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Mr. Addington, the speaker, (now Viscount Sidmouth,) professed himself to be one of those moderate persons called upon by Mr. Dundas.

Canning and Lord Sidmouth agreed to settle the matter, and over the coffin the debt was paid.

Lord Sidmouth's Six Acts. CHAPTER VIII.

It was notorious that he was invited to a seat among that body as the representative of a small party, the personal friends of Lord Sidmouth.

Though he was Prime-minister, he could not introduce it as a government measure, since two of his colleaguesLord Sidmouth, the President of the Council, and Mr. Windham, the Secretary of State for the Coloniesopposed it; though the former professed a desire to see the trade abolished, but would have preferred to attain that end by imposing such a tax on every slave imported as should render the trade unprofitable.

Lord Sidmouth's Six Acts.

They were six in number; andperhaps, with some sarcastic reference to Gardiner's Six Acts in the sixteenth centurythey were very commonly spoken of as Lord Sidmouth's Six Acts, that noble lord being the Home-secretary, to whose department they belonged.

Lord Sidmouth retired from the Home Office, and was succeeded by Mr. Peel, previously Secretary for Ireland; and the transfer of that statesman to an English office facilitated reforms, some of which were as yet little anticipated even by the new Secretary himself.

In February, 1829, he said to Lord Sidmouth, "It is a bad business, but we are aground.

" "Does your Grace think, then," asked Lord Sidmouth, "that this concession will tranquillize Ireland?"

Life of Lord Sidmouth, iii., 453.

Under date of September 22 occurs this entry: "Sidmouth.

About 1825 she had been at Sidmouth, and known Crabbe."

In the centre of the throng rises the mock Gothic pinnacled market cross, presented to Devizes in 1814 by Henry Addington, afterwards Viscount Sidmouth, who succeeded Pitt as Premier.

Sheepless Down Shelley Shepherd's Shore Sherborne Sherborne St. John Sheridan Sherrington Shillingstone Shipton Bellinger Sidbury Sidford Sidmouth Sidney, Sir Philip Sidown Silbury Hill Silchester Skipton Beacon Skipton Gorge Sleeping Green Sloden Smallwood, John Smith, Sidney Soberton Solent Somers, Sir Geo.

After dashing off a culpable example, "Sidmouth, with Oliver the spye, have brought Brandreth to the block;" or, as his late editions have it, "The Tyrant, with the Spy, have brought Peter to the block."

Since the year 1822, five new churches have been erected in this parish: the New St. Pancras Church, Euston-square; Regent Church, Sidmouth-street; Somers Church, Seymour-street; Camden Church, Pratt-street; and Highgate Church, on the Hill.

The Duke of Gloucester went with Mrs. Fry to the Directors of the Bank of England, and to Lord Sidmouth, to plead for her, but their hearts were not to be moved, and the poor young girl was hanged.

The public was enthusiastic in its applause for Mrs. Fry, and unsparing in its denunciation of Sidmouth.

South-East from Cape Sidmouth the passage was much contracted by a covered rock in the very centre of the channel; this may be avoided by keeping close to the West side of island Number 6.

SANDERS, T. R. H., Old Fore Street, Sidmouth.

ADDINGTON, HENRY, Lord Sidmouth, an English statesman was for a short time Prime Minister, throughout a supporter of Pitt (1757-1844).

SIDMOUTH (4), a pretty little watering-place on the S. Devonshire coast, 14 m. ESE. of Exeter; lies snugly between high cliffs at the mouth of a small stream, the Sid; is an ancient place, and has revived in popularity since the opening of the railway; has a fine promenade m. long.

SIDMOUTH, HENRY ADDINGTON, VISCOUNT, statesman, born in London, the son of a physician; studied at Oxford, and was called to the bar, but gave up law for politics, entered Parliament in 1783, and was Speaker from 1789 till 1801, in which year, after the fall of Pitt over Catholic emancipation, he formed a ministry, assuming himself the offices of First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

This ministry of the "King's Friends" went out of office in 1804, after negotiating the Peace of Amiens (1802), and in subsequent governments of Pitt Sidmouth held various offices, being an unpopular Home Secretary from 1812 to 1821; created viscount in 1805 (1757-1844).

91 examples of  sidmouth  in sentences