104 examples of skater in sentences

I shall watch De Chauxville," he added, turning to that graceful skater with a grim smile.

"And Mab is becoming a good little skater.

Mab was becoming a good skater, you see.


O'er ice the rapid skater flies, With sport above, and death below; Where mischief lurks in gay disguise, Thus lightly touch and quickly go.

Mr. Oxford curved away, like a skater into a new figure, and began to expatiate minutely upon the merits of the Volterra picture.

The attitude of drawing the bow and arrow, whilst the skater is forming a large circle on the outside, is very beautiful, and some persons, in skating, excel in manual exercises and military salutes.

but he was a prime skater; how he and Betty used to fly over Collect Pond that winter.

How was it with the swimmer; how was it with the agile and dexterous skater; how with the acrobat, and what but practice has just enabled WESTON to walk one hundred and twelve miles in twenty-four hours, and four hundred miles in five days?

It will be admitted that thirty miles is a pretty good spurt for a skater, but the conditions could not have been more favourable.

It was a pleasing sight as the three young people, the picture of life, health and joyous spirits, side by side, laughing, jesting, and with never a thought of danger, moved out to the middle of the river and then sped toward its source, with the easy, beautiful movement which in the accomplished skater is the ideal of grace.

True, she was as swift and skilful a skater as either, but that of itself was not likely to save her.

First on the right foot, they shot well toward the shore on that side, then bending gracefully to the left, the weight was thrown on that limb, the impetus being imparted to the body without any apparent effort, after the manner of a master of the skater's art.

Of work there was plenty, but he found time to become a proficient skater, and a strong, sturdy swimmer, to learn and take delight in outdoor sports, all of which helped to build a constitution like iron, and to give him an interest in such things which he has never lost.

=The Disobedient Skater Boys= Said William to George, "It is New-Year's day!

When a skater on a pond who is describing graceful circles, and showing off before the crowd, breaks through the ice and gets a ducking, everybody shouts with joy.

Nikolai Shcherbatsky, Kitty's cousin, catching sight of Levin, exclaimed, "There is the best skater in Russia."

When the boats are beached, and the wharf-logs grow, with successive layers congealed from every tide, into huge spindles of ice, the same element offers its glassy surface to the skater.

The quick movements of the limbs in the changing evolutions of this pastimethough the practised skater is unconscious of much muscular effortquicken the circulation enough to increase palpably the animal heat and produce a very sensible perspiration.

Male skater with one foot in air.

But, as I was looking over the surface, I saw here and there at a distance a faint glimmer, as if some skater insects which had escaped the frosts might be collected there, or, perchance, the surface, being so smooth, betrayed where a spring welled up from the bottom.



There followed close behind him another skater, with the fragment of an old stump upon his shoulder; then several others, with branches, sticks, dry bushes, and fragments of every shape and size.

Henry Thoreau is an experienced skater, and was figuring dithyrambic dances and Bacchic leaps on the ice,very remarkable, but very ugly methought.

104 examples of  skater  in sentences