741 examples of slab in sentences

His pitching record with a team which finished in seventh place stamps him as one of the best, if not the best, of the slab finds of the year.

Philadelphia's sterling young infield seemed to stand up all right all the year, but the outfield and the slab staff gave Connie Mack sleepless nights.

With one more reliable pitcher to take his turn regularly on the slab all season the White Sox would have kept in the race.

Donovan, who had always been of great help on the slab in hot weather, was not equal to the task of another year and was made manager of the Providence team.

The captain-major made a hole with pickaxes in a stone slab at the entrance of this river, and set up a marble pillar, of which he had brought many for that purpose, which had two escutcheons, one of the arms of Portugal, and another, on the other side, of the sphere, and letters engraved in the stone which said, "Of the Lordship of Portugal, Kingdom of Christians."

George, after looking at the cup, raised it, opened his hand and let it fall on the marble slab before him.

An old broken battledore, and some shuttlecocks with most of the feathers missing, were on a marble slab in one corner of the hall, which constantly reminded me that there had once been younger inhabitants here than the old lady and her gray-headed servants.

Place a few drops of bile on a white porcelain slab.

Once finished, Nogam shut the back with a loud click, and reverently deposited the watch on the marble slab of the black walnut bureau.

I discovered a slab of pressed beef, and some rather stale bread and cheese, which I set out on the table, wondering to myself, as I did so, whether the inquisitive stranger of the morning was in any way connected with my affairs.

Before me, on the lead slab, was a small pile of dark brown powder, which an innocent stranger would in all probability have taken for finely ground coffee.

He walked quickly to the polished porphyry slab, moved cautiously to the extreme rim, then, turning his back on the crater, he dropped upon his hands and knees and lowered himself down till only his grinning face appeared above the top.

Returning to the spot beneath the polished slipping-off place he put his muscular hands into two clefts in the slab above and drew himself up on to the solid earth.

The following words were engraved on a plain marble slab that covered the remains of Marshal Ney.

Before me was a palatial building with the words "Medical Board" carved on a marble slab over the main entrance.

And then his mother must needs come out on the door-slab and hiccup again and say, "God bless you!" and give him something.

In front of them they have a stone slab, a stick of Chinese ink, and some brushes with which they write.

Inside were their implements and utensils, such as wicker baskets (some of them filled with pineapples), gourds, fire-sticks, wooden knives, wooden mortars, and a board for grating mandioc, made of a thick slab of wood inset with sharp points of a harder wood.

They lit a stinking fire on a kind of lava slab there was before me, and brought in a lot of gory muckthe worst parts of what they were feasting on outside, the Beasts and burnt it all in my honour.

Nothing now remains but a flat, black marble slab, with a short inscription, of quite a recent date....

In spite of that thickone is inclined to say rankgrowth of miracles which at times confuse Adamnan's fine portrait of his herocover it thick as lichens some monumental slab of marblewe can still recognize his real lineaments underneath.

On the other hand, slab-sided, long-legged hogs were the most plentiful of domestic animals, ranging in great, half-wild droves through the forest.

Large mirrors, with gilt frames of this material, held the places of honour on the marble chimney piece, and on the console, or pier table, which was also of gilt stucco, with a marble slab.

Mouldings are machined by the length, then cut into cornices, mitred round panels, or affixed to the edge of a plain slab of wood, giving it the effect of carving.

Sally lies in the churchyard with a slab of blue slate at her head, lichen-crusted, and leaning a little within the last few years.

741 examples of  slab  in sentences