531 examples of sing as in sentences

"Yes, or in concerts; I don't care where, but I mean to sing wonderfully; to sing as I feel I could sing, if I had the opportunity.

No man could sing as he has sung, had not others sung before him.

Now on my life this boy does sing as like the boy at the Whitefryers as ever I heard: how say you Captain? Suc.

The Psalmes they sing as wee doe, hauing no image, nor vsing any maner of idolatrie: their error is, that they beleeue not in Christ, nor yet receiue the New Testament.

He looked to see that the door was shut, and then says he, gloomily: "She don't sing as she used to, Kit; she don't laugh hearty.

But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it; Just start to sing as you tackle the thing That "cannot be done," and you'll do it.

I tinks missy get along better widout him, dan he can widout her; but dar am some poor souls dat neber sees de shine, making dem feel as full ob sing as a camp-meeting!"

he's had his nest to build, and his supper to earn, and his young ones to feed, and all the crows and kites in the wood to drive away, the sturdy John Bull that he is; and yet he can find time to sing as merrily as an abbot, morning and evening, since he sang the new year in last January.

Then Two-Eyes began to sing as before: "Are you awake, Three-Eyes?"

So he put on a kettle, and waited uneasily for it to sing as a kettle should.

They could sing as the birds sing, because they had voices and loved it, but of musical training or education they had little.

I cannot sing as once, I sung, Our bright and cheerful hearth beside; When gladness sway'd my heart and tongue, And looks of fondest love replied The meaner cares of earth defied, We heeded not its outward din; How loud soe'er the storm might chide, So all was calm and fair within.

Her heart drove her to the window, and kept her there, andamong the civilized it could not take place, but here she could sing as she pleased in the middle of the night; it was nobody's affair, nobody's disturbance.

" Then in his turn spake Daphnis, and thus he made reply: "O shepherd of the fleecy flock, thou pipest clear and high; But come what will, Menalcas, thou ne'er wilt sing as I." MENALCAS.

Sometimes, too, at Lafayette's urgent request, Calvert would sing as he had used to do around the camp-fires in the Virginia campaign.

" "I've never heard her, but I'm sure she can't sing as well as you," he said, with returning gloom.

They sing as if they enjoyed singingmen and women together; and in fact the services are usually such as to give one a new zeal in holy things, even though we can understand few words.

Now and then a male Snowflake will take a little flight and sing as merrily as his cousin the Goldfinch, but he never stays long away from the ground where seeds are to be found.

And colours bright She delighted in; The fiddle to hear, And to lift her chin, And sing as small As a twittering wren.

Beside me, too, clear waters coursed Which willow branches, lapsing low, Breaking their crystal gliding forced To sing as they did flow.

They kneel and strike their golden lutes, or stand and sound their silver clarions, or sit like beautiful winged children on the steps of the throne, and pipe and sing as if their spirits were overflowing with harmony as well as love and adoration.

For which it pleased him in his songs to show The occasion of his woe, as best he might; And made a fitting song, of words but few, 115 Somewhat his woeful heart to make more light; And when he was removed from all men's sight, With a soft night voice, he of his Lady dear, That absent was, 'gan sing as ye may hear.

"That boat song, do you mean, which they sing as a signal to those on shore?"

The Song of the Reel Close by the edge of the lily pads, there's a flash and swirl of spray, And the line draws taut, and the rod dips low, and I sing as he speeds away; And I whir and click with the joy of life, as the line runs in and out, And I laugh with glee as I reel him in, the gamy and speckled trout.

" Emerson when he gave his mind to it could sing as harmoniously as the best.

531 examples of  sing as  in sentences