144 examples of sidelong in sentences

" From time to time Stoddard had sent swift, sidelong glances at his companion, noting the bright, bent head, the purity of line in the profile above the steering-wheel, the intelligent beauty of the intent, down-dropped eyes, with long lashes almost on the flushed cheeks.

She laughed, with little sidelong glances.

It is possible that De Chauxville became aware of Catrina's sidelong glances of anxiety in his direction.

Sometimes when I have caught that sidelong squint of yours, that studied accidental glance which sees so much, I have felt almost sure that you were far from satisfied that Trehayne was the man he gave himself out to be.

The moment Wolf entered the house his crest fell, his tail drooped to the ground, or curled between his legs, he sneaked about with a gallows air, casting many a sidelong glance at Dame Van Winkle, and at the least flourish of a broomstick or ladle he would fly to the door with yelping precipitation.

I read it upon his drawn face, upon his sidelong head with his ear scooped into his hand, above all in his twitching, restless eyes.

For if the steed Haply too near approach; or the loose earth 330 His footing fail; the watchful angry beast The advantage spies; and at one sidelong glance Rips up his groin.

Adj. lateral, sidelong; collateral; parietal, flanking, skirting; flanked; sideling.

sideways, sidelong; broadside on; on one side, abreast, alongside, beside, aside; by the side of; side by side; cheek by jowl &c (near) 197; to windward, to leeward; laterally &c adj.; right and left; on her beam ends.

This, however, was only a momentary feeling, unconscious in the one, hardly suspected by the other, and what remained was the evident disapprobation of the economical servant, condemning the present with her sidelong glance.

But as we sit upon our high stools at the desk opposite each other, I leaning upon my elbows and looking at him; he, with sidelong face, glancing out of the window, as if it commanded a boundless landscape, instead of a dim, dingy office court, I cannot refrain from saying: "Well!" He turns slowly, and I go chatting ona little too loquacious, perhaps, about those young girls.

He shot a sidelong glance at Sheila.

The ladies lingered on for a long time, sipping their tea stiffly and exchanging low-voiced remarks while Undine talked with Moffatt; and when they left, with small sidelong bows in his direction.

They came up out of the depths, however, with a tug, and a swash, and a drip all over, and a scrambling of hoofs on the pebbles, at the very point aimed at in such apparently sidelong fashion,the wheel-track that led them up the bank and into the ten-mile pine woods through which they were to skirt the base of the Cairn and reach Feather-Cap on his accessible side.

Distractions, tempests, and head-winds in the brain, by-ends, the sidelong eyes of vanity, the overleaping eyes of ambition, the bleared eyes of conceit,these are they which thwart study and bring it to nought.

One by one they would melt away as their particular girl, after flaunting by with a giggle and a sidelong glance for the dozenth time, would switch her skirts around the corner of Outagamie Street past the Brill House, homeward bound.

The haughty child of a human king Threw a sidelong glance at the humble thing, That received with a silent gratitude From the mulberry-leaf her simple food; And shrunk, half scorn, and half disgust, Away from her sister child of the dust; Declaring she never yet could see Why a reptile form like this should be; And that she was not made with nerves so firm, As calmly to stand by a crawling worm!

Mr. Jennings has a way of looking sidelong upon the carpet, as if his eye followed the movements of something there.

"The hand dodge wasn't bad, you know," he said, with a queer sidelong smile.

On the way he passed Colonel Arran's big double house with a sullen and sidelong scowl, and continued onward with a shrug.

He did not seem to look once at the Captain, yet he knew that Jack's ivory-handled pistols hung at the Captain's rocking hips as he went striding past; and he knew that malice lurked under the grizzled hair which hid the Captain's cruel lips; and that satisfaction glowed in the hard, sidelong glance he gave his prisoner.

Manuel came up and saddled his mount silently, his deft fingers working mechanically while his black eyes stole sidelong looks at Jack saddling Surry, as if he would measure the man anew.

He looked sidelong at the other, saw the hurt in Dade's eyes at this evidence of the constraint growing intangibly between them, and laughed defiantly.

His stirrups were too short, so that his knees were drawn up uncomfortably, and Billy, glancing sidelong down at them, wondered how the man could ride like that.

" Sitting solemnly on the breast of the dead boy, the "grim, ungainly, gaunt, and ominous bird" peers with sidelong glance into his face, gloating; and then Immediately my Parsee neighbor uprises in his place, throws aside his veil, and, shouting, runs forward.

144 examples of  sidelong  in sentences