1691 examples of shrined in sentences

In my heart would peace be shrined.

The One grows sundry by creative power, Th' eternal's found in each revolving hour; Th' immense appears in every point of space, Th' unchangeable in nature's varying face; Th' invisible conspicuous to our mind, And Deity in every atom shrined.

Then why should Thel complain? Why should the mistress of the vales of Har utter a sigh?' She ceased, and smiled in tears, then sat down in her silver shrine.

That thy great beauty on our earth may be Shrined in a lady softer and more kind, I call on nature to collect and bind All those delights the slow years steal from thee, And save them to restore the radiancy Of thy bright face in some fair form designed By heaven; and may Love ever bear in mind To mould her heart of grace and courtesy.

Venus must then, to give thee noble welcome, Perfume her Temple with the breath of Nunnes, Not Vesta's but her owne; with Roses strow The paths that bring thee to her blessed shrine; Cloath all her Altares in her richest Robes And hang her walles with stories of such loves Have rais'd her Tryumphs; and 'bove all at last Record this day, the happy day in which Bellina prov'd to love a Convertite.

How should I speak The hush about my heart That holds your name Shrined in a burning core Of central flame, Like names of seraphim Mystically writ on cloud?

Mount Tabor On Tabor's height a glory came, And, shrined in clouds of lambent flame, The awestruck, hushed disciples saw Christ and the prophets of the law.

And others, happier, rise and fare To pass within the hallowed portal, And see the glory shining there Shrined in her steadfast eyes immortal.

The looks and lips so gay and wise, The thousand charms that wreathe them, Almost I dare believe that truth Is safely shrined beneath them.

Balder the beautiful is gone, but still Hermoder sees him through the gloomonly the form is dead, the love, and joy, and light of brilliant eyes remains, shrined in their memory.

And ye, faire Ladie, in whose bounteous brest All heavenly grace and vertue shrined is, When ye these rythmes doo read, and vew the rest, Loath this base world, and thinke of heavens blis:

So with her waving pencil CREWE commands The realms of Taste, and Fancy's fairy lands; Calls up with magic voice the shapes, that sleep In earth's dark bosom, or unfathom'd deep; That shrined in air on viewless wings aspire, 300 Or blazing bathe in elemental fire.

And sensual throng, to grovelling hopes resigned: But they whom high and holy thoughts inspire Adore thee, in celestial glory shrined In that diviner fane where Love's pure fire Burns bright, and Genius tunes his loud immortal Lyre!

I know you must have wondered: it looks so strangethis poor little clumsy bit of American pine, on my gilt table shrined with flowers!"

Say, what impels me, pure and spotless flower, To view thee with a secret sympathy? Is there some living spirit shrined in thee? That, as thou bloom'st within my humble bower, Endows thee with some strange, mysterious power, Waking high thoughts?As

And thou, thou other royal bird, that watchest Lest the white mother wandering feet molest: Shrined are your offspring in a chrystal cradle, Brighter than Helen's ere she yet had burst Her shelly prison.

To win the regard, the esteem, the tenderness of a religious, exalted nature shrined in a beautiful form,to gain and hold ascendency.

See how she stands, all shrined in loveliness; Her white hands clasped; her clustering locks thrown back From her high forehead; and in those bright eyes Tears!

Thus the secret of suffering is spelled out, not for ancient Israel alone, but for all mankind; the secret which is shrined, for ever sacred to us, in the story of our Lord Christ; from whom you and I this day, through a simple symbol, are to learn anew that if we sorrow it is that we may be made perfect through suffering, and thus be fitted to lead our fellows up into the light and love of God.

But, if this be so, the holy Power who is shrined in Christ must show the features of the Mind which tabernacles in nature.

A child may learn the tables of the Israelitish Kings, the geography of the Holy Land, and the architect's plans of the temple of Jerusalem, and may be learning nothing whatever of the real religion which is shrined within the Bible.

Mystic in its sacredness, Conscience sat shrined within the soul of the holy men who spake as they were moved of the Holy Ghost; her voice the very voice of God.

At the seventh verse the Psalm abruptly passes to a eulogy of "The Law"the moral law shrined in the priestly Thorah:

Great, great for what thou wilt have done And blest in all the course thou'lt run: Thy crown not carved in brass or wood, To crumble or decay; But be in endless day, Emblem of grandeur, shrined in good.

"And when you shall be the mistress of a home where Content will be shrined, the companion of your virtues, and over your threshold many friends shall be welcomed, if I should never sit beside your hearthstone, you will not, will you, believe that I have forgotten, or that I could forget?" Still lower the fair head drooped, but she answered only with a falling tear.

1691 examples of  shrined  in sentences
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