600 examples of sill in sentences

While I stood, in contemplation, a piece of glass, from one of the small, diamond-shaped panes, dropped, with a dull tap, amid the dust upon the sill behind me, and crumbled into a little heap of powder.

Then, quickly, it began to back along the sill; until, reaching the wall at the end, it could go no further.

" Samuel knocked the ashes out of his pipe against the window-sill and arose to go.

Res., about 1,800 Oklahoma Fort Sill 26,880 South Dakota Fort Meade 5,280 Wyoming Fort D.A. Russell 2,541 Total 68,557 National Parks in the United States Montana and Wyoming Acres.

It was one of his own quaint touches that the first night we found his nest, after the maid had given us admission, there should be no one to welcome us into the bright little parlour but a wee boy of four, standing in the doorway like a robin that has hopped on to one's window-sill.

Watching at your window-sill, If upon the Eastern hill Sun and Day come back no more, They shall lead you from the door To their kingdom calm and blest, Farther off than East or West, And give you rest.

He invited no comer to step across his door-sill, and he never strolled into the village to drink a pint at the Rainbow, or to gossip at the wheel-wrights'; he sought no man or woman, save for the purposes of his calling, or in order to supply himself with necessaries.

Mrs. Ellsworth leaned out over the sill, from the quaint old sitting-room of the Van Kamp apartments!

On the broad, dusty sill inside were propped two cards: the one on the left was his own red-lettered announcement for the week; the one at the rightoh, world of wonders!was a photogravure of that exact stretch of the inner coast of Florida which Gideon knew best, which was home.

It used to climb up to her windows by a lilac-bush or a climbing rose-tree and look brightly in at her while enjoying the nuts she gave it on the window-sill.

He jumped from the window sill and made a fuss bumping against Oliver's legs.

"She's the one," he said to Verdi who was staring at him from the window sill.

Without a moment's hesitation they placed their hands on the sill, threw themselves into it, and flung down the window.

Wept the Alruna wife; Kissed her fair Freya: 'Far off in the morning land, High in Valhalla, A window stands open; Its sill is the snow-peaks, Its posts are the waterspouts, Storm-rack its lintel; Gold cloud-flakes above Are piled for the roofing, Far up to the Elfin-home, High in the wide-blue.

She could distinguish a dark figure behind the spot of intense light radiating round her own person, and perceived, besides, almost without looking, that an entrance had been made by the window, which stood wide open to disclose the topmost rounds of a garden-ladder, borrowed doubtless from the tool-house, propped against its sill.

And, with a light leap, he cleared the window sill, and stood in the presence of his mother and sister, who vied with each other in hugging the returned prodigal.

The rain is plashing on my sill, But all the winds of Heaven are still;

He swung out over the window-sill, holding by his hands, and lit fairly in the center of the raft.

He jumped up to the window sill, and then disappeared.

Baldo, clinging to the casement-sill on bending legs, summoned Cercamorte to look at the dancing figure.



The peacocks have jumped up on the window-sill, to look at their friends, who love to feed them, and by their pecking have aroused the bloodhound crouching at Lady Annabel's feet.

" The senior partner of Tutt & Tutt wheeled his swivel chair to the window and crossing his congress boots upon the sill gazed contemplatively down upon the shipping.

The door-sill was high, and we stepped over it on to a stone floor, the flagging of which was sunken in many places, causing pitfalls to the unwary.

600 examples of  sill  in sentences