1036 examples of shuns in sentences

The crafty monarch of the Christians has no magnanimity in warfare; he seeks to subdue us through the weakness of our bodies, but shuns to encounter the courage of our souls.

"That crimson tent where spear-men frowning stand, And steel-clad veterans form a threatening band, Holds mighty Gúdarz, famed for martial fire, Of eighty valiant sons the valiant sire; Yet strong in arms, he shuns inglorious ease, His lion-banners floating in the breeze.

Art thou, lovely intruder, a mere vision, an aerial being that shuns the touch?"

I like her that she shuns temptation, Prince Richard; but I bear with doting lovers.

Perchance the bald old eagle, On gray Beth-peor's height, Out of his lonely eyrie Looked on the wondrous sight; Perchance the lion stalking, Still shuns that hallowed spot, For beast and bird have seen and heard That which man knoweth not.

The career of a mere rake, who shuns no means of gratifying his low appetites, has little analogy with that of an originally honest inquirer, led astray by the want of faith and his sensual nature.

It is impossible to conceive a nobler thing in the world than a just princea thoroughly good man, who shuns no part of the burden of his duty, though it bend him double; who loves and cares for his people as a father does for his children, and who is almost incessantly occupied in their welfare, very seldom for his own.

I suspect that we should read "What rock hath bred this savage-minded man That such true love in such rare beautie shuns?" 4to.

Hence the truth of the remark, (especially insisted upon by Osorius de Gloria), that fame shuns those who seek it, and seeks those who shun it; for the one adapt themselves to the taste of their contemporaries, and the others work in defiance of it.

thou, who lov'st to stray Where thy long pinions sweep the sultry line, Or mark'st the bounds which torrid beams confine By thy averted course, that shuns the ray Oblique, enamour'd of sublimer day: Oft on yon cliff thy folded plumes recline, And drop those snowy feathers Indians twine To crown the warrior's brow with honours gay.

With the fortune she has won from her various lovers Glicera retires from the world and henceforth shuns the society of men.

He says, 'Now since it was not allowable to say that something non-existent had come into being as a projection from a non-existent Deityfor Basilides avoids and shuns the existences of things brought into being by projection

Instead of giving assistance, every one shuns the invalid; and if he is thought to be at all in the way, he is taken to some distant spot, whither it is thought sufficient to carry him food at intervals.

Soon as Almagro heard applauding fame 115 The triumphs of Peruvia, loud proclaim, Unconquer'd Chili's vale he swift forsakes, And his bold course to distant Cusco takes; Shuns Andes' icy shower, its chilling snows, The arrowy gale that on its summit blows; 120 A burning desart undismay'd he past, And meets the ardours of the fiery blast.

So the meek Lama, lur'd by some decoy Of man, from all his unembitter'd joy; Ere while, as free as roves the wand'ring breeze, 45 Meets the hard burden on his bending knees[A]; O'er rocks, and mountains, dark, and waste he goes, Nor shuns the path where no soft herbage grows; Till worn with toil, on earth he prostrate lies, Heeds not the barb'rous lash, but patient dies.

LEONIS When o'er the agèd lion steals The instinct of approaching death, Whose numbing grasp he vaguely feels In trembling limbs and labored breath, He shuns the garish light of day, And leaving mate and whelps at play, In mournful silence creeps away.

The Mahometans also have their heaven; for all in the universe, who acknowledge a God, and from a religious notion shuns evils as sins against him, are saved.

Behold the leering belle, caress'd by all, Adorn each private feast and public ball, 140 Where peers attentive listen and adore, And not one matron shuns the titled whore.

With ease such fond chimeras we pursue, As fancy frames for fancy to subdue: 160 But when ourselves to action we betake, It shuns the mint like gold that chemists make.

Offended that we fought without his leave, He takes this time his secret hate to show: Which Charles does with a mind so calm receive, As one that neither seeks nor shuns his foe.

If he shuns man in Kentucky, he must haunt the long lonely river valleys where the wild cedars grow.

"I think young folks, both colors, shuns work.

They shuns the field work.

Though my accountant shuns addition She has the rarest intuition.

The snake we know is naturally very timid, and shuns even the society of its fellow-creatures; and consequently, must have a great dread of the presence of human beings.

1036 examples of  shuns  in sentences