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43 examples of  signposts  in sentences

43 examples of signposts in sentences

Mighty like signposts, to my mind.

I woke when I'd already passed the door That Cerberus guards, and half-way down the road To Lethe, as an old Greek signpost showed.

I had some words of warning printed on some signposts to keep away strangers.

I know the words 'SURRENDER DOROTHY' and the ones I had on my signposts, but these are unfamiliar.

Michael Angelo and his editors supply no arguments or mottoes for his poems; while those printed by Adami in his edition of Campanella are, like mine, meant obviously to serve as signposts to the student.

Surely, my lords, men of this unbounded benevolence, and this exalted genius, deserve such honours as were never paid before; they deserve to bestride a butt upon every signpost in the metropolis, or to have their countenances exhibited as tokens where this liquor is to be sold by the license which they have procured.

At the end of these two miles the valley itself branched into two and climbed inland, the road branching likewise; and M. Benest's mark was the signpost at the angle.

He perceived that it came from the garden of a solitary cottage up the road, a gunshot and more beyond his signpost.

He reached the signpost andwalked past it!

Nay, in his haste, taking a short-cut towards the signpost, he plunged his wooden leg deep in the marsh, and tumbled helpless, overwhelmed with shame.

"He never passed the signpost again, nor caught another glimpse of Mademoiselle Henriette's cap.

That was a terrible July for him when they came within two feet of the signpost; but he would not stretch a hand beyond it.

"Before the next July he had made sure of one plant at least on his side of the signpost; and fished beside it day after day, fearful lest some animal should browse upon it.

Apart from the ceaseless anxiety of having to keep an eye skinned for elephants, I found myself much depressed by barking dogs, and once I received a most unpleasant shock when, alighting to consult a signpost, I saw sitting on top of it an owl that looked exactly like my Aunt Agatha.

So agitated, indeed, had my frame of mind become by this time that I thought at first it was Aunt Agatha, and only when reason and reflection told me how alien to her habits it would be to climb signposts and sit on them, could I pull myself together and overcome the weakness.

There's a signpost where you turn off.

It should be regarded not as a rigid formula which we can apply to diverse problems without considering the special features they present, but rather as a signpost which will enable us to find our way, a compass by which we may steer between the shoals of triviality and sophistry to the crux of any problem with which we have to deal.

[Of locality] beacon, cairn, post, staff, flagstaff, hand, pointer, vane, cock, weathercock; guidepost, handpost^, fingerpost^, directing post, signpost; pillars of Hercules, pharos; bale-fire, beacon-fire; l'etoile du Nord

"On the roads near by 'a Verdun' signposts have been replaced by new ones reading 'A Glorieux Verdun.'

Next came the fountain and the four forked roads by the signpost, then the dip of the hill to the left and the grey ball-topped stone pillars of the Park gates on the right.

With extreme caution we wormed our way forward, the Professor's piping voice acting as a verbal signpost in helping us to locate the spot where he was engaged in holding the argument.

Instead, it would be slated by reviewers, and compared to the Royal Academy, and to a literary signpost pointing the wrong way, and other opprobrious things; as if an anthology could point to anything but the taste of the compiler, which of course could not be expected to agree with any one else's; tastes never do.

The other was a question as to whether it is ever really worth while to read what the signpost says.

I answer, by reminding the inquirer of the parson and the signpost: both point the way, but neither follow its course.

Now, however, after habituating myself to examine it with the same sort of strain that one tries to decipher a signpost in the dark, I have found out that this is by no means the case, but that a kaleidoscopic change of patterns and forms is continually going on, but they are too fugitive and elaborate for me to draw with any approach to truth.

"That signpost must be the work of Ruel Gross," went on the captain.

We need scarcely warn the reader against too rigorous an interpretation of this statement, which is purposely exaggerated the better to serve as a signpost.

Signposts of adventure.

Signposts of adventure.

Signposts to music; an exploring expedition for student and teacher.

Nora Elizabeth Scott (C); 12Nov68; R448313. SCOTT, ERNEST G. Without signposts.

Without signposts.

The signpost, by E. Arnot Robertson.

Signposts of adventure.

Signposts of adventure.

Signposts to music; an exploring expedition for student and teacher.

Nora Elizabeth Scott (C); 12Nov68; R448313. SCOTT, ERNEST G. Without signposts.

Without signposts.

The signpost, by E. Arnot Robertson.

Suppose you place two hundred dollars under the signpost at the Montauk crossroads to-night.

A signpost, as I turned into the square, told me that I was at Jouy-sur-Morin, and a few moments later, I came upon a group of gentlemen in frock coats standing talking on an embankment below the church.

Later in the afternoon, while wheeling along at twenty miles an hour, we caught a glimpse of a signpost pointing to the left and reading, "To Sound Beach."

Walls of sharp rocks rise up over eight hundred feet high round some of its sunken lakesone is called the Powder Lakeand the level above this abyss stretches out in moors and desolate downs, peopled with herds of lean sheep, and marked here and there by sepulchral, gibbet-looking signposts, shaped like a rough T and set in a heap of loose stones.