600 examples of sills in sentences

This means light chairs and tables or benches where handwork can be done; low cupboards and lockers so that each child can get at his own things; broad window-sills for plants and flowers and a bookcase for reading and picture books.

All the low sills run over with small heads.

Some inhabitants had obeyed the order to light up their windows, and four or five lighted candles here and there flickered in the wind upon the sills of the windows.

Your head was also far below the sills of the mighty windows of the ground-floor.

By sign of four which few may see; Symbol of Nature's magic zone, One out of three, and three in one; Emblem of comfort in the speech Which poor men's babies early reach; Sweet by the roadsides, sweet by sills, Sweet in the meadows, sweet on hills, Sweet in its white, sweet in its red, Oh, half its sweet cannot be said; Sweet in its every living breath, Sweetest, perhaps, at last, in death!

The man had crept along the cornice which belted the wall, on a level a few feet lower than the line of the window-sills.

He represented in the horizontal sills of his windows, and in his horizontal string-courses, the horizontal strata of the rocks.

The grass had obliterated every trace of the path that once led to the decayed steps, bushes had grown up thickly around the lower story of the house, and tangled vines, creeping in through the broken panes of the windows, hung in festoons from the moss-covered sills.

You look up and see a mere strip of blue sky, but trailing plants reaching far downward from window-sills, one above the other, light up the gloom with many a patch of vivid green.

The height from the arch to the roof is much less in proportion, but the sills of the windows are kept lower and the heads are square.

Although there is space for larger windows the aisle roof prevented their sills being brought lower.

Folks in London must study botany on their window-sills.

We drove between a pair of decayed gatepoststhe gate itself had long since disappearedand up a straight sandy lane, between two lines of rotting rail fence, partly concealed by jimson-weeds and briers, to the open space where a dwelling-house had once stood, evidently a spacious mansion, if we might judge from the ruined chimneys that were still standing, and the brick pillars on which the sills rested.

Tawdrily dressed girls saunter along the sidewalks, or loll from the window-sills.

R62781, 1Jun50, George S. Kaufman (A) THE ILLUSTRIOUS TARTARIN, a comedy in three acts by Edith Sills, based on Alphonse Daudet's Tartarin of the Alps.

R62781, 1Jun50, George S. Kaufman (A) THE ILLUSTRIOUS TARTARIN, a comedy in three acts by Edith Sills, based on Alphonse Daudet's Tartarin of the Alps.

Glass vases filled with it stood on the window sills and on the floor, the tops of the floor bouquets hiding the window receptacles.

The fireplace held masses of goldenrod, and blue jars holding wild asters crowned the mantel, the tables, the piano, and the wide window sills.

At the house next his owna shabby little house, yet with rows of blooming scarlet geraniums in tin cans on its two lower window sills, and clean, if patched, muslin curtains behind the plantsBrown turned in once more.

Her house was not hard to clean, and the chambers were soon done, except Ethie's own room, where Aunt Barbara lingered longest, turning the pretty ingrain carpet the brightest side up, rubbing the furniture with polish, putting a bit of paint upon the window sills where it was getting worn, and once revolving the propriety of hanging new paper upon the wall.

It beat against the house; that stood up in its way; it rained straight in at the window-sills and under the doors; we ran about the house with cloths and sponges to sop it up from cushions and carpets.

This is not the case with metals, and as a result they are used in almost all places where tensile strength is particularly needed, even though the remainder of the structure, such as sills, beams, joists, posts, and flooring, may be of wood.

It is believed that this information can only be obtained by direct tests on the different grades of car sills, stringers, and other material in common use.

A throng of memberschiefly elderly gentlemen in expanded uniformsassembles in the smoking-room, occupying all the chairs, and even overflowing on to the tables and window-sills.

Not satisfied with the giant sliding doors that open on the street, revealing windowsunencumbered with sash or glass, there are sliding doors under the window sills, that roll back right and left and offer the chance to introduce a current of air directly on the lower limbs.

600 examples of  sills  in sentences