Do we say sit or set

sit 10961 occurrences

Hermia and Armistead followed hand in hand, but not before Hermia had turned her head over her shoulder and whispered mischievously to Olga: "You can sit as many risks as you run, Olga, darling.

Then he made her sit on a bank by the roadside and unslinging his knapsack dropped beside her.

Cleofonte had invited Hermia to sit with him upon the seat of the wagon, but she had refused and taken her place by Markham's side behind Clarissa, who, quite peacefully, followed in the trail of Tomasso, the bear.

"If them damned abolitionists would only stay at home, we could afford to sit quiet an' let 'em howl; but when they come into our dooryard an' begin to howl, it's time somethin' ought to be did.

The books were nicely dusted, the comfortable stuffed rocking chair stood in its usual place where her father used to love to sit so well, and a splendid ottoman stood before it, which was usually her seat.

" The poor girl felt there was no time to sit still, for she was a destitute orphan, and she must try to help herself, and so she repaired to Mrs. Cobb, the most fashionable dress maker in the village, to see if she could learn her trade.

Home of my childhood, once again, With fond delight, I turn to thee; Here, in this green and silent glen, I'll sit beneath the o'ershadowing tree; While memory, with its magic power, Summons to my enraptured mind, Scenes, which, till this mysterious hour, Had been to Lethean waves consign'd.

Captain Kendal usually returned home between two and three; and Amelia was accustomed to sit up, and by her own services lighten the labours of their scanty establishment.

All this our young farmer is not supposed to sit down and master before he proceeds with the proper business of his new farm; it will be a subject of study with him in many future months, and winters too.

Two men sit facing two women; spot drawing, no caption.

How shall we sit up late at night, burning the midnight oil of study, and yet rise with the dawn, strong from sweet sleep, to guide the plough?

She has a stool or log of wood to sit on, and arranges a couple of sacks or something of the kind, so as to form a screen and keep off the bitter winds which are then so commoncolder than those of the winter proper.

"Quod etiam nunc apud plerasque Orientis nationes piaculum sit, calceato pede templorum pavimenta calcasse.

One, long named Big Bone Lick, was famous because there were scattered about it in incredible quantity the gigantic remains of the extinct mastodon; the McAfees made a tent by stretching their blankets over the huge fossil ribs, and used the disjointed vertebrae as stools on which to sit.

And St. Eucherius demanding of the angel, his guide, what was the reason thereof, the angel answered that it was by sentence of the saints whom he had robbed of their possessions, and who, at the day of the last judgment, will sit with God to judge the world.

On the Saturday evening a number of men sit on the top of the rushes, holding garlands of artificial flowers, tinsel, &c.

"Out upon such half-faced fellowship," say I. I like to be either entirely to myself, or entirely at the disposal of others; to talk or be silent, to walk or sit still, to be sociable or solitary.

What a delicate speculation it is, after drinking whole goblets of tea, "The cups that cheer, but not inebriate," and letting the fumes ascend into the brain, to sit considering what we shall have for suppereggs and a rasher, a rabbit smothered in onions, or an excellent veal-cutlet!

Unluckily, too, the teetotalers are very apt, in this case also, to sit in judgment upon their more adventurous neighbours.

Men and women contend for each other in the lists of love, like rival mesmerists; the active and adroit decide their challenges in the sports of the body; and the sedentary sit down to chess or conversation.

I am I, and You are You, with all my heart; but conceive how these lean propositions change and brighten when, instead of words, the actual you and I sit cheek by jowl, the spirit housed in the live body, and the very clothes uttering voices to corroborate the story in the face.

Faiths and Utopias are the noblest exercise of human reason, and no one with a spark of reason in him will sit down fatalistically before the croaker's picture.

Then he returned to sit beneath the tree.

If our Supreme Courts are not held, and if Congress does not sit on that day, it is custom, and not law, that makes it so.

We get the victory over it by refusing those institutions and practices which he sets forth as evidence of his power to sit supreme in the temple of God, and by adopting which we should acknowledge the validity of his title, by conceding his right to act for the church in behalf of the Son of God.

set 44900 occurrences

After spending a long time in vain study, I was on the point of giving up as insoluble the problem that I had set myself.

How are we to set to work?

I shall set forth, plainly and simply, the final result of my studies; and it will be seen, in spite of the many difficulties that may arise, with what absolute certainty the principles I have established can be applied.

Therefore, I now desire in the course of these lectures to set aside the terms of a technology which I could not avoid at the outset, and by the recital of my labors and my researches, my disappointments and my discoveries, to show you the painful birth of a science, whose possession entitles me to the honor of addressing you to-day.

Is not blue the color of the sky, the home of pure intellects, set free from the body, who see and know all things?

They think thus to set themselves free from what they call the prejudices of their fathers.

This was commenced in excellent order about ten at night, and the usual breeze having set off from shore favored their manoeuvre, so that, all hands being employed in warping and towing, the vessels were got safely into the bay, and anchored, beyond reach of shot, about two o'clock the next morning.

To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave, Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er the wave; Let our deck clear for action, our guns be prepared; Be the boarding-axe sharpened, the scimetar bared: Set the canisters ready, and then bring to me, For the last of my duties, the powder-room key.

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There is, first, a whole set of limitations to prevent nuisances.

Its force has gradually decreased, but even yet is not entirely set aside.

This is a simple explanation of a complex and difficult set of conditions.

A period of rising prices set in, which has continued to the present time.

Set a Centinel out first.

And your horses, Sir, Are well set up in Bruges all by this time: You look as you were not well Sir, and would be Shortly let blood; do you want a scarf? Van-d. A halter.

A periagua even left the river for the city, at the extraordinary hour of midnight!" "Sir, boats will move on the water, when the hands of man set them in motion; but what have I to answer for in the matter?

If the men of Captain Ludlow were at first imprisoned, I presume they were set at liberty at the proper time.

If you wish to overhaul our cargo, you must look sharply into the cuffs and aprons, the negligees and stomachers of the Governor's lady, at the next ball at the fort; or pry into the sail that is set above the farthingales of the wife and daughters of your Admiralty Judge!

Do we say   sit   or  set