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143 examples of  she is beautiful  in sentences

143 examples of she is beautiful in sentences

A fainting woman, if she is beautiful and fashionably dressed, will unnerve even a resourceful police official.

Cicero found her haughty; he does not say she was beautiful and fascinating.

That she was beautiful any one could see for himselfnot in the shop-windows, among the presumably self-selected types of English beauty, but in the proper placenamely, in her own and other aristocratic drawing-rooms.

They say she is beautiful and dresses well.

She is beautiful, she is vivacious, filled with delight; she is a sparkling fountainhead of joy.

The major was grateful, and Julia unhappy as she was beautiful.

"She is beautiful, Staff!"

She is beautiful, too.

I know she is beautiful, for she has the dark eyes and hair of her mother.

She was beautiful in person as she was charming in manner.

Naturally, he admired her, because she's beautiful, and a very great actress" "Oh, your Aunt Lilian would make little of the affair," I laughed.

Tell me, Herbert, at once, and honestly, have your feelings changed towards Catherine?' 'When I left her she was beautiful,' was the reply; 'now she is' 'You need not finish the sentence,' rejoined Mrs Hardman.

And she must be placed where she could exercise no further influence, yet in a way that should awaken no commiseration; for she was beautiful and terribly in earnest, and in her deep eyes there was the light of a prophet, and all Venice was at her feet.

She was beautiful, but she was deformed.

I declare, I believe she is beautiful," were Stephen's successive verdicts, as he drew nearer and nearer to Mercy.

She is as good as she is beautiful.

" "Provided she is beautiful.

But she's beautiful as an angel.

If, as you say, she is as little intelligent as she is beautiful, her reign will soon be over.

She was beautiful and provoking, with her tall, slender figure, robed in its black blouse; and her exquisite, youthful fairness, her straight forehead, her finely cut nose, her firm chin, took on something of a warlike charm in her rebellion.

D'ye think they'd take me in exchange for my Moll, who is but a bit of a girl?" "She is beautiful, and beauty counts for more than strength and abilities there, poor man," says she.

Those who owned the bright cloths and calicoes which were hung up before their eyes, as an incentive to win the game, were still rejoicing over their treasures; while the disappointed ones were looking sullen, and muttering of partiality being shown to this one because she was beautiful, and to that, because she was the sister of the chief.

The clear stream that reflected her form told her she was beautiful; yet her brother was the bravest warrior of the Sissetons; and her aged parents toowas not their love enough to satisfy her heart!

She looked in the glass and was glad that she was beautiful.

Cinderella, who was as good as she was beautiful, allowed her sisters to lodge in the palace, and gave them in marriage, that same day, to two lords belonging to the court.

I hope you and Emma will have many a quarrel and many a make-up (and she is beautiful in reconciliation!)

What is the good of me laboriously writing down that she is beautiful and charming when I am convinced in my own mind she is nothing of the kind?

She was beautiful, and she let the world see that she was conscious of her beauty, and the power that went along with it.

"She is beautiful and pleases me well," said the king.

He looked again and saw that she was beautiful and moved with the grace that generally marks the Peninsulares when they are young.

She was seventeen and he twenty-seven; he loved beauty, and she was beautiful.

She was beautiful, and yet with her beauty there was a primitiveness, a gentle savagery, and an age-old story written in the fine lines of her face which made him uneasy with the thought of a thing that was almost tragedy.

She was beautiful and fascinating still, but she began to grow selfish, heartless, and designing.

" "She was beautiful," Rhiannon said.

"She is beautiful and young, and stands in the sunshine," said the seeress, in whose visions Carmen had implicit faith; "but suddenly she is blotted out of my sight, as if by a dark cloud that swallows her up.

Annette looked in the glass, but no stretch of imagination could make her conceive that she was beautiful in either form or feature.

And as to her personal appearance, Brentano and Loeben simply tell us that she was beautiful, Brentano employing the Homeric method of proving her beauty by its effects.

She was certainly not pretty, but he began to feel with equal certainty that she was beautiful.

I love my love with a B because she's beautiful; I hate my love with a B because she is brazen; I took her to the sign of the Blue Boar; and I treated her with Bonnets; her name's Bouncer and she lives in Bedlamnow, what do I make with my straw?" "Ladies' bonnets?" "Fine ladies'," said the person of the house, nodding assent.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?" "Very beautiful," I answered.

It would have been truth to say, 'She is beautiful.'

She's beautiful, and kindly, and affectionate.

And, Uncle Phil, she was beautiful.

"Sylvia, you know, is as clever as she is beautiful.

He, therefore, lived in the same house, and ate at the same table with Beatrice, without even discovering that she was beautiful; while they who merely caught a glance of her at church, or as she moved, like a vision, along the public walk, pretended to be consumed with passion.

She told herself that already she liked him better than any other young man she had met, which was not surprising, for he had been the first to sit beside her and look into her eyes and tell her that she was beautiful.

"She is beautiful, but not so beautiful as you.

"She is beautiful, you say.

I've told her a dozen times at least that she was beautiful, and she didn't mind it any more than Rose does when I flatter her.

There is the beautiful young American girlbeautiful, but as earnest and good as she is beautiful, and as talented as she is earnest and good.

" "She is beautiful in every part!" said Wilder, drawing a long breath.

Sadie is more than big; she is beautiful, burnished-copper-haired, sincere and kind, and, though I think the author "gets this over" quite well I liked her best before she found her man and her Robinson Crusoe adventures among the islands of Ontario, and was giving back chat to the little foreman in the factory.

Whether she was beautiful or not, it is hard to say.

That she was beautiful, and warm-hearted, and frank, and sweet-tempered, and feminine, and affectionate, he both saw and felt; but beyond this he neither saw anything, nor cared about seeing anything.

Writing to Procter in January, 1829, Lamb calls Miss Isola "a silent brown girl," and in his letter of November, 1833, to Mr. and Mrs. Moxon, he says: "I hope you [Moxon] and Emma will have many a quarrel and many a make-up (and she is beautiful in reconciliation!) ..."

And the blight put upon him by a creature as false as she was beautiful proved not to be enduring.

They say that she was beautiful when she was young (I am compelled sometimes, under protest, to use the words "young" and "old" thus chronologically)

Mrs. Davis on the terrace with the moon shining upon her was beautiful as a Greek dream.

Sometimes, looking at Clara, I irritated myself inwardly by the most singular thought that she is beautiful, not because nature meant her to be beautiful,not by right of her race,but by a fortunate accident of birth.

She was beautiful and innocent That was her misfortune.

She was beautiful, graceful, winning.

She was beautiful.

"She was beautiful to my eyes.

When the winds of the day flushed her cheek she was beautiful; but it was a beauty that hid the mystery of her face.

She's beautiful.

She is beautiful, and discreet, and of good demeanor, but brought up in the most accursed and most corrupt society that ever was.

She was beautiful beyond his fairest dreams of womanhe owned that to himselfbut it was not the kind of beauty that he admired it was too vivid, too highly colored, too brilliant.

" "She is beautiful, graceful, gifted, and good," was the rejoinder.

"His wife is very beautiful and he is as jealous of her as she is beautiful.

There is nothing a woman with youth, will-power, and love may not accomplisheven to the convincing of the world that she is beautiful, when her mirror may say otherwise.

On the contrary, one may represent true Wit by the Description which Aristinetus makes of a fine Woman; when she is dressed she is Beautiful, when she is undressed she is Beautiful; or as Mercerus has translated it

On the contrary, one may represent true Wit by the Description which Aristinetus makes of a fine Woman; when she is dressed she is Beautiful, when she is undressed she is Beautiful; or as Mercerus has translated it

Then she is beautiful beyond the Race of Women.

The Fascination of Love Woman would be loved without reason, without analysis; not because she is beautiful, or good, or cultivated, or gracious, or spiritual, but because she exists.

His devotion to her was beautiful.

She's beautiful, but her charm is spiritual.

"How so?" "Don't you know," said she, seriously, "that when a girl thinks she's beautiful she's spoiled?" Their blushes had begun to fade; their words to come easier.

She was beautiful, with a delicate, high-bred grace, and she had the manner of a woman who had been courted and flattered.

And that she is beautiful, all who have eyes in their head may see.

She is beautiful, but she does not wish this to be noticed; she has much talent, but she disguises it by her calm and severe style of playing, which does not prevent critical ears from noting her exactitude and precision, combined with that rare spirit of abnegation which is the accompanist's supreme virtue.

She knew she was beautiful, and knew its influence, and was sure the King would not refuse her.

"But she was beautiful, now, wasn't she?"

"Tell me," he cried, excitedly, as they went by, "is it not true that she is beautiful?" "A piece of marble, my son," said I, suspecting nothing; and I turned into a tobacconist's to buy a cigar.

Although youth had gone, she was beautiful, with an indescribable air of individuality.

She is beautiful, faithful, and pure, and yet all that society will tolerate is what I would scorn to do.

She was beautiful, innocent, in conversation and manner far above her station.

He admired her because she was beautiful and intelligent;had she been plain and dull, he would not have cared for her.

" "She is beautiful now.

She is amiable as she is beautiful.

If she is beautiful, let her dress aid her beauty by not drawing away the attention from it.

If I say that she was not particularly beautiful, I do her less than justice; for she was beautiful, with a pale, grave, serious beauty, unlike the ordinary beauty of woman.

"I will not admit that she is beautiful, my friend," he said.

"Tristram does not say," replied Lady Tancred, "only that she is beautiful.

She was beautiful and proud and good, so he planned the marriage between his niece and the cousin of the lady he worshiped, knowing by that he should be drawn nearer his star, and also pay the debt to his dead sister, by securing the happiness of her child; but primarily it was his desire to be nearer his own worshiped star, and thus it has all come about."

Even those who love her best do not insist that she is beautiful.

This maiden, as good and gentle as she was beautiful, soon fell in love with the handsome knight, and hearing him sing a passionate lay in honor of Iseult, she fancied that her affections were returned, and that it was intended for her ear.

And, by my mighty word, she's beautiful, And only with myself to be compared.

And I think her beautiful!" "Ah, she is beautiful!"

And, by Jove, she is beautiful!

What a pleasure, said I to myself, if I can win the love of a girl who does not care to have lovers, since she is beautiful without observing it, and hence is no coquette!