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3115 example sentences with  silly

3115 example sentences with silly

"I assure you her husband is coming back soon, and he is such a good fellow he would be horribly mortified to hear his wife had done anything silly in his absence."

And Katie listened to the words with such sweet joy she feared her face would tell too much, and put up her hands to hide it, crying: "Ah, ye're tryin' to make me silly, you Donald, with such flatterin'.

"You are two silly children together," said Soeur Angélique, rising and laughing.

"He's just doing it to get rid of you," she ses to Mrs. Jennings, "and if you give way you're a bigger silly than I took you for.

" "Silly of me," said Nancy; "but I am silly sometimes."

" "Silly of me," said Nancy; "but I am silly sometimes."

They may say "pish!" and frown, and yet read on: Cry odd, and silly, coarse, and yet amusing.

Howsoever, it is a kind of policy in these days, to prefix a fantastical title to a book which is to be sold; for, as larks come down to a day-net, many vain readers will tarry and stand gazing like silly passengers at an antic picture in a painter's shop, that will not look at a judicious piece.

To see a silly contemptible sloven in apparel, ragged in his coat, polite in speech, of a divine spirit, wise?

Incisae leges negliguntur, laws are made and not kept; or if put in execution, they be some silly ones that are punished.

To see wise men degraded, fools preferred, one govern towns and cities, and yet a silly woman overrules him at home; Command a province, and yet his own servants or children prescribe laws to him, as Themistocles' son did in Greece; "What I will" (said he) "my mother will, and what my mother will, my father doth."

If such a thing were now found, we should all fight for it, as the three goddesses did for the golden apple, we are so wise: we have women politicians, children metaphysicians; every silly fellow can square a circle, make perpetual motions, find the philosopher's stone, interpret Apocalypses, make new Theories, a new system of the world, new Logic, new Philosophy, &c. Nostra utique regio, saith

Nature binds all creatures to love their young ones; a hen to preserve her brood will run upon a lion, a hind will fight with a bull, a sow with a bear, a silly sheep with a fox.

Why should I speak of the inhuman sophism that, because it is silly in my neighbour to break his egg at the broad end when the Squire and the Vicar have declared their predilection for the narrow end, therefore it is right for the Squire and the Vicar to hang and quarter him for his silliness:for it comes to that.

mentecato, -a, silly, foolish, stupid; subst.

This meeting of old Vingo and Phillis, was enough to have softened the heart of the vilest "Legree;" but probably, had one of those gentlemen, whose highly respectable occupation it is to deal in the traffic of buying and sellingman, been present, they might have been led to remark, "The silly creatures seem to imagine they have some feeling."

my Lord, I can get nothing for them: The silly Country people think 'tis Treason To touch such gay things.

The Ode was printed in the "New Times" nearly the end of 1825, and I have only omitted some silly lines.

To more, it seems a silly, not to say impossible plan, not to try and earn as big a wage as possible.

The "impertinent" is an Italian gentleman who is silly enough to make trial of his wife's fidelity by persuading a friend to storm it if he can.

The silly girls fancy the manners of these gentlemen "too unaffected and easy to be aristocratic"; so the gentlemen send to them their valets, as "the viscount de Jodelet," and "the marquis of Mascarille."

This reign of steel, this rule of terror, It's not for us to push our views And point you out your silly error.

But w'en 'e leave 'is corliflow'rs an' lettuce to enlist, 'E said it was the lavender, 'is blinkin' bit o' lavender, A silly patch o' lavender 'e missed.

Who would not be as silly as Dunbar?

Yet we must needs this one exception make, And break our rules for silly Tropos'[60] sake; Who was too much despised to be accused, And therefore scarce deserves to be abused;

Raised only by his mercenary tongue, For railing smoothly, and for reasoning wrong, As boys, on holidays, let loose to play, Lay waggish traps for girls that pass that way; Then shout to see in dirt and deep distress 150 Some silly cit in her flower'd foolish dress:

He got knocked silly with the blast of the shell that sunk the "Swan."

You think it was silly!

There's a verse writ in charcoal on the portal: "'Large house, tall steeple, Silly priests, deluded people.'

The only reason to the contrary is that a man who is so silly as to think himself incapable of going wrong, is very likely to be too silly to perceive that coercion may be one way of going wrong.

The only reason to the contrary is that a man who is so silly as to think himself incapable of going wrong, is very likely to be too silly to perceive that coercion may be one way of going wrong.

Sure there's a dearth of wit in this dull town, When silly plays so savourily go down; As, when clipt money passes, 'tis a sign

She takes her topics from the benefits of poverty, the advantages of old age and ugliness, the vanity of youth, and the silly pride of ancestry and titles without inherent virtue, which is the true nobility.

"It is rather a silly thing to do," said Deucalion; "and yet there can be no harm in it, and we shall see what will happen."

Here I met again an old Cretan friend, Server Pasha, sent to try the same silly, futile tactics which so failed in Crete, i.e. offering the insurgents elaborate paper reforms in exchange for actual submission.

"Don't be silly," was her answer.

"I'm not so silly and narrow as you try to make out.

I suppose it's got to be so, but it certainly looks unjustand silly.

Daylight put these imaginings into silly countenance, and he felt silly for having lingered in their company, even in the dark.

Daylight put these imaginings into silly countenance, and he felt silly for having lingered in their company, even in the dark.

We pass heroism by to toss our silly caps at heroics.

"And on a silly girl's report," said Manfred, "thou didst hazard my displeasure!"

The pop-up silly symphonies containing Babes in the woods, and King Neptune.

Walt Disney Productions (PWH); 19Dec60; R268053. DISNEY, WALTER E. Mickey Mouse presents a Walt Disney silly symphony cut-out: The three little pigs.

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D'apres le celebre film de Walt Disney: Silly symphonies.

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Silly Symphony featuring Donald Duck. (Big little book.

Silly Symphony featuring Donald Duck. (In Philadelphia Inquirer) © Walter E. Disney (A) 20Sep36.

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It he'd had the pluck to stand by her, if he'd kept his head and laughed in their silly faces, instead of grizzling and growling and stampeding out of the parish as if poor Ally had disgraced him."

I hate not having time to run over to see you and them, but Octavia says it can't possibly be done, and I am not to be silly; that two months is nothing, and I shall be back again at the original time you were to bring them to

He is a great big splendid creature and I wish I had not been so silly as to pretend in the beginning.

He is colossally rich, and his daughter Lola is perfectly lovely, and married to a silly young Vinerhorn, who has a country house close here.

"Camilla wrote me that I must beware of my peace of mind the moment I first set eyes on you" "Camilla Lent is supremely silly, Mr. Berkley" "Camilla is a sibyl.

" "How silly," said Ailsa in a leisurely level voice.

Bolts were shot, keys turned; from the lighted front parlour came the notes of the sweet-toned square piano, and Ailsa's voice: "Dear are her charms to me, Dearest her constancy, Aileen aroon" "Never mind any more of that silly song!"

" "And you've three years to wait, silly," retorted Paige.

A man such as I have described, who has the passion for authorship, and who fails in the due combination of gifts, must face the possibility of being regarded as a worse than useless being; as unpractical, childish, slipshod, silly, worth no one's attention.

But she is a very silly and a very conventional girl

If there was any weakness in my friend's mind, if I thought that he would grow irritable, harsh, impatient with his silly wife, it would be different.

"It's what any silly girl would do!"

Nothing was more evident than that he thought her silly.

Such silly fools as men are, trying to perpetuate themselves by such childish methods." "Perpetuation is an instinct with us," said Honora calmly, "Immortality is our greatest hope.

It must be remarked that in all Indian stories where two or more sisters are the dramatis personae, the elder is invariably represented as silly, ridiculous, and disgustingthe younger, as wise and beautiful.

"You silly child, it's the sun rising; go back to sleep," I said, terrified by what I had seen, but unwilling to alarm the others uselessly.

You are naught but a silly, selfish boy, that cares for nothing but his own applause and thinks that he has nothing to do but to come home when his high mightiness is ready and find us all on our knees before him, saying: 'Put your foot, great sir, on our necksso shall we be happy and honored.'

Then I laughed, like the vain, silly boy I was.

"You were over many for thorn, I hear great silly fellowschildren playing with fire yet afraid to burn themselves.

And then she went on to other such silly talk that I think it not worth reporting.

Nobody had ever called Jeannette Descheneaux a silly woman.

Of Henry Constable, the poet indicated doubtless by the initiais H. C., we have a charming song between Phillis and Amaryllis, the counterpart and imitation of Spenser's 'Bonibell' ballad: P. Fie on the sleights that men devise (Heigho, silly sleights!)

In the silly imagination of his heart he declared to himself that the calculation of all chances was as nothing against his run of luck.

He has taken it into his silly head that you are the chief of sinners because you said what was not true to that man, who seems really to be the sinner, and nothing will eradicate the idea.

"I mean nothing so silly!"

Then she began to imagine they must be weak in the braina thing not unlikely with such spines as theirsand had silly secrets with each other, like children, which they enjoyed talking about chiefly because none could understand but themselves.

All the silly memorials of her they sell here!and the sentimental talk about her!

He is not so silly as to believe in his own inviolability by bullets, and digestion of poisons; and those who are such savages as to confide in these superstitions are not unlikely to try experiments just to strengthen their faith.

Some of his eulogists have been silly.

Correspondence between lovers should at all events be tempered with discretion; and, on the lady's part particularly, her affectionate expressions should not degenerate into a silly style of fondness.

On the other hand, younger people often understand, but find silly or old-fashioned, the slang of older people.

Open Season: Scared Silly was first announced on June 11, 2015. citation The first trailer was released on November 1, 2015.

The hostess sings a silly song.

These opinions are often silly.

These songs are all about having fun, silly records that are to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.

But over time, he confessed to that Oz is actually Gilbert for his young and become much nicer to see a little bit silly.

Disney hoped to enlarge his studio's reputation and money by moving into features, and estimated that Snow White could be produced for a budget of $250,000 - ten times the budget of an average Silly Symphony.

For example, represents the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, as a girl silly and pampered.

But at the risk of sounding insensitive, it is my hope that aside from our introspections about life or our silly jokes or our nature hikes, we also feel outrage at what we are seeing every day.

However, I think extreme distaste for narration is silly.

If proof were needed of how silly is the idea that attachment to certain life roles is "socially constructed", you only have to look at the characters and storylines appealing to young children.

If she would take the time to try to understand the project, then perhaps she would not ask these silly questions, Mr. Speaker.