256 examples of siberian in sentences

the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Now we pass up the grand staircase, where I pause to note the Ionic columns, the ormolu and porcelain candelabra, a Siberian vase from the Emperor Nicholas, five immense vases from the Emperor of China, a painting of William IV., and one of Maria of Stockholm and family.

When the flank movement of the Germans was discovered already threatening the flank, a counter-movement was launched with a new army collected at Lyck, including the Twenty-second corps and parts of the Third Siberian corps, just arriving from Irkutsk, and the balance of the defeated army.

" These narcotics are Opium, Hemp, the Betel, Coca, Thorn-Apple, Siberian Fungus, Hops, Lettuce, Tobacco.

Bulging from the ceilings are massy bosses of Siberian porphyry and jasper.

CHARSKAYA, L. A. The little Siberian.

HALASZ, GEORGE, tr. Siberian garrison.

Siberian garrison.

Siberian garrison.

The little Siberian.

The testimony of Kolchak, and other Siberian materials.

A Siberian forest adventure.

A Siberian forest adventure.

My young Lord had with him a very faithful Siberian servant, well acquainted with the roads: We shunned the principal towns and cities, as Tumen, Soli Kamoskoi, and several others, by reason of their strictness in examining travellers, lest any of the banished persons of distinction should escape.

My young Lord sent out his Siberian servant, to know who they were; but, when he approached them, he neither knew a word they said; nor would they admit him to come near them at his peril, but prepared to shoot him.

Our hospitable host then ordered champagne, and over tall, slender glasses of cool beaded Cliquot we meditated upon the vicissitudes of Siberian life.

It was quite late when we finally crawled into our fur bags to sleep; but long afterward we could hear the songs, jokes, and laughter of our drivers as they sat around the camp-fire, and told funny stories of Siberian travel.

Our dogs stopped and curled themselves up into little round balls on the snow, as if conscious that the long day's journey was ended, while our drivers proceeded to make rapidly and systematically a Siberian half-faced camp.

It was the signal-howl of a Siberian dog; but so wild and unearthly did it seem in the stillness of the arctic midnight, that it sent the startled blood bounding through my veins to my very finger-ends.

A SIBERIAN BLIZZARD LOST ON THE STEPPE Our short stay at Shestakóva, while waiting for the Penzhina sledges, was dismal and lonesome beyond expression.

Unless we could find a better route than the one over which we had been, I feared that the Siberian telegraph line would be a failure.

When compelled to travel all night, the Siberian natives always make a practice of stopping just before sunrise and allowing their dogs to get to sleep.

It is inhabited principally by meshcháns (mesh-chans'), or free Russian peasants, but contains also in its scanty population a few "Chuances" or aboriginal Siberian natives, who were subjugated by the Russian Cossacks in the eighteenth century, and who now speak the language of their conquerors and gain a scanty subsistence by fishing and trading in furs.

A man who will eat a hearty supper of dried fish and tallow, dress himself in a Siberian costume, and crawl into a heavy fur bag, may spend a night out-doors in a temperature of -70° without any serious danger; but if he is tired out, with long travel, if his clothes are wet with perspiration, or if he has not enough to eat, he may freeze to death with the thermometer at zero.

Notwithstanding the climate, however, Anadyrsk is as pleasant a place to live as are nine tenths of the Russian settlements in north-eastern Siberia, and we enjoyed the novelty of our life there in the winter of 1866 as much as we had enjoyed any part of our previous Siberian experience.

256 examples of  siberian  in sentences