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375 examples of  since that time  in sentences

375 examples of since that time in sentences

Many parts of the town, including whole streets, look as though the houses had been built since that time.

Since that time I have waited.

Ever since that time the serpent has been at war with the frog.

But since that time pope and king have been again united in the management of the Holy Office, the latter, however, in abject subservience to the former.

I took my leave of him, well satisfied with the honors and rewards he bestowed upon me; and since that time I have rested from my labors, and given myself up wholly to my family and my friends.

In 1854 the migration fell off, and since that time until the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad California received the chief accessions to her white population by the Panama steamers.

"The latest data show that Germany has sixty stations, including private dirigible hangars, while France has thirty, in most cases of greater extent than those in Germany, Russia, eight months ago, had ten, but it is believed that this number has been increased twofold since that time.

Since that time I have been somewhat indisposed, or probably affairs would now have been settled."

But the country-folk believe, sir, that the nun's curse holds true; and they say, that Whitford folks have been getting poorer and wickeder ever since that time, and will, till the Nun-pool runs up to Ashy, and the Lavingtons' name goes out of Whitford Priors.'

"I do not intend to recount my life and adventures since that time; in fact, I shall scarcely touch upon them.

I saw a good deal of Sarah when I visited Abraham with my master Alexander, and I have seen many more beautiful women since that time.

Ever since that time he has appreciated the principles of our religious Society, and particularly our practice of waiting upon God in silence.

Since that time, the aged couple, who live south of Jerusalem, have indeed been blessed with a child, the father's dumbness disappearing with its birth and the priest again praising the Lord of his people.

These I distributed, and thus began the business which I have followed steadily since that time.

I own, I returned from the Hebrides with a considerable degree of faith in the many stories of that kind which I heard with a too easy acquiescence, without any close examination of the evidence: but, since that time, my belief in those stories has been much weakened,[1068] by reflecting on the careless inaccuracy of narrative in common matters, from which we may certainly conclude that there may be the same in what is more extraordinary.

Since that time, it has grown into a custom; and their Actors speak by the hour glass, as our Parsons do.

They began to speak of her as "the Austrian," a name which, though Madame Adelaide had more than once chosen it to describe her during the first year of her marriage, had since that time been almost forgotten, but which was now revived, and was continually reproduced by a certain party to cast odium on many of her most simple tastes and most innocent actions.

Since that time not a single woman hath burned herself in Arabia.

The squibbing Middleton, and Heywood sage, Th' apologetick Atlas of the stage; Well of the golden age he could entreat, But little of the metal he could get; Threescore sweet babes he fashion'd at a lump, For he was christen'd in Parnassus pump; The Muses gossip to Aurora's bed, And ever since that time, his face was red.

For though it may be true that the practice of defending the Colonies with the troops and at the cost of the mother-country was an innovation upon the earlier Colonial system, introduced at the time of the great war, it is not the less certain that to the generation of colonists that had grown up since that time the abandonment of it had all the effect of novelty.

I sent an assistant and workman to put it in order, and since that time it has generally acted very well.

I introduced a method (constantly pursued since that time at the Royal Observatory) for computing interpolations without changes of sign.

Since that time the wrecked hall has remained tenantless and unrepaired.

Anyhow, there had been little drinking in the inn since that time, for Block grew more and more silent and morose.

Since that time the Scotch had been regarded with general disfavor; Scotch poverty and Scotch greediness for the good things of England had furnished constant topics for raillery and sarcasm; and more than one demagogue and political writer had sought popularity by pandering to the prevailing taste for attacks on the whole nation.

The principles established by the Rochdale Pioneers in England in 1844 and observed consistently by successful societies since that time are as follows: 1.

Since that time, it has not been exhibited on any stage.

The reasons upon which that recommendation was founded subsist in all their force and have acquired additional urgency since that time.

Our commerce, our wealth, and the extent of our territories have increased in corresponding proportions, and the number of independent communities associated in our Federal Union has since that time nearly doubled.

Weakened as it has occasionally been since that time, it can by us never be forgotten, and we should hail with exultation the moment which should indicate a recollection equally friendly in spirit on the part of France.

[Footnote 2: Dr. Oppert copied this text twenty years ago; he does not know whether since that time any other piece of the stone has been discovered.

Whereupon his grandmother questioned him about certain noble families in the Faubourg Saint Germain who had been known to her in her own day of power, and whose movements she had observed from a distance since that time; but here she found her grandson dark.

What has been the progress since that time?

Many things have passed in Poland since that time which the British Government greatly regrets, and in respect to which the rights laid down

We have been at war since that time, I believe, with, for, and against every considerable nation in Europe.

Since that time Maxwell Gray has produced a number of stories, among them being "The Reproach of Annesley" (1888), "The Last Sentence" (1893), "The House of Hidden Treasure" (1898), and "The Great Refusal" (1906), and also several volumes of poems.

Since that time the claims of our citizens have been adjusted by the board of commissioners appointed for that purpose under the act of March 3, 1859, and their awards, which proved satisfactory to the claimants, have been approved by our minister.

Since that time the two Governments, through their ministers here and at London, have had a voluminous correspondence on the point in controversy, each sustaining the view of its own commissioner and neither yielding in any degree to the claims of the other.

Most happily, since that time, the colored race has been aroused to a degree never before known, and the conviction has become general among them that they must go to Liberia if they would be free and happy.

Down to the beginning of the eighteenth century he was esteemed or opposed as chief among the Monarchomachi, so called by the Scotchman, Barclay (De Regno et Regali Potestate, 1600); since that time he has fallen into undeserved oblivion.

It is not so generally known, that, by a recent statement of the medical inspector of factories, there is declared to have been a most astounding renovation of female health in such establishments throughout all England since that time,the simple result of sanitary laws.

Many mountain streams, clear and sparkling, or peaty and brown, join the Rede Water on its way, amongst others the little Otter Burn, by whose banks took place that stirring episode in the constant quarrels between the Douglases and Percies known as "Chevy Chase," from which the fierce battle-cries ring down the five centuries that have passed since that time, with sounds that echo still.

Since that time, three men had made inquiries about the woman in question.

Since that time, he himself, now a publisher in Avignon, has steadily watched and fostered the movement.

Since that time, the great majority of them have been staunch believers in the Mohammedan religion.

They've been improved and perfected since that time.

Since that time, I have regularly taken the Liberator, and read many Anti-Slavery pamphlets and papers and books, and can assure you I never have seen a single insurrectionary paragraph, and never read any account of cruelty which I could not believe.

The following remarkable prayer was first found inscribed upon a linen swathing which had enveloped the mummy of Thothmes III., but since that time the text, written in hieroglyphics, has been found inscribed upon the Papyrus of Nu, [Footnote: Brit.

In 1818, the original number of stripes was restored, and since that time each new state, when admitted, is represented by a star and not by a stripe.]

how much had she not also since that time lost again!

This was my first voyage; but many a day and month and year have I spent on the water since that time.

An act of parliament was obtained in the year 1813, for the erection of a proof house in this town, where all barrels of guns, pistols, blunderbusses, etc. must be proved and marked, under a severe penalty; and since that time, the manufacturing of fowling pieces has increased to a considerable degree.

Since that time, I cannot say which of the two towns have encreased the most; but, if Manchester has extended its buildings with more rapidity than Birmingham, it is a very extensive place.

And since that time some other "Spanish ships" have sunk into the sea.

Since that time, the output has more than doubled.

Although commenced in 1826 and carried on constantly since that time by a number of architects, sculptors and painters, it is not yet finished; if art were not inexhaustible it would be difficult to imagine what more could be added.

Since that time he has been steadily advancing in morals and moral power, till he now preaches the gospel as a local preacher, side by side with the best of the district.

"Some time ago I solicited your prayers for a blessing on my services, and never, in all my life before have I been blessed as since that time.

Since that time the book has by no means ceased to live, for it continues to be quoted from and sought for, but is obtainable only with difficulty, and at much more than its original cost, at sales of second-hand books.

Although many years have passed since that time, I still find the old feelings in existencefor instance, that of looking on the left hand as unclean.

Siberia was barely known to the Russians of nine generations ago, but since that time it has been continuously overspread by their colonists, soldiers, political exiles, and transported criminals; already some two-thirds of its population are Sclaves.

Since that time they had been left to run about the decks, producing a good deal of dirt, and some confusion.

"When and then must not be used for nouns and pronouns; thus, 'Since when,' 'since then,' 'the then ministry,' ought to be, 'Since which time,' 'since that time,' 'the ministry of that period.

For the way of writing plays in verse, which I have seemed to favour, I have, since that time, laid the practice of it aside, till I have more leisure, because I find it troublesome and slow:

Since that time, by the author of these investigations then described, by the English Admiralty, and by private firms, further experiments have been carried out, some on a considerable scale, and all corroborative of the results published in 1868.

Since that time and before, more than one voice has been able, applying them to itself, to give to those prophetic words, "voices in the wilderness," another very melancholy significance.

Since that time he generally comes over once or twice a term.

Then the prelates gave up; and never since that time have I heard that a single demand was made touching the matters above spoken of." (Joinville, chap.

Since that time we have passed our evenings in private societies, or at home; and while Mr. D devours new pamphlets, and Mrs. D and the lady we lodge with recount their mutual sufferings at Arras and St. Pelagie, I take the opportunity of writing.

This event was announced on Tuesday last, and since that time the minds and conversation of the public have been entirely occupied by it.

Since that time we have passed our evenings in private societies, or at home; and while Mr. D devours new pamphlets, and Mrs. D and the lady we lodge with recount their mutual sufferings at Arras and St. Pelagie, I take the opportunity of writing.

Since that time I have witnessed many a battle, many a scene of preparation and of bloody work with knife and saw and bandage, but I have never experienced a chill like that I felt on that early day of the Rebellion.

It was the story that has found its repetition in many a battle since that time.

Since that time, there has been a decrease of about four millionsa thing without parallel in Christendom.

Mopsa the Fairy, an exquisite story, followed a year later, with A Sister's Bye-hours, and since that time, Off the Skelligs in 1872, Fated to be Free in 1875, Sarah de Berenger in 1879, Don John in 1881, and Poems of the Old Days and the New, recently issued.

Since that time there had to be a storm of rain, or the moon had to be very clear, to prevent Wu-han from hurrying to the small woman.

And such a revision had since that time been going on more or less actively in many minds; in some cases with very decisive results.

At last, however, I found this test-character, and since that time I have had no doubt left in my mind that form, determined by structure, is the true criterion of Families.

"That is what is pressing me down to the ground, and all my good life since that time doesn't help anything ..." The boy rested his curly head in the palms of his small hands.

The best apology I can make for it, and the truest, is only this, that you have, since that time, received with applause, as bad, and as uncorrect plays from other men.

Five years ago he came back to bring his little grand-nephew, but nobody has seen him since that time.

Since that time the policy of the leading roads has been still further unified by great financial alliances and by the method known as "community of interests.

Since that time two counter forces have been at work to affect the ratio of manufacturing establishments to population.

It is very strange to think that since that time I have never met a single man of that party of twenty-one.

Ever since that time, the alderman is made a cuckold, the deluded virgin is debauched, and adultery and fornication are supposed to be committed behind the scenes, as part of the action.

More than once since that time it has been restored; and again it fell into ruin, and became overgrown, as it now is, with the trees of centuries.

" He states that he enjoyed his slavery life and since that time life has been very sweet.

Irene and Charles Coates have lived in Jacksonville since that time.

Since that time nothing had been heard from them, and Robinson, Harder, and Smith had been living alone.

Since that time nothing had been heard from them, and, as the priest mournfully said, "God only knew" where they were and what had happened to them.

The boy was as if transformed since that time; his dreamy nature had left him entirely; he walked firmly, began to care for his external appearance, and soon to have the reputation of being a handsome, clever youth.

He has quitted the country, and I have been a vagabond on the face of the earth ever since that time.

At the beginning of the present century it was but a third-rate city, and was rarely visited by foreigners; since that time its population and limits have been doubled and magnificent edifices in every style of architecture erected, rendering it scarcely secondary in this respect to any capital in Europe.[B] Every art that wealth or taste could devise seems to have been spent in its decoration.

Eighteen months had elapsed since that time, so they were as naked as the natives, but plump as the capons women fatten in dark places, for they had lived well at the cacique's table during that period; nor did they concern themselves about meum and tuum, or as to who gave and who received, which is the cause of the crimes of violence that shorten human life.

Since that time it has run through a score of editions, at long intervals out of print, and again revived at the public call with an eagerness of distribution which few modern romances have enjoyed.

Not to detail too minutely the events of a performance which since that time has become sufficiently familiar, I may say that he carried out his programme with dreadful exactness, and, after appearing to burn the handkerchief to ashes and mix up a quantity of eggs and flour in the hat, proceeded very coolly to smash the works of my watch beneath his ponderous pestle.

I believe it was at the White Horse, near Bishops Waltham, but the place has changed hands since that time, so that I can only prove my words, as you have heard, by the state of my horse when I came home.

Has any thing occurred since that time to mar your good understanding?" "Nothing of any consequence," said Mr. Stanbury, coldly"nothing bearing on the esteem of man for man.

The amount of the public debt, including Treasury notes, on the 1st of the present month was $24,256,494.60, of which the sum of $17,788,799.62 was outstanding on the 4th of March, 1845, leaving the amount incurred since that time $6,467,694.98.

Since that time she has only languished; she wished to live for the sake of her parents, but her grief has proved the most powerful.