143 examples of she is beautiful in sentences

They say she is beautiful and dresses well.

She is beautiful, she is vivacious, filled with delight; she is a sparkling fountainhead of joy.

"She is beautiful, Staff!"

She is beautiful, too.

She is as good as she is beautiful.

If, as you say, she is as little intelligent as she is beautiful, her reign will soon be over.

D'ye think they'd take me in exchange for my Moll, who is but a bit of a girl?" "She is beautiful, and beauty counts for more than strength and abilities there, poor man," says she.

What is the good of me laboriously writing down that she is beautiful and charming when I am convinced in my own mind she is nothing of the kind?

"She is beautiful and pleases me well," said the king.

"She is beautiful, but not so beautiful as you.

"She is beautiful, you say.

There is the beautiful young American girlbeautiful, but as earnest and good as she is beautiful, and as talented as she is earnest and good.

" "She is beautiful in every part!" said Wilder, drawing a long breath.

Sometimes, looking at Clara, I irritated myself inwardly by the most singular thought that she is beautiful, not because nature meant her to be beautiful,not by right of her race,but by a fortunate accident of birth.

" "She is beautiful, graceful, gifted, and good," was the rejoinder.

There is nothing a woman with youth, will-power, and love may not accomplisheven to the convincing of the world that she is beautiful, when her mirror may say otherwise.

And that she is beautiful, all who have eyes in their head may see.

"Tell me," he cried, excitedly, as they went by, "is it not true that she is beautiful?" "A piece of marble, my son," said I, suspecting nothing; and I turned into a tobacconist's to buy a cigar.

She is beautiful, faithful, and pure, and yet all that society will tolerate is what I would scorn to do.

" "She is beautiful now.

"I will not admit that she is beautiful, my friend," he said.

"Tristram does not say," replied Lady Tancred, "only that she is beautiful.

Even those who love her best do not insist that she is beautiful.

And, by Jove, she is beautiful!

What a pleasure, said I to myself, if I can win the love of a girl who does not care to have lovers, since she is beautiful without observing it, and hence is no coquette!

143 examples of  she is beautiful  in sentences