213 examples of skunk in sentences

One in particular would have sent a skunk to the camphor bottle.

Boomerang (Australian) Voodoo (African) Potato (Haytian) Skunk (American Indian) Guano (Peruvian) Buncombe

"There's bin a skunk around," he said.

"I've kind o' smelled him for weeks past, hain't you?" "I never knowed you to shoot a skunk with anything but a shot-gun.

"Listen, you infernal skunk," Old Heck went on coldly, "as quick as you're able to travel you'll find Eagle Butte's a right good place to get away from!

"We want you, you yellow skunk!" retorted Mooney.

Don't I wish they'd caught the skunk in the act!"

drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, drunk as a piper, drunk as a fiddler, drunk as Chloe, drunk as an owl, drunk as David's sow, drunk as a wheelbarrow.

Clearly they were all wrong in their notion of the specific conditions, which lay unexpectedly in the small Skunk, and in him alonein spite of his education nobody knows where, in spite of somebody's knowing his uncles and cousins, and in spite of nobody's knowing that he was cleverer than they thought him.

" "Being true to your memory, you skunk," said the son.

You're a skunk, Barkerand I hate to let you go.

All through the summer there was a procession of birchbark canoes, filled with red men and white, coming down the river to the bay, laden with skins of wolf, fox, beaver, wolverine, squirrel, and skunk, the harvest of the winter's trapping.

"There's the B'ar we'll find in that; that's a bushy-tailed B'ar," and Bonamy joined in the laugh when he realized that the victim in the big trap was nothing but a little skunk.

"Is that skunk to be allowed to stay in town?

"The fact of the matter is, Miss Moore," he said, "I was a skunk ever to marry at allafter that.

"If the skunk won't be trained he shall go untrained.

Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

ATKINSON, SPENCER R. Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

"The skunk came back here to wait till we were fixed right now.

Percy was simply in the fix of the skunk that stood on the track and humped up his back at the lightning expressthere was nothing left of him except a deficit and the stink he'd kicked up.

"Yuh low-down skunk!"

" "And I'll bet yuh the old skunk is going to start up a cow-outfit right under our nosesthough why the dickens the Double-Crank wasn't good enough for him gets me.

"'You don't need any gun for that skunk of a driver.'

"Four," Valentine went on, "'The City of the Skunk, an Ode.'

Kieff was holding one of his opium shows, the damn' dirty skunk.

213 examples of  skunk  in sentences