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1691 examples of  shrined  in sentences

1691 examples of shrined in sentences

In my heart would peace be shrined.

take this long adieu; And sleep in peace next thy loved Montague! To strew fresh laurels, let the task be mine, A frequent pilgrim at thy sacred shrine; Mine with true sighs thy absence to bemoan, And grave with faithful epitaphs thy stone.

The One grows sundry by creative power, Th' eternal's found in each revolving hour; Th' immense appears in every point of space, Th' unchangeable in nature's varying face; Th' invisible conspicuous to our mind, And Deity in every atom shrined.

The struggling pangs of conscious truth to hide, To quench the blushes of ingenuous shame, Or heap the shrine of Luxury and Pride With incense kindled at the Muse's flame.

"Remember," she said, in the lowest, saddest whisper, "'the Veil that guards the Shrine.'

We were nearly a score in number, some even more inexperienced than myself, half the party my own immediate followers; and I remembered far better the feelings of a friend and a soldier than the lessons of the college or the Shrine.

That thy great beauty on our earth may be Shrined in a lady softer and more kind, I call on nature to collect and bind All those delights the slow years steal from thee, And save them to restore the radiancy Of thy bright face in some fair form designed By heaven; and may Love ever bear in mind To mould her heart of grace and courtesy.

"Loveliest of women," said he, "to your shrine I devote myself.

When he is taken, hermit, I protest I'll build thee up a chapel and a shrine: I'll have thee worshipp'd as a man divine, Assure

In temples, milk-white-clothed quiristers Sing sacred anthems, bowing to the shrine; And in the fields whole quires of winged clerks Salute the morning bright and crystalline.

"He hath lately sent offerings to her shrine.

How should I speak The hush about my heart That holds your name Shrined in a burning core Of central flame, Like names of seraphim Mystically writ on cloud?

Mount Tabor On Tabor's height a glory came, And, shrined in clouds of lambent flame, The awestruck, hushed disciples saw Christ and the prophets of the law.

And others, happier, rise and fare To pass within the hallowed portal, And see the glory shining there Shrined in her steadfast eyes immortal.

The looks and lips so gay and wise, The thousand charms that wreathe them, Almost I dare believe that truth Is safely shrined beneath them.

Balder the beautiful is gone, but still Hermoder sees him through the gloomonly the form is dead, the love, and joy, and light of brilliant eyes remains, shrined in their memory.

Sometimes they say, they intend to go to Cologne to bring home the three wise kings into their own country; sometimes they propose to punish the avarice and pride of the Romans, who formerly oppressed them; sometimes to conquer the barbarous nations of the north; sometimes to moderate the fury of the Germans with their own mildness; sometimes in derision they say that they intend going in pilgrimage to the shrine of St James in Galicia.

These Gaui are descended from the people who slew St Thomas, and dare not enter the shrine in which his body is preserved.

Lac is westwards from the shrine of St Thomas, from whence the Bramins have their original, who are the honestest merchants in the world, and will not lie on any account.

And ye, faire Ladie, in whose bounteous brest All heavenly grace and vertue shrined is, When ye these rythmes doo read, and vew the rest, Loath this base world, and thinke of heavens blis:

After looking about us for some time, we entered the building; which contained a sort of central shrine, in which were some gilt figures of large size, besides rows of smaller gilt figures round the walls.

I observed a number of slips of paper with Chinese characters upon them; and being told that they were used for divination purposes, I asked how it was done: upon which one of the Chinamen took from before the shrine a thing like a match-holder, full of bits of stick like matches, and kneeling down on a hassock, began to shake this case till one of the bits of stick fell out.

In the Golden Chamber are preserved the most sacred relics; here is a bone which is claimed to have been in the right arm of St. Ursula, while a gilded shrine contains the rest of her bones.

Here is a Buddhist legend which has a lesson for each of us"The watcher in the shrine of Buddha rushed in to the Holy Fathers one morning with tidings of a horrible demon who had usurped the throne of our Lord Buddha.

And we shall scarcely be censured if, on this his festival, we be found lingering near his shrine, how worthless soever may be the offering which we bring to it.

Herzl himself, the founder of modern Zionism, dreamt of Jerusalem as the shrine of all religions and never looked forward to the day when it would be a purely Jewish city.

With bended knees, raised arms, and suppliant brow To every shrine with mingled cries they vow.

So with her waving pencil CREWE commands The realms of Taste, and Fancy's fairy lands; Calls up with magic voice the shapes, that sleep In earth's dark bosom, or unfathom'd deep; That shrined in air on viewless wings aspire, 300 Or blazing bathe in elemental fire.

"Light Graces dress'd in flowery wreaths "And tiptoe Joys their hands combine; "And Love his sweet contagion breathes, 320 "And laughing dances round thy shrine.

Each balmy bud she cull'd, and honey'd flower, And hung with fragrant wreaths the sacred bower; 355 Each pearly sea she search'd, and sparkling mine, And piled their treasures on the gorgeous shrine; Her suppliant voice for sickening Loxa raised, Sweet breath'd the gale, and bright the censor blazed.

[clergymen's residence] parsonage, rectory, vicarage, manse, deanery, glebe; Vatican; bishop's palace; Lambeth. altar, shrine, sanctuary, Holy of Holies, sanctum sanctorum [Lat.], sacristy; sacrarium^; communion table, holy table, Lord's table; table of the Lord; pyx; baptistery, font; piscina^, stoup; aumbry^; sedile^; reredos; rood loft, rood screen.

What else drove the executioner to kneel at every shrine for pardon to his share in the tragedy?

And sensual throng, to grovelling hopes resigned: But they whom high and holy thoughts inspire Adore thee, in celestial glory shrined In that diviner fane where Love's pure fire Burns bright, and Genius tunes his loud immortal Lyre!

Flee the vanishing places; renounce all thou hast; Leave all that thou lovest, and, naked and bare, Thyself at the shrine of the Innermost cast; The Highest, the Holiest, the Changeless is there.

" THE VISION Long had she knelt at the Madonna's shrine, With the empty chapel, cold and grey, Telling her beads, while grief with marring line And bitter tear stole all her youth away.



Stevenson's Shrine, The Record of a Pilgrimage, by Laura Stubbs.

Orcagna put all his strength into the tabernacle of Or San Michele, which is a most sumptuous, beautiful and thoughtful shrine, yet owing to the darkness of the church is almost invisible.

" It took remarkable courage on the part of the two lone monks thus to desecrate the chief shrine of the people among whom they were dwelling.

It was late on the afternoon of August 9, 1911, when I first saw this remarkable shrine.

It is still used for occult ceremonies of obscure origin which are quietly practiced here by the more superstitious Indian women of the valley, possibly in memory of the รฑusta or Inca princess for whom the shrine is named.

Second, Uiticos, "close to" this shrine, was once the name of the present valley of Vilcabamba between Tincochaca and Lucma.

admit me to your presence but for two minutes, and confirm your promised pardon; and may lightning blast me on the spot, if I offer any thing but my penitence, at a shrine so sacred!I will afterwards leave you for a whole day; till to-morrow morning; and then attend you with writings, all ready to sign, a license obtained, or if it cannot, a minister without one.

I know you must have wondered: it looks so strangethis poor little clumsy bit of American pine, on my gilt table shrined with flowers!"

Other springs would bloom with coming years, other summers glow, and she could not doubt that many another worshipper would kneel humbly and gratefully at her shrine, but their votive garlands could never more glisten with the fresh dew of morning, the fumes from their lower altars, though they might lull the senses and intoxicate the brain, could never thrill like that earlier incense, with subtle sudden poison to her heart.

There is something fitting in the rugged simplicity which commemorates the grand old Bishop, and in the exquisite fragility of the shrine of the virgin saint.

Say, what impels me, pure and spotless flower, To view thee with a secret sympathy? Is there some living spirit shrined in thee? That, as thou bloom'st within my humble bower, Endows thee with some strange, mysterious power, Waking high thoughts?As

It so happened that Helena also stopped at Florence while on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Jacques le Grand.

And when as I wandered over the grassy hills I came on a wattled shrine that was thatched with straw and saw a lion in it more worn with time than even the Sphinx at Gizeh and when I knew it for one of the four in Trafalgar Square then I saw that I was stranded far away in the future with many centuries of treacherous years between me and anything that I had known.

Thy rills receive the tint of heaven, Which erst illum'd thy shrine; And sweetest birds their songs have given, For music more divine.

I have never worshipped at the shrine of a painted goddess.

It must have been to her much like a pilgrimage to a shrine.

We descended to the Chapel of Edward the Confessor, within the splendid shrine of which repose his ashes.

And thou, thou other royal bird, that watchest Lest the white mother wandering feet molest: Shrined are your offspring in a chrystal cradle, Brighter than Helen's ere she yet had burst Her shelly prison.

There, falling on his knees before her shrine, He thus implored with prayers her power divine: Creator Venus, genial power of love, The bliss of men below, and gods above!

Her shining hair, uncomb'd, was loosely spread, A crown of mastless oak adorn'd her head: When to the shrine approach'd, the spotless maid Had kindling fires on either altar laid: 210 (The rites were such as were observed of old, By Statius in his Theban story told.)

Then shook the sacred shrine, and sudden light Sprung through the vaulted roof, and made the temple bright.

He went not with the crowd to see a shrine; But fed us, by the way, with food divine.

Madame de St. Cyr received me with empressement, and, so doing, closed the door of this shrine.

The Caaba, or black stone of Mecca is also much revered by the Turks; it is placed in the Temple, and is expected to be endowed with speech at the day of judgment, for the purpose of declaring the names of those pious Mussulmen who have really performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, and poured forth their devotions at the shrine of the prophet.

"Hermes, his Patron-God, those gifts bestow'd, Whose shrine with weaning lambs he wont to load.

At one season he wafts us to the balmy climes of Indianext he astounds us with the icy sublimities of the Pole (a fine summer panorama, by the way)then to the glittering spires, minarets, and mosques of Constantinoplethen to the infant world of New Hollandand back to the Old World, to enjoy scenes and sites which are hallowed in memory's fond shrine, by their association with the most glorious names and events in our history.

A number of pilgrims who are going on horseback to the shrine of St. Thomas ร  Becket, at Canterbury, meet at the Tabard Inn, in Southwark, a suburb of London.

Fancy putting aside all other aims, all ideals, in order to burn incense every day at the shrine of a woman, and that woman one's own wife.

Around his couch he roll'd, Till midnight hatch'd resolve "Unto the shrine!" Stealthily on, the involuntary tread Bears himhe gains the boundary, scales the wall, And midway in the inmost, holiest dome, Strides with adventurous step the daring man.

The priest fled from his falling shrine; and the heathen oracles became dumb forever.

The author had once been an ardent admirer of the glacierlike but lovely Bracegirdle, at whose haughty shrine he long worshipped in the hopes that the ice of her reserve might some day melt; and the wits of the coffee-house were wont to say, not without a grain of truth, that when the poet wrote dramas to fit Bracegirdle as the heroine, the lovers therein always pleaded his own passion[A].

Elrington, shall be thy shrine, And carve thee in his heart.

Pilgrims to this broken shrine will be of two opinions as to a work of preservation that the Society owning this part of the island has entered into.

To win the regard, the esteem, the tenderness of a religious, exalted nature shrined in a beautiful form,to gain and hold ascendency.

I humbly bring my book to you as Phidyle approached another and less sacred shrine, farre pio et saliente mica, and lay before you this my valueless mean tribute not as appropriate to you but as the best I have to offer.

The crowds at a pilgrimage, a shrine, or a "pardon" were much more like the multitudes who followed our Lord about the hills of Galileelike them probably in that imperfect faith which we call superstitionthan anything that could be seen in the English Church, even if the Salvation Army were one of its instruments.

(In the Shrine magazine, June 1927)

(In Shrine, Feb. 1927)

See how she stands, all shrined in loveliness; Her white hands clasped; her clustering locks thrown back From her high forehead; and in those bright eyes Tears!

[Illustration: SHRINE OF ST.

The wedding day now dawns and Rukmini, guarded by Sisupala's soldiers, goes outside the city to worship at a shrine to Devi.

As she nears the shrine, Krishna suddenly appears.

Krishna then tells him to go to a shrine high up in the mountains and by meditating on Krishna obtain release.

The known virtues of the murdered prince caused his shrine to be visited as that of a martyr; and such was the fame of his miracles, that the city and cathedral attained a degree of opulence from the pious contributions of devoted pilgrims.

Even in the most debased forms of fetichism, where the negro kneels in reverential awe before the shrine of some uncouth and misshapen idol, which his own hands, perhaps, have made, the act of adoration, degrading as the object may be, is nevertheless an acknowledgment of the longing need of the worshipper to throw himself upon the support of some unknown power higher than his own sphere.

He followed her to a shrine of Mahadeb; there she smeared the ground with cowdung and worshipped the god and said "O Siva!

So she went and called her husband and as he knew what had happened, he had no hesitation in going with her to the shrine.

But in the country places I met wise old men who kept candles burning before my shrine, and in the houses of the poor I met the body-wearied, world-defeated, and they, having lost all, found the one hope that I cherished.

Every impression is a shrine, where you may kneel to God.'

"'When you have impressions of sight, noise, and smell, and these impressions have no shrine where one may kneel to God, it is a sure sign that you have forgotten Him, that you are dwelling in the courts of idols.'

If I had attempted such a journey I should probably have failed to reach the great Shrine, for it is only a certain sort of people travelling in a certain sort of way who find admittance easily.

We were received into that temple, and one by one crept along the passage-way to the Holy of Holies, the inmost shrine of Christendom.

Who will dare to try to gain access to the innermost shrine?

Thus the secret of suffering is spelled out, not for ancient Israel alone, but for all mankind; the secret which is shrined, for ever sacred to us, in the story of our Lord Christ; from whom you and I this day, through a simple symbol, are to learn anew that if we sorrow it is that we may be made perfect through suffering, and thus be fitted to lead our fellows up into the light and love of God.

But, if this be so, the holy Power who is shrined in Christ must show the features of the Mind which tabernacles in nature.

A child may learn the tables of the Israelitish Kings, the geography of the Holy Land, and the architect's plans of the temple of Jerusalem, and may be learning nothing whatever of the real religion which is shrined within the Bible.

Mystic in its sacredness, Conscience sat shrined within the soul of the holy men who spake as they were moved of the Holy Ghost; her voice the very voice of God.

At the seventh verse the Psalm abruptly passes to a eulogy of "The Law"the moral law shrined in the priestly Thorah:

N. of the church are the remains of the chantry (now a cider cellar), originally founded by Robert Courtenay, father of William, showing on the outside three Perp. windows and buttresses, and containing the shrine of St Thomas of Canterbury, with a ruined piscina on the pier of one of the pillars.

That noble ardour, more than mortal fire, The conquer'd ocean could not make expire; Nor angry Thetis raise her waves above Th' heroic Prince's courage or his love; 'Twas indignation, and not fear he felt, The shrine should perish where that image dwelt.

Then quickly rose the lowland city of Naxos, and by the river sprang up the temple to Guiding Apollo, the earliest shrine of the Sicilian Greeks, where they came ever afterward to pray for a prosperous voyage when they would go across the sea, homeward.

Great, great for what thou wilt have done And blest in all the course thou'lt run: Thy crown not carved in brass or wood, To crumble or decay; But be in endless day, Emblem of grandeur, shrined in good.

"And when you shall be the mistress of a home where Content will be shrined, the companion of your virtues, and over your threshold many friends shall be welcomed, if I should never sit beside your hearthstone, you will not, will you, believe that I have forgotten, or that I could forget?" Still lower the fair head drooped, but she answered only with a falling tear.