12 examples of showcases in sentences

Something on the edge of the showcase pointed over it; the hand the proprietor professed to raise toward the telephone fell to his side; he seemed about to call out.

All the people who remained in this place had closed their forlorn shops where barren shelves and emptied showcases testified to the state of trade; and they had shut themselves up in their houses away from sight of the invaders.

Back of the showcase with the rest of us, waiting on trade, and looking like a Yale yell.

The stately form of the floor manager was visible among the glass showcases beyond.

The cover was off her showcase, an' there was a diamond sunburst in the middle of it, an' the jewels were surrounded by charms to which I am not wholly insensible even now.

Wagner's countenance had become normal again, and with an effort at nonchalance he leaned his elbows back against the glass showcase, glancing the while down at the small man, almost patronisingly.

The arms of Walt Wagner were not on the showcase now.

A writer, H. F., says, in the Studio, December, 1903: "When the exhibition of bookbinding was held some time ago at the Musée Galliera, Madame Thaulow's showcase attracted attention by its variety and its grace.

The Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association has a showcase on the sidewalk in front of its headquarters where it displays pictures, clippings, novelties and anything that may capture the interest of the passing pedestrian.

In some cases the front page drawings have been considered so good that requests have been received to have extra copies struck off for use in showcases, bulletin boards and booths.

I knew by that a showcase was no more.

And Jimmy Sears knew by that turn of the conversation that the episodes of the stolen chicken and of the broken showcases were forgotten, so he nodded a contrite head, His father returned to earth by giving his son a few casual cuffs, with, "Will you try that again, sir?" and continued, "Now, sir, let me see you walk right straight home.

12 examples of  showcases  in sentences