326 examples of silhouettes in sentences

The men staggered or lay prone, either as gigantic silhouettes or as tatterdemalions painted by the light.

The lofty profiles of its cliffs were fringed with stunted growths of pine and ash, a ragged stubble, while here and there châteaux, forsaken as a rule, and crumbling, reared ruined silhouettes against the blue.

Strange silhouettes of shrubs weirdly fashioned filled the place.

'Yield at the King's command: you are our prisoners!' calls the voice of one of those black silhouettes, far up on the cliff-top.

Then there came a flash of fire along the black line of silhouettes, with a crackle like a near peal of thunder, and a fut, fut, fut, of bullets in the turf.

Under this, we catch a glimpse of the Sultan and Grand Vizier, as they appear for an instant like black silhouettes against the burst of light on shore.

How distinct the faces are!" "Silhouettes!"

" Betty, wondering what had possessed Kitty to set off on an animated description of silhouettes, looked up at the wall, and then her heart almost stood still.

Between the Drive and the distance-dimmed lights of the Jersey shore there rose like great silhouettes the grim figures of several huge steel-clad battleships, their fighting-tops lost in the shadows of the opposite hills.

After them came the infantry: solid columns of grey-clad figures with the silhouettes of the mounted officers rising at intervals above the forest of spike- crowned helmets.

Hung round the room are the portraits of Frederick, of Catharine, of Lekainone of Voltaire himself, taken at the age of forty, and full of expression, with a number of silhouettes of the celebrated men of the day.

In comparison with this coruscating dome of the infinite the earth had shrunken to a narrow black band of velvet, in which was nothing distinguishable until suddenly the sky-line broke in calm silhouettes of spruce and firs.

Further on, the darkness was cut by silhouettes of ebony that sometimes were boats and at others, alleyways of packages or hills of coal.

The dark silhouettes of several men were so plainly visible that he believed he heard them shouting.

They were soon silhouettes, and ascending, they stood, tiny specks upon the pink evening hours.

Silhouettes by Ugo Mochi.

The pointed people, verses and silhouettes.

SEE Orr, Anne. Silhouettes and samplers.

Emmy, Nicky, and Greg; with silhouettes by Ethel C. Taylor.

COLEMAN, MARY HALDANE BEGG. Virginia silhouettes; contemporary letters concerning Negro slavery in the State of Virginia, to which is appended a dissertation on slavery with a proposal for the gradual abolition of it in the State of Virginia.

Silhouettes by Ugo Mochi.

By Aileen Fisher, with silhouettes by the author.

Berkley sprang to relieve her of the big book and a box full of silhouettes, miniatures, and daguerreotypes.

But here was an outsider, whom one noted instantly as he studied those rugged silhouettes of steel.

The hills were darkening on their eastern slopes; the shadows of the few poplars that sparsedly dotted the dusty highway were falling in long black lines that looked like ditches on the dead level of the tawny fields; the shadows of slowly moving cattle were mingling with their own silhouettes, and becoming more and more grotesque.

326 examples of  silhouettes  in sentences