110 examples of sissy in sentences

" "But, Harry, he" "Your mother 'ain't got the bills of this shebang to worry about, and your mother don't mind having a college sissy a-laying around the house to support five years longer.

No boy of mine with a poor daddy eats up four years of his life and my salary training to be a college sissy.

Look-ut heer, sissy, why ar'n't ye in the maternal arms of the Café des Exilés?

The old man stared; then he slid off the barrel and shambled out of the store as little Sissy Leadham entered it.

" "Oh, my!" said Sissy, opening her blue eyes.

" "My name's Sissy, not Missy.

No, Missywal, Sissy, thenno, Sissy, you speak out an' tell me what brought you a-visitin'me?" She shuffled very uneasily.

"And now, Sissy, you run along home," said Pap.

Sissy was down with it!

His name was never mentioned till it began to fall from Sissy Leadham's delirious lips.

"George," said he, "shooting Pap wouldn't help little Sissy, would it?

"Little Sissy Leadham is dying.

"Nobody laughs in Paradise now, and nobody except my brother, the doctor, and Sissy's father knows that I've come after you.

To the right was the room where Sissy lay.

Popsy, where's my money?" "Here, Sissy, right here.

He's a kind of sissy, but Sinclair is a killerand then some.

"A sissy outfit, that 's what it is," he said abruptly; "and a sissy program.

"A sissy outfit, that 's what it is," he said abruptly; "and a sissy program.

Oh, I'm so cold!" "Put your feet closer to me, sissy," answered her brother, baring himself to enwrap her more thoroughly; "put my stockings on over yours;" and, as well as they were able in the dark, he drew his stockings on over her benumbed feet.

"Mamma's boy! Reg'lar sissy, he is!" He gave Freddy a poke in the ribs.

Tha's all the thanks I get for tryin' to make a man out o' the li'l sissy.

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It's a sissy game.

It's a sissy game.

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110 examples of  sissy  in sentences