375 examples of since that time in sentences

Since that time I have waited.

But since that time pope and king have been again united in the management of the Holy Office, the latter, however, in abject subservience to the former.

In 1854 the migration fell off, and since that time until the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad California received the chief accessions to her white population by the Panama steamers.

But the country-folk believe, sir, that the nun's curse holds true; and they say, that Whitford folks have been getting poorer and wickeder ever since that time, and will, till the Nun-pool runs up to Ashy, and the Lavingtons' name goes out of Whitford Priors.'

These I distributed, and thus began the business which I have followed steadily since that time.

Since that time, it has grown into a custom; and their Actors speak by the hour glass, as our Parsons do.

Since that time not a single woman hath burned herself in Arabia.

The squibbing Middleton, and Heywood sage, Th' apologetick Atlas of the stage; Well of the golden age he could entreat, But little of the metal he could get; Threescore sweet babes he fashion'd at a lump, For he was christen'd in Parnassus pump; The Muses gossip to Aurora's bed, And ever since that time, his face was red.

For though it may be true that the practice of defending the Colonies with the troops and at the cost of the mother-country was an innovation upon the earlier Colonial system, introduced at the time of the great war, it is not the less certain that to the generation of colonists that had grown up since that time the abandonment of it had all the effect of novelty.

I sent an assistant and workman to put it in order, and since that time it has generally acted very well.

Anyhow, there had been little drinking in the inn since that time, for Block grew more and more silent and morose.

The principles established by the Rochdale Pioneers in England in 1844 and observed consistently by successful societies since that time are as follows: 1.

Our commerce, our wealth, and the extent of our territories have increased in corresponding proportions, and the number of independent communities associated in our Federal Union has since that time nearly doubled.

We have been at war since that time, I believe, with, for, and against every considerable nation in Europe.

In 1818, the original number of stripes was restored, and since that time each new state, when admitted, is represented by a star and not by a stripe.]

how much had she not also since that time lost again!

Since that time the book has by no means ceased to live, for it continues to be quoted from and sought for, but is obtainable only with difficulty, and at much more than its original cost, at sales of second-hand books.

Since that time they had been left to run about the decks, producing a good deal of dirt, and some confusion.

Since that time, by the author of these investigations then described, by the English Admiralty, and by private firms, further experiments have been carried out, some on a considerable scale, and all corroborative of the results published in 1868.

Since that time, there has been a decrease of about four millionsa thing without parallel in Christendom.

Since that time there had to be a storm of rain, or the moon had to be very clear, to prevent Wu-han from hurrying to the small woman.

Five years ago he came back to bring his little grand-nephew, but nobody has seen him since that time.

Since that time two counter forces have been at work to affect the ratio of manufacturing establishments to population.

It is very strange to think that since that time I have never met a single man of that party of twenty-one.

Ever since that time, the alderman is made a cuckold, the deluded virgin is debauched, and adultery and fornication are supposed to be committed behind the scenes, as part of the action.

375 examples of  since that time  in sentences