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947 example sentences with  sickens

947 example sentences with sickens

But to know that your husband, the father of your child, has lived for other women a life in which you had no part, and never can have part!she realizes that, at one time or another, andand it sickens her."

All this saddens, I had almost said, sickens, a thoughtful man, till he turns away from this noisy sham improvement of mankindthe wages of sin, which are death, to St John's account of the true improvement of mankind, the true progress of the species,the gift of God which is eternal life.

Page 361: all the passage about Love (where he seems to confound conjugal love with creating and preserving love) is very confused, and sickens me with a load of useless personifications; else that ninth book is the finest in the volume,an exquisite combination of the ludicrous and the terrible.

B not only loses A, but all A's part in C. C loses A's part in B, and so the alphabet sickens by subtraction of interchangeables.

As soon as the fish sickens, the head sinks lower and lower, till the animal, as it were, stands upon it.

Yet even on this her load Misfortune flings, To press the weary minutes' flagging wings; New sorrow rises as the day returns, A sister sickens, or a daughter mourns, Now kindred Merit fills the sable bier, Now lacerated Friendship claims a tear.

In these, ere triflers half their wish obtain, The toiling pleasure sickens into pain;

It sickens me sometimes to think of the difference between what thrilled me about this war game and what we get.

Dwindles the pear on autumn's latest spray, And apple sickens pale in summer's ray; 1815.]

Mid stormy vapours ever driving by, Where ospreys, cormorants, and herons cry, Where hardly giv'n the hopeless waste to chear, Deny'd the bread of life the foodful ear, 320 Dwindles the pear on autumn's latest spray, And apple sickens pale in summer's ray, Ev'n here Content has fix'd her smiling reign With Independance child of high Disdain.

It is worse than hope deferred, which sickens and saddens the heart.

"My heart sickens at the sight of this horrid picture.

"It sickens mebut you've got me fast."

Burke has unguardedly said, 'that vice loses half its malignity by losing its grossness'; but public virtue ceases to be useful when it sickens at the calamities of necessary war.

There, the subject sickens me, and I am going.

The heart sickens over such a fact, although it occurred two thousand years ago.

Meanwhile Apollo, in a gloomy shade (The native lustre of his brows decayed) 20 Indulging sorrow, sickens at the sight Of his own sunshine, and abhors the light: The hidden griefs, that in his bosom rise, Sadden his looks, and overcast his eyes,

She never smiles but when the wretched weep, Nor lulls her malice with a moment's sleep, Restless in spite: while watchful to destroy, She pines and sickens at another's joy; 90 Foe to herself, distressing and distressed, She bears her own tormentor in her breast.

The bounds of strict artistic concentration; But when detraction's worst is said and done, How much remains for fervent admiration, How much that never palls or wounds or sickens (Unlike some moderns) in great generous DICKENS!

There are no superfluous organs, and if any fails to do its work the creature sickens and perhaps dies.

"God or man, be swift; hope sickens with delay: Smite and send him howling down his father's way."

The empire of Melli, of which some mention has been made in the preceding Section, is situated in an extremely hot climate, and affords very bad nourishment for beasts; insomuch, that out of an hundred camels which go from the desert into that country, scarcely twenty-five return; several even of the Arabs and Azanhaji, belonging to the caravans, sicken and die likewise every year.

The Hindoo will not touch a dead carcase, so that when a bullock mysteriously sickens and dies, the Chumars haul away the body, and appropriate the skin.

A man sickens, he wraps himself in stolid apathy, he makes no effort to shake of his malady, he accepts it with sullen, despairing, pathetic resignation as his fate.

Yet e'en on this her load misfortune flings, To press the weary minutes' flagging wings; New sorrow rises as the day returns, A sister sickens, or a daughter mourns.

B. not only loses A. but all A.'s part in C. C. loses A.'s part in B., and so the alphabet sickens by subtraction of interchangeables.

"I sicken, sir," he continued, "of this qualmish air of half-truth that I have breathed so long.

We could not bear that the burthen we found so hard to endure ourselves should go down for ever as a curse upon our descendants, Herr Doge," he continued, raising his meek face in the pride of honesty; "it is well for those who are the possessors of honors to be proud of their privileges; but when the inheritance is one of wrongs and scorn, when the evil eyes of our fellows are upon us, the heart sickens.

Now as along the sultry waste they move, The keenest pang of raging thirst they prove: No cooling fruit its grateful juice distils, 125 Nor flows one balmy drop from crystal rills; For nature sickens in th' oppressive beam, That shrinks the vernal bud, and dries the stream; While horror, as his giant stature grows, O'er the drear void his spreading shadow throws.

Like fishes, we do not bite when the east wind blows; like ducks and eels, we sicken or go mad in thunder.

In all artificial and inactive times and places, as in Rochefoucauld's France, Queen Anne's England, the London of the end of last century, and our Universities always, epigram and a dandy cynicism are sure to flourish until they often sicken us with the name of literature.

What narrowed pleasures swell the bosom here, A shore most sterile, and a clime severe, Where every shrub seems stinted in its size, "Where genius sickens and where fancy dies.

"Because it sickens me to see a man fight with a horse," she often explained.

Without desiring To sicken you with fulsome praise, We think you've seen no signs of tiring.

the loss So pains him that he sickens nigh to death; So fared it with Geraint, who being prick'd In combat with the follower of Limours, Bled underneath his armor secretly,

Yet e'en on this her load Misfortune flings, To press the weary minutes' flagging wings; 300 New sorrow rises as the day returns, A sister sickens, or a daughter mourns.

But my soul sickens at the remembrance of these things.

But my soul sickens at the remembrance of these things.

My heart almost sickens at the recollection of this dreadful transaction, while referring to the notes made on the spot, and compiling from them the particulars of this sad page.

Humanity sickens at such a pitch of savage crime in the centre of the most refined city in the world!

For he is dead to me, and I must soon Die too to him, and many things; and mark me Breathe not his name, lest this love-pampered heart Should sicken to vain yearningsLost!

And what right have you to complain of that, lying all your length, a huge hulking fellow snoring and snorting half asleep on a sofa, sufficient to sicken a whole street?

Though palaces and pyramids do slope Their heads to their foundationsthough the treasure Of nature's germins tumble all together, Even till destruction sicken, answer me

Your hypocrisy sickens me!

the heart of man will sicken

The soul sickens at the monotonous sweetness of such a wersh existence.

Is the anatomist, who can contemplate unmoved the agonies he is inflicting for no higher purpose than to gratify a scientific curiosity, or to illustrate some well-established truth, a being higher or lower, in the scale of humanity, than the ignorant boor whose very soul would sicken at the horrid sight?

There was no horror here, no ghastly sight to weaken a man's muscles and sicken his stomach; only a tired girl asleep.

Does he conjure up the images of Milton's lazar-house, and sicken at the spectacle of human suffering?

His arms seemed to sicken, falling limply from her.

God purposely sickens us of man and of self, that we may learn to "look long at Jesus."

Both twins were apt to sicken at the same time in no less than nine out of the thirty-five cases.

Till the tables filledshall fret, Die, or sicken with regret Or into a shadow pine: While this triumphant verse of mine, Like to some favoured stranger-guest, Bidden to a good man's Feast Shall sitby merit less than fate In the upper Seat in State.

How nature sickens, To view her customary bands so snapt When Love's sweet fires go out in blood of kin, And natural regards have left the earth.

Why are our hearts made to sicken every day when we take up our morning paper?

The soul sickens as it traces to its close the career of this unhappy and persecuted Princess.

you sicken me with your soft talk!

Already it was filled with that stench of blood and dirt and iodoform which afterwards used to sicken me as I helped to carry in the wounded or carry out the dead.

The tumult of Wuthering Heights ceases when Heathcliff sickens.

An American's heart sickens at restraint, and nothing but necessity will oblige him to observe discipline.

Since I had left the little prairie in the Wyandot reserve, I had been buried in eternal forests; and, notwithstanding all the efforts one may make to rally one's spirits, still the heart of a European sickens at the sameness of the scene, and he cannot get rid of the idea of imprisonment, where the visible horizon is never more distant than five or six hundred yards.

As the caterpillar sickens and changes its hue when it is about to undergo its transformation, so an odd change took place in Feltram.

There's a phrase it sickens me tae hearclass consciousness.

That there should be a few is enough to sicken you of belonging to the human species.

Why shrinks the trembling soul, Why with amazement full Pines at thy rule, and sickens at thy sway?

But this sight sickens me.

"Let us go, let us go; I have a horror of this house, and this splendor sickens me."

The language of the poultry magazines, by the way, is equally sentimental and efflorescent with that of the speeches at agricultural fairs, sufficiently so to sicken one who has once accepted it as reliable, as for instance: "The individual must be very abnormal in his tastes if they can not be catered to by our feathered tribe."

And sickens by the very means of health.'

'But spare a brow where the clean sunlight fell, The crown of a new sin that sickens hell.

Why are you so cold, Lucinda?" "Dearest, put the hyacinths further away, their odor sickens me."

Love is the best thing, an' with too much fear it sickens.

He smites the helping hand an' sickens the heart o' kindness.

He'll fairly sicken you with his thanks for that first hundred; he'll call you his generous benefactor over three or four pages for the second; he'll send you a nice little half-page note of thanks for the third; he'll write, "Yours of the first with inclosure to handthanks," for the fourth; he'll forget to acknowledge the fifth; and when the sixth doesn't come promptly, he'll wire collect: "Why this delay in sending my checkmail at once."

They could see the poor wretches hanging in the rigging, and dropping one by one, and they could only stay and sicken, for the surf stove the boats, and they didn't know then how to send out ropes on rockets or on cannon-balls, and so the night fell, and the people wrung their hands and left the sea to its prey, and felt as if blue sky could never come again.

If an ox begins to sicken, give him without delay a raw hen's egg and make him swallow it whole.

The pen trembles in my handmy heart sickens at the recital of such misery.

While I am compassed round With mirth, my soul lies hid in shades of grief, Whence, like the bird of night, with half shut eyes, She peeps, and sickens at the sight of day.

Did not the whole Earth sicken, when she died?

It would, no doubt, sicken and die without a mother's care.

The heart aches and sickens with an unclaimed affection, kindled to no purpose.

That would indeed sicken and dishearten me.

you're both fit for roasting, and it sickens me to send you!

Barbara sickens.

for Seeta calls you, and her heart sickens within her that you come not!"

The shock of it is like a deep stab; it not merely tortures, but it instantly sickens; the anguish is much, but the sense of helplessness is more; the lover who is refused feels not unlike the soldier who is wounded to death.

I am sure I do not know how I can ever tell it so quickly, but I will do my best, and you must have a little patience; for though I am not old, I am not young, and Nino's departure for Paris was a great shock to me, so that I do not like to remember it, and the very thought of it sickens me.

That early folly of mine was not so useless as it seemed; I may act as I please, and if your daughter sickens or offends me, Mr. Hamilton, as you have done, you may well dread my vengeance, it will fall upon you both, and I unscathed will seek other lands and fairer beauties, as I have already done."

The eye wearies of the repeated pattern that burst shells make on stone walls, as the mouth sickens of the taste of mortar and charred timber.

She will never be out of your sight; only, instead of seeing her sicken, linger, and die, you will see her surrounded by every comfort, nursed and tended like a princess, and growing every day in health, wealth, and happiness.

Turn your concentrated thought upon it, and will it out of existencethere, that's the right way; watch it sicken and shrivel!

That young Nap Errol fairly sickens me."

But viruses mutate all the time, and most mutations end up not affecting how the virus spreads or sickens people.

Every week, scientists, researchers and medical experts report new findings about how the virus moves, how it sickens and how the disease it causes can be treated.

If these amalgamations cannot form safely to exercise and train with allies, readiness will suffer, or else personnel will be ordered into situations that will sicken them in disproportionate numbers to a similar general result.

โ€œIt sickens me how itโ€™s become so twisted.โ€

Op-Ed: We were left to sicken and die from the coronavirus in immigration detention.

Toxic gas leak kills 5, sickens dozens in Karachi port city รขโ‚ฌยฆ https://t.

While the COVID-19 crisis has always been a sort of insidious threatโ€“one that canโ€™t be seen or heard until itโ€™s upon us, and which picks and chooses who it intends to sicken or killโ€“thereโ€™s nothing subtle or surreptitious about a fire.

To read the defence of religion that occasionally appears perfectly sickens me.