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579 example sentences with  shepherd's

579 example sentences with shepherd's

Going together to the shepherd's home they found the dog very excited and angry; but, on Florence speaking to it in her gentle voice, it came and lay down at her feet, and allowed her to examine the damaged limb.

Sow-thistle, bitter called, As shepherd's purse is sweet; With your new mate you feast elate, As joyous brothers meet.

On her lap lay a heap of roses, and in her hand she held a shepherd's crook.

Then of course there is the pimpernel, known as the shepherd's clock and poor man's weather-glass; while the small purslane and the common garden lettuce are also included in the flower-clock.

" A name for the shepherd's purse is "mother's-heart," and in the eastern Border district, says Johnston, children have a sort of game with the seed-pouch.

The same name was applied to the shepherd's purse and the rag-weed.

Florizel's frequent absences from court alarmed Polixenes; and setting people to watch his son, he discovered his love for the shepherd's fair daughter.

They followed the man, the near prospect of relief giving them fresh strength; and bought the house and sheep of the shepherd, and took the man who conducted them to the shepherd's house, to wait on them; and being by this means so fortunately provided with a neat cottage, and well supplied with provisions, they agreed to stay here till they could learn in what part of the forest the duke dwelt.

During the next fourteen years he followed his shepherd's calling, making it romantic with sundry more or less successful attempts at authorship.

Well, Bob and I are up, and find it is not over; a small thoroughbred, white bull-terrier is busy throttling a large shepherd's dog, unaccustomed to war but not to be trifled with.

The most salient of the shepherd's domestic erections was an empty sty at the forward corner of his hedgeless garden, for in these latitudes the principle of masking the homelier features of your establishment by a conventional frontage was unknown.

" "Going to set up in trade, perhaps?" "No, no," said the shepherd's wife.

No observation being offered by anybody in elucidation of this enigma, the shepherd's wife once more called for a song.

But the arrival of the three strangers at the shepherd's that night, and the details connected therewith, is a story as well-known as ever in the country about Higher Crowstairs.

The female is called a ewe, or gimmer-lamb, till weaned, when she becomes, according to the shepherd's nomenclature, a gimmer-ewe, hog, or teg; after shearing, a gimmer or shearing-ewe, or theave; and in future a two, three, or four-shear ewe, or theave.

SHEPHERDS AND THEIR FLOCKS.The shepherd's crook is older than either the husbandman's plough or the warrior's sword.


Or if you rather choose the rural shade, And find a fane in every sacred grove, There let the shepherd's lute, the virgin's lay, The prompting seraph, and the poet's lyre, Still sing the God of Seasons as they roll.

From naked groves nae birdie sings; To shepherd's pipe nae hillock rings; The breeze nae od'rous flavour brings From Borean cave; And dwyning Nature droops her wings, Wi' visage grave.

40 Thus warned he sought some shepherd's spreading thorn Or hovel from the storm to shield his head, But sought in vain; for now, all wild, forlorn, And vacant, a huge waste around him spread; The wet cold ground, he feared, must be his only bed.

In hut or shepherd's pen Seek Cato, Minos, Numa!

Re-enter ANSELMO with a shepherd's coat, which he gives to MUCEDORUS.

My will therefore is this, that thou dost find Some means to work the shepherd's death; I know Thy strength sufficient to perform my desire, and thy love no otherwise than to revenge my injuries.

The shepherd's force hath saved thousands mo. CLOWN.

I tell you, the shepherd's bastard shall be well kept; I'll look to it myself.

I cannot keep thee, as thy father did; I have no lands for to maintain thy state; Moreover, if thou mean to be my wife, Commonly this must be thy use: To bed at midnight, up at four, Drudge all day, and trudge from place to place, Whereby our daily victuals for to win: And last of all, which is the worst of all, No princess then, but a plain shepherd's wife.

Orrhy, Orri, shepherd's hut.

Well, Bob and I are up, and find it is not over: a small thoroughbred, white Bull Terrier, is busy throttling a large shepherd's dog, unaccustomed to war, but not to be trifled with.

New York girls have worn white cloth habits at Lenox without shocking the moral sense of the inhabitants, but Lenox, during the season, probably contains a smaller percentage of simpletons than any village in the United States, and some daring Boston girls have appeared this year in cool and elegant habits of shepherd's check, and have pleased every good judge who has seen them.

Well, may I now disclose in plainer guise What erst I meant to work in secret wise; My busy conscience check'd my guilty soul, For seeking maintenance by base vassalage; And then suggested to my searching thought A shepherd's poor, secure, contented life, On which since then I doated every hour, And meant this same hour in [a] sadder plight, To have stol'n from thee in secrecy of night.

In Elis then a herd of beeves he drove; And wielded in his hand a staff of oak, And o'er his shoulders threw the shepherd's cloak; On seven compacted reeds he used to play,

In vain the shepherd's wakeful care Had spread the toils, and watched the snare: In vain the dog pursued his pace, The fleeter robber mocked the chase.

he skulks along, Sleek at the shepherd's cost, and plump with meals Purloined.

The shepherd's care, and seeks with piteous moan

Was it a shepherd's plaid cloth cap, of the kind Tom wears, which I saw on the head of some visitor who was sitting almost out of sight on the seaward side of the bank?

[309] The chaugan is a Persian sport performed on horseback, with a large ball like a foot-ball, which is knocked about with a long stick like a shepherd's crook; it is precisely the game called in Scotland "shintey," and in England "hockey," only that the players are mounted.

There, at Blencathara's rugged feet, Sir Lancelot gave a safe retreat To noble Clifford; from annoy Concealed the persecuted boy, 635 Well pleased in rustic garb to feed His flock, and pipe on shepherd's reed

Ruskin's fascinating analysis of these reliefs should most certainly be read (without a total forgetfulness of the shepherd's other activities as a painter, architect, humorist, and friend of princes and poets), but equally certainly not in the American pirated edition which the Florentine booksellers are so ready (to their shame) to sell you.

"a shepherd's boy."

The news Maxime had brought added to the chaos, raised it to a climax, but at the same time it began to direct the distracted forces of his mind towards a fixed point, as the first bark of the shepherd's dog drives the sheep together.

Thus Erech stood, where in her infancy The huts of wandering Accads had been built Of soil, and rudely roofed by woolly pelt O'erlaid upon the shepherd's worn-out staves, And yonder lay their fathers' unmarked graves.

Now and then, from the thickets of laurel and arbutus, a shrill shepherd's reed piped some joyous woodland melody.

There the prophet obeys the command to put the thirty pieces of silver, which he had received as his shepherd's hire, into the treasury

When Octavius read the Culex, did he recognize in the quaint passage describing the shepherd's grove of metamorphosed trees (124-145)

The first shepherd's song is of unrequited love cherished from boyhood for a maiden who has now chosen a worthless rival.

The entrance was lighted with a quaint old shepherd's lantern, not unlike those I had seen used by shepherds in Hampshire when I was a boy.

CHAPTER VIII THE COLLIE The townsman who knows the shepherd's dog only as he is to be seen, out of his true element, threading his confined way through crowded streets where sheep are not, can have small appreciation of his wisdom and his sterling worth.

No noise disturbed the silence but the distant barking of the shepherd's dog (as he, like a busy marshal, kept the order of his procession unbroken) mixing with the faint murmuring of the waterfall and the song of the birds that inhabited the ilex grove.

You see, shepherd's boy he broke his neck. . . .

The coachman's house is on one side of this square, and the shepherd's on the other.

This system gave considerable opportunity for management on the part of a thrifty housewife, and for such management there were few to surpass the housewife in the shepherd's cottage at Dunglass.

Breakfast having been despatched, and Cheviot fed, he once more wrapped his shepherd's plaid about him, remembering to put a book or two, and perhaps a piece of bannock, into the neuk of it, and set out to find his flock.

The shepherd's family occupied a pew at Stockbridge in front of the pulpit and just under the gallery, which ran round three sides of the church.

There is a small, round underground chamber within a short distance of these barrows, which the natives consider to be a shepherd's hut, put up about two centuries back, and before the country was enclosed, as a retreat to shelter the men who looked after the flocks.

So he went out in his shepherd's dress, with only his staff and sling; and Goliath, who was very angry at this, cried out: "Am I a dog, that thou comest against me with a staff?"

Bruce at first thought of going back to awaken his men; but then he reflected that it might be only some shepherd's dog.

The balmy pleasure of the shepherd's lip; I saw the wanton where I stoop'd to sup, And half resolved to drown me in the cup; Till, brush'd by careless hands, she soar'd above: Cease, beauty, cease to vex a tender love!

THE SHEPHERD'S BOY AND THE WOLF A Shepherd's Boy was tending his flock near a village, and thought it would be great fun to hoax the villagers by pretending that a Wolf was attacking the sheep: so he shouted out, "Wolf! wolf!"

You should be there now, playing a gentle shepherd's pipe and herding his peaceful flocks.

When they reached Arden they lodged for a time in a shepherd's hut, and Oliver de Boys was sent to tell them that his brother Orlando was hurt and could not come to the hut as usual.

Then quick he laid his shepherd's crook Upon a grassy bank; And off he waded in the brook From which the lambkins drank.

The ever gentle Isabel, Beneath the elm, in verdant mead, Dance to the shepherd's rural reed.

* * * * * If all the world and Love were young, And truth in every shepherd's tongue, These pleasures might my passion move, To live with thee, and be my love.

The Dutch girl told me of a dance among the common people at Amsterdam, called the shepherd's dance.

In one hand he holds a shepherd's crook, in the other a scourge; before him are the scales of justice; that which is weighed is the heart of the dead king upon whose lot the deity is called to decide.

"The flock, and not the fleece, is, or ought to be the object of the shepherd's care.

"'Tis chanticleer the shepherd's clock announcing day."

"Where Echo walks steep hills among, List'ning to the shepherd's song.

While he was standing there, the story is, a peasant or shepherd came from the neighboring fields with a shepherd's pipea simple musical instrument, made of a reed, and used much by the rustic musicians of those days.

The shepherd's evening song, op.47, no.16.



The shepherd's evening song, op.47, no.16.

The shepherd's evening song, op. 47, no. 16; piano.

If the shepherd's dog be but with his master, he appears to be perfectly content, rarely mingling with his kind, and generally shunning the advances of strangers; but the moment duty calls, his eye brightens, he springs up with eagerness, and exhibits a sagacity, fidelity, and devotion rarely equalled even by man himself.

The home-sick country girl, in a word, has found out that the splendors of the palace are not to her taste, and the thought of being a young shepherd's darling is pleasanter to her than that of being an old king's concubine.

Hence the shepherd's description of his love: "I am come into the garden, my sister, my bride: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice: I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk."

Here salmon are hatched by hand and folded and herded with a shepherd's care.

The lambs in the mead are at play, 'Neath a hurdle the shepherd's asleep; From height to height of the day The sunbeams sweep.

And the old shepherd's eyes filled with tears, which he wiped away with his shirt-sleeve; then he drove his spade deep in the ground to hide what he felt, for he did not like to be seen crying.

"They soon reached the shepherd's cottage, but the door was fastened; and when they moved the latch, such a furious barking was heard that they drew back, startled.

A shepherd's daily routine (G. III, 322; R.R. II, 2, 10-11).

Stephen taught him how to play the shepherd's horn and he played on it beautiful Christian songs, so that the mountains fairly resounded.

His bodily frame had been from youth to age Of an unusual strength: his mind was keen, Intense, and frugal, apt for all affairs, 45 And in his shepherd's calling he was prompt

He had spent the early part of his servitude at Circular Head, where he was for some time in charge of the native woman caught stealing flour at a shepherd's hut, belonging to the Van Diemen's Land Agricultural Companya fact mentioned in a former chapter.

We can no longer separate the words from the allusions, and consequently we can no longer accept the speakers in their unsophisticated shepherd's rรดle.

She that is the shepherd's joy; She that Venus did despite, And did bind her little boy.

In the meantime Menaphon, 'the king's shepherd of Arcadia,' has fallen in love with Samela, but while accepting his hospitality she meets her husband in his shepherd's guise, and without recognizing one another husband and wife again fall in love.

It contains the incident of a mad shepherd's regaining his wits through gazing on the beauty of a sleeping nymph, thus borrowing the motive of Boccaccio's tale of Cymon and Iphigenia.

After her flight Curan also leaves the court and assumes a shepherd's garb, and meeting Argentile by chance again falls in love with her without knowing who she is.

we find mention of a shepherd's disguise used 'in Lord Julio's masque.'

And yet it will be done As sure as flocks go home at night Unto the shepherd's arm!

He wore a black alpaca coat, a high stock, white waistcoat, and trousers of shepherd's plaid.

You will search history in vain for a story so strange and romantic as this of the great Empress and the lowly shepherd's son, whom her love raised from a hovel to a palace, and on whom one of the most amorous and fickle of sovereign ladies lavished honours and riches and an unwavering devotion, until her eyes, speaking their love to the last, were closed in death.

The shepherd's son was now not only lover-elect, but principal "minister" to the daughter of an Emperor, who was herself to wear the Imperial crown.

Alexis, the shepherd's son, was now, beyond any question, the most powerful man in Russia.

On the other hand, he was high in the favour of the shepherd's son, who had such a contempt for power, and who thus would be a puppet in his hands.

In the tension nobody yet laughed, although Tilda, throwing a glance toward the chimney-corner, saw the shepherd's jaw relax in a grin.

They are chummy, hearthside beers, the shepherd's pies of beverages.

Why is it that you have begged for one to share your shepherd's toil?