560 examples of sheared in sentences

He was closely sheared, his moccasins put off, and his single garment dragged unceremoniously wrong side out over his head and bundled out of doors.

The blade sheared through helm and coif alike, so that King Arthur was wounded in his forehead, and the blood ran down his face.

The blow sheared through helmet and coif.

"In 1882, Professor Lodge, in a lecture before the Royal Institution on 'The Luminiferous Ether' defined it as: "'One continuous substance, filling all space, which can vibrate as light, which can be sheared into positive and negative electricity, which in whirls constitutes matter, and which transmits by continuity and not impact every action and reaction of which matter is capable.'

Shells from the German guns that fell short or overshot the mark descended in the fields, and for a mile round these fields were plowed as though hundreds of plowshares had sheared the sod this way and that, until hardly a blade of grass was left to grow in its ordained place.

He therefore descended in fury with his third army; and Rinaldo, seeing him coming, said to Ricciardetto, "We had better be off here, and join Orlando;" and with these words, he gave his horse one turn round before he retreated, so as to enable his sword to make a bloody circle about him; and stories say, that he sheared off twenty heads in the whirl of it.

A coarse nature carefully clipped and sheared and fashioned down to the commonplace of conventionality will often exhibit a negative refinement, while a mind of real and subtile delicacy, but of rugged and irrepressible individuality, will occasionally shoot out irregular and uncouth branches.

When the floor of the little shop was thick with the sheared "petals," Grimshaw shook his head, brushed off his shoulders, and smiled.

For the redundant forms of many words in the foregoing list, as of abode or abided, awaked or awoke, besought or beseeched, caught or catched, hewed or hewn, mowed or mown, laded or laden, seethed or sod, sheared or shore, sowed or sown, waked or woke, wove or weaved, his authority may be added to that of others already cited.

Shear, sheared or shore, shearing, sheared or shorn.

"Is it on account of this geas," asked the stranger, "that a great lock has been sheared away from your yellow hair?"

Another queer thing Manuel could notice, and it was that a great lock had been sheared away from the left side of Ruric's black hair.

When later he climbed back, a lock had been sheared from the side of his gray head.

Presently we found a serious solution of continuity in the track, which, after leading us along a precarious ledge by the side of the river, finished abruptly; sheared clean off by a recent landslip.

When riveted plates slide on each other the rivets are sheared off.

This may be explained on the ground that the growth of a fibre is by successive layers which, under the influence of compression, are sheared apart.

The piece sheared off was 5/8 in.

In this way the strains on the fibres nearer the axis are progressively increased until finally all of the elements are sheared apart.

Preparing the material: The specimens are usually in the form of small, clear, straight-grained blocks with a projecting tenon or lip to be sheared off.

In designing a shearing specimen it is necessary to take into consideration the proportions of the area of shear, since, if the length of the portion to be sheared off is too great in the direction of the shearing face, failure would occur by compression before the piece would shear.

The sheared-off portion is used for a moisture section.

I'll warrant you, if the women had the management of things, the good-for-nothing brutes would be sheared every day.

Now the resistance of plates to punching in a machine is directly as the sheared area, that is to say, as the depth and the diameter of the hole.

But, the argument is, in this case, and in the case of laminated armor, the hole is cylindrical, while in the case of a thick armor-plate it is conical,about the size of the shot, in front, and very much larger in the rear,so that the sheared or fractured area is much greater.

His heavy shock was sheared off square above his neck.

560 examples of  sheared  in sentences