144 examples of sinless in sentences

For example, if a priest setting out on a long journey forgets to take his Breviary or leaves it in a railway carriage, and cannot procure another, or cannot procure another without, great inconvenience, he is exempt from the obligation of his Office; and the omission being involuntary is sinless.

She took the little blue wonders in her hand, and thought what lives of sinless joy, what raptures and loves, what exultations of song and soaring slept in those tiny shells!

Then he sang in a clear, fresh voice: "Red as the wine of forgotten ages, Yellow as gold of the sunbeams spun, Pink as the gowns of Aurora's pages, White as the robe of a sinless one, Sweeter than Araby's winds that blow Roses, roses, I love ye so!"

This unconcern for their spiritual interests grew very naturally out of their relation to their masters; and were the relation ordained of God, the unconcern would, surely, be both philosophical and sinless.

But, say you, to induce our forbearance, "We good men at the South are restoring slavery, as fast as we can, to what it should be; and we will soon make its erring practice quadrate with its perfect and sinless theory."

Until its character be righteous, we shall continue to condemn it; but when you shall have brought it back to your sinless and beautiful theory of it, it will have nothing to fear from the abolitionists.

I pass on to show, that the Apostolic injunction of duties upon masters and servants does not prove that slavery is sinless.

Between sinless man and his sinful progeny, the distance is immeasurable.

When genial spring her magic spell, Cast 'round each lovely woodland dell, And woke to life the warbling throng, While streamlets gaily danced along; If such a spot on earth be found, Those hills and vallies all around Smiled, like the paradise of God, When first by sinless beings trod.

And for aught we know, ye were the only part of nature's works which were created solely for the purpose of charming the mind and gratifying the senses of sinless beings.

Our people and our government have sinned alike against the first-born of the soil, and if they are the fated agents of a new era, they have done nothinghave invoked no god to keep them sinless while they do the hest of fate.

If that tormenting feeling of being continually wrong in this life, ends by making us continually right for ever in the world to come; if Christ be formed in us at last; if out of our sinful and mortal manhood a sinless and immortal manhood is born;then shall we, like the mother over her new-born babe, forget our anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

Maternal lady with the virgin grace, Heaven-born thy Jesus seemeth sure, And of a virgin pure. Lady most perfect, when thy sinless face Men look upon, they wish to be A Catholic, Madonna fair, to worship thee.

Though Sin had witherd with a charnel breath Creation's morning bloom, there still remain'd Elysian hues of that Adamic scene, When the Sun gloried o'er a sinless world, And with each ray produced a flower!From dells Untrodden, hark!

In Daniel Deronda she said, 'Our guides, we pretend, must be sinless; as if those were not often the best teachers who only yesterday got corrected for their mistakes.'

But not only was Emily's style sinless; it is on the whole purest, most natural, and most inevitable in her dialogue; and that, although the passions she conceived were so tremendous, so unearthly, that she might have been pardoned if she found no human speech to render them.

O sinless one being thine, I am about to perish in this dreadful forest.

Then, O sinless prince!

A BUTTERFLY IN CHURCH What dost thou here, thou shining, sinless thing, With many colored hues and shapely wing?

Could carnal reason discern that human or divine blood, any more than that of beasts, had efficacy to make the sinner as it were sinless?

And the illustrious Bhimasena unstrung that bow by means of which that sinless one had vanquished in fight the Panchalas and the lord of Sindhu, and with which, during his career of conquest, he had, single-handed, opposed innumerable foes, and hearing whose twang which was like unto the roar of the thunder or the splitting of a mountain, enemies always fly (in panic) from the field of battle.

I desire, O sinless one, to live here beside thee acting under thy commands, O lord.'

And engaging in fight with lions and elephants, I shall, O sinless one, always contribute to thy entertainment.

So it is possible to be angry, and yet to be sinless.

When then the early Christians became satisfied that Jesus was the Messiah, it followed of necessity that they should after his death, say to themselves"He has gone into the heavens to receive his institution into the office he has won by his sinless life and suffering death.

144 examples of  sinless  in sentences