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53 examples of  sinuses  in sentences

53 examples of sinuses in sentences

The eye rests with equal delight on what is not leaf and on what is leaf,on the broad, free, open sinuses, and on the long, sharp, bristle-pointed lobes.

"Fatu[m']st in partibus illis || Quas sinus abscondit.

This is probably the sea about the Maldives, which, according to the eastern geographers, divides that part of the Indian Ocean from the sea of Delarowi, or the Magnus Sinus of the ancients.

59, 60 Aegyptus, Egypt, an extensive country of Africa, bounded on the west by part of Marmarica and the deserts of Lybia, on the north by the Mediterranean, on the east by the Sinus Arabicus, and a line drawn from Arsino[)e] to Rhinocolura, and on the south by Aethiopia.

It passes through the Lacus Lemanus, Lake of Geneva, and flows with a swift and rapid current in a southern direction into the Sinus Gallicus, or Gulf of Lyons.

Concavity N. concavity, depression, dip; hollow, hollowness; indentation, intaglio, cavity, dent, dint, dimple, follicle, pit, sinus, alveolus^, lacuna; excavation, strip mine; trough &c (furrow) 259; honeycomb.

A very little way inland is the village of Dunsley, which may have been in existence in Roman times, for Ptolemy mentions Dunus Sinus as a bay frequently used by the Romans as a landing-place.

"Nam quid lacteolus sinus, et ipsas Prae

Fatum est in partibus illis quas sinus abscondit, as the saying is, marriage and hanging goes by destiny, matches are made in heaven.

in Sinus, lib. 1. relate.

Benignitatis sinus solebat esse, nunc litium officina curia

Poculum quasi sinus in quo saepe naufragium faciunt, jactura tum pecuniae tum mentis Erasm.

And again: Avia tum resonant avibus virgulta canoris Et Venerem certis repetunt armenta diebus Parturit almus ager Zepherique trementibus auris Laxant arva sinus.

From this foramen runs the Plantar Groove, a channel, bounded above by the superior edge, and below by the semilunar crest of the bone, which conducts the plantar arteries into the Semilunar Sinus, a well-marked cavity in the interior of the bone.

Here it enters the interior of the bone (the semilunar sinus) and anastomoses with the corresponding artery of the opposite side.

THE INTRA-OSSEOUS VENOUS SYSTEM.This is a venous system within the structure of, and occupying the semilunar sinus of the os pedis.

Many of the simple operations on the foot, such as the probing of a sinus, the paring out of corns, or the searching of pricks, may most suitably be performed with the animal's leg held by the operator as a smith holds it for shoeing.

According to the temperament of the animal, even the operation for the removal of a portion of the sole, or the injection of sinuses with caustics, may be carried out with the animal simply twitched.

It consists in rolling portions of the dressing into little cylinders, wrapped round with thin paper, and introduced into a sinus or other position where considered necessary.

Pus again accumulates, lameness arises as before, and disappears again with the second discharge of the contents of the sinus now formed.

Their lip-like openings, and the ready manner in which they may be searched by the probe, show them to be sinuses.

The diseased cartilage, or side-bone, gave some trouble, a considerable portion having to be cut and scraped, and the sinus in it gouged out; but its complete removal did not appear to be called for.

Here, if one or more fistulas exist, their openings are probed and the direction of the sinuses determined.

In the former method such drugs as perchloride of mercury in the lump, or nitrate of silver, chloride of zinc, and caustic potash or soda in the stick, are introduced into each of the sinuses present.

After two weeks of the treatment sloughing of the inside of the sinuses occurs, and healing of the wound commences.

The horn of the wall is then sawed through in a direct line from the coronary margin to the solar edge, the saw-line running exactly over the seat of the sinus.

In this way the sinus is completely destroyed, and from end to end converted into an open wound.

No matter in what position the sinus is, whether at the extreme anterior portion of the coronet, or whether in the region of the heels, it is to be thoroughly opened up.

Immediately over the sinus, and for a short distance on either side of it, the horn is stripped away to the sensitive structures.

In such cases we ourselves have derived benefit from a regular flushing of the sinuses with a 1 in 2,000 solution of perchloride of mercury, introduced by means of a glass syringe, followed later by flushing in the same manner with a 1 in 40 solution of carbolic acid, the hollow of the heel meanwhile being kept clean with an antiseptic pad and bandage, or by liberal applications of an antiseptic powder.

Wherever a sinus has existed in it, it is to be carefully scraped, and all dead portions of tissue removed.

The base of the wedge-shaped portion removed contains the opening of the fistula, and the apex of the wedge should reach to the bottom of the sinus (see Fig. 142).

[Illustration] Indusium cordate, fixed by the sinus.

The wood ferns, on the other hand, have a kidney-shaped indusium attached to the fronds by the sinus.

Pinnules toothed or entire nearly covered beneath with the large, thin, imbricated indusia which are orbicular with a narrow sinus, having the margins ragged and sparingly glanduliferous.

Indusium large, orbicular, with a deep, narrow sinus.

Indusium smooth, naked, with a shallow sinus.

Fruit-dots near the midvein, the sides of the sinus often overlapping.

Pinnse oblong; the lower distant segments oblong, denticulate, separated by wide sinuses.

But such as have properly become English words, may form the plural regularly in es; as, chorus, choruses: so, apparatus, bolus, callus, circus, fetus, focus, fucus, fungus, hiatus, ignoramus, impetus, incubus, isthmus, nautilus, nucleus, prospectus, rebus, sinus, surplus.

Knowing the angle [gamma] (Fig. 5) that the tangent to the orbit makes with the sun at a given point, and the angle [delta] of the track upon such tangent, as well as the velocity v of the comet, we can deduce therefrom the velocity V of the solar waves by the simple expression: V = v ร— (sinus [delta] / sinus([gamma] -

Laudat, amat, cantat nostros mea Roma libellos, Meque sinus omnes, me manus omnis habet.


SEE RODER, PAUL W. Major pathology of the nose and accessory sinuses.

Major pathology of the nose and accessory sinuses.


SEE RODER, PAUL W. Major pathology of the nose and accessory sinuses.

Major pathology of the nose and accessory sinuses.

The off-shore translucent waters of the Gulf of Gascony were the "Sinus Aquitanicus" of the ancients.

Elytra much depressed, especially on the sides and behind, having a wide but shallow sinus on the sides; surface punctured, the punctures generally running in striae, some of the rows placed in slightly grooved lines: lively glossy green, sides broadly margined with yellow.

The lap is what the Latins called the sinus, a fold in the bosom of the tunic, which was used as a pocket.

Each furnished with a sessile avicularium at the upper and outer angle in front, and with a vibraculum placed in the sinus on the outer and lower part of the cell behind.

4. S. ferox, n. sp. Opening of cell broad oval, pointed below; three short indistinct spines above; vibraculum large, sinus deep.