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10605 example sentences with  shout

10605 example sentences with shout

But at dawn Marius bade the horns strike up, and with a shout the soldiers charged down and dispersed the enemy with ease.

A shout of laughter went up at this, for the man was not only unable to stand, but could not even assume a sitting posture, and so Tiberius gave up his plan of putting him to death.

Whose shout of victory loudest rung?

The darkness positively swallowed him; and less than a dozen seconds later, above the roar of the swaying trees and the shout of the sudden wind, all three men, watching and listening with stricken hearts, heard a cry that seemed to drop down upon them from a great height of sky and distance "Oh, oh!

In consequence of this twofold treachery, the Samnite garrison was surprised and overpowered by an ambush, placed in the woody places, near the road; and, at the same time, a shout was raised in the city, which was now filled with the enemy.

The left wing had not only the presence of Poetelius to animate them, but that of Sulpicius likewise; who, on the shout being first raised in that quarter, rode thither from his own division, which had not yet engaged.

Then Fabius, first having heard the shout of the terrified troops, and then having gotten a view of their disordered line, exclaims, "It is so; and no sooner than I feared, has adverse fortune overtaken temerity.

While, in the van, the troops were running up and down in a hurried manner in discharge of their several duties, and the line was advancing up to the gates, suddenly throwing open the gate, Marcellus ordered that the signal should be given, and a shout raised, and that first the infantry and after them the cavalry should burst forth upon the enemy with all possible impetuosity.

The servants, suttlers' boys, and the other multitude appointed to guard the baggage, joined in the shout, so that they suddenly exhibited the appearance of a vast army to the Carthaginians, who despised chiefly their paucity of numbers.

The shout which was raised on both sides, called back to the battle, which had now commenced, the nearest of those cohorts which had gone out into the fields to plunder.

When the shout and tumult was heard, some weapons were discharged on Dinomenes, who now openly opposed them; he escaped from them, however, with only two wounds.

He then read the letter of the consul and the decree of the senate, on which they raised a general shout of approbation, demanded to be led to battle, and vehemently urged him to give the signal forthwith.

These words at length kindled their courage so effectually, and renewing the shout, as if suddenly changed into other men, they bore down upon the enemy with such impetuosity that they could not longer be withstood.

A shout was raised before the senate-house by a crowd of people variously disposed and uncertain of the facts; but as they were conducting themselves in a furious and menacing manner, the bodies of the conspirators in the vestibule of the senate-house restrained them with such alarm, that they silently followed the more discreet part of the commons to an assembly.

On hearing these words, a shout arose from every part of the assembly, that "none of these women ought to live, and that not one of the royal family should be left alive."

The answer, therefore, he said, which they ought to send back was, that the Leontines also considered themselves entitled to liberty, either on the ground that the tyrant fell in the streets of their city, or that there the shout was first raised for liberty; and that they were the persons who, abandoning the king's generals, flocked to Syracuse.

When I shall have given the signal with my gown, then, mind me raising a shout on all sides rush upon the multitude, and fell all before you with the sword, taking care that no one survive from whom either force or fraud can be apprehended.

Immediately all the half-pay officers took up the cry, and "Vive l'Empereur!" was repeated again by the very soldiers posted outside the town hall when they heard the shout.

" What a shout there was of "Vive l'Empereur!

They fired up at our floor, and finally, when it seemed we were lost, and were all to be massacred we heard the shout of "Vive l'Empereur!" and the Prussians fled.

In some places there were rascals who called us Buonapartists, and gendarmes who took us to the town hall and made us shout "Vive le Roi!"

Buche and some of the old soldiers hated this; but what did it matter who was king, and what these fools wanted us to shout?

Restraining with difficulty a shout of laughter, I said to him: "Did you leave Jaffa to-day?"

The boys set up a shout as, returning from attending to the aรซroplanes, they beheld the inviting table.

It was at this juncture that Jake set up a shout and pointed toward the woods.

The last time I travelled on this road, I never failed, after dusk, to hear the shout of Wer da?

A caller, Ross dared not use his voice to shout nor his legs to run toward them.

Often he laughed aloud, sending a great shout of mirth across the water in fresh relish of those comedies best known and best enjoyed.

And then people near would shout advice to me, or scream out, "It's over!

When they have arrived at hundred (which they never fail to let you know by giving an extra shout), they may be ordered to stand up, and bring into action the joints of the knees and thighs.

I stormed at him, irritated that I should have to shout my business for the benefit of the loafers in the hotel office.

Lewisham restrained an impulse to shout.

I gave a shout and spurred my horse.

Let Greylock, most majestic of your band, Stand up and shout aloud to Audubon, Until from peak to peak the sound rolls round, Until yon mountain that o'erlooks the west Takes up the cry, of vengeance upon him

Each man in his Post Office at the tenth hour shall shout upon her name; and a record thereof shall be sent to us that we may cause its memory to endure for ever.

For they said, If those over whom we are set in authority shout not at the tenth hour, and we send an evil report, we shall surely perish.

And they besought their men to shout, aloud at the tenth hour, lest a worse thing should befall.

And they that were of the tribes of Nob and of Snob rejoiced with an exceeding great joy, and did shout with their whole might; so that their voices became as the voices of them that sell tidings in the street at nightfall.

But the Telegraphists and the Sorters and the Postmen, and them that were of the tribes of Rag and of Tag, hardened their hearts, and were silent at the tenth hour; for they said among themselves, 'Shall the poor man shout in his poverty, and the hungry celebrate his lack of bread?'

there was no great shout; and the tribes of Nob and Snob were as the voice of men calling in the wilderness.

"C.S.C." thus adapted it to Cambridge, and to a different aspect of undergraduate life: "On pinnacled St. Mary's Lingers the setting sun; Into the street the blackguards Are skulking one by one; Butcher and Boots and Bargeman Lay pipe and pewter down, And with wild shout come tumbling out To join the Town and Gown.

Cuba, Spain, and Madagascar, Where the Jesuits are master, Shout our shame in their disaster,

But, while the outside of the book spoke thus, as it were, by innuendo and suggestion, the inside seemed to shout with joyous laughter or chuckle with irreverent mirth; or murmured, in tones lower perhaps, but certainly not less distinct, of things which were neither joyous nor mirthful.

He would hush for a moment, look down again at the bridge, and shout his unshakable conviction that he could never, never come that way; then lie back in despair, as if howling, "O-o-oh!

Were it so, one might throw at once all doubts to the wind, and shout, not only, "Eureka!"

I was so near it then that I felt a wild desire to hide myself in the deepest recess of the woods, tear the grass, and shout at the top of my voice, "She loves me!"

He was about to shout that he had done so when he realised that this would defeat his purpose, and also that the fair Sheikh was still under water.

When they vanished under the bridge which marks the boundary of the strictly private grounds about Eyebright House, he would give a great shout and run round and across Tormat's new fieldLord!

Is that Father Redwood?" Redwood stood up and gave a vague shout by way of answer, and then Cossar was in the road beside him, gripping both hands with both of his and pulling him out of the car.

he would shout down the tube to his first engineer.

A faint far gnat-voice says, "Is that Zed Ess?" "No," I shout.

The days, O brethren, roll rapidly on, when the shout of the isles shall swell the thunder of the continent; when the Thames and the Danube, when the Tiber and the Rhine, shall call upon Euphrates, the Ganges, and the Nile; and the loud concert shall be joined by the Hudson, the Mississippi, and the Amazon, singing with one heart and one voice, "Alleluia, salvation!

The artist greeted the waters with a schoolboy shout of gladness.

The preachers, to the number of a dozen, gave a loud shout and rushed into the thick of the penitents.

Shout of exultation went up from Opposition Benches: prolonged fight had been won at last; the obnoxious Bill was floored, and TIM had done it.

They were intent only on finding a spiked helmet, and when they came upon one they would give a shout of triumph and hold it up for their comrades to see.

Now, That day is come, ay, and that very hour: Now shout your war-cry; now unsheath your sword; I'll join the din, and make these tottering walls Tremble and nod to hear our fierce defiance.

From host to host, with kindling sound, The shouting signal circles round, Ay, shout it forth to life or death Freer already breathes the breath!

Intent upon this, they remarked, too late, that the Kazรกks were passing the river above them; with a shout of joy, the Russians leaped upon the bank, and surrounded them in a moment.

They will tell him how the marble seats were crowded with thousands; again will sweep upward the shout of the excited throng; before him there will lie a half-dead Christian martyr, and near that pool of blood will stand a lion who has satiated his horrid thirst.

"Don't be alarmed, gentlemen," I heard O'Connor shout, "the explosions were only the flash-lights of the official police photographers.

" From the midst of the throng arose one prolonged and general shout, "God willeth it!

In the battle, then, be those your war-cry, those words that came from God; in the army of the Lord let nought be heard but that one shout, 'God willeth it!

" [Illustration: "God willeth it!"383] The enthusiasm was general and contagious, as the first shout of the crowd had been; and a pious prelate, Adhemar, bishop of Puy, was the first to receive the cross from the Pope's hands.

"At this fervent address the assembly rang with the shout of the first crusade, 'God willeth it!

The besieged were surprised, but defended themselves bravely; the landing cost the English dear; the Earl of Derby was wounded and hurled to the ground, but his comrade, Walter de Manny, raised him up with a shout to his men of "Lancaster, for the Earl of Derby; "and at last the English prevailed.

Then they began to shout, 'Come down, and preach not to us from such a height; we would have account and reckoning of the great treasure of Flanders which you have too long had under control without rendering an account, which it appertaineth not to any officer to do.'

"Then Roland takes his horn once more; His blast is feebler than before, But still it reaches the emperor He hears it, and he halts to shout, 'Let clarions, one and all, ring out!'

There was a shout as they went, "There go true Romans, and fathers of their country!"

"He will shout to thee, 'Who goes there?'" "Yes, colonel."

Count Bathyany was the first to shout, "Moriamur pro rege nostro Maria Theresa!"

The same shout was repeated everywhere; Maria Theresa, restraining her tears, thanked her defenders with gesture and voice; she was expecting a second child before long.

All the streets resounded with a shout of joy.

he was heard to shout, as he leaped the low wall to repel the invadersand when he lay on the hard rock, his voice was still strong enough to make itself heard, crying"Lieutenantnom de Dieusauve mon Feu-Follet!"

Willet put his hands to his mouth trumpet fashion, and uttered a long, piercing shout.

The shout was followed by a half dozen shots, and a bullet or two whistled overhead, but it was clear that all of them had been fired at random.

Leaping back, he uttered a piercing shout, and, drawing his pistol, he fired point blank at the first of the warriors.

Tomahawks and knives gleamed, and the air echoed with fierce whoop of Indian and shout of borderer.

As soon as the fugitive recognized his old friend, he uttered a cry of delight, and rushing forward, threw his arms around his neck, and the latter responded with a regular shout of happiness.

Of course I soak the booze once in a while, But I don't wake the town to sing and shout it; I love the girls, they win me with a smile, But no one knows, for I won't write about it.

It was Mr. Skale's voice upon them with a shout.

This was Uncle Josh's sincere opinion, and was received with a shout of laughter, in which Bart heartily joined.

He had not gone far, however, when there was a shout from the subterranean opening and much confusion following upon it.

In Austrian Silesia the custom also prevails of lighting great bonfires on hilltops on Midsummer Eve, and here too the boys swing blazing besoms or hurl them high in the air, while they shout and leap and dance wildly.

[The Midsummer fires among the South Slavs.] Bonfires are commonly kindled by the South Slavonian peasantry on Midsummer Eve, and lads and lasses dance and shout round them in the usual way.

A hoarse shout from the far end of the take-off drew the Master's eyes thither.

At the little ladder-housing sounded a warning shout.

As he reached the door-way at the front of the house he was greeted with a shout from assembled Monterey.

This involuntary performance was greeted with a shout of wild delight.

Another followed him, and presently there was a shout.

he cried, with a voice rising to a shout of rage.

A shout of 'Pilpignon!'

This is written in a garden of smooth turf, under a copper beech, beside a glassy mill-stream, where soldiers of Alpine regiments are writing letters home, while the guns shout up and down the narrow valleys.

"With might young Hagen shouted, and did not cease to shout, Howe'er the roaring tempest the wild waves tossed about.

At the end of it he gave a shout of triumph, and in a few minutes returned to his daughter exhausted, and blackened all over with coal; but the lamp was now burning brightly in his hand, and round his neck was tied a can of oil.

"Who is it?" "I can't shout to you," she said.

I told the sisters about it so many times yesterday that they got quite fed up (tired)", adding, "One could simply shout with joy."

Every day we lift up our voice, and shout in your ears.

Every period 1 class that reaches a $3/student average will receive a thank you from the SHOUT team.

Richard would play the intro to the sustaining the last chord while he whipped out the cutout and placed it firmly on the piano like Liberace's candelabra, then Keith and I would shout, "C'est Magnifique," and we would play it.