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269 examples of  sharpness  in sentences

269 examples of sharpness in sentences

This man could surely be hard enough on occasion, the strong jaw and a certain hardness in the eyes told that, but except perhaps for an uncomfortable excess of sharpness, there was none of his brother's rather brutally scoffing cast of expression.

The Labor Department declares it will mobilize for the farm an army of a million boys, as if the wise saw, "boys will be boys," did not apply with peculiar sharpness of flavor to the American vintage, God bless them, and as if it were not our plain duty at this world crisis to spur up rather than check civilizing agencies and keep our boys in school for the full term.

He had anticipated newspaper praise on his sharpness: judicial commendation, a favourable official entry in the departmental records of Scotland Yard, with perhaps promotion for the good work he had accomplished in this celebrated case.

Even the sharpness and piercing quality of her hard gray eyes was lacking and the glance she cast at her niece was rather pleading than defiant.

Mercutio, who had as much fire and youthful blood in him as Tybalt, replied to this accusation with some sharpness; and in spite of all Benvolio could say to moderate their wrath, a quarrel was beginning, when Romeo himself passing that way, the fierce Tybalt turned from Mercutio to Romeo, and gave him the disgraceful appellation of villain.

Hamlet, sorely indignant that she should give so dear and honoured a name as father seemed to him, to a wretch who was indeed no better than the murderer of his true father, with some sharpness replied, "Mother, you have much offended my father."

In answer Paul merely smiled, affectionately tolerant of her bright sharpness of manner.

A distinction between the style of poetic and of rhetoric similar to that of Aristotle is maintained by Cicero, but the distinction was losing its sharpness.

Under these circumstances, it can hardly happen that the translator should succeed in reproducing all the sharpness and vivacity of Campanella's style, or should wholly refrain from softening, simplifying, and prettifying Michael Angelo in his attempt to produce an intelligible version.

He had diminished the sharpness of his hunger by taking up a few links of his belt, but he was glad when he saw smoke twisting over a hill and came, on the other side, in view of a crossroads village.

'He reproved me,' she writes, 'with pretended sharpness for reading Les Pensรฉes de Pascal, alleging that as a good Protestant I ought to abstain from books written by Catholics.

Blue-Star Woman had not yet detected any particular sharpness about their ears, but by an impulse she looked up into their faces and scrutinized them.

"No, sir; certainly notmost peremptorily not," answered Marston, with more sharpness than, in his early days, he would have thought quite consistent with politeness.

"Go," he said with some sharpness, "but the Colonel is wrong to disturb an officer on duty."

But the charming voice was now speaking to some one else,was saying very politely without a touch of sharpness, but with a world of meaning to those who had the clew, and those only, "How do you do, Lizzy?

A pang of mingled irritation and anxiety lent an edge of sharpness to her soft voice.

With whatever sharpness of criticism I had approached Ma'am (HUTCHINSON), the edge of it would have been turned by the statement upon the fly-leaf that the author, M. BERESFORD RYLEY, died while the novel was still in manuscript, and that it has been revised for the press by her friend, Mr. E.V. LUCAS.

She said, with some sharpness, 'I know nothing of Mr. Boswell.'

Despite the narrowness of brow, and sharpness of eye and feature, they were both venerable of aspect, as they tottered up and down the terrace where they had played in their childhood and sauntered through youth and middle age to these latter days, when they leant upon silver-headed sticks, and wore dignified silk attire and respectable poke-bonnets.

We shall use the dissecting knife with a kindly sharpness.

Dear God, man, is that all?" "I will tell you what it is," began the dealer, with some sharpness, and then broke off again into a chuckle.

No, in sooth; I'll try the sharpness of my tooth; Instead of poison, I will eat Rabbits, capons, and such meat;

He says: "Mosaism, with its fundamental law of holiness, has established the standard of truthfulness with incomparable definiteness and sharpness (see Lev.

But the sharpness of the satire is said to have stung the man so severely, that he never forgave it.

This distinction loses its sharpness when we consider not the affairs of a particular business, but the industrial system as a whole.

She had now come out of Persia to wreak her displeasure on the Christians, who had already felt the sharpness of her sword; and as she arrived near this assembled multitude, death was the first thing that met her eyes, but in a shape so perplexing, that she looked narrowly to discern what it was, and then spurred her horse towards the scene of action.

Many photographs, which to the eye appeared good, lost all strength and sharpness when placed under the measuring microscope.

Necessity for Number, Variety, Sharpness.

Method of Developing Active Imaginative Powers: Cultivate Images in Great Number, Variety, Sharpness; Actively Combine the Elements of Past Experience. VI.

dissection anatomy; decomposition &c 49; cutting instrument &c (sharpness) 253; buzzsaw, circular saw, rip saw. separatist.

[U.S.], knob, elbow, process, apophysis^, condyle, bulb, node, nodule, nodosity^, tongue, dorsum, bump, clump; sugar loaf &c (sharpness) 253; bow; mamelon^; molar; belly, corporation^, pot belly, gut

Sharpness N. sharpness &c adj.; acuity, acumination^; spinosity^. point, spike, spine, spicule [Biol.], spiculum^; needle, hypodermic needle, tack, nail, pin; prick, prickle; spur, rowel, barb; spit, cusp; horn, antler; snag; tag thorn, bristle; Adam's needle^, bear grass [U.S.], tine, yucca.

Sharpness N. sharpness &c adj.; acuity, acumination^; spinosity^. point, spike, spine, spicule [Biol.], spiculum^; needle, hypodermic needle, tack, nail, pin; prick, prickle; spur, rowel, barb; spit, cusp; horn, antler; snag; tag thorn, bristle; Adam's needle^, bear grass [U.S.], tine, yucca.

Stridor N. creak &c v.; creaking &c v.; discord, &c 414; stridor; roughness, sharpness, &c adj.; cacophony; cacoepy^. acute note, high note; soprano, treble, tenor, alto, falsetto, penny trumpet, voce di testa

The agent is that which is called the wit of man, acumen or subtlety, sharpness of invention, when he doth invent of himself without a teacher, or learns anew, which abstracts those intelligible species from the phantasy, and transfers them to the passive understanding, [1012] "because there is nothing in the understanding, which was not first in the sense."

l. 1. determines, ichors, and those serous matters being thickened become phlegm, and phlegm degenerates into choler, choler adust becomes aeruginosa melancholia, as vinegar out of purest wine putrified or by exhalation of purer spirits is so made, and becomes sour and sharp; and from the sharpness of this humour proceeds much waking, troublesome thoughts and dreams, &c. so that I conclude as before.

With those leaves she made a sort of buskin, with which she covered her feet, that were bleeding from the sharpness of the stony paths; for, in her eager desire to do good, she had forgot to put on her shoes.

Thenand it will not do to inquire too closely into her logicshe spoke with considerable sharpness: "She's a conceited little cat!

At this period Georgina's waning good looks were in some measure counterbalanced by the cumulative effects of half a dozen seasons in good society, which had given style to her person, ease to her manners, and sharpness to her tongue.

Note first the difference in sharpness in the contour bends; also how the valley contours point to the highland and the ridge contours to the lowland.

"Dickie, stop that, please!" He looked up, startled by her sharpness.

she answered with a little sharpness.

He had seen her face droop as he suggested the possibility of an escape from the crowds in Switzerland, and it came to him, with the sharpness of a knife-thrust, that a crowd was what she wantedthat

The war, it is true, had robbed the county of the flower of its young manhood; but the burden of taxation, the doubt and uncertainty of the conflict, and the sting of ultimate defeat, had been borne by the people with an apathy that robbed misfortune of half its sharpness.

The first great work excited alarm by the sharpness of its negations and its destruction of dogmatic metaphysics, which to its earliest readers appeared to be the core of the matter; Kant was for them the universal destroyer.

He made the pun an instrument of power; and had his wit been malignant, he could have pointed the pun to a sharpness that would have left wounds as deep as thought, and could have added a poison to it that would have kept them rankling as long as memory lasted.

Carlyle allows no one a chance, but bears down all opposition, not only by his wit and onset of words, resistless in their sharpness as so many bayonets, but by actual physical superiority, raising his voice and rushing on his opponent with a torrent of sound.

"There isn't a female child of common sharpness in a charity school that couldn't do better than that.

" The queer little figure, and the queer, but not ugly little face, with its bright grey eyes, was so sharp that the sharpness of the manner seemed unavoidable.

The dexterity of her nimble fingers was remarkable, and as she brought two thin edges accurately together by giving them a little bite, she would glance at the visitors out of the corners of her grey eyes with a look that out-sharpened all her other sharpness.

He toiled out at that low door, so bent and worn, and then he took his breath, and stood upright and looked all around him at the sky, and the wind blew upon him, and his life down in the dark was over!Till he was called back to life," she added, looking round at Fledgeby with that lower look of sharpness, "Why did you call him back?

This was Mr. Fledgeby's retort upon Miss Wren for the over-sharpness with which she always treated him, and also a pleasant instance of his humor as regarded the old Jew.

"A very little vibration is enough to destroy the sharpness of the image.

After this, as he began to draw off from different points of his old belief, the cautious disentangling of himself from one mesh after another gave sharpness to his intellect, and the tremulous eagerness with which he seized upon the doctrine which, piece by piece, under various pretexts and with various disguises, he was appropriating, gave interest and something like passion to his words.

My task is done now; my fears have ceased to prey upon me; the sharpness of early sorrows has yielded something of its edge to time.

The extreme sharpness of the stem and stern, combined with great capacity, seems to answer every requirement; and he will be surprised to learn that the draught of these steamers is but sixteen feet when deeply laden, and that their engines of thirteen hundred horse-power are expected to give them a speed of fifteen knots per hour.

The sharpness had gone and her voice was shaking as she said: "You certainly must know, Ann, that he can't do that.

There was an unusual note of sharpness in his voice, an irritated expectation.

My conductor knocked at the door, and was answered by a voice from within, which, for body and force, might have been the voice of a man, but with a sort of female sharpness and acidity, enquiring, "Who is there?"

The period of expansion, of the taking up of new territory by the overflowing population of the older districts, is practically ended; future development will be intensive, the country will be more thickly settled, and the sharpness of competition will be immeasurably increased.

"This foundation-stone, which with its angles typifies the just angles of the building, with the sharpness of its molding, the regularity of it, and with the truth of its lines to the horizontal and perpendicular, the uprightness and equal height of all the walls, we might now without more ado let downit would rest in its place with its own weight.

A single shock sufficed to melt the wax upon a certain zone and thus to limit, with great sharpness, the part of the lateral faces which had been raised during the shock to the temperature of melting wax.

Many of us, perhaps, can call to mind certain individuals, whose sense of hearing is as acute as our own, who yet can by no possibility be made to recognize the slightest relation between the according notes of the simplest melody; and, though they can as readily as others distinguish the individual sounds, even to the degrees of flatness and sharpness, the harmonic agreement is to them as mere noise.

Babe's nose, always a little inclined to sharpness, had whittled down to a point of late.

"Contortionists and ballet-dancers and clowns and harlequins" he rattled all the names over with a good deal of uncalled-for sharpness, I thought, calling them "dissolute and degraded, the very offal of humanity."

Rich, lonely, and vain, he must have been fair game for the race of social sycophants and cormorants; and it's much to the credit of his sharpness and that instinct of self-defence which nature bestows even on the weak, that he has not been despoiled and exploitรฉ.

Some did all folly with just sharpness blame, Whilst others laugh'd and scorn'd them into shame.

When Thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death

he said with a sharpness which at last reached the muddled brains of the poor old Turk.

Any one would have to admit, however, that there is no sharpness in Georgiana's pleasantry.

Conscience has lost its strong and on-pressing energy, and the sense of personal responsibility lacks sharpness of edge.

The horizon itself as seen from the deck, and under the most favourable circumstances, is barely four miles off, and there is no sharpness of outline in the intervening waves.

The accuracy of adjustment is shown by the sharpness of the cross being as great in the composite as in the original card.

As sound moves with different velocities through media of different densities, the wave which produces the sound will be partly reflected in passing from one medium to the other, and the direction of the transmitted wave changed; and hence in passing through such media different portions of the wave will reach the ear at different times, and thus destroy the sharpness and distinctness of the sound.

Want is a bitter and a hateful good, Because its virtues are not understood; Yet many things, impossible to thought, Have been by need to full perfection brought: The daring of the soul proceeds from thence, Sharpness of wit, and active diligence: Prudence at once, and fortitude, it gives,

The firelight gleamed under her brows, brought out with unpleasant sharpness the angle of her jaw and touched the bones of her cheek caressingly.

There was nothing else remarkable about him but his quickness; he was perpetually on the alert; by constant activity, the rust was never allowed to collect on his faculties; his sharpness was distressing,he appeared subject to a tense strain.

What impression these vigorous and well-aimed darts made upon Shaftesbury, who was so capable of estimating their sharpness and force, we have no means to ascertain; but long afterwards, his grandson, the author of the "Characteristics," speaks of Dryden and his works with a bitter affectation of contempt, offensive to every reader of judgment, and obviously formed on prejudice against the man, rather than dislike to the poetry.

There was a sharpness of needles and acid in the air.

So they drifted back into the celebration and their interest in the proceedings soon began to dull the sharpness of their disappointment.

Her green pupils, when freed from their near-sighted glasses, had the tranquil opacity of ox-eyes; but the minute these gold-mounted crystals were placed between her and the outer world, the two glaucous drops took on a sharpness which fairly perforated persons and objects.

Her nose had taken on the livid sharpness of the dead; her great mass of hair, reddening under the blow, was disheveled in golden, undulating tangles.

The sharpness of her voice roused old Mrs. Brenner, drowsing in her corner.

" "Yes," replied his governess, "and out authority says this tree is distinguished by its leaves being in threesthe white pine, you know, has them in fivesby the rigidity and sharpness of the scales of its cones, by the roughness of its bark, and by the denseness of the brushes of its stiff, crowded leaves.

I give you my oath I would not go miching from death or be in terror of the sharpness of his bones, and he coming as at the Flood to sweep the living world along with me, and leave no man on earth having penmanship to handle my deeds, or to put his own skin on my story! Mineog:

The sharpness of the pain wore off, and he set to work to make the best of matters.

She contented herself instead by going outside and closing the door after her with a sharpness which stirred every hair on his head.

The boy's face was pale and meagre, with an unboyish sharpness about it, though he did not seem more than nine or ten years old.

The woods behind the village, and those running along the top of the snowy hill, were meshed in a silvery mist which died into the moonlit blue, while in the fields the sharpness of the shadows thrown by the scattered trees made a marvel of black and white.

They look as though they would be able to say a clever thing; but their spoken thoughts seldom rise above a small, acrid sharpness.

You write the principle which was so hard to receive upon the tablet of your memory; and day by day a gentle hand comes over it with a bit of india-rubber, till the inscription loses its clear sharpness, grows blurred and indistinct, and finally quite disappears.

There is something so stilling in the far placidity of the high starsin the sweet sharpness of the night winds.

That, with him who is pure and just and meek, who hates a lie worse than the sharpness of death, and loves others dearer than himself, it shall be well.

Is that what they are?" "Aye; and they be goin' down to Glo'ster first, an' thence away to Sharpness Dock.

They go through the Glo'ster an' Berkeley, and at Sharpness they finish.

This place is called Sharpness, and does a big trade, and the size of the shipping would make you wonder, after Bursfield.

"If it is not troubling you too much," he said in a voice that a moment's time had hardened into sharpness.

Allow a cup of sugar to every gallon of vinegar; this will not sweeten the pickles, but helps to preserve them and mellows the sharpness of the vinegar.

she said, with a touch of sharpness.

In the side of the Schloss Kirche, in the city of Wittenberg, is an old archway, with pillars carved as if twisted and with figures of saints overhead, the sharpness of the cutting being somewhat broken and worn away through time.