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918 example sentences with  slab

918 example sentences with slab

The word is French, "dalle," and means, variously, "a plate," "a flagstone," "a slab," alluding to the oval or square shaped stones which abound in the river bed and the valley above.

The various tombs are placed without order or regularity: they are mostly enclosed with trellis work of wood, sometimes by iron railing; and consist of a small marble column, a pyramid, a sarcophagus, or a single slab, just as may have suited the fancy or the taste of the friends of the departed.

The following words were engraved on a plain marble slab that covered the remains of Marshal Ney.

A marble slab before the high altar reads thus: "Lucretia de' Medicimoglie di Alfonso II.,

She was leaning against the stone balustrade in a careless attitude, as of one who was weary, her elbow on the stone slab, and her head thrown back against her arm.

Forty lamps of gold burn unceasingly above the white marble slab, which, as the monks say, protects the stone whereon the body of Christ was laid.

Here was a home; he could go inside and shut the door, and stay there; could stand outside on the door-slab, the owner of that house, if any should pass by.

Isak was astonished in his turn at all this wealth of goods, but being a silent man and slow to speak, he said nothing, only shambled out to the door-slab and looked at the weather, and shambled in again.

He seems to float self-poised in the centre of the boundless nothing, upon an ell-broad slab of stone and yet not even on that: for the very ground on which he stands he does not feel.

He drove his heels into the slippery shale, and rushed forward blindly, springing, slipping, falling, rolling, till he stopped breathless on a jutting slab.

At one of the microscopes on the slab opposite him stands a sturdy bearded man, his back toward the Major; while the wise little German, hopeless of customers, is leaning over him in his shirt sleeves.

A tall, florid gentleman of the Dundreary type, with long side-whiskers, and dressed in the fashion of sixty years ago, has taken up his position to one side of the ormolu clock; standing, eye-glass in eye, with folded arms resting on the mantel-slab and a stylish hat in one hand, be gazes upon the assembled family with quizzical benevolence.)

In the face of one of the precipices by the way-side, a marble slab is fixt, informing the traveler that the road was opened by the late Emperor of Germany in the year of 1830.

At length there was a long slab, nearly smooth, fixt at an angle of about forty degrees between two wall-sided pieces of rock; nothing, except the glacier, could be seen below.

It was a very awkward place, but being doubtful if return were possible, as I had been dropping from one ledge to another, I passed at length by lying across the slab, putting the shoulder stiffly against one side and the feet against the other, and gradually wriggling down, by first moving the legs and then the back.

When the bottom of the slab was gained a friendly crack was seen, into which the point of the bรขton could be stuck, and I dropt down to the next piece.

Ken eyed it mistrustfullya slab of wood, crossed by a movable metal strip which was pierced with many small, square openings.

The excavations for the new house were already done; the rock was blown away with gunpowder; and a fair foundation-stone had been hewn, with a hollow chamber, and a flat slab adjusted to cover it.

On a plain, white slab of marble was the name, Morton David, and the date; and below these, an inscription: Vengeance Is Mine

On the left of the altar is the Salisbury chantry and in front a stone slab to Baldwin de Redvers (1216).

On the north side is a slab of Purbeck marble which may have replaced the original memorial of King Ethelred, who was buried in the older church.

Within is a brass to a former vicar (1581) and a slab to Lady Arundel of Nevice.

The slab of the Saint-Bishop Osmund's tomb (1099), one of those wantonly interfered with by Wyatt and a relic of the Cathedral of Old Sarum, has been brought from the nave to its present position near the end of the north choir aisle and not far from its former magnificent shrine.

The fine sedilia and piscina in the fourteenth-century chancel should be noticed, and also the well-proportioned porch that has within it a coffin slab bearing an incised cross.

Here is a Decorated church with good details and a remarkable tomb-slab bearing an incised figure of an unknown huntsman, also a fine altar tomb of the Mompessons.

Not far away in Clatford Bottom is the "Devil's Den," a cromlech upon the remains of a long barrow; the upper slab measures nine feet by eight.

In the south transept is an effigy, cross legged, of Sir Adam de Stokke (1312) and a plain slab with an incised cross of another of his family.

Anderson felt a great pity as he wheeled the truck opposite the door and reverently drew out the slab on which the body lay.

he would ask of Yump, the cook, as she stood kneading the mush, or dough, to make slab, or pancake, for the morrow.

The entrance is closed by rolling the stone forward, dropping a small block behind it to prevent its recession, and finally by covering the before-mentioned slot with a slab, which, being cemented down, the tomb is "sealed." CONVERSION OF ZACCHAEUS, A PUBLICAN

Near the entrance to Mission Dolores, set in red tiles on the floor, is a marble slab marking the tomb of the Noe family, Spanish grandees.

At its base was piled a cairn of stones, and against this was a slab with an inscription: "Here 120 Men, Women, and Children Were Massacred in Cold Blood Early in September, 1857.

A large slab from an oak log in the front yard near a woodpile bore mute evidence of many an ax blow.

The following is one of these: "When passing a shop in Tottenham Court Road, I went in to order a Dutch cheese, and the proprietor (a bullet-headed man whom I had never seen before) rolled a cheese on the marble slab of his counter,

Beneath this slab lies Matthew Day, 126.

"Dick" Melvyn was as renowned for hospitality as joviality, and our comfortable, wide-veranda'ed, irregularly built, slab house in its sheltered nook amid the Timlinbilly Ranges was ever full to overflowing.


Hundreds of swine of all sorts and sizes, from grim slab-sided, gaunt-headed old boars, whose ancient tusks showed menacing, to the liveliest and sprightliest of little pigs playing hide-and-seek among their staid relatives, were collected from the neighbouring jungle to scramble for the daily dole of grain spread for them by the Maharana.

Nothing now remains but a flat, black marble slab, with a short inscription, of quite a recent date....

In spite of that thickone is inclined to say rankgrowth of miracles which at times confuse Adamnan's fine portrait of his herocover it thick as lichens some monumental slab of marblewe can still recognize his real lineaments underneath.

At the foot of the alcove is a square slab of marble, about 3 feet in height, on which, it is said, his ministers stood to receive petitions to the Emperor, and to convey his commands thereon.

The butcher had brought me a huge slab of meat for my first dinner when I had timidly ordered "rib roast," and with the aid of my mother's cook book and my own smattering of cooking, my sole housewifely accomplishment, I had been trying to disguise it for subsequent meals.

A few yards to the left of the great images, close to the statue of an Egyptian princess, whose face was the very face of 'She,' there was a marble slab over the grave of an English officer killed in a fight against dervishes nearly a generation ago.

It is a dark, dreary appendage to St. Mary's on the north side, in which Adam de Brome, Edward II.'s almoner, and the founder of Oriel College, is supposed to lie, beneath an unshapely tomb, covered by a huge slab of Purbeck marble, from which the brass has been stripped.

'But young slab-chest don't know I'm out, and Winnie thinks I'm just going out for 'arf an hour, so it'll be all right.

Now that you have got rid of these plagues, who have been buzzing about us like so many flies, sit down, do, on that stone slab, with the shade of the tree as your canopy, and I will seat myself by you quite comfortably.

"Oh, ho!" said he, as he moved the lantern this way and that, "here is a square slab fitted into the very top."

The captain took his jack-knife out of his pocket, and with the large blade began to dig into the substance which filled the joint around the slab, which was about eighteen inches square.

This slab is intended to be moved."

"I shall be only too glad to get this slab up, if I can, but I am afraid we shall want a crowbar and more help.

"This isn't stone in the middle of the slab," said Ralph.

After a few minutes' work with the jack-knives this substance was loosened and came out in two parts, showing a bowl-like depression in the slab, which had been so cut as to leave a little bar running from side to side of it.

The captain now stood on the top of the mound, with the slab between his feet, and stooping down, he took hold of the handle with both hands.

And seizing the stone slab by the handle, he lifted it as if it had been a pot-lid, and let it down into its place.

There is also a slab with an inscription to John Trevelyan (d. 1623).

The top storey of the S. turret, marked externally by a Perp. window, was evidently furnished as an oratory; an altar slab and piscina can still be seen projecting from the wall.

In the churchyard is a curious cross, consisting of a headless shaft mounted on a raised slab, seemingly a tombstone.

Brown (whose prize St. Bernard has just snatched a fillet of Veal from a Butcher's slab).

She walked across the beach to a smooth slab of rock and seated herself sullenly, with her eyes on the distant mainland.

Sally lies in the churchyard with a slab of blue slate at her head, lichen-crusted, and leaning a little within the last few years.

and the winning-post a slab of white or gray stone standing out from that turf where there is no more jockeying or straining for victory!

For at least ten miles the ground was covered everywhere with loose slab-shaped masses of igneous rock, varying in size from five cubic feet to five hundred, and lying one upon another in the greatest disorder.

"Yes, sah, very good, sah," was the answer, uttered in a greasy chuckle, as though it were the speech of a slab of bacon fat.

Use a marble slab if possible and avoid making the paste on a warm, damp day.

Dust the slab with flour; turn the paste upon it; knead for one minute, then stand it on ice for five minutes.

Flour a board or marble slab, roll the dough out thin, sprinkle with a little flour and put dabs of soft drippings here and there, fold the dough over and roll out thin again and spread with fat and sprinkle with flour, repeat this and then roll out not too thin and line a pie-plate with this dough.

One may add that treasure-seekers among the Huille-che 'look earnestly' for what they want to find 'into a smooth slab of black stone, which I suppose to be basalt.'

Nearest to the side-wall, beneath Shakspeare's bust, is a slab bearing a Latin inscription addressed to his wife, and covering her remains; then

his own slab, with the old anathematizing stanza upon it; then that of Thomas Nash, who married his grand-daughter; then that of Dr. Hall, the husband of his daughter Susannah; and, lastly, Susannah's own.

Shakspeare's is the commonest-looking slab of all, being just such a flag-stone as Essex Street in Salem used to be paved with, when I was a boy.

" It was a large, old-fashioned, Louis Quatorze piece of furniture, the top of which, formed from a single slab of some kind of gray and yellow marble, was stained all over with the coffee, wine, and ink-splashes of many generations of customers.

About 80 signed works by him have been catalogued, and nearly all of them follow the same pattern; small arrangements of fruits, vegetables, or shells on a stone slab, lit from above, with the dark background typical of still lifes earlier in the century.

The trip to China stopped, and his body was taken home to Samarkand where it was buried beneath the dome of the Gur Amir mausoleum in a steel coffin under a slab of black jade six feet long.

Fortunately, his mood brightened considerably that evening, as he tucked into a magnificent slab of prime rib prepared by the Astronomerโ€™s Good Wife at the Nininger estate.

If these recommendations are approved, approximately 1.47 crore taxpayers would move from the 20% slab to the 10% slab.

If these recommendations are approved, approximately 1.47 crore taxpayers would move from the 20% slab to the 10% slab.

Immediately the pair became the best of friends with the gecko crawling over Slab's shirt for the rest of the evening before they left the pub.

And in homes with concrete subfloors, like many high-rise apartments, engineered flooring can be glued directly to the slab, whereas solid wood usually requires a plywood subfloor so it can be nailed in place.

And Las Vegas, a concrete slab in the belly of the Mojave Desert, is the fastest-warming city in the United States.

Khan of the Golden Horde Tokhtamysh was also buried there, and the great Tamerlane left the memory of his stay in the spring of 1391 on the stone slab of the Ulytau mountain Altynshoky.

Police informed that a railway patrolling team had found the slab placed on the track and it was removed.

Your iPad is a hefty glass slab with a solid presence, but accidents happen to the best of us.

A hand selected granite slab was chosen for the bar - a definite wow factor!

Building 4 is a Fourplex, slab on grade with an area of 677.45 m2, sprinklered and requires a 1 hr.

Designed with independent rebar mats for each slab, the concrete floor slabs were joined using 12,000 slip dowels.

I doubt it's a bullet hole; it would have cracked the slab.

Is your garage floor slab cracked, broken or deteriorated?

Its garage is composed of a single on grade level, with a conventional slab elevated podium deck level above.

Kit contains everything you need to repair approximately up to 30 ft of slab cracks.

One must also insulate the slab to protect it against frost.

Their horizon: several towers, ground floor walled, deserted a slab, a peeled lawn.

The only major structural defects were, therefore, the slab, the south wall, and, as I would now conclude, the other exterior walls.

The only way to repair cracks caused by pyrite under the garage slab is to 1st remove the concrete slab, then remove the existing gravel.

The only way to repair cracks caused by pyrite under the garage slab is to 1st remove the concrete slab, then remove the existing gravel.

The other load-bearing walls appeared to rest on unthickened parts of the slab.

The slab is sloped towards the building and water runs off of it under the building.

The slab of water would then be 48 inches by 14 inches by 2 inches.

The table itself was custom-built by Paus Inc. from a two-inch slab of white oak with plenty of knots for texture.

They focussed on techniques of slab (even thickness, no air bubbles), coil (even rolling of sausage shapes, scoring, and slip jointing at joints), and pinch (even pulling and surface quality).

Thursday and Friday nights at The Slab have proven to be the most popular nights for youth, the county has reported.