3067 examples of simplicity in sentences

Sometimes I was induced, through the Brahmin, to criticise their taste and skill, having been always an admirer of simplicity in female attire.

| | | | "The simplicity and naturalness of the system are | | obvious.

The staircases and corridors are severe to simplicity, but when I look round the first apartment I intend inspecting, I am struck with the immensity and the exceeding beauty of its appearance.

She looked round her for a little, wondering to think how far away from her now was this scene of her old life, but feeling no pain in the sight of it,only a kind indulgence for the foolish simplicity which had taken so much pride in all these infantile elements of living.

As an example of this belief, read the manifesto of Professor Eucken, who represents such a large section of German opinion, and note the absolute sincerity of its toneas well as its simplicity.

It is a certain want of tact, unperceptivenessa kind of overbearing simplicity of mind.

The puritan reaction of the Roman Atticists in the direction of the simplicity of Lysias defeated itself in over emphasis and ended in establishing coldness and aridity as literary ideals.

On this occasion he asserted the simplicity and facility of the science of physick, in opposition to those that think obscurity contributes to the dignity of learning, and that to be admired it is necessary not to be understood.

At the time when she thought herself in no danger he pronounced her death inevitable; a declaration to the highest degree disagreeable, but which was made more easy to him than to any other, by his piety and artless simplicity.

She had beauty, but with that he was already sated; her simplicity, which, by having her attention drawn elsewhere, had at first charmed him, was succeeded by the knowing conduct of a determined follower of the fashions, and a decided woman of the world.

He was gratified with the good order, simplicity, and economy, which pervaded the institution.

Travelling through France they found in the places where they halted more of simplicity and Christian life than they had expected.

He told us with great simplicity that he never premeditated or wrote his sermons, but after reading a portion of Scripture proceeded to speak from what he felt to impress his mind at the time.

After sitting a while with them, one of the girls in much simplicity handed the Bible to our friend, and he read a chapter in the First Epistle of Peter, which was followed by a Friends' meeting with these dear young persons.

* * Welcomethough not to those gay flies Gilded i' th' beams of earthly kings Slippery souls in smiling eyes But to poor shepherds, homespun things, Whose wealth's their flocks, whose wit's to be Well read in their simplicity.

In the writings of both we recognize a straight-forwardness of expression equal to that of Wither, and a quaint simplicity of thought and form like that of Herrick; while the very charm of some of the best lines is their spontaneity.

The flamboyant style of his Messiah is to me detestable: nothing can be more unlike the simplicity of Christianity.

"He's full ofof the milk of human kindness, is my father," he said, with a touch of simplicity which was one of the thousand and fifteen reasons why Ida loved him.

The first appeal to faith lies in the clearness and vividness, the simplicity and joy, with which this truth is presented.

A revival of simplicity, a revival of sincerity, a revival of work: this will restore unto us the joy of salvation.

And then suppose that the Christian life, in its daily manifestation, should come to be marked and known by simplicity and happiness.

Somewhere between these two extremes must lie the golden mean: a life that has strength and simplicity, courage and calm, power and peace.

For the combination of elegance with simplicity, this poem will stand a comparison with Goethe's celebrated translation of the Reineke.

As he is gilt with an outside of seeming purity, or as he offereth himself to you to be taken down in a cup or taste of golden zeal and simplicity, you may call him physic.

Otherwise, for life and profession, nature and art, inward and outward, they agree in all; like canters and gypsies, they are all zeal no knowledge, all purity no humanity, all simplicity no honesty, and if you never trust them they will never deceive you.

3067 examples of  simplicity  in sentences