frequent, and the spring generally sets in a fortnight earlier than in any part of Great Britain.

Sir William of Saint Clair is down; We may not leave him here!" But thicker, thicker grew the swarm, And sharper shot the rain, And the horses reared amid the press, But they would not charge again.

The terraces in the west suddenly began to fade and the wind took on a fresh and sharper edge.

Just then a Fox came by, and said, "You think yourselves very brave, no doubt; but if that were a live lion you'd find his claws a good deal sharper than your teeth.

" "If I recollect aright," said Marian, taking up his bantering tone with a sharper irony, "Delaroche's martyr shewed a fine sense of the necessity of having her wrists gracefully tied.

Some sharper shadow seemed to haunt him than the downfall of the Republic.

This was followed by a still sharper division between north and south: while a wave of non-Chinese nomad dynasties poured over the north, in the south one Chinese clique after another seized power, so that dynasty followed dynasty until finally, in 580, a united China came again into existence, adopting the culture of the north and the traditions of the gentry.

And our judge will be the Son of Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing through the very joints and marrow, and discerning the secret intents of the heart; neither is anything hid from Him, for all things are naked and open in the sight of Him with whom we have to do.

When he saw her again, weeping bitterly and altogether shamed, he called to her, and said, "Wife, for God's love unloose me from these bonds, and deliver me from the torment that I suffer, for these thorns are sharper than I can endure.

You are naturally," she continued, "amiable and indolent, and though gentleness is certainly agreeable and interesting, yet a constant succession of sweets cannot fail to cloy, and engender a taste for something sharper and more wholesome.

His simplicity and ignorance of the world cause him to be easily victimised by the city sharper, for whom he is no match in the struggle of life.

" "Why not?" demanded Mr. Barrett, in tones that were sharper still.

That would be a good thing, though,to be wiser and sharper and clearer-sighted than all the rest of the world!

With waking eyes I ne'er beheld his fellow; His colour was betwixt a red and yellow: Tipp'd was his tail, and both his pricking ears Were black; and much unlike his other hairs: The rest, in shape a beagle's whelp throughout, 120 With broader forehead, and a sharper snout: Deep in his front were sunk his glowing eyes, That yet, methinks, I see him with surprise.

Verily this law of love is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.

There are not only widely differing opinions, but occasional misunderstandings, and sometimes sharper words than ought ever to pass between Christian men.

They still for many a year saw the wilderness beneath their daily flight giving place to arable fields, and learned to exchange their wary guard against the Indian's arrow for a sharper watch of the Anglo-Saxon rifle.

She was still to the outer eye the slight, brown Winona of twentyperky, birdlike, with the quick trimness of a winging swallow, a little sharper featured perhaps, but superior in acuteness of desire and persistence, and with some furtive, irresponsible girlishness lurking timorously back in her bright glance.

This prevented the ankle's being cut as badly as it would have been, if the corks had been sharper.

We think that a sharper look-out should be kept on mosquitoes arriving at our ports.

The bombardment had grown sharper and the rumble of guns was uninterrupted, growling like thunder after a summer storm or as the shells passed shrieking and then bursting with jarring detonations.

Let us, then, leave the kinetic theory of gases for a time with this difficulty unsolved, in the hope that we or others after us may return to it, armed with more knowledge of the properties of matter, and with sharper mathematical weapons to cut through the barrier which at present hides from us any view of the molecule itself, and of the effects other than mere change of translational motion which it experiences in collision.

How sharper than a serpent's tooth.

The boy had been near the receiver all the while, on the chance of being needed in case of mishap, or for a sharper "tuning in"; now he got what the others did not and rising he let out a yell: "Everybody quiet!

The gradient became sharper, and I began to feel a little anxious about Jane, as the short, brown grass was slippery with frosta slip would be very easy, and the results unpleasant.

Had he but been sharper with his men he might still have got a fair day's work out of them while working himself.

To her, the city became a vast theater, darkened suddenly for the purpose of throwing the performers into sharper relief.

It is upsetting all Octavia's theories, and she is coming round to Mrs. Van Brounker-Courtfield's view that it is the life a man leads more than blood even, which tells; and there they are fighting the earth for the ore with great courage and endurance and hard manual labour, and so it produces finer expressions of faces, and lither forms than using your brains to be sharper in business than your neighbour.

Elspeth is sharper than you think her.

The head is large and depressed, the ears small and rounded, the neck stout and short, the muzzle sharper than that of the beaver, and the whiskers very long and stiff.

Her sharp little eyes seemed to grow sharper as she watched.

Growing fainter and sharper the cry at last was lost in the phantom desert.

" "I want to borrow a young man, as I said before, of good appearance"with a glance at Wyatt's sumptuous apparel"and some little brains"another and a sharper glance, "One who will obey orders if he breaks owners, who will stand without being tied, and who doesn't especially care whether school keeps or not.

And again this passage, called forth possibly by the letters of the Rev. Walter Blaise: "Slander, Whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue Outvenoms all the worms of Nile; whose breath Rides on the posting winds and doth belie All corners of the world.

Any moment a rougher touch or a sharper edge might cut her through.

The mortification was terrible of finding her pinnacle of fame the mere delusion of a sharper, and the shock of shame seemed to overwhelm the poor girl.

That, your Honour, was ingratitude sharper than a serpent's tooth.

Ireland has bred some good racers, and the generality of Irish horses are, it appears, warmer tempered than our own; and, to use the expression, sharper and more frigate-built.

"I thought you were a sharper man, Gunn," said Rogers, still in the same hot whisper, as he relaxed his grip a little; "you are too simple, you hound!

I could see after that, that he thought me much sharper than I was.

The wind blew sharper, and whistled shrilly through the rigging of my prairie schooner, there came a few drops of rain, then a scud of finer spray: and then the whole plain to the northwest turned white with a driving sheet of water which came on, swept over us, and blotted everything from sight in a great commingling of wind, water, fire and thunder.

Now and then she ordered something done or spent some money in a way that excited the astonishment of Willy Croupthe sharper-witted Betty had gone home, for, of course, Mrs. Cliff could not be expected to be able to afford her company now.

That Mr. Tyrrwhit should have been so very soft was a marvel to them; but it only showed how very foolish a sharp man of the world might be when he encountered one sharper.

On its S.W. face the ridge drops abruptly into the plain, but the opposite side gradually shelves away in a series of irregular undulations, though the descent becomes sharper as the hills approach the coast.

24, and they advance no further; those convictions either die out again, or work no further change: And, poor souls, they think, because at such a sermon, or such a communion, they had some such convictions and sharp challenges, therefore they imagine all is well with them; when a Judas may have convictions, sharper than ever they had, and a Felix, Acts xxiv.

4. Yea, further, with those inward strokes upon the soul, they may have sin and guilt charged upon their consciences; and this will make their life yet more bitter, and put a sharper edge upon the rods.

Some said she was much to good to be the child of a gipsy; and then Shanty asserted, that the grace of God could counteract not only the nature of a child of a vagrant of the worst description, but even that of such vagrant himself; the Spirit of God being quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword.

" "Sir!" replied Dymock, "Sir! do you give me the lie?direct or indirect, I will not bear it; I, a son of the house of Dymock, to be thus bearded in my own Tower, to be told that what I choose to assert may not be true; that I am, in fact, a deceiver,a sharper,one that would prevaricate for sordid pelf!"

No one ever had a sharper tongue or a kinder heart than Mrs. Kean.

Christmas seemed to lift into sharper, bitterer irony the ghastly horrors of this end endless war.

and then in a sharper, more urgent voice, "Where's my husband?

'I toohavemuch to forgive!'that, he knew well, would be the only reference involving personal reproach that he would ever hear from her lips, either to his original deceit, or to those wild weeks at Versailles (that so much ranker and sharper offence!)when, in his loneliness and craving, he had gambled both on her ignorance and on Phoebe's death.

He promised in return for his pardon a large quantity of gold, and clasping his hands upon his breast, he said that he always both loved and feared the Spaniards, because he had learned their machanesthat is to say, their swordswere sharper than his and cut deeper wherever they struck.

Itโ€™s a bit sharper to-night, but weโ€™re likely to have sudden changes at this season.โ€