10077 examples of simply in sentences

Yesterday "as des carreaux" (to give the full form) stood simply for ace of diamonds.

" It was natural she should choose him, for he was greatly respected by all present, and the ladies especially regarded him as simply a hero; for he was one of the Great Masters in the noble Art of Muscle.

He simply said, "Oh my!"

Once upon a time SPIFFKINS had the opportunity of trying his hand at dramatic criticism, and adopted a startlingly new system, which consisted simply in telling the truth.

There is no use telling the world all the particulars, so he simply writes: "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross.

You remember how often you have stood on a dock, and seen the steamboat ten feet out in the stream, or have struck a depot just as the train was rolling around a curve in the distance, simply because you were not upon a time.

The question whether it is better simply to leave the Moslims to Islâm as it was for centuries is no longer an object of serious discussion, the reforming process being at work everywherein some parts with surprising rapidity.

" The other took him at his word, and commenced to rattle on, saying all manner of things, simply to direct his rescuer to the spot.

"There must be some mistake," she said to herself, "we simply can't have eaten all those groceries.

Nor will the people avail themselves of any opportunity of purchasing a thing cheap when it is cheap; they simply provide for their hourly wants.

Hitherto Wyclif had simply protested against the external evils of the Church without much effect, although protected by powerful laymen and encouraged by popular favor.

And as to the adoration of the saints, he simply maintained that since gifts can be obtained only through the mediation of Christ, it would be better to pray to him directly rather than through the mediation of saints.

Why, I know that Mr. Selingman simply worried Maud's life out of her to get a little model of his aeroplane from him.

I am simply a man of much common sense, enjoying, I may add, a few hours' holiday.

I am not a soldier, Hebblethwaite, but the fellows we've got up at the topnot the soldiers themselves but the chaps like old Busby and Simonsare simply out and out rotters.

Of course, she'd have taken advantage of the position last year, but she simply wasn't ready.

"I am speaking to you just simply and naturally, because you are the one person in the world to whom I may speak like that.

They were built of stone and wood, round or octagonal in shape, and without a roof, being simply an inclosed courtyard.

She is simply the reflection of some forgotten nurse with whom Shakespeare had talked by the wayside.

"You simply must take me to Aurora!"

Observant teachers can usually tell which of the boys under their care are addicted to smoking, simply by the comparative inferiority of their appearance, and by their intellectual and bodily indolence and feebleness.

People found that in taking up one of his articles they simply read on and on, never puzzling over the meaning of a sentence, getting the exact force of every statement, and following the trend of thought with scarcely a mental effort.

In developing a theme by this method we simply apply to the whole theme the principles discussed for the development of a paragraph (Section 47).

There are not a few instances of degeneration due simply to a quiescent life, unaccompanied by parasitism.

These are simply brief letters of friendship, and the purposes for which they are written are exceedingly varied.

10077 examples of  simply  in sentences
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