65 examples of simile. in sentences

Allingford's face was very white, and Oaks's very red, "for all the world like the Wars of the Roses," as Jack Vance afterwards remarked, though it would be difficult to clearly understand the simile.

Old Little Arcady had not electric lights; nor the Argus this exuberance of simile.

[Footnote 15: Brother is much easier to accept, though Mother might be in the simile.

In Homer they are frequent, but Anglo-Saxon verse is too abrupt and rapid in the succession of images to employ the expanded simile.

Think over that last simile.

she repeated, evidently pleased with her simile.

It is almost more than a mere simile.

From Pelago the road descends with extreme steepness to a brook in a rocky valley, at a bridge over which the real climb begins, to go steadily on (save for another swift drop before Tosi) until Vallombrosa is reached, winding through woods all the way, chiefly chestnutthose woods which gave Milton, who was here in 1638, his famous simile.

Each volume had that airof breeding, one might almost sayby which one can always know a genuine bouquin at a glance; an alluvial richness of bloom, coming upon one like an aromatic fragrance in so many old things, in old lawns, in old flowers, old wines, and many another delicious simile.

page 59 6th stanza exquisite simile.

A strangely involved simile.

He was likein Dickie's own fashion she fumbled for a simile.

Nowhere could we more opportunely than at this point call attention to Mr. Tennyson's extraordinary felicity and force in the use of metaphor and simile.

Ritter habitually carries this Malacca cane, and the cunning of Mirsky at once suggests that this tube should be made in outward fac-simile.

" I laughed, and was delighted with this admirable simile.

As the veritable bell which, in the days when "mother did it," had acted as a sort of Gabriel's trump, was still extant, minus clapper and handle, I was enabled to provide myself with its fac-simile.

An incident in the Zoological Gardens struck me as a helpful simile.

And afterwards them paint in simile.

Example VI.A Simile.

He saw a bundle of uprooted plants beside the portmanteau of a fellow-passenger and it suggested a grotesque simile.

If we compare two trees, or two beehives, or two rivers, our comparison is not a simile.

The representation of besiegers driven back by the impetuosity of the inhabitants, after they had entered a gate of the city, is strongly pictured by the following simile.

The often cited pastoralism of the Song of Solomon resolves itself on investigation into an occasional simile.

Every little crystal does that," said mother, taking up another simile.

"Bihzad Khan, dispersed the enemy as kai is dispersed when a stone is thrown into the water," is nearly the original simile.

65 examples of  simile.  in sentences