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104 examples of  skater  in sentences

104 examples of skater in sentences

I shall watch De Chauxville," he added, turning to that graceful skater with a grim smile.

On a large pond the ice should be from six to eight inches thick to hold up a crowd of skaters.

"It will hold up all the skaters that will come on this pond.

"But we'll come as often as we can, for I want you to learn to be good skaters.

"And Mab is becoming a good little skater.

There were not many other skaters on the ice when the children and their father reached it Mr. Blake marked off a place, by drawing two lines on the ice with his skate.

The other skaters came up to watch.

"Well, perhaps in a real big race they would count it, even if some of the skaters fell," he said.

Mab was becoming a good skater, you see.

In various parts of the country, national and international skating contests are held, and winners in local tournaments, both for speed and fancy skating, are sent to Stockholm to contest for the grand prizes against the crack skaters of Norway, Denmark, Russia, and northern Germany.

Shores where the summer waves Have whispered low, Echo the skaters' song, As to and fro Glide flitting forms, And watch-fire's glow Leaps into frosty air And crimsons snow.

Fly, skaters, with wing'd feet!

Achmed and his Mare At Sea Bloodroot Chicadee Double-Headed Snake of Newbury, The Drifting Hamlet at the Boston Inscription for an Alms-Chest Joy-Month Last Bird, The Left Behind Morning Street, The Our Skater Belle Palm and the Pine, The Philter, The Prayer for Life Sphinx, The Spring Two Years After Walker of the Snow, The Waterfall, The REVIEWS AND LITERARY NOTICES.


The naked cherubs in the park basins stood knee-deep in ice, skaters skimmed the smooth surface of the canal beyond the tapis vert, and in a twinkling Versailles became a town peopled by gnomes and brownies whose faces peeped quaintly from within conical hoods.

O'er ice the rapid skater flies, With sport above, and death below; Where mischief lurks in gay disguise, Thus lightly touch and quickly go.

O'er crackling ice, o'er gulfs profound, With nimble glide the skaters play; O'er treach'rous pleasure's flow'ry ground Thus lightly skim, and haste away.

They have seldom very hard frosts; nor was it ever known that a lake was covered with ice strong enough to bear a skater.

Mr. Oxford curved away, like a skater into a new figure, and began to expatiate minutely upon the merits of the Volterra picture.

The stars appear Like skaters gliding On a mere.

The attitude of drawing the bow and arrow, whilst the skater is forming a large circle on the outside, is very beautiful, and some persons, in skating, excel in manual exercises and military salutes.

Just let me find my muffler and my skates," and off tore Peter, while Betty tucked up her gown preparatory to an afternoon on the Collect Pond, whose frozen surface was the resort of all fashionable New York, both those who joined the skaters, and others who watched them from the surrounding banks, making a gay, bright winter scene for the spectators as well as the participants.

The ground on the north side between them and Broadway rose to the height of a hundred feet, and this hillside was covered with spectators who were watching the skaters with which the ice was alive.

Up in the Litchfield hills, where the winter set in early and lasted late, Betty had learned to use her skates well, and she and her brother Oliver had been the best skaters in the township when she was hardly more than a child.

Even the timid Pamela had gained boldness and dexterity on the clear, frozen pond; and therefore when Betty, with the ease of a practiced skater, glided off without assistance, Peter flew after her in round-eyed amazement.

" Surely enough, as Peter glanced behind he saw a gigantic profile grow on the smooth surface beneath Betty's little foot, and the skaters around them paused to wonder and admire.

but he was a prime skater; how he and Betty used to fly over Collect Pond that winter.

We have shot almost all the birds of this sort in our own country, and must travel if we would enjoy that enchanting sighta pair of eagles or a party of kites gone aloft for a sail when the wind is rising, like skaters to a pond when the ice is bearing.

They are such great skaters!

What a city of idiots we must be, not to have covered this glorious bay with gondolas and wherries, as we have just learned to cover the ice in winter with skaters!

Early in March, before the first male canker-moth appears on the elm-tree, the whirlwig beetles have begun to play round the broken edges of the ice, and the caddis-worms to crawl beneath it; and soon come the water-skater (Gerris) and the water-boatman (Notonecta).

Without a word he thrust his friend aside, caught at Sylvia's hands, and bore her in a swooping flight to the other end of the pond, now deserted by the other skaters.

How was it with the swimmer; how was it with the agile and dexterous skater; how with the acrobat, and what but practice has just enabled WESTON to walk one hundred and twelve miles in twenty-four hours, and four hundred miles in five days?

It will be admitted that thirty miles is a pretty good spurt for a skater, but the conditions could not have been more favourable.

It was a pleasing sight as the three young people, the picture of life, health and joyous spirits, side by side, laughing, jesting, and with never a thought of danger, moved out to the middle of the river and then sped toward its source, with the easy, beautiful movement which in the accomplished skater is the ideal of grace.

" The lumbering brute came to a stop, with his huge head turned, and surveyed the approaching skaters.

The fact that they were between the skaters and home, and at no great distance from the course they must follow to reach there, was cause for fear.

True, she was as swift and skilful a skater as either, but that of itself was not likely to save her.

First on the right foot, they shot well toward the shore on that side, then bending gracefully to the left, the weight was thrown on that limb, the impetus being imparted to the body without any apparent effort, after the manner of a master of the skater's art.

Neither shot took effect, nor did the wolves give them any heed, but they and the skaters converged with perilous swiftness.

His hope was that the flash and report of the weapon would frighten the animals into opening a path for a moment, through which the skaters could dart into the clear space below.

The skaters swerved aside enough to avoid him, and the next instant were skimming over the ice at their utmost speed.

You are no skaters at all!"

Of work there was plenty, but he found time to become a proficient skater, and a strong, sturdy swimmer, to learn and take delight in outdoor sports, all of which helped to build a constitution like iron, and to give him an interest in such things which he has never lost.

=The Disobedient Skater Boys= Said William to George, "It is New-Year's day!

In winter-time, all in a row, The happy skaters come and go.

When a skater on a pond who is describing graceful circles, and showing off before the crowd, breaks through the ice and gets a ducking, everybody shouts with joy.


The lakes were soon covered with merry skaters, and every afternoon the banks were crowded with spectators.

In the speculative essay here cited, Walker meant by accent the rising or the falling inflection,an upward or a downward slide of the voice: and by quantity, nothing but the open or close sound of some vowel; as of "the a in scatter" and in "skater," the initial syllables of which words be supposed to differ in quantity as much as any two syllables can!Ib., ยง24; Key, p. 331.

[500] "As to the long quantity arising from the succession of two consonants, which the ancients are uniform in asserting, if it did not mean that the preceding vowel was to lengthen its sound, as we should do by pronouncing the a in scatter as we do in skater, (one who skates,) I have no conception of what it meant; for if it meant that only the time of the syllable was prolonged, the vowel retaining the same sound, I must confess as ut er

Nikolai Shcherbatsky, Kitty's cousin, catching sight of Levin, exclaimed, "There is the best skater in Russia."

He looked around at the unfamiliar scene, at the towering palace walls on his right, at the crowds of spectators on the river's edge, at the brilliant throng of skaters, at the great stone bridge spanning the frozen river over which people were forever passing to and fro, some hurriedly, some with leisure to lean over the parapet for a moment to watch the unaccustomed revelry below.

It was that of Monsieur de St. Aulaire, who, as they neared the crowded terrace of the Tuileries gardens, emerged from a group of skaters and, approaching Calvert and Madame de St. Andrรฉ, made a profound bow before the latter.

Both were good skaters, but the young American excelled them in a certain lightness and grace, and the three friends, as they circled about, trying a dozen difficult and showy manoeuvres on the ice, attracted much attention.

Although he was by far the best skater among the French gentlemen who thronged the ice, and although it was little short of a marvel that he should be so active at his age, he was scarcely a match for the younger man either in lightness or quickness of movement.

When the boats are beached, and the wharf-logs grow, with successive layers congealed from every tide, into huge spindles of ice, the same element offers its glassy surface to the skater.

The quick movements of the limbs in the changing evolutions of this pastimethough the practised skater is unconscious of much muscular effortquicken the circulation enough to increase palpably the animal heat and produce a very sensible perspiration.

Male skater with one foot in air.

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 6Apr64; R334978. 3 skaters, 2 male and one female.

The long vacation and The skaters.

The long vacation and The skaters.

Male skater with one foot in air.

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 6Apr64; R334978. 3 skaters, 2 male and one female.

The long vacation and The skaters.

The long vacation and The skaters.

It was also worn by skaters, gymnasts, tourists, and in sanitariums.

The stream with ice all frozen over Gleams as some fashionable parquรฉt, And thronging hordes of boyish skaters Sweep forward on its crystal way.

"It is not the natural laying season when snows lie deep on field and hill, when the frost tingles in sparkling beads from every twig, when the clear streams bear up groups of merry skaters," etc.

You can even detect a water-bug (Gyrinus) ceaselessly progressing over the smooth surface a quarter of a mile off; for they furrow the water slightly, making a conspicuous ripple bounded by two diverging lines, but the skaters glide over it without rippling it perceptibly.

When the surface is considerably agitated there are no skaters nor water-bugs on it, but apparently, in calm days, they leave their havens and adventurously glide forth from the shore by short impulses till they completely cover it.

The skaters and water-bugs finally disappear in the latter part of October, when the severe frosts have come; and then and in November, usually, on a calm day, there is absolutely nothing to ripple the surface.

But, as I was looking over the surface, I saw here and there at a distance a faint glimmer, as if some skater insects which had escaped the frosts might be collected there, or, perchance, the surface, being so smooth, betrayed where a spring welled up from the bottom.

In crossing this white level, we have been tracking our way across an invisible pond, which was alive last week with five hundred skaters.

From Cohoes to Spuyten Duyvil, on both sides of the river, all the skaters swore at the weather, as profane persons no doubt did when the windows of heaven were opened in Noah's time.

It was treacherous stuff, beautiful to the eyes of a skater, but sure to be weak, and likely to break up any moment and join the deliberate headlong drift of the masses in mid-current.

And pleasantly under the silver moon, and under the silent, solemn stars, ring the steel shoes of the skaters on the frozen sea, and voices, and the sound of bells.



Before the ice is in the pools, Before the skaters go,

Before the ice is in the pools, Before the skaters go,

The enterprise met with success, and anglers, bathers, and at due seasons skaters, flocked to 'The Peerless Pool.'

The forms of the skaters, as they stood before the fire, or came wheeling up to it, became more and more distinct, and, in fact, the ringing sound of the skates soon became audible.

When they arrived near the fire, the skaters came around them in great numbers, wondering who could have come.

" So saying, he wheeled round and skated away, the whole crowd of skaters, small and great, following him at full speed.

" The fire was so bright where they were, and it flashed so strongly upon the ice around, that they could not see the skaters until they came pretty near.

There followed close behind him another skater, with the fragment of an old stump upon his shoulder; then several others, with branches, sticks, dry bushes, and fragments of every shape and size.

The skaters went with him on each side of the sleigh.

Many a pleasant time we have had there, in a clear winter night, watching the skaters all the way up to the head of the pond.

"O Jonas, Jonas," they all said, as he came in, "what made you stay so long?" Jonas gave them an account of his adventures, and of his meeting a party of skaters, who were already on the pond, expecting to be joined, in the course of the evening, by a much larger number from the village.

The scene in front of us was just what it had been beforethe bubble clouds were still sailing lazily before the blue, the skaters were still hovering on the ice, the cart of wood that I had noticed was vanishing slowly into the distance.

The doll-like skaters seemed to spin for a moment and then freeze; one figure began to run across the ice.

What a city of idiots we must be not to have covered this glorious bay with gondolas and wherries, as we have just learned to cover the ice in winter with skaters!

After other skaters appear,young men and boys,who principally interest me as foils to my husband, who, in the presence of nature, loses all shyness and moves regally like a king.

Henry Thoreau is an experienced skater, and was figuring dithyrambic dances and Bacchic leaps on the ice,very remarkable, but very ugly methought.

The ice in the Neckar on which skaters were disporting on my arrival passed out in due course of time to the Rhine, the foliage broke forth in glory on the noble hills and the nightingales came back to sing in the ivy about the storied ruins.

So they departed both in excellent spirits, while Lucas leaning upon Nap's shoulder, went down to the lake to watch the skaters and to superintend Bertie's preparations for the evening's entertainment.

His eyes followed the darting figures of the skaters with a certain intentness.

She was not looking at the skaters; her eyes had gone beyond them.

" "Or lose again for the other half," said the cool voice of a skater who had just glided up.