45 examples of sightseeing in sentences

They were quite exhausted sometimes after a long day of visits and sightseeing with him.

In Jaipur we went sightseeing almost everyday, visiting forts, palaces and shopping bazaars, and had delicious kulfi and lassi in mud pots, and mouth-watering chicken tandoori.

They come to this busy city, and eagerly gaze at the varied shows which attract the eye, and would prefer to exchange situations with you; but by and by they become wearied with sightseeing, and the home they have left rises before them as a pleasanter abode than any other dwelling, however rich or elegant.

The Kansas River is formed just southwest of it by the union of the Smoky Hill and Republican Forks, and the topography for practice and sightseeing could not be surpassed in the State.

Since Trajan was wintering there and many soldiers and many private persons had flocked thither from all directions for lawsuits, embassies, business, or sightseeing, there was no nation nor people that went unscathed.


If I go with you to Shasta and the McCloud River, and come back in a week or a fortnight to do my sightseeing, nothing will be the same.

She proposed a sightseeing expedition to a hospital.

Their encounter with this metropolitan facility for transportation turned out to be among the most memorable bits of sightseeing of their trip.

My sister and I [she writes] were spending a day of delightful sightseeing in town with him, on our way to his home at Guildford, where we were going to pass a day or two with him.

Organized sightseeing tours may be made through Chinatown with licensed guides, but visitors can wander securely about at will.

Sightseeing Tours: Descriptive folders and other literature may be obtained at the Chamber of Commerce and at the hotels and information bureaus in San Francisco about trips supervised by licensed sightseeing companies.

[Easy walk from downtown, or by cars on Market and Polk streets, or taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.]

["D" car on Geary street and Union street car at Ferry Depot, or taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.]

["J," "K" and No. 8 cars on Market street, or by taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.] Telegraph Hill:

[By cars on Stockton and Kearny street, or by taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.] Russian Hill: Many of the writers and painters of San Francisco have their homes here.

[By cars on Stockton and Union streets, or by taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.] Fishermen's Wharf: Harbor of the Italian fishing fleet, this has the aspect of a transplanted bit of the Neapolitan coast even though it has been modernized with the employment of gasoline motor boats.

[By marked cars on Market, Geary and Sutter streets, or by taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.] Twin PeaksIts Tunnel: This city mountain, nearly 1,000 feet high, is at the end of Market street.

The following day we passed in bathing in the hot mineral waters, sightseeing and driving around the valley.

There was nothing else for me to do, and so, handing over my credentials, I gave the rest of the morning to sightseeing, and, being a novice at it and alone, soon got tired and returned to my hotel.

Sightseeing at home.

Sightseeing at home.

We devoted a month sedulously to sightseeing in London, and, in the line of the traveler's duty, we explored St. Paul's Cathedral, the British Museum, the Tower, various prisons, hospitals, galleries of art, Windsor Castle, and St. James's Palace, the Zoological Gardens, the schools and colleges, the chief theaters and churches, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and the Courts.

"It was nothing but eating and drinking and sightseeing," remarked the Herr Pastor.

An English tourist was sightseeing in Ireland and the guide had pointed out the Devil's Gap, the Devil's Peak, and the Devil's Leap to him.

45 examples of  sightseeing  in sentences