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12201 examples of  skies  in sentences

12201 examples of skies in sentences

The skies had fallen.

She loved Tithônus, son of Laomedon, and bore him up from us in a chariot to be her husband in the skies.

* Not many miles away, as the sun was setting, an Austrian shell burst in a British Battery, and three hours later through the dark under faint stars an ambulance lorry brought to us the bodies of four British gunners, whose dust will mingle with Italian dust, under Italian skies, for ever.

And away up north on Monte Nero, left behind when the rest of the Army retired, Alpini and Bersaglieri resisted for many days, and aeroplanes flew back and dropped food and ammunition from the skies for them.

Some told the soldiers that God had sent the disaster of Caporetto to show them the folly and the sinfulness of loving their corruptible country here below in poor earthly Italy, better than the incorruptible country of all good Catholics, God's eternal kingdom in the skies!" He spoke bitterly, as was not unnatural.

When once, therefore, that sad and dismal force and storm of the Punic War had arisen in Spain, and had forged, in the fire of Saguntum, the thunderbolt long before intended for the Romans, it immediately burst, as if hurried along by resistless violence, through the middle of the Alps, and descended, from those snows of incredible altitude, on the plains of Italy, as if it had been hurled from the skies.

You fancy God far offsomewhere in the skies, beyond suns and stars.

THE BLUEBIRD I know the song that the bluebird is singing, Out in the apple-tree where he is swinging; Brave little fellow, the skies may look dreary; Nothing cares he while his heart is so cheery.

Who fought and bled in Freedom's cause, Who fought and bled in Freedom's cause, And when the storm of war was gone, Enjoyed the peace your valor won. Let independence be our boast, Ever mindful what it cost; Ever grateful for the prize, Let its altar reach the skies.

Once the Emperor Charles of Spain On the top of the Crumpetty Tree On the wide lawn the snow lay deep O suns and skies and clouds of June Over hill, over dale Over the shoulders and slopes of the dune Ring-Ting!

Mr. Lassell works only for his own amusement, and has been to Malta,carrying his larger telescope with him,for the sake of clearer skies.

And so we spent many an hour: picking up land shells from the top of the Coliseum, gathering violets in the upper chambers of the Palace of the Caesars,for the overgrown walls made climbing very easy,or, resting upon some broken statue on the Forum, we admired the arches of the Temple of Peace, thrown upon the rich blue of the sunny skies.

Never were skies bluer, never did the golden sun-flood steep the endless forest lands in richer life-giving glory.

"And all the blood that falls in righteous cause, Each crimson drop shall nourish snowy flowers And quicken golden grain, bright sheaves of good, That under happier skies shall yet be reaped.

But I know if you had dreamed the truth Your beautiful dark brown eyes Would only have grown more gentle, With a sorrowful surprise; For a nobler and a kinder heart Ne'er beat beneath the skies.

Oh, wondrous beauty of the morning skies!

And I read your heart, 'twas an easy task, For within your clear blue eyes, Your pure and innocent thoughts shone out Like stars from the summer skies.

I have sat me down under foreign skies Afire with an Orient glow; I have seen the moon gild the desert sand, And silver the Arctic snow, But the thought of you Jenny Allen, Goes with me where I go.

Not far away does that bright city stand, 'Tis but the mist o'er its dividing stream, That wraps the glory of its glitt'ring strand, Its radiant skies, and mountains silvery gleam; Oh, often in the blindness of our fate We wander very near the city's gate.

It is well that she passed through the starry gate of the skies Though it closed and bars us forever and ever apart.

They would not wonder much, though much they might admire, Should you be caught again up to your native skies From an alien world in a chariot of fire.

I fancy her smile was like this, as she pulled at her mother's gown Drawing her out with childish fingers to watch the red of the skies On the old brown doorstep of home, while the peaceful sun went down, With her mother's hand on her brow, and the glow of the west in her eyes.

An immense clamor, and thick clouds of dust, which darkened the skies, announced their approach; and when intelligence of their numbers was brought to Rustem, the undaunted champion smiled, and said to Garáz: "Fortune favors me; what cause is there to fear the king of Túrán?

My father's foes even now my vengeance feel; Even now in wrath my native legions rise, And sounds of desolation strike the skies; Káús himself, hurled from his ivory throne, Shall yield to Rustem the imperial crown, And thou, my mother, still in triumph seen, Of lovely Persia hailed the honoured queen!

till the soul in the eastern skies Behold the glorious star arise, That guides its steps to the promised prize; Drink!

The birds sang homage to her evermore; And myriad wingèd things, whose radiant dyes Made sunshine beautiful, still hover'd o'er, And bore her witness in the sunlit skies; And rising from the tomb in glad amaze, Came many a sainted flower to hymn her praise.

yes, God will send knowledge from the skies, In pity for my prayers, and tears, and sighs, Angels will sing for joy that I have found My treasure, and hehe will hear the sound!

Amid it mighty mountains proudly rise, Great monarchs of a boundless continent, Rearing their hoary summits to the skies, As claiming empire of the firmament; Gaunt silent majesties of sea and earth, Stern-featured children of Titanic birth.

Ho! Sea, yield up thy buried dead again; Heave back thy waves, and let the Past arise; Restore Time's relics to the startled skies, Till giant shadows tremble on the plain, And awe the heart with old-world mysteries! Old Menmon!

And thus the land became a Paradise, A new-made Eden, redolent of joy, Where beauty blossom'd under sunny skies, And peaceful pleasure reign'd without alloy.

See, now the morning streaks the Eastern skies!

not whollystill Love's eyes Trace thy dim beauty through the mystic veil, Like the young moon that glimmers faint and pale, At noontide through the sun-web of the skies; But ah!

He watch'd the stars come faintly through the skies;

It was a lovely form whose lifted arms Yearn'd towards heaven with all its radiant frame, As though the soul within on wings of flame Up from the earth would waft its angel charms; But still one touch retain'd it to the ground; So that the love that beam'd up from its eyes Flow'd evermore towards the distant skies, And yet to earth the shape remain'd spell-bound.

But earthquakes shook my poor house, and the storm-fiend shook my soul with fear;for skies in lightning and thunder are to me as the panorama and hurly-burly of the Day of Wrath, in all the stupid rushing to and fro and dazed stumbling of Martin's great picture.

" And from that day Leezibeth was the slave of Coquette; but, for the most part, the thoughts of her neighbours were no kinder to the gay and spontaneous "daughter of Heth" from the sunny South than were the grey and dreary skies of Scotland.

Transcendent eloquence ever "raises mortals to the skies" and never "pulls angels down."

How PATRIGE made his optics rise From a shoe-sole, to reach the skies?

But I am exasperated at length, to drag out this CACUS from the den of obscurity, where he lurketh, to detect him by the light of those stars he hath so impudently traduced, and to shew there is not a Monster in the skies so pernicious and malevolent to mankind as an ignorant pretender to Physic and Astrology.

Between us and the western skies The hills of Corsica arise; Eastward, in yonder long, blue line, The summits of the Apennine, And southward, and still far away, Salerno, on its sunny bay.

Broad and red The fires of the descending sun Glare through the windows, and o'erhead, Athwart the vapors, dense and dun, Long shafts of silvery light arise, Like rafters that support the skies!

The skies are serene, the sea is as smooth as the waters of an inland lake; and he is comforted, as he advances to the west, by the appearance of strange birds and weeds and plants that indicate nearness to the land.

The climate was so fickle, that the clearness of the skies was not to be depended on, especially with a strong south-west winda little gale, in fact; and a change in this particular might be produced at any moment.

"But storms come up suddenly in the sunniest skies, as was the case with poor Mr. Royal.

Why, 'tis impossible; for like the skies Without the sun's light, so look all your eyes; Dark, cloudy, thick, and full of heaviness; Within my country there was hope to see Me and my issue to be like our fathers, Upholders of our country all our life, Which should have been if I had wed a wife: Where now, As dropping leaves in autumn you look all,

"Stars fall to fetch fresh light from her rich eyes, Her bright brow drives the sun to clouds beneath, Her hairs' reflex with red streaks paint the skies, Sweet morn and evening dew falls from her breath." Ital.

The centre was occupied with a gorgeous Temple of Hymen, which seemed to lean for support on the well-known statue of the king, in front of which it was constructed; and which was, as it were, to be carried up to the skies by above three thousand rockets and fire-balls into which it was intended to dissolve.

A drizzling rain proclaimed the skies As wretched as the earth; I wandered on, and weary sighs Were all my lot was worth.

Instead of mother's love-lit eyes, The church's storied pane, All blank beneath cold starry skies, Or sounding in the rain.

There needs no curtained bed to hide The world with all its wars, Nor grassy cover to divide From sun and moon and stars A window open to the skies, A sense of changeless life, With oft returning still surprise Repels the sounds of strife.

The bee comes forth to see thee; and the flowers Worship thee all day long, and through the skies Follow thy journey with their earnest eyes.

And when men lift up their eyes, Lo, Truth slow dawning in the skies! 'Tis as if the sun gleamed forth Through the storm-clouds of the north.

Each green hill then will hold its gift Forth to my joying eyes; The mountains blue will then uplift My spirit to the skies.

here the skies showed higher, and the clouds More summer-gracious, filled with stranger shapes; And when they rained, it was a golden rain That sparkled as it fell, an odorous rain.

Around thy coast his bursting bombs he pours On flaming citadels and falling towers; 150 With hissing streams of fire the air they streak, And hurl destruction round them where they break; The skies with long ascending flames are bright, And all the sea reflects a quivering light.

By turns they watch, by turns with curious eyes Survey the heavens, and search the clouded skies, To find out breeding storms, and tell what tempests rise.

Next, let the solemn organ join Religious airs, and strains divine, Such as may lift us to the skies, And set all Heaven before our eyes: 20 'Such as may lift us to the skies; So far at least till they Descend with kind surprise, And meet our pious harmony half-way.' Let then the trumpet's piercing sound Our ravished ears with pleasure wound.

Next, let the solemn organ join Religious airs, and strains divine, Such as may lift us to the skies, And set all Heaven before our eyes: 20 'Such as may lift us to the skies; So far at least till they Descend with kind surprise, And meet our pious harmony half-way.' Let then the trumpet's piercing sound Our ravished ears with pleasure wound.

Methinks I hear the drum's tumultuous sound The victor's shouts and dying groans confound, The dreadful burst of cannon rend the skies, And all the thunder of the battle rise.

When actions, unadorned, are faint and weak, Cities and countries must be taught to speak; Gods may descend in factions from the skies, And rivers from their oozy beds arise; 470 Fiction may deck the truth with spurious rays, And round the hero cast a borrowed blaze.

By arts like these did young Lyæus rise: His tigers drew him to the skies, Wild from the desert and unbroke: In vain they foamed, in vain they stared, In vain their eyes with fury glared; 30 He tamed them to the lash, and bent them to the yoke.

Thus did the god the unwary youth advise; But he still longs to travel through the skies, When the fond father (for in vain he pleads)

Drive them not on directly through the skies, But where the Zodiac's winding circle lies, Along the midmost zone; but sally forth Nor to the distant south, nor stormy north.

Now all the horrors of the heavens he spies, And monstrous shadows of prodigious size, That, decked with stars, lie scattered o'er the skies.

From his loved Babylon Euphrates flies; The big-swoln Ganges and the Danube rise 290 In thickening fumes, and darken half the skies.

I began to watch the skies with some anxiety, and on Thursday I was delighted to see the weather become clearer, and a warm dry wind spring up from the southwest.

It is a phenomenon worthy of consideration by all hardened disbelievers in that which is miraculous upon this earth that when a man's heart really opens to a friend he finds there room for two, And when he takes in the second, behold the skies lift, and the earth grows wider, and he finds there room for two more!

But in spite of himself those eight years under free skies had altered him.

O Moon, thou climb'st the Skies!" Edmund Spencer composed fifty-eight sonnets in one year to chronicle his varied emotions as a lover.

Milton's early poems abound in such poetic expressions as "the frolic wind," "the slumbring morn," "linkèd sweetness," "looks commercing with the skies," "dewy-feathered sleep," "the studious cloister's pale," "a dim religious light," the "silver lining" of the cloud, "west winds with musky wing," "the laureate hearse where Lycid lies."

Not many months before, he had written the last stanza of Adonais: " spirit's bark is driven Far from the shore, far from the trembling throng Whose sails were never to the tempest given; The massy earth and sphered skies are riven!

Shall he, whose fragile form Demands continual blessings to support Its complicated texture, air, and food, Raiment, alternate rest, and kindly skies, And healthful seasons, dare with impious voice To ask those mercies, whilst his selfish aim Arrests the general freedom of their course; And, gratified beyond his utmost wish, Debars another from the bounteous store?

But the skies hang full and darka wrack sails from the west.

But if a man wood consort with a soule Where all mans Sea of gall and bitternes Is quite evaporate with her holy flames, And in whose powers a Dove-like innocence Fosters her own deserts, and life and death Runnes hand in hand before them, all the Skies Cleere, and transparent to her piercing eyes, Then wood my friend be something, but till then A Cipher, nothing, or the worst of men.

All the time that the skies were fading, we saw them wandering in and out among the apple-trees,she with those shining eyes, and her hand in his.

There are those who decry Grecian faith,at the same time that they laud the Grecian drama to the skies: but to the Greeks themselves, who certainly knew more than we do as regards either, the drama was only an outgrowth of their faith, and derived thence its highest significance.

He is surrounded by all the elements of poetry and eloquencetempests, woods, waters, skies.

We drove through Duck Creek with some ado, the skies threatening rain, and came in to Fort Winnebago by one o'clock, during a pouring rain.

But now at length the god appears to sink A new-born impulse wings my flight, Onward I press, his quenchless light to drink, The day before me, and behind the night, The pathless waves beneath, and over me the skies.

One day 'twixt dark and dark These lovers, by fate caught In love's bright web, dreamed with blue skies above Of love no tide Of wavering life may part, or death's swift sea divide.

Where, as in these places, the imported Greek could have some freedom, it grew up into a dim resemblance of its ancient purity under other skies.

This love refined and purified its object, and never would have permitted it to grow into any wild and licentious Flamboyant under the serene and quiet skies of the Aegean.

Slipt through my fingers like a bird upfled to his native skies.

I asked him, "What have you preached?" he said, "Against fraudulent dealers and adulterers, and against all infernal loves; on this occasion too I, Lucifer, called myself a devil, and denounced vengeance against myself as a devil; and therefore I was extolled to the skies with praises.

The two last lines seem to be utterly without meaning; at least we have no sort of conception in what sense Duty can be said to keep the old skies fresh, and the stars from wrong.

The night is sweet: thy breath is in the air, I feel it on my face; thy tender eyes Look love upon me from yon starry skies!

Her influence bids our talents rise 'Neath Love and Fancy's native skies! I heard an infant's lisping tongue Address his mother's smiling eye, And fondly ask his favourite song His soul seemed wrapt in harmony; She sungand gave the cheering kiss, Which made the poet's fortune his.

And still the people wagg'd their heads, As they were passing by, And look'd first on his monster ark, Then upward to the sky; Then smiled in scorn, and went their way, To sin and folly prone; Not dreaming, though the skies look'd fair, They'd soon be left alone.

As the keen arrow, hurl'd with giant-might, Rends the thin air in its impetuous flight, But being spent on earth innoxious lies, E'en its track vanish'd from the yielding skies So lies the soldan, stopp'd his bright career, His vanquish'd realms their prostrate heads uprear, And coward kings forget their servile fear.

O world of waters, o'er whose bed The chainless winds unceasing swell, That claim'st a kindred over head, As 'twixt the skies thou seem'st to dwell; And e'en on earth art but a spell, Amid their realms to wander free Thy task of pride hath speeded well, Thou deep, eternal, boundless sea.

The huts of the indigenes, few and far apart outside of Puforatoai, seemed to be set in terraces cut at the foot of the mountains which rose almost straight from the streak of golden sand to the skies.

But when Gertrude, flushed with the excitement of the scene through which she had just passed, and beaming with a loveliness that derived so much of its character from its innocence, appeared on his deck, the veteran rubbed his-eyes in an amazement which could not have been greatly surpassed, had one of that species of beings the Rover had named actually fallen at his feet from the skies.

Shall we not say that he was as truly influenced by music as Jacques de Wert? De Wert had gone to Italy as a boy, and you might be after blaming those soft Italian skies for his amorous troubles.

Then he went to Italy, and was pursued in vain under those bewitching skies by no belated German spinster, but by a beautiful and attractive Italienne.

"In sure and steadfast hope to rise, And claim her mansion in the skies, A Christian here her flesh laid down The cross exchanging for a crown.

I long for the soft skies of Provence, and to hear the musical dialect in which Frederic Mistral wrote his 'Miréio.'" "That sounds very well," said Baxter, "but in all those southern countries you must be prepared in winter for the rigors of the climate.

Fortress in the skies: a tale.

Red skies over the waterfront.

With a tact truer than any theory, our canon of scripture has been closed in the Book of the Revelation; whose visions look beyond the break-up of Jerusalem and shadow on the far horizon, where earth and heaven melt in one, the fair form of the City of God, coming down from out the skies upon the new world wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Thou the trembler of the wind, Thou, the spiritual flower Sentient of each breeze and shower,[067] Thou, rejoicing in the skies And transpierced with all their dyes; Breathing-vase with light o'erflowing, Gem-like to thy centre flowing, Thou the Poet's type shall be Flower of soul, Anemone!