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57 example sentences with  shoestring

57 example sentences with shoestring

"Sew up the coat with a shoestring, and let it go at that," suggested Max.

At night in the Lone Lands, among a thousand hill pockets and shoestring draws, it would be only a millionth chance that would bring a man and woman together unexpectedly.

A resolute grip in the right place with firm fingers will do well enough, until a twisted handkerchief, stout cord, shoestring, suspender, or an improvised tourniquet is ready to take its place.

"Shucks an' shoestrings!" grunted the Major.

"Dear me, Uncle John," said practical Patsy; "your necktie's untied and dangling; like a shoestring!

Would he lie at his lazy length, with his feet on her clean petticoat, while she bent and puzzled over his knotted shoestrings?

He went to Court on his appointment, and appeared in shoestrings instead of buckles.

The cobbler, who made shoes for the entire household, sat working at the same time in the men-servants' quarters, and one never tired of watching him as he cut the leather and soled and heeled the shoes and put eyelets in the shoestring holes.

"You can't afford not to have something down on this if it's only a shoestring.

But, as I took off my coat in the lobby, I bent down as if to tie a shoestring, and had one more look at my revolver.

She was brought up in the purple, a maid to brush her hair and tie her shoestrings, but for the last six years she has lived in a four-roomed cottage, and has done the family washing."

Jobbers on the street were crying their wares, anxious to sell anything or everything required, from a shoestring to a complete outfit for a four months' journey across the plains.

When I needed shoestrings, I was sent to the shoemaker, who only glanced up and replied, "Come to-morrow, and I'll have a piece of leather big enough."

So I stood quietly, and in a trice he was up, had rushed across the shop, brought back two round pieces of leather not larger than cookies, and before I knew what he was about, had turned them into good straight shoestrings.

If, now, I had in my possession even an old shoestring that had ever been his, I would beg you to return it to him, and find out for me where I can go never to see him."

"Somebody's found he's got to hev a shoestring 'fore mornin'.

Despite shoestring budgets and lack of official advertising patronage in the initial years, the newspaper survived, cracked a monopoly in a vital area, and will now shortly enter its 21st year of publication.

Mr. Robert Buchanan has collaborated with Gus Harris, and written the programme poetry for the Vaudeville Theatre; he has written a novel, the less said about which the betterhe has attacked men whose shoestrings he is not fit to tie, and having failed to injure them, he retracted all he said, and launched forth into slimy benedictions.


Seven seas on a shoestring.

Two ends to our shoestring.

PINKERTON, ROBERT E. Two ends to our shoestring.

Shoestring symphony.

Shoestring theater.

The Golden shoestring.


Seven seas on a shoestring.

Two ends to our shoestring.

PINKERTON, ROBERT E. Two ends to our shoestring.

Shoestring symphony.

Shoestring theater.

The Golden shoestring.

I have heard my Father say, that a broad-brimm'd Hat, short Hair, and unfolded Hankerchief, were in his time absolutely necessary to denote a notable Man; and that he had known two or three, who aspired to the Character of very notable, wear Shoestrings with great Success.

Your humble Servant, Rachel Shoestring.

Mehitabel was a sure-enough genius: she could make a domestic difficulty out of a shoestring, she could draw a fambly jar through a hole in a sock, and she could bring on civil war over the question of whether there was anything to quar'l about, "Come Christmastime, I thought I'd leave home for a spell.

A captain of a company, who will let his men march with such shoes as I have seen on the feet of some poor fellows in this war, ought to be garroted with shoestrings, or at least compelled to play Pope and wash the feet of the whole army of the Apostles of Liberty.

She usually took out her shoestrings, not liking the trouble of tying them.

Like the French, they are enchanted, they are desolate, because you have got or have not got a shoestring or a wafer you happen to wantnot perceiving that superlatives are diminutives and weaken....

If needle cases can not be had, sticking plaster, aluminum thimbles, pencils, shoestrings and other such articles are given to the road kids to peddle.

Both of these lads used duckets, pencils, shoestrings and thimbles as an addition to their mute appeals, although it is a well-known fact that no genuinely afflicted paralytics or mutes, least of all boys, ever resort to begging for their living.

"An' the day before the note come due, here comes that shoestring in pants with the money to pay the note minus the damages, and four new tires fer the truck!

His best known roles were in Shoestring, Scrooge and in The Army Game.

Claudia Weill’s landmark 1978 indie made on a shoestring budget of $80,000 finally gets the Criterion Collection release it deserves.

He cited declining advertising revenue, shoestring budgets and the challenge of monetising online content.

His eye was impeccable, she said, and he was a genius at doing things on a shoestring.

However, Hallmark Christmas movies are produced on a shoestring budget, costing around $2 million to make each.

It’s like a shoestring.

Miller said that he was not expecting big business donations and that the party would be relying on small donations from the grassroots, and he believes elections can be won on a shoestring by grassroots work.

Operating on a financial shoestring, Etilaat Roz provides hope and sends a clear message of courage, dedication and determination in the struggle to investigate, expose and challenge corruption in Afghanistan.

The buns were toasted, the chicken sandwich had a great coleslaw on it, and the shoestring fries (though not fresh-cut like the house-made potato chips) were hard to resist.

The fabric appeared to be ribbed and had shoestring ties down the front.

We have a system close to collapse having to fight a pandemic on a shoestring.

It is not one that is really a shoestring operation.

I would like to know whether, in his view, it is reasonable to make commitments, in an election campaign, relating to a field that has been operating on a shoestring for a quarter century and then today, once in power, to renege on those commitments?

Stuart Weitzman Shoestring - Gold Aniline - WomenWith a simple and chic design, these Stuart Weitzman® flats will become an instant go-to style.

They (Exigence personnel) have been working on a shoestring, said Darren Fast, executive director of the University of Manitoba’s technology transfer office.

Volunteer organizations work on shoestring budgets, I remind the minister, and need all the help and encouragement they can get, both with awards and more tangible supports.