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Do we say   shelf   or  shelve

Do we say shelf or shelve

shelf 1559 occurrences

Quicoy was badly frightened when he heard this, for the Ongloc is a big black man with terrible long teeth, who all night goes searching for the bad boys and girls that he may change them into little cocoanuts and put them on a shelf in his rock house in the mountains to eat when he is hungry.

On one top shelf two hundred pepper shakers full of pepper stretched half the length of the room.

But Samuel was engaged with some one in that dim corner at the far end of the shop, where his desk and arm-chair, tripod of that new philosophy, stood: so I turned to a neighbouring shelf to fill the time.

Draw-in Experiment For Sobke, as for Julius and Skirrl, the draw-in test was made by putting food on a shelf outside the cage, beyond the reach of the animal, and placing in the cage with the animal one or two sticks long enough to be used for drawing in the bait.

Rarely he would carry something to the shelf of his cage with him, but as a rule only to lay it down and attend to something else.

When disturbed by me the mother carried her infant to a shelf at the top of the cage.

I held the piece of skin (it looked more like a bit of rat skin than the remains of a monkey) out to her and she immediately seized it and rushed with it to the shelf at the top of the cage.

After working at this task for a few minutes, she quickly climbed up to the shelf near the top of her cage, and by rushing to the partition wire between the two cages, she lured Gertie to an attempted attack on her.

For several seconds this continued, then Gertie succeeded in escaping, whereupon she at once retreated to the opposite end of her shelf and proceeded to attend to her injured finger.

By this time Jimmie's attention had been attracted by the disturbance and he rushed up to the shelf, and facing Gertie, watched her intently for a few seconds.

Summer From facsimile in Mrs. Field's A Shelf of Old Authors.

Pray give them a place on your shelf.

His novels are capital kitchen-reading, while they are worthy from their deep interest to find a shelf in the Libraries of the wealthiest, and the most learned.

Thousands of poles support half-acres of the spruce-bough shelf, beneath which is a dark, cool region, crossed with foot-paths, and not unfrequently sprinkled and washed by the surf,a most kindly office on the part of the sea, you will allow, when once you have scented the fish-offal perpetually dropping from the evergreen fish-house above.

There they stand, on the edge of the lofty pole-shelf, or upon the extreme end of that part of it which runs off frequently over the water like a wharf, an assemblage of huts and halls, bowers and arbors, a curious huddle made of poles and sweet-smelling branches and sheets of birch-bark.

The predicament of Edith Herndon, and not fears for my own safety, made me scratch madly for a foothold as I swung above the shelf I left.

I "chinned" the crumbling layer of rock upon which my fingers had a perilous grip, laid my chest across the shelf and wriggled into safety.

As I moved my hand forward I dislodged a skull that was evidently resting upon a shelf somewhat higher than the one before us.

"Old maids always know most about rearing children," he remarked; "so I suppose old bachelors, looking down on life from the top shelf, think they know most about marriage."

"Top shelf, I think you said; well, I climbed there for safety.

The shop was a little hut with an earthen floor, a pair of scales, and one shelf crowded with brass things, made, not for the European market, but for the daily use of the people, such as drinking-vesselslota is the pretty nameand big brass plates out of which they eat their rice and dhalbat.

"We're on the Santa Marta shelf, but I'm four miles off the course I set," Mayne remarked.

Kit knew the water was shoaling fast as the Rio Negro steamed across the inclined shelf.

On a shelf in a dusty corner was a box.

Leave the money on that shelf there.

As I lift my eyes from this paper, they rest on no less than ten great half-yearly volumes, which flash "The Dawn""The Dawn"along a darksome folio shelf, as they have flashed it week after week across darkest Coalchester; and "The Dawn" ceased, at length, not from lack of power and encouragement to continue, but because the world had grown sadder by then, and it had lost the will to go on living.

[Illustration] What I have got in the pan, I shall eat if I can, And this cake on the shelf, I shall keep for myself.

Then turning, she took a small cup of rennet clabber from the shelf, poured a little cream over it, put a spoon in it, and set it on the table before me.

In tidy rows on the chimney shelf stood bottles and boxes of medicine, two small brass kettles, and six bright candlesticks with hoods, trays, and snuffers to match.

Recently, when referring to that circumstance, Georgia said: "Grandma for a long time had used it for a white-sugar box, and kept it on a shelf so high that we could see it only when she lifted it down; and I don't think we took our eyes from it until it was put back.

Then I espied on the upper shelf the cream-colored sugar bowl, with the old-fashioned red roses and black foliage on its cover and sides.

It was quite a strain to reach the bowl, so I lifted it down and rested it on the lower shelf, expecting to turn and put it into Georgia's hands.

The town seemed deserted, and the church filled, as we started homeward, I skipping ahead until we reached a shop window where I waited for Jakie and asked him if he knew what those pretty little things were that I saw on a shelf, in big short-necked glass jars.

It has taken its place on the clock-shelf, with only the Bible, the "Pilgrim's Progress," and the Almanac for its companions.

He thus resolved; but had not power To hold the humour "half an hour" And critics, vers'd in Cupid's laws, Pretended they had found a clause, In an old volume on the shelf; Which said, if arrows chanc'd to fly, When no bright nymph was passing by, And lighted on a vacant breast; The swain, Narcissus-like possest, Strait doated on himself!

Each saddle is built for four passengers, sitting dos-a-dos, back to back, two on a side, and a little shelf hangs down to support their feet.

Her head was full of university lore, things she had read, a smattering of the arts and philosophy, liberal portions of academic knowledge, all tagged and sorted like parcels on a shelf to be reached when called for.

Over allover men, decks, rope-coilsin the cabin, in the engine-roombetween skylight leaveson every shelf, in every crannylay a purplish ash or dust, very impalpably fine.

To her amazement she found that it was invariably the third book in each shelf that he removed and examinedthe third from the end.

It was the fifth book from the end on the second shelf, and I got the paper and copied it."

"I'll remember that," said Carter, repeating, "the fifth book on the second shelf."

"Are you certainthe fifth book on the second shelf.

He would know, of course, what "the fifth book on the second shelf" signified.

She was more than afraid that her incautious use of the phrase "the fifth book on the second shelf" had betrayed her.

As soon as her attention was occupied Carter moved at once to the end of the shelf that Miss Strong had indicated and removed the fifth book.

The books on either side on the same shelf failed to yield up anything.

He tried the shelf above and the shelf below.

He tried the shelf above and the shelf below.

"Are you sure you looked in the right bookthe fifth book from the end on the second shelf on the up-town side of the store."

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Suddenly the car gave a lurch and jolted the bottle of phosphorus off its shelf.

What will the admiral say when he comes to hear of twenty-two men's being laid on the shelf, and a felucca to be paid for, as a morning's amusement?" "Really, Captain Cuffe, we did our best; but a man might as well have attempted to put out Vesuvius with snowballs as to stand the canister of that infernal lugger!

" Many a time has the book-shelf and the writing-desk been made a substitute for the oratory.

Robert sank down by the friendly bush, with his back against a great uplift of stone, while Willet stood on a narrow shelf, supporting himself against a young evergreen.

He realized more fully now in the intense light of a brilliant day what a slender shelf it was.

In rounding Point Bradley, there is a rocky shelf that runs off the point for perhaps one hundred yards.

Turning the corner of the cliff wall I saw him on a narrow shelf.

The shelf was twenty feet wide and upon it close to the wall, in the dust, were the deep imprints of the lion.

The shelf narrowed on the other side to a yard in width, and climbed gradually by broken steps.

The shelf ended there.

His tail began to lash to and fro; it knocked the little stones off the shelf.

What would happen when I came to the narrow point on the shelf where it would be impossible for me to back around?

I sank down on the shelf, legs powerless, body in cold sweat.

Three attempts were necessary before I could trust myself on the narrow strip of shelf.

But the same grim, deadly feeling that had taken me with Don around the narrow shelf now rose in me stronger and fiercer.

Abraham Lincoln even is said to have had the major part of his "shelf of best books" composed of an old copy of the statutes of Indiana, though I can find no traces of such reading in the style of his Gettysburg address.

Do not, however, lay them on a pine shelf or table to absorb the odor of the wood.

It dropped so low in my regard I heard it hit the ground, And go to pieces on the stones At bottom of my mind; Yet blamed the fate that fractured, less Than I reviled myself For entertaining plated wares Upon my silver shelf.

But just the primer to a life Unopened, rare, upon the shelf, Clasped yet to him and me.

I thank these kinsmen of the shelf; Their countenances bland Enamour in prospective, And satisfy, obtained.

He took a lantern from a shelf, lit the fragment of candle, and, opening a door at the back, walked through the long line of inner rooms.

says Algy, rising, lounging over to the empty hearth, and looking at his face with a glance of serious fondness in the glass that hangs above the mantel-shelf.

She did this (Tilda noted) with extreme deftness, reaching out a hand to a dark shelf and picking up the match-box as accurately as though she saw it.

Mrs. Lobb, less observant, had taken down a Bible from the shelf above her.

At the leading edge of a moving continental plate there will be little or no shelf.

They must cross a floating ice shelf, then up onto the ice-covered land, up steep mountain glaciers covered in broken, twisted ice slowly sliding to the sea, and across a high level land ("plateau") covered in ice and swept by strong freezing winds.

This is the reason shelf life is generally extended by temperature control: (

A Canada-style 'off-the-shelf' deal was offered by the EU to Theresa May's government but it was rebuffed in favour of seeking a more complicated arrangement.

But the shelf life of the drug mixed with water by the pharmacist may only be seven to ten days – even when kept in a fridge.

“CANES takes advantage of commercial-off-the-shelf insertion, which brings operational agility to the warfighter and savings to the U.S. Navy,” Keeler added.

For the customers’ sake and their own, “If I’m already stocking the shelves and I see a customer come up, I’ll back up and let them get whatever they need off the shelf before I continue to stock.”

Here's What You Need To Remember: The U.S. Army is interested adapting APS technology to its own vehicles, but has been taking its time deciding whether to purchase Trophy off the shelf or field the domestically developed Quick Kill APS.

In a recent ‘Behind the Mic’ session for ), Pope was asked by those tuning in about the shelf life of this song.

March saw shelf stripping and even now online food delivery is (for me at least) impossible.

Smartphones often have a shelf life and utility that goes well beyond the frequency of new model releases, giving companies an additional source of revenue even for older devices.

The world-wide non-profit reached out to the Food Shelf to see if they’d be interested in giving out the food and the Food Shelf gave an enthusiastic "yes".

The world-wide non-profit reached out to the Food Shelf to see if they’d be interested in giving out the food and the Food Shelf gave an enthusiastic "yes".

This isn’t just off-the-shelf Nest Cameras screwed to the wall, mind.

This new wax minimizes moisture loss and prolongs shelf life.

God was put back on the shelf until the next crisis Worship means more than just coming to the house of God in times of crisis.

Have a SLimer toy sitting on my shelf right now.

Hopefully you can make use of it for one of the cats in the future although it has a pretty short shelf life.

I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive so I went to the local Barnes and Noble where 10 were on the shelf.

If this many pairs of shoes can fit on one shelf, how many pairs of shoes will fit on all the shelves?

In addition, the latter likely came not from the Gulf of St. Lawrence but from the Scotian Shelf or the region between Cape Breton and Newfoundland.

Includes basement fridge & large shelf in living room.

I sorted my books by subject and then put loose single patterns in the same subject into those magazine holders onto the same shelf.

Second, retail shelf space is shrinking.

shelve 33 occurrences

But here he could see that the top of the bluff really did shelve over.

A great big room with a real bed instead of those shelve things and off of the room a bath, and we were only to be on the water five days.

, I deemed it best to shelve their problem for the nonce and turn the mind to the matter of Gussie, which presented a brighter picture.

V. place, situate, locate, localize, make a place for, put, lay, set, seat, station, lodge, quarter, post, install; house, stow; establish, fix, pin, root; graft; plant &c (insert) 300; shelve, pitch, camp, lay down, deposit, reposit^; cradle; moor, tether, picket; pack, tuck in; embed, imbed; vest, invest in.

lay up, lay by, lay on the shelf, keep on the shelf, lay up in ordinary; lay up in a napkin; shelve; set aside, put aside, lay aside; disuse, leave off, have done with; supersede; discard &c (eject) 297; dismiss, give warning.

She told herself that Lesbia would not be ungrateful, would not basely kick down the ladder by which she had mounted to heights empyrean, would not cruelly shelve the friend who had pioneered her to high fortune.

" Before we shelve Holinshed,for the good Raphael's folios are like Falstaff in size, if not in wit, and, when once laid flat-long, require levers to set them up on end again,let us see if he cannot help us to account for more of the "legalisms" that our Lord Chief Justice and our barrister have "smelt out" in Shakespeare's historical plays.

As the statues in the gloom Watch o'er Maximilian's tomb, So those volumes from their shelve.

This is in a line north of Bishops Castle and Shelve, and to those who appreciate wild scenery this part of the county may be specially recommended.

Mrs. Taine, Louise, and Jim tried to shelve mebut

Greece and Bulgaria agreed to shelve all territorial questions till the war had been brought to a successful close; and with the negotiation of this understanding (another case in which Venezelos achieved what Trikoupis had attempted only to fail) the Balkan League was complete.

The soundings showed the isthmus to shelve off so gradually at the sides that we found we could put the stakes, marking its edges, almost any distance apart.

He's getting ready to shelve me, I tell you!"

But if you ever find out for sure that he is going togoing toto shelve you, why, come to me, and I'll go to him.

I think he would be a skunk toto shelve you.

Though in '61 he advocated a foreign war as a means for bringing together North and South, and desired to shelve practically Lincoln while he himself stood at the front to manage the turmoil, he made no more mistakes than statesmen in general.

However Karen choose to shelve the album after it was negatively received by the powers that be at A&M Records and her brother.

After college students began moving back home because of the outbreak, the Census Bureau had to shelve plans to send door-knockers to neighborhoods around campuses starting in April.

In fact, State Bank of India (SBI) last February had put its outstanding Essar Steel loan of Rs 15,431 crore on auction but had to shelve it.

Joe Biden, Trump’s rival for the White House, has said the new weapon is overkill, suggesting he might shelve it if he wins in November.

Many fans have taken to twitter and are trending Shelve Bachchan Pandey.

Reps beg labour to shelve strike, offer palliatives.

Should they shelve all other development work?"

So when should you ship or shelve a coronavirus-related AI solution?

The Edgartown shellfish committee will shelve for now a plan to expand oyster farms to Cape Pogue.

“The labour movement in view of the favourable agreement reached has decided to shelve the proposed strike action with immediate effect in ratifying the whole process for the benefit of Kwara State Workers.

The labour unions had said they would only shelve the planned strike if the Federal Government reversed the recent hikes.

A source, who didn’t want to be identified, told The VOICE: “I don’t think they can let one incident like this just shelve the whole process.”

They’ll wait until the dust settles before they engage in any new hiring, launching business lines, products and services, opening new offices, factories and will shelve any pending initiatives.

This month, movements around the country, including the National Indigenous Congress, are mobilizing, demanding the federal government to take over the case and shelve the development project.

Ultimately there is no dodging 1 million plus unemployed Australians, or millions more defined as underemployed or underutilised, subsisting on payments the government plans to shelve in the midst of a once-in-a-century ongoing pandemic.

Never underpowered, but am only pushing two infinity book shelve speakers.

Shelve The Christmas Box Collection: The Christmas Box, Timepiece, The Letter.