9866 examples of shout in sentences

However, shout as much as you please.

I have a good mind to attempt to force the door and shout so that the Count d'Artigas cannot fail to hear me, but in all probability I shall only succeed in rousing the wrath of the Malay, who appears to be endowed with herculean strength.

Good subjects then, as now, no doubt, When a king was dead, were eager to shout In time, "God save" the new one!

" A general shout of laughter greeted this last reply, in which, after a moment of puzzled hesitation, the alcalde himself joined.

The trumpet shout, the warlike tramp resound, And hymns of valour from the marching tribes Ascend to gratulate the risen morn.

As they journey down the stream they sing and shout and make the utmost noise and riot.

'Glory to God!' let angels shout on high, 'Good-will to men!'

"Attending angels shout for joy, And the bright armies sing, 'Mortals!

Would they shout one another down, each saying he was perfect, and so end in thunder or silence?

With a simultaneous shout they rush in upon the unprepared multitude, and commence an indiscriminate massacre; but short was their success, for a distant party of Uzbegs were observed rapidly gallopping to the scene of action, and the Huzarehs were compelled to retire, their spirit for vengeance yet unslaked.

" Bob set up a shout, and in a few seconds the nervous passenger came cautiously over the top of a pile of stones.

But what, when the Judge of all the earth shall descend from heaven with a shout and with the trump of God!

Just then, as M. de Bourbon had recommended,to cover and hide his body,so did his men; in such sort that the escalade and assault went on so furiously that the town, after a little resistance, was carried; and the soldiers, having by this time got wind of his death, fought the more furiously that it might be avenged, the which it certainly was right well, for they set up a shout of, 'Slay, slay!

Whereupon the admiral asked him, 'Sir, what opinion occurs to you now?' The king, after pausing a little, turned towards me, saying, with a sort of shout, 'Let them fight!

A shout of welcome greeted him.

Then, instead of turning about and clambering back through the window (the surest means of inviting the attack of the beast), he uttered a shout, and, holding the torch in front, ran straight at the tiger!

Thus, looking at the opening of dawn he is filled with gladness, his spirits rising with the sun; he wishes to shout and to sing.

Just as the diligence was about to start, and the shout for us to get aboard was heard, the waiter came running with a piping hot plate of sweetbreads nicely broiled.

At the end of my scene with Hubert there was tremendous applause, and when we did not appear, the audience began to shout and yell and cheer.

I played the fat, naughty boy Waddilove, a part which had been associated with the comedian Robson in London, and I remember that I made the unsophisticated audience shout with laughter by entering with my hands covered with jam!

It was so still that I whispered, whether to Bohun or myself, "God, I wish somebody would shout!"

I began to shout too, although I didn't know what it was that I was shouting.

You know his fresh face with the way that he used to push back his hair from his forehead, and shout his ideas.

I heard him shout.

The men began to shout their approval.

9866 examples of  shout  in sentences