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213 examples of  skunk  in sentences

213 examples of skunk in sentences

One in particular would have sent a skunk to the camphor bottle.

As the majority, however, pronounced it "a dirty shame," and spoke of the author as "some mean skunk," the poet wisely concluded to conceal his identity, and by the end of the week the matter was, for the time being, practically forgotten.

"Can't think who could have been such a skunk.

The giant looked to Donnegan and observed: "Know a good definition of the word, skunk?" "Nope," said Donnegan, brightening now that the stern eye, of the bartender was turned away.

A skunk is a critter that bites when your back is turned and runs when you look it in the eye.

But I rate myself as high as a skunk like him!" It may have been a smile that she gave him.

"You skunk!" shouted Landis.

Boomerang (Australian) Voodoo (African) Potato (Haytian) Skunk (American Indian) Guano (Peruvian) Buncombe

By the twentieth of August, everywhere in woods and swamps, we are reminded of the fall, both by the richly spotted Sarsaparilla-leaves and Brakes, and the withering and blackened Skunk-Cabbage and Hellebore, and, by the river-side, the already blackening Pontederia.

As for larger game, rabbits and the like, the crow is hardly nimble enough for them, nor are his claws well adapted for seizing; anything of this kind he will scarcely get, except as the leavings of the weasel or skunk.

This persistence exposes the quail to hardship when the ground is covered with snow, and the fruit of the skunk-cabbage and all the berries and grain are inaccessible.

Then a c-c-cord is s-s-strung so the thief p-p-presses against the s-s-same, just like Max here fixes his c-c-camera nights, when he wants to s-s-snap off a skunk or a 'coon by flashlight.

I'd know that skunk any time from that.

"There's bin a skunk around," he said.

"I've kind o' smelled him for weeks past, hain't you?" "I never knowed you to shoot a skunk with anything but a shot-gun.

"Listen, you infernal skunk," Old Heck went on coldly, "as quick as you're able to travel you'll find Eagle Butte's a right good place to get away from!

Evidently the hound was used to voicing false alarms whenever a coyote slipped past or a skunk nosed inquisitively near.

In one trap he discovered a skunk and in another a timber wolf.

"We want you, you yellow skunk!" retorted Mooney.

"Lanpher, you lousy skunk!

She's all just Luke Tweezy and that lousy skunk of a Lanpher trying to act spotty.

"I've been so took up with this Dale mortgage and the idea of Luke Tweezy and that skunk Lanpher getting this land that I ain't give much thought to anything else.

" "But" "Aw, shut up, you skunk!

Don't I wish they'd caught the skunk in the act!"

"Between you and me," said Sinclair coldly to the sheriff, "I think that skunk would plug me while I got my hands tied.

The skunk sneaked off in the middle of the night and left you alone here to face the music?" Jig flushed, as she exclaimed: "That's not true.

Sandersen was a skunk.

The low spots were filled with the coarse green verdure of skunk cabbage.

drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, drunk as a piper, drunk as a fiddler, drunk as Chloe, drunk as an owl, drunk as David's sow, drunk as a wheelbarrow.

"Now we'll see how two can play at that game, you skunk!"

Clearly they were all wrong in their notion of the specific conditions, which lay unexpectedly in the small Skunk, and in him alonein spite of his education nobody knows where, in spite of somebody's knowing his uncles and cousins, and in spite of nobody's knowing that he was cleverer than they thought him.

" "Being true to your memory, you skunk," said the son.

"Anything I can." "There's a skunk down there with a bad eye an' a gun that jumps out of its leather like it had a mind of its own.

Why, lad, if you'll tell me you got a ghost of a chance, I'll bet every cent in my cash drawer on you agin that skunk!

Say the word an' I'll take the chance of pullin' it on that big skunk.

You're a skunk, Barkerand I hate to let you go.

All through the summer there was a procession of birchbark canoes, filled with red men and white, coming down the river to the bay, laden with skins of wolf, fox, beaver, wolverine, squirrel, and skunk, the harvest of the winter's trapping.

She was still busy spreading out and arranging pelts of black fox, white fox, silver fox, beaver, skunk, and racoon (there were wolfskins in plenty, too, but

"Oh, I'd like to get hold of the skunk!"

"There's the B'ar we'll find in that; that's a bushy-tailed B'ar," and Bonamy joined in the laugh when he realized that the victim in the big trap was nothing but a little skunk.

You can try to believe that I have not meant to be quite such a skunk as I may have seemedto you," I was on the point of adding, but I stopped short of that advisedly, as I thought of Mrs. Lascelles also.

"Is that skunk to be allowed to stay in town?

The dawn breaking, I had to skunk back into the house again, as it was imperative to us to keep up the effect of "Deserted house in village."

" "My father," answered Amos Green, "was a merchant, the owner of a thousand skunk-skins, and his son knows a fool when he sees one.

"The fact of the matter is, Miss Moore," he said, "I was a skunk ever to marry at allafter that.

In the same way, in winter, when the lodge was full of old and young people, and through lack of attention the fire died down, some older person would call out, "Look out for the skunk!" which would be a warning to the boys to put some sticks on the fire.

That was a skunk, and very likely thinking of paying a visit to the chickens when you disturbed it.

" "That I will, this very day," cried Tom; "but, uncle, I never heard of a skunk before; what kind of a looking thing is it?"

We may as well look; it is no use leaving it for that skunk that bolted to come back for.'

"If the skunk won't be trained he shall go untrained.

SCATTERGOOD APPRAISES THE PELT OF A SKUNK, by Clarence Budington Kelland. (In American magazine)

Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

ATKINSON, SPENCER R. Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

Scattergood appraises the pelt of a skunk.

SCATTERGOOD APPRAISES THE PELT OF A SKUNK, by Clarence Budington Kelland. (In American magazine)

Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

ATKINSON, SPENCER R. Perkey, a biography of a skunk.

SEE Foerster, Norman. STEARNS, DAVID M. Sniffy: the story of a skunk.

Sniffy: the story of a skunk.

The adventures of Jimmy Skunk. Illus. by Harrison Cady.

I think you are the dirtiest, meanest skunk I ever ran across.

"The skunk came back here to wait till we were fixed right now.

"Was the skunk laughing at me?" "Sure!

you duck-legged, egg-suckin', skunk-backed loafers!

"What's the matter with you?" asked Jimmy Skunk, meeting Unc' Billy on the Crooked Little Path near the top of the hill.

"Didn't suppose Unc' Billy ever worried about his health," muttered Jimmy Skunk with a puzzled look, as he watched Unc' Billy disappear.

It had begun when he met Jimmy Skunk early in the morning.

What were you doing up so late last night?" said Jimmy Skunk.

" "Then you must talk something dreadful in your sleep," said Jimmy Skunk, turning his back on Sammy Jay, who was so mad by this time that for a few minutes he couldn't find his tongue.

"Come, Sammy, be honest and tell me what you were yelling 'thief' for, over in the Green Forest?" "Peter Rabbit, you and Jimmy Skunk are crazy, just as crazy as loons!" sputtered Sammy Jay.

By and by along came Jimmy Skunk, walking out into the patch of bright moonlight.

It serves 'em right if they do get waked up," replied Jimmy Skunk.

"Have you ever seen him scream in the night, Jimmy Skunk?" "No, I don't have to," replied Jimmy Skunk.

"Have you ever seen him scream in the night, Jimmy Skunk?" "No, I don't have to," replied Jimmy Skunk.

"I guess you're right, Jimmy Skunk.

" said Jimmy Skunk.

So when Jimmy Skunk, happening along near the Smiling Pool, heard Mrs. Redwing's voice, he didn't waste any time trying to see Mrs. Redwing.

From all directions I heard them coming, calling to each other that "the skunk that shot the woman is corralled," and other forms of the same information.

Percy was simply in the fix of the skunk that stood on the track and humped up his back at the lightning expressthere was nothing left of him except a deficit and the stink he'd kicked up.

He was quite changed in outward appearance from the poverty-stricken skunk I had once known; but was if anything more skunk-like than ever: yet I had to look twice to be sure of him.

He was quite changed in outward appearance from the poverty-stricken skunk I had once known; but was if anything more skunk-like than ever: yet I had to look twice to be sure of him.

"Yuh low-down skunk!"

" "And I'll bet yuh the old skunk is going to start up a cow-outfit right under our nosesthough why the dickens the Double-Crank wasn't good enough for him gets me.

"'You don't need any gun for that skunk of a driver.'


Skinner, dear boy, haven't we got about half a million feet of skunk spruce to saw off on somebody?"

Skinner, if you put a prohibitive price on that skunk fir, by the Holy Pink-toed Prophet, I'll fire you!

Have you ever had any experience selling skunk spruce?" Comrade Peck was plainly puzzled.

"Humboldt County, California, spruce, and it's coarse and stringy and wet and heavy and smells just like a skunk directly after using.

I'm afraid Skinner's going to start you at the bottomand skunk spruce is it.

" "Does anybody ever buy skunk spruce, sir?" "Oh, occasionally one of our bright young men digs up a half-wit who's willing to try anything once.

Fortunately, Bill, we have very little of it, but whenever our woods boss runs across a good tree he hasn't the heart to leave it standing, and as a result, we always have enough skunk spruce on hand to keep our salesmen humble.

From Salt Lake City he wired an order for two carloads of larch rustic and in Ogden he managed to inveigle a retail yard with which Mr. Skinner had been trying to do business for years, into sampling a carload of skunk spruce boards, random lengths and grades, at a dollar above the price given him by Skinner.

Eventually he completed his circle and worked his way home, via Los Angeles, pausing however, in the San Joaquin Valley to sell two more carloads of skunk spruce.

"He has secured five new accounts and here is an order for two more carloads of skunk spruce.

I haven't had a very good time the past three years andandyou canpa-pa-pass your skunk spruce and larch rustic and short odd length stock to some slacker like

"Four," Valentine went on, "'The City of the Skunk, an Ode.'

Kieff was holding one of his opium shows, the damn' dirty skunk.

" "There's a skunk hereabouts," said Union Mills, who was supposed to be gifted with aristocratically sensitive nostrils, "within ten miles of this place; like as not crossing the Ridge.

And then I looked up an' down the road an' seen there was no dust comin' an' we wouldn't be interrupted, an' I went up to the old skunk