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1416 examples of  shaven  in sentences

1416 examples of shaven in sentences

" Mrs. Pendomer looked about her; and, without, the clean-shaven lawns and trim box-hedges were very beautiful in the morning sunlight; within, the same sunlight sparkled over the heavy breakfast service, and gleamed in the high walnut panels of the breakfast-room.

It may be of interest to his admirersa growing cultto add that his reason for wearing a mustache in a period of clean-shaven faces was that, without it, his mouth was not pleasant to look upon.

To the front of the mansion lies a close-shaven lawn, dotted with sundry oaks and maples; and thence, the formal gardens descend in six broad terraces.

As he paced along upon his richly caparisoned steed, pinching at his long, blue-shaven chin with supple fingers, his heavy brows drawn low, of a sudden his narrowed lids widened and his eyes gleamed bright and black as they beheld my Beltane standing in the shade of the tree.

Yet in a while he turned to stare at Beltane rubbing at his square, shaven chin with strong, brown fingers.

"Knowest thou not," said another, "that thou hast killed the King's deer, and, by the laws of our gracious lord and sovereign King Harry, thine ears should be shaven close to thy head?" "Catch him!" cried a third.

One of them, an American, was a man of about thirty years, clean-shaven, square-jawed, with light, steely, secretive gray eyes, and a look of intelligence and assurance that did not harmonize with his motley garb.

He seemed rather stupid than calm; yet as he mechanically wound his queue into place once more above the shaven forehead, his fingers moved surely and deftly.

By daylight, the nunnery walls were pitted as with small-pox; yet the little company remained untouched, except for Teppich, whose shaven head was trimmed still closer and redder by a bullet, and for Gilbert Forrester, who showedwith the grave smile of a man when fates are playfultwo shots through his loose jacket.

The priest had a smooth face and a little round spot shaven on top of his head.

You, in your stony cell 'mid shaven friars, All crowding down the nether side of life, Hearing no sweeter voice than matin-bells, No speech, but grace in cold refectories; Ay! thence it isOh fool!

The first thing which caught his eyes as he entered the drawing-room before dinner was Argemone listening in absorbed reverence to her favourite vicar,a stern, prim, close-shaven, dyspeptic man, with a meek, cold smile, which might have become a cruel one.

The Scotchman looked at them, and his clean-shaven upper lip grew straight, his whole face stern.

This smooth-shaven lad, so easy and carefree of manner, had a gleam in his eye that meant business.

Baxter was small, and slight, and dapper as to person, clean-shaven, alert of eye, and soft of movement,in a word, Baxter was the cream of gentlemen's gentlemen, and the very acme of what a valet should be, from the very precise parting of his glossy hair, to the trim toes of his glossy boots.

Here he passed his hand two or three times across his shaven chin, regarding an apple-tree, nearby, with an expression of the most profound interest: "And how," said he again, "how might Master Georgy be?" "Master Georgy is as well as ever," answered Miss Priscilla, stitching away faster than before, and Bellew thought she kept her rosy cheeks stooped a little lower over her work.

Bellew heard the Sergeant's finger rasping to and fro across his shaven chin.

I mistrust the shaven priests who dole out answers in return for minted money.

There was a slight blueness under the lower rims of the eyes, a corresponding tint on the clean-shaven upper lip, but neither that nor the pallor which had long since settled on the rigid features had given anything of ghastliness to the face.

A clean-shaven man, well built, brown haira Frenchman, I think.

"A clean-shaven man, with brown hair, and well built, eh?" said the chief.

His strong, firm jaw was clean-shaven, and his companion had frequently remarked how much it suggested those old Roman busts which peered out from the shadows in the corners of his chamber.

He had on a clean new suit of black broadcloth, his linen was white and well arranged, and he had been freshly shaven.

"It is fortunate that you have grown a moustache since you were in the north; you could not have been a Marine as a clean-shaven man.

He was clean-shaven, looked about twenty-five years old, was dark and slim of the Latin type which is not uncommon in Cornwall, and impressed me at once with his air of intelligence and refinement.

His face, clean-shaven, aristocratic, was the colour of old ivory.

He seemed to be about thirty-fivea tall, clean-shaven, powerfully built man, with bright blue eyes and a chin like the toe of a boot.

" Mr. Weiss' face, clean-shaven and lined, with his spectacled eyes and thin, indrawn lips, was as expressionless as a face could be, but Virginia heard him draw a quick little breath, and his very attitude seemed to be the attitude of a man confronted with calamity.

All that she could remember of the men was that one was small, clean-shaven, very neatly dressed, and having rather the appearance of an American; and that the other was a larger and more florid man, with red face and burly shoulders.

He was about fifty, with slightly grey hair and smoothly shaven face.

He was clean-shaven, his hair was a sandy grey, his complexion florid, his eyes blue and piercing.

She could still see the pale face of her lover, who kissed her hand every moment, and the clean-shaven face of the doctor and the nurse's white cap.

He was tall and strong, smooth-shaven and clean.

The men of this country are fair and of a comely appearance, yet somewhat pale, having a small part of their heads shaven; but their women are the most beautiful of any under the sun.

The following singular article of intelligence respecting India, may be copied as a specimen of the work: "In that countree growen many strong vynes: and the women drynken wyn, and men not: and the women shaven hire berdes, and the men not."

Here come home from the convent school two coloured young ladies, probably pretty, possibly lovely, certainly gentle, modest, and well-dressed according to the fashions of Paris or New York; and here comes the unmistakable Englishman, tall, fair, close-shaven, arm-in-arm with another man, whose more delicate features, more sallow complexion, and little moustache mark him as some Frenchman or Span

Ah, if Capitan Tiago had only devoted himself to Cicero" Here the most classical disgust painted itself on his carefully-shaven Epicurean face.

" He was already on his feet and went to meet his visitor, a stage-lover looking fellow, with the blue clean-shaven chin of a priest or a Yankee, who held his head very high, and wore in the grey cut-a-way which clothed his well-rounded figure, the rosette which is displayed alike by our heroes and our lackeys.

The vaulted hall redoubled the slightest noise, and a shaven Turk, who kept us company, sang in his delight, that he might hear the echo of his own voice.

Enter Alenso in Falleriaes apparell and berd; Falleria shaven in shepheards habilliments.

But in the cheap, but neat suits they now wore, and with their faces clean-shaven of the growth of stubby beard that had formerly covered them, it would have been somewhat difficult to recognize the two ill-favored tramps who had been routed by Peggy in such a plucky manner.

Now that he was invested in fair-looking clothes, and was graced with a clean collar and a smooth-shaven face, he actually might have passed for a person in fairly well-to-do circumstances.

His face was bronzed by long exposure to the sun; his close-cut curls, which had once been auburn, were fast turning white, though his features looked those of a man under five-and-forty; his cheeks were as smooth shaven as his chin.

We learn to know St. Francis by his brown habit, and shaven crown, and wasted ardent features; but how do we distinguish him from St. Anthony, or St. Dominick?

So, too, did the boyish, clean-shaven young man with whom he was playing chess.

The face, clean-shaven, was sullen with the fear inspired by the sudden entrance of Carroll and Leverage; and there was more than a hint of evil in it.

His smoothly shaven face, framed in crinkly, gray locks, was surmounted by a soft, little, round hat, from the up-turned brim of which dangled a broken string.

"Edmund Horford Rowe!" A keen-looking, grey-haired man, with a shaven face and close-cut side-whiskers, stepped into the box and was sworn in due form.

He explained to his men what it was that was expected of them, and though they did not raise a cry or wave their weapons as mine might have done, there was an expression upon their stolid and clean-shaven faces which filled me with confidence.

With his big, round head, his curved shoulders, and his clean-shaven face, he is more like a Professor at the Sorbonne than the first soldier in France.

On his clean-shaven, comely face there was an expression of trouble, and he looked at me as I entered his chamber in a way which had in it something furtive and displeasing.

He was a stoutish, clean-shaven man, of middle height, and of a cheerful, round countenance.

His teeth were worn and yellow as Indian meal, and his rough, ill-shaven cheeks and pale eyes reminded the priest of the country in which Pat lived, and of the four acres of land at the end of the boreen that Pat was digging these many years.

In Lloyd's behalf there was present at this grim ceremony Maรฎtre Pleindeaux, a clean-shaven, bald-headed little man, with a hard, metallic voice and a set of false teeth that clicked as he talked.

The one wore the blue coat with silver facings of the king's guard; the second had the dark coat and clean-shaven face of a man of peace; but each carried a short rusty iron bar in his hand.

The poor sergeant said, in his days of discomfort: "I wonder what our sweethearts would think of us, if they were to see us now,unshaved, unwashed, and quite old men!" Cut in a year, those who survived had grown young again,not shaven, perhaps, for their beards were a great natural comfort on winter duty, but brushed and washed, in vigorous health, and gay spirits.

At his heels was a man in a rough-weather box-coat; a youngish man, clean-shaven and wind-tanned to a healthy bronze, with an eager face and alert eyes that made an instant inventory of the car and its complement of passengers.

Perhaps it looked the more beautiful because contrasted with the shaven gray poll and surly features of grim Abonus.

And there between the cafรฉ and the souk gate was the same whitewashed niche where three lads used to sit with their feet tucked under their little kashabias, their chechias awry on their shaven polls, and their lips pursed to spit after the leather legs of the infidel conquerors passing by.

His head was large; and his shaven cranium afforded an interesting phrenological treat.

Then, brightening, as the possible reason occurred to him: "Perhaps it may be my shaven face; you see, the barber made an error in the trimming of my decorations yesterday, and he thought it better to take them entirely off and have them grow afresh, but I had not thought of the matter in the light of an improvement.

On Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning some extra bathing takes place; chins are shaven, and perhaps clean garments donned.

Thee, chauntress, oft the woods among I woo, to hear thy even-song; And, missing thee, I walk unseen On the dry smooth-shaven green, To behold the wandering moon, Riding near her highest noon, Like one that had been led astray Through the heaven's wide pathless way, And oft, as if her head she bowed, Stooping through a fleecy cloud.

He was a veritable carpet knight, and though not a fop, was exquisitely dressed in full evening costume, and showed his long pedigreed blood in every line of his clean-shaven face and tall slight figure.

To them entered Sharon Whipple from his earlier breakfast, ruddy, fresh-shaven, bubbling.

He had bitten his lip and the blood stood in his mouth and trickled down, down his clean-shaven face.

But the aggravating creature tossed his head as Moussa, with a grunt of energy, brought the vessel down, and the rim merely struck the top of the shaven skull.

A young man descended, and in another minute stood before him in the room, a slightly built young man of thirty perhaps, clean shaven, well dressed, well mannered.

The colour of these Indians was much redder than that of any others I had seen; their heads were shaven, with the exception of a small stripe, extending from the centre of the crown back to the organ of philoprogenitivenessthe gallant scalping-lockwhich was decorated with feathers so as somewhat to resemble the crest of a Greek or Roman helmet.

We were a little surprised at the Colonel's appearance; for he was clean shaven and wore a wig.

His clean-shaven face was lean and wrinkled, his shrivelled, lips fell over a set of false teeth, and his white hair was thin and rather long; he seemed small to me,though indeed, most people seemed small to me,and his shoulders were rounded and bent.

He has a stoop, and is clean-shaven.

He is clean shaven, and wears a sleeved waistcoat, heavy boots, fell hat.

They were his one counsel to literary aspirants, who, according as they took it, are now bearded and prosperous or shaven and on the rates.

The new doctor was a youthfully dressed man, clean-shaven, but with an undefinable air of being much older than his smooth face led one to suppose.

At the end of seven months, hearing great talk of Vespasian's clemency, she set out for Rome, taking with her her husband, disguised as a slave, with shaven head and a dress that made him unrecognizable.

Certain of his people, whom he had sent to reconnoitre the Norman army, returned saying that there were more priests in William's camp than warriors in his own; for the Normans, at this period, wore shaven chins and short hair, whilst the English let hair and beard grow.

The blond and shaven hero, with a magnificent gesture, motioned the villain to begone!

The only other occupant of the room, a short, wiry man, with a close-shaven, hard-bitten face, sat smoking, with a glass of whisky before him, in a bay window at the end of the room, which looked out on the harbour.

He was about seventy years of age, small and wizened; age had scarcely tinged his shaven crown with grey, his forehead was broad and square, and rose straight beneath the silk cap he wore in winter.

The close-shaven crown and the plain white Dominican robe gave a severe and statuesque simplicity to the lines of his figure.

"It must not be supposed that the space between the ridges is an even plain, shaven with, the scythe and leveled with the roller.

Isadora Kantor, blue-shaven, aquiline, and already greying at the temples; his five-year-old son, Leon; a soft little pouter-pigeon of a wife, too, enormous of bust, in glittering ear-drops and a wrist-watch of diamonds half buried in chubby wrist; Miss Esther Kantor, pink and pretty; Rudolph; Boris, not yet done with growing-pains.

These are extremely numerous, but previously to 1851, that is, before Hugo left France, they all represent him as a clean-shaven man.

70 XI Himself he propped, limbs, body, and pale face, Upon a long grey staff of shaven wood: And, still as I drew near with gentle pace, Upon the margin of that moorish flood Motionless as a cloud the old Man stood, 75 That heareth not the loud winds when they call; And moveth all together, if it move at all.

Then his hair was cut and shampooed; and an hour later he sat gazing at a dark-haired, clean-shaven man in the glass who gazed back at him with wondering eyesa lean-jawed, good-looking man, who, in a favourable light, might pass for forty.

His closely shorn head is flat at the back, square in front, his clean-shaven lips though somewhat thick are always held tightly pressed together.

Jeffrey was thin, pale, clean shaven, wore spectacles and walked with a stoop.

He knocked at a door, and was answered by the appearance of a stout, smooth-shaven man in shirt-sleeves.

Even when the stranger stopped and stood smiling down at him his memory proved unequal to the occasion, and he sat staring at the handsome, shaven face, with its little fringe of grey whisker, waiting for enlightenment.

Two priests were of our party, and she made a target of their shaven crowns, shrieking with delight.

Still the old Rector, with his smooth-shaven and deeply furrowed Roman face, remained standing, and once more an expectant hush fell upon pupils and spectators.

" The man stroked his shaven jaws in the deliberate manner of a person about to precipitate a crisis.

A short man with remarkable breadth of shoulder and depth of chest entered; he was smooth shaven and salient of jaw and wore the air of one who was not easily balked in anything that he undertook.

It showed a handsome young fellow with strong, clean-shaven face, with eyes like Keith's, and the same lordly poise of the fine head that Malcolm had.

Two hours afterward, in all the splendour of blue coats, brass buttons, and shoulder-straps, with shaven faces, starched shirts, and polished leather boots, the "First Siberian Exploring Party" marched over to the ispravnik's to dine.

[Illustration: A YURT OF THE SETTLED KORAKS IN MIDWINTER] At Kuil, on the coast of Penzhinsk Gulf, I was compelled to leave my good-humoured Cossacks and take for drivers half a dozen stupid, sullen, shaven-headed Koraks, and from that time I was more lonesome than ever.

" I dismounted on the opposite side of the road and gazed upon the smoothly shaven greensward in front of the little inn; upon the pretty upper windows peeping out from their frames of leaves; upon the queerly-shaped projections of the building; upon the low portico which shaded the doorway; and upon the gentle stream of blue smoke which rose from the great gray chimney.

A little later their benefactor's partner, a medium-sized, clean shaven and neatly attired fellow, came down the stairway.

His light brown hair was close-cut; his smooth-shaven face was bright with the freshness of youth.