39 examples of shoguns in sentences

Under the shoguns (or military chiefs) who after the seventh century overshadowed the hereditary rulers, the Mikados, there grew up in Japan a feudal system whereby the generals, recognized as overlords, increased and perpetuated their power.

We were entertained by Townsend Harris and shown the sights of the city of the Shoguns when it was still clothed in its mediaeval costume.

Like the mayors of the palace in mediaeval France, the Shoguns or generals had relegated the Mikado to a single city of the interior; while for six hundred years they had usurped the power of the Empire, practically presenting the spectacle of two Emperors, one "spiritual" (or nominal), one "temporal" (or real).

Little did we imagine that within five years the Shoguns would be swept away, and the Mikado restored to more than his ancient power.

The feudal nobles, of whom there were four hundred and fifty, each a prince within his own narrow limits, were indignant that the Shogun had opened his ports to those aggressive foreigners of the West.

they overturned the Shoguns and restored the Mikado.

This feudal lord became a dictator, and had the military power in his hands, like the shoguns in nineteenth-century Japan.

Yankee surveyors in the Shogun's seas: records of the United States surveying expedition to the north Pacific Ocean, 1853-1856.

Yankee surveyors in the Shogun's seas: records of the United States surveying expedition to the north Pacific Ocean, 1853-1856.

Thereupon the Shogun was greatly distressed, and again summoned a council.

"The officials (of the Shogun), however, argued otherwise and said: 'If we try to drive them away they will immediately commence hostilities, and then we shall be obliged to fight.

As the Kai-Koku party was associated with the court of Shogun, it became the Bakufu party.

Ii Kamon No Kami, owing to the mental infirmity of the reigning Shogun, had lately become his regent.

" The Shogun began to make a compromise to unite the Emperor's power and the Shogun's, by taking the sister of the Emperor for his wife.

" Soon after this the Emperor ordered the Shogun to come to Kioto with all the Daimios and ascertain the opinion of the country.

But the Shogun did not come, so the Emperor sent his envoy, Ohara Sammi, and called the meeting of the Daimios at Yedo in 1862, in which the noted Shimadzu Saburo was also present.

The Shoguns, from policy or from taste, either to find a harmless vent for the restless spirit of the Samura or from pure love of learning, have been constant patrons of literature.

He outlined in his Nihon Guai Shi the rise and fall of the Minister of State and the Shoguns, and with satire, invective, and the enthusiasm of a patriot, urged the unlawfulness of the usurpation of the imperial power by these mayors of the palace.

The Emperor, who is a god, the fountain of all virtue, honor, and authority, is now a prisoner at the court of Kioto, under the iron hand of the Tokugawa Shoguns.

We saw the Shogun, under the bombastic title of Tycoon, in spite of the remonstrance of the Emperor and his court, conclude a treaty with Perry at Kanagawa in 1854.

Here at last was found a pretext for the Imperialists to raise arms against the Shogun.

The constant disturbance of the country, the difficulty of foreign intercourse, the sense of necessity of a single and undoubted authority over the land, and the outcry of the Samurai thus raised against the Shogun, finally led to his resignation on November 19, 1867.

In the interview of the British minister, Sir Harry S. Parkes, and the French minister, M. Leon Koches, with the Shogun, it is stated that he said: "I became convinced last autumn that the country would no longer be successfully governed while the power was divided between the Emperor and myself.

On examination of my household affairs (the administration of Shogun's territories), many irregularities may exist which may dissatisfy the people, and which I therefore greatly deplore.

But this attempt of the Shogun to establish a sort of Parliament came to an end with his fall.

39 examples of  shoguns  in sentences