Do we say sit or set

sit 10961 occurrences

I'll go in 'ere for 'arf a minnit and sit down.

"I s'pose we shall 'ave to 'ave something," he ses in a whisper to Sam; "we can't expect to come in and sit down for nothing.

He just nodded at 'im; but 'e looked so 'appy that Sam felt it was a pleasure to sit there and look at 'im.

arter fetching another chair from the kitchen, asked 'im to sit down.

" Mrs. Burtenshaw shut the door arter 'im, and then she went in and 'ad a quiet sit-down all by 'erself to think it over.

The fearful disease was abating in our family, and "Old Harper," as she is called in the Fort, offered to sit up and attend to the fire.

He was utterly unfitted for the former, being too gay a spirit to sit down and calculate chances.

it was dreadful,' said Sydney; 'I found I could do nothing for it but take off my flesh and sit in my bones.'

Praetextatus, a robed gentleman in Plutarch, would not sit down at a feast, because he might not sit highest, but went his ways all in a chafe.

I should not like him to sit on my letter.

At the end of these words he bade him come up the inclined plane built for this very purpose in front of the rostra, and Tiridates having been made to sit beneath his feet he placed the diadem upon his head.

She made him sit down on a couch of deerskins, that he might rest his tired limbs.

He then ushered them into a very decent room, where his wife was sitting at a table; she immediately rose up, and assisted them in setting forth chairs, and desired them to sit down.

At four o'clock in the afternoon my illustrious chief used to depart, and I would then steal into his room and sit down before Urania and dream of lovelier worlds than ours, hidden in the infinite spaces of the starry sky.

Sometimes my friend and companion in studies, Georges Spero, would come and sit beside me; and, inspired by the immortal beauty of Urania, we would let our young and ardent imaginations play over the glories and wonders of the heavens.

In a very few years they would sit under a roof-tree bared of fruit and blossom, and sad with falling leaves.

They had dreamed their dream, and there is only one such dream for a lifetime; now they must sit and listen to the dreams of their children, help them to build theirs.

But we can do nothing but sit at home and wait, darn their socks, and clap our hands at their successes.

He had so far progressed in his ambitions as to have arrived at the dignity of a garret of his own, and he liked to pretend that soon he might be romantically fortunate enough to sit face to face with starvation.

It used to bore him terribly when he'd have to sit in the room and talk to Sis and Gerald.

Sit down immediately and write the letter and I 'll mail it first thing in the morning, so he 'll get it before he has time to make other arrangements.

" She released his hand and made him sit again.

If our Supreme Courts are not held, and if Congress does not sit on that day, it is custom, and not law, that makes it so.

We get the victory over it by refusing those institutions and practices which he sets forth as evidence of his power to sit supreme in the temple of God, and by adopting which we should acknowledge the validity of his title, by conceding his right to act for the church in behalf of the Son of God.

Because our grandfather's idea of perfect happiness was to sit before the fire of logs, we are satisfied with the semblance in the form of the asbestos-covered gas-log.

set 44900 occurrences

" Dalrymple set down his cup untasted, and turned away.

"And to my intimates, every morning from twelve to two," she added very softly, with a dimpled smile that went straight to my heart, and set it beating like the paddle-wheels of a steamer.

"When a set of men find themselves agree in any particular, though never so trivial, they establish themselves into a kind of fraternity, and meet once or twice a week.

So I set steadily to work, and my conductor, establishing himself in an easy-chair by the fire, watched my progress for some time, and then, as the night advanced, fell profoundly asleep.

" Hereupon the student took from his finger a superb ruby set between two brilliants of inferior size, and allowed it to pass from hand to hand, all round the table.

How the tiniest show of preference set my heart beating!

His heart is set on making a physician of me, and I dare not disappoint him.

" A young woman prominent in the social set of an Ohio town tells of a young man there who had not familiarized himself with the forms of polite correspondence to the fullest extent.

One of the ministers, a southerner from Kentucky, was naturally not very cordial to the opinions of the great abolitionist and set out to embarrass Mr. Phillips.

" "Sir," said the sleek-looking agent, approaching the desk of the meek, meaching-looking man and opening one of those folding thingumjigs showing styles of binding, "I believe I can interest you in this massive set of books containing the speeches of the world's greatest orators.

This set of books gives you the most celebrated speeches of the greatest talkers the world has ever known and" "Let me see the index," said the meek man.

Hearing the crash of china Dinah's mistress arrived in time to see her favorite coffee-set in pieces.

Of the number that she tried on, she seemed particularly pleased with a large black affair which set off her light hair charmingly.

She is a thing to be loved, Ludlow; trust me, I never yet set affections on woman, with the warmth I feel for the faithful and beautiful machine!"

I leave the bale in your care; and, before tomorrow's sun has set, one will await the answer Captain Ludlow, are we to part in friendship, or does your duty to the Queen proscribe the word.

so very young;but what is done, is done; and the Norman himself could not deny that I have made a fair set-off, of very excellent commodities, for his daughter's benefit.

A periagua even left the river for the city, at the extraordinary hour of midnight!" "Sir, boats will move on the water, when the hands of man set them in motion; but what have I to answer for in the matter?

If the men of Captain Ludlow were at first imprisoned, I presume they were set at liberty at the proper time.

If you wish to overhaul our cargo, you must look sharply into the cuffs and aprons, the negligees and stomachers of the Governor's lady, at the next ball at the fort; or pry into the sail that is set above the farthingales of the wife and daughters of your Admiralty Judge!

This 'Skimmer of the Seas' is altogether a different man from what our rumors in the city have reported; and, by remaining, we may set public opinion nearer to the truth.

" Bonnie then set up another laugh, in which his partner, having quitted her scullery to seize the gift, which in its colors resembled the skin of a garter-snake, did not fail to join, through mere excess of animal delight.

Once indeed, more than an hour after the gust had reached his own ship, and when the ocean in the offing was clear and calm, he thought he could distinguish, far to seaward, the delicate tracery of a vessel's spars, drawn against the horizon, without any canvas set.

The sun had set, as seen from the vessel, precisely in the mouth of the Raritan; and the shadows from Navesink, or Neversink as the hills are vulgarly called, were thrown far upon the sea.

" "We are spared the trouble, for look, the insolent has set a light himself, as if to invite us to follow.

The ship set several lanterns, in order to indicate her position; while blue-lights, and other marine signals were constantly burning in the approaching boats, as if those who guided them were anxious to intimidate the assailed by a show of numbers.

Do we say   sit   or  set