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215 example sentences with  skylines

215 example sentences with skylines

Whole rows of houses upon either side of the track had been ventilated by shells or burned out with fire, and their gable ends, lacking roofs, now stood up nakedly, fretting the skyline like gigantic saw teeth.

The syce holds the horse firmly by the head, and as we leave the bank, we can distinctly see the outline of some large animal, standing out a dark bulky mass against the skyline.

"The light's in my eyes, but there was nothing on the skyline a minute or two ago," Kit remarked.

It was a great show, of which they would miss no detail; and all had their interest whetted by some possible new complication of the plot when they saw the tall, familiar figure of Jasper Ewold's daughter standing against the skyline.

Their heads disappeared below the skyline and only the actors were left.

Once above the skyline, the sun seemed to climb more quickly, and as it rose higher it began to give out a heat that blended with the keenness of the wind.

Shall we run "bang into him" in the open, or will he beat us in yonder cold scenting woodland standing boldly forth on the skyline miles ahead?

There is what is called a "near view," and there is also what is known as a "distant view," for completely surrounded by snow peak and glacier, the eye passes from valley to summit, resting on that wonderful stretch of shining white which forms the skyline.

It didn't take "Our Bert" long to be up on the skyline (it is one long grind to ever keep him off it).

Up it came, and I saw it stand out nice and clear against the skyline.

During the whole day we rode over desolate hill-sides, the lower portions covered by the budding vines, but the upper turning from green to grey, and jagged along the skyline like the back of a starved horse.

The spruce crept up to the skyline with darkness and mystery: he realized the eternal malevolence that haunts their silent fastnesses.

To the old seaman who was used to meeting and to parting it was a small matter, but Amos, who had never been away before, was on fire with impatience, and would sit smoking for hours with his legs astride the shank of the bowsprit, staring ahead at the skyline, in the hope that his friend's reckoning had been wrong, and that at any moment he might see the beloved coast line looming up in front of him.

The citadel of Jerusalem breaks the skyline where stood the tower of Hippicus, and to the left, against the setting sun, the cypresses in a monastery garden mark the spot once covered by the gardens of the palace of Herod.

The skyline of the city is no longer stenciled by the towering masts of sailing ships discharging or loading cargo, or lying in the stream or in Richardson's Bay awaiting charters, as in the days when wheat was king of California's great central valley.

Ahead of you are Sloat Boulevard and the Skyline Boulevard, which, skirting Lake Merced, stretches south through the shore mountains, its objective Santa Cruz, on the blue bay of Monterey.

To north and south and west lay a skyline which was unbroken save by the spout of foam when two of the great Atlantic seas dashed each other into spray.

Pleasant to see on either hand the flat landscape with all its signs of safety and plenty; its orange groves, its greening fields of young sugar-cane, its pillared and magnolia-shaded plantation houses, its white lines of slave cabins in rows of banana trees, and its wide wet plains swarming with wild birds; pleasant to see it swing slowly, majestically back and melt into a skyline as low and level as the ocean's.

Skylines and horizons.

L. Lindley Mulkey (A); 20Mar67; R406550. Skyline rendezvous.

The skyline trail, a book of western verse.

Skylines and horizons.

Skyline promenades, a potpourri.

L. Lindley Mulkey (A); 20Mar67; R406550. Skyline rendezvous.

Tongues of loose bricks had been shot across the cobblestones and dimly the jagged skyline of broken walls of buildings on either side could be discerned.

Looking round at night, when the star-shells float up over the skyline, one could almost imagine one's self inside a complete circle, instead of a horseshoe.

If not ruthlessly shepherded, they will advance in fours along the skyline.)

The two horns of the bean are drawn back out of sight of the enemy, but the middle swells forward over the skyline and commands an extensive view of the country beyond.

The undulating landscape, running up to a low ridge on the skyline four miles away, was spouting smoke in all directionssometimes black, sometimes green, and sometimes, where bursting shell and brick-dust intermingled, blood-red.

"Yes, sir," replied Leslie to Colonel Kemp's question, "that is Longueval, on the slope opposite, with the road running through on the way to Flers, over the skyline.

The cars were little grey blocks against the grey skyline.

The highway (Coast to Coast and signed at every crossroads in red letters on white metal boards with red arrows pointing to the far skyline) shies away from the railroad at Patmos so that perspiring travelers look wistfully across two hundred yards or so of lava rock and sand and wish that they might lie under those three trees and cool off.

So he got stiffly to his feet, studied again the darkling skyline, sent a glance up at the first stars, and turned his face and William's resolutely toward the Tippipahs.

April 11, 2010 saw a world record for the biggest ever Nissan Skyline meet and the most ever officially recognized on a track in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2013 they got Best Hit National for "Skyline".

Photographs of the Seattle skyline often show the Space Needle.

San Josรฉ skyline with mountains in the background.

At this time, the city skyline is dotted with kites.

The 11th-generation Skyline (V35) was another major turning point for the nameplate.

The album featured the first song written by the band, Skylines And Turnstiles, which Gerard began to write after the 9/11 attacks, in 2001.

The most popular songs are "Man On Mars", "Rise Up (Black Dog)" and "Skyline" (only on Human.

While not distributed in the United States, the Skyline's prominence in video games, movies and magazines resulted in many such cars being imported there from 1999 to late 2005.

From upper left: skyline of downtown, city's Cathedral, Imperial Museum, 16 de Marรงo street, Quitandinha Palace, and aerial view from the Cathedral.

Cities: Skylines is free for one day today.

Dart will be just fine, and yes, the skyline will come closer to the unforgiveable 10 story (and higher soon).

Death was a proto-underground punk, all-African American band from late โ€˜60s-early โ€˜70s Detroit (thatโ€™s a pre-skyline on the cover of this album) and they absolutely rule.

Finneas's Dancing Lights Up The Skyline In 'Let's Fall In Love For The Night'

And another key barometer of the health of the cityโ€™s skyline - space available for sublease in prime buildings - has soared to a seven-year high in just three months to September, up by 46 per cent.

Smog hangs over the downtown Los Angeles skyline on April 2, 2018.

Split your time between lounging in the lovely backyard and skyline-gazing on the wide front porch.

The August 4 blast, which drew comparisons with the Hiroshima atom bomb, was so enormous that it altered the shape of not only Beirutโ€™s skyline but even its Mediterranean coastline.

The Field Museum is selling a Chicago Snowglobe glass ornament that features a drawing of a snow globe showcasing Chicagoโ€™s skyline.

The Montreal skyline seen from Dieppe Park Aug. 14, 2020.

A steel silhouette shows the New York skyline with the towers intact.

The Town would like to thank Skyline Bank for the donated use of the building during this time of need.

The two-towered property provides panoramic views of the Dubai Creek and the city skyline.

They make city skylines look like a sad, knock-off sci-fi: a bootlegged copy of Blade Runner with the pixelated graphics of SimCity 2000.

Vista Tower reshapes the skyline: The Vista Tower, Chicagoโ€™s third tallest building and the worldโ€™s tallest building designed by a woman architect, is finally ready for its close-up.

With room for 600 cars to park in the wide expanse of the Mojave Desert, the Skyline is located on Old Highway 58 near an old alignment of Route 66/National Trails Highway on Main Street.

Castellan calls Skyline โ€œthe institutional owner for everyday investors.โ€

Colliver said it was rewarding to win the Skyline.

Commentators observe with fascination the construction cranes over Chinese skylines and the automobiles being purchased by newly-prosperous Chinese, the relentless export growth of China's new industries, and its growing demand for resources and oil.

Designed by Kengo Kuma, developed by Westbank, is surely to be a new iconic structure in Coal Harbour & Vancouverโ€™s skyline when completed in 2021/2022.

Each year, we create a new dance that embraces the sand, water, and air at this beautiful location with its views of the Howe Sound to the west, mountains to the north, and the skyline of Vancouver to the east.

Enjoy fabulous mountains and city skyline VIEWS from this spacious 2 bedroom and den at the popular Meridian Cove.

Explore Skyline East real estate information, REALTORSยฎ, community photos, maps, real estate agents news plus upcoming AB Open houses.

High-Rise Buildings are a form of high-density development that can contribute to intensification, housing and employment opportunities and provide new view, skyline and landmark possibilities.

Hi, I have a 2005 Skyline 350GT premium (Japanese model, living in Japan) and am curious if I'd be able to replace the radio in the same manner as an Infiniti G35.

Human Rights Policy ยป Skyline Group of CompaniesThe Skyline Group of Companies is committed to maintaining a living and working environment which actively promotes and supports human rights.

Human Rights Policy ยป Skyline Group of CompaniesThe Skyline Group of Companies is committed to maintaining a living and working environment which actively promotes and supports human rights.

I love Navy Pier if for no other reason than the incredible views of the Chicago skyline.

It should also be mentioned that Wolfe Islandโ€™s skyline changed radically in 2009.

Itโ€™s not just children and families who are touched by Skylineโ€™s generosity, as the company is closely involved with building the future of real estate on college campuses, as well.

Luxuriously appointed and located in the London borough of Lambeth, provides residents with panoramic views over the cityโ€™s sprawling skyline.

Masterpiece Monday: We critiqued a colourful image of the Calgary Skyline.

One of the few high points directly facing the sunset & skyline in Dayton.

On Friday, September 9, 2016, Skylineโ€™s green energy company Anvil Crawler Development Corp opened the doors of its manufacturing facility for an inside look at its latest products and developments.

On May 16, 1996, Council initiated a Downtown Vancouver Skyline Study to identify potential prototypical skylines for the future and recommend a preferred skyline.

Really stands out against the skyline.

Research the Skyline East real estate housing marketSkyline East real estate listings attached, detached homes for Sale in Calgary Alberta.

Separately, semistandard skyline fillings are a combinatorial model for Demazure atoms and key polynomials.

โ€˜s second photo was taken the following night from Waverly Beach, Fort Erie, Ontario, and shows the Buffalo, New York, skyline in the distance.

The color images puts a little more emphasis on the skyline.

โ€œThere are currently over 30,000 clean energy projects operating in Ontario,โ€ commented Rob Stein, President of Skyline Energy.

There are many ways to take in the Manhattan skyline, but one of my new favourites is from the Hudson River at night, drink in hand, on the deck of the 25-metre schooner.

The Saugeen Shores Fire Department, Police and Bruce County EMS responded to reports of alarms going off and heavy smoke coming from a third floor window of the Skyline Apartments at 764 Waterloo Street.

The Skyline Apartment REIT is Skyline's most established private real estate investment product, and just one of the solid, stable investments that Skyline is proud to have been offering to you, our valued investors, for nearly two decades.

The Skyline Apartment REIT is Skyline's most established private real estate investment product, and just one of the solid, stable investments that Skyline is proud to have been offering to you, our valued investors, for nearly two decades.

The Skyline Apartment REIT is Skyline's most established private real estate investment product, and just one of the solid, stable investments that Skyline is proud to have been offering to you, our valued investors, for nearly two decades.

The Skyline Apartment REIT now comprises 169 properties in 46 communities, with a total of 14,134 suites.

The Skyline Group and other finalists will be celebrated at a gala dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto on November 19, 2014, when the winning company will be announced.

The TD Community Plaza is nestled along Lafarge Lake, offering views of the water and city skyline, and has seating for up to 1,300 in addition to grassy spaces to lay out blankets.

This passion is infectious, and itโ€™s clear that it has spread throughout all areas of Skylineโ€™s staff, up and down and across the entire business.

This stunning 2134 s/f penthouse suite offers unobstructed east views overlooking Shaganappi Golf Course & the downtown city skyline.

This stunning 5 bedroom designer home boasts incredible panoramic views of the Vancouver skyline from the elevated vantage of British Properties.

This view possibly taken from the old Court House on Nicholas St. Ottawa, indicates that the new buildings on The Hill constituted Ottawaโ€™s only skyline at the time 1866.

This will provide opportunities for people to take advantage of fantastic views of city skylines, the Chaudiรจre Falls, and the Gatineau hills.

Behind him on the right skyline is Observation Peak.

Whether brunch cruise, lunch cruise, BBQ, dinner cruise, or themed special event cruise, Jubilee Queenโ€™s first class service and breathtaking panoramic views of the spectacular Toronto Harbourfront skyline provide the perfect backdrop for your event.

With breathtaking views of the city skyline, the Lions Gate Bridge, forests and the mountains, this community offers residents unparalleled beauty and a diversity of amenities.