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57 example sentences with  slaughterhouse

57 example sentences with slaughterhouse

"Does anyone wish to visit a slaughterhouse a second time?"

From the first instant that any of the enemies of the ministry shall grow clamorous and turbulent, a crafty hireling may lead him to the ministerial slaughterhouse, and ply him with their wonder-working liquor, till he is no longer able to speak or think; and, my lords, no man can be more agreeable to our ministers than he that can neither speak nor think, except those who speak without thinking.

Why?" "I ain't used to slaughterhouse work," said Sinclair with equal calm, although he was panting.

Such a school would have been a veritable heaven to Dickens, who at this time was tossed about between poverty and ambition; but Thackeray detested it for its rude manners, and occasionally referred to it as the "Slaughterhouse."

sticking; sportsman, huntsman, fisherman; hunter, Nimrod; slaughterhouse, meat packing plant, shambles, abattoir.

In each town these several tradesmen shall be so aptly disposed, as they shall free the rest from danger or offence: fire-trades, as smiths, forge-men, brewers, bakers, metal-men, &c., shall dwell apart by themselves: dyers, tanners, fellmongers, and such as use water in convenient places by themselves: noisome or fulsome for bad smells, as butchers' slaughterhouses, chandlers, curriers, in remote places, and some back lanes.

How dare to present to my mind the good, the great, the ever-generous Orlando, brought by the traitor into the doleful pass of Roncesvalles and the hands of myriads of his enemies, so that even his superhuman strength availed not to deliver him out of the slaughterhouse, and he blew the blast with his dying breath, which was the mightiest, the farthest heard, and the most melancholy sound that ever came to the ears of the undeceived?

Such was the origin of the first digestive tube, which has exercised so baleful an influence on the course of terrestrial life, and turned the earth into a vast slaughterhouse."

He was tired at last of waiting, patiently, humbly, resigned like the beast of burden which awaits the slaughterhouse.

Friday evening a number of the Crows appeared at the "Slaughterhouse," though there was to be a banquet at eight o'clock.

The public slaughterhouses were midway between Canea and Kalepa, and there were always large flocks of ravens battening on the offal which was thrown out on the ground; but for weeks the ravens abandoned the place entirely, and the flocks were seen only hovering over certain localities on the great plain between Canea and the nearest hills.

"The 'Procrustean bed' has been a myth heretofore; it promises soon to be a shamble and a slaughterhouse in reality.

I must get back into the slaughterhouse.

" * * * * * "A bullet fired at a pig from a humane killer, struck the wall of a Merthyr Tydvil slaughterhouse, ricochetted and wounded a butcher's manager.

In Slaughterhouse-Five he described the city as looking like the surface of the moon after the bombing.

Squealer, Napoleon's spokesman, then claims he died peacefully, but Benjamin realises he has actually gone to the knacker's (slang for slaughterhouse, where animals are killed).

The Germans called the building Schlachthof Fünf (Slaughterhouse Five) and the Allied POWs used that name for their prison.

They then save Homer from the slaughterhouse after he nearly gets killed.

According to auditor Adriano Guahyba, in Rio Grande do Sul state, four slaughterhouses were inspected: two from Seara, in Passo Fundo and Três Passos; one from BRF, and another from Minuano, both in Lajeado.

After eating, Falconer said the boys went by the old family-owned slaughterhouse that was used as a storehouse to play.

BERLIN — German authorities say the number of confirmed coronavirus infections linked to an outbreak at a slaughterhouse has risen to 803.

But then again, my country’s slaughterhouses and factory farms are just as inhumane.

Changes require animals being transported between farms, auction markets, slaughterhouses and elsewhere be suitably fed, hydrated and rested and arrive at their destination safely.

CHICAGO — The U.S. Labor Department said on Thursday it cited Smithfield Foods for failing to protect employees from the coronavirus, making it the first major meatpacker to face a fine after outbreaks at slaughterhouses infected thousands of workers.

Don’t want to get into a back and forth debate with Mr. Cross in Taylorsville over his letters always putting down meat products and his comments in the last letter Re: Slaughterhouse closures driving people to plant based foods.

Even as the majority of slaughterhouses have continued to operate, most plants are large and their closure is a severe hardship for hog farmers who operate in the region, he said.

Following advice that is meant for the herd can lead you right into the slaughterhouse.

Germany, for instance, saw new daily cases rise from around 300 to over 600 last week, after an outbreak in a slaughterhouse.

Along the way she must unite her people and avoid the murdering paladins while outrunning their champion, a black-cloaked one-man slaughterhouse (Daniel Sharman) whose name remains a mystery until the season finale.

In Germany, in June, more than 1,500 workers were infected at a slaughterhouse in North Rhine-Westphalia.

"Nine clusters are still active, but all are under control," Illa said, explaining they had been reported in slaughterhouses, but also in nursing homes, from parties, in groups of seasonal workers, or were related to neighbouring Portugal.

Once the pandemic subsides, the U.S. office plans for another transport of dogs rescued from a slaughterhouse who are currently being safely housed at a shelter partner in Cambodia.

On Monday, a westerly breeze spared most of them the stink of hog manure that radiates from the slaughterhouse and its wastewater lagoons, but Juan Ventura’s home is downwind.

The absence of an open market for pork and poultry and slaughterhouses has hindered he growth of their businesses.

The actor joined a crowd of activists at the slaughterhouse protest, run by the Los Angeles Animal Save – a group that aims to show the truth behind animal agriculture and inspire people to stop eating animals.

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation, which runs the 25-acre facility near NH-24, had closed the slaughterhouse in the last week of March.

The move came after a outbreak at a slaughterhouse that has infected more than 1,500 workers.

The once gritty edgeland of car-breaking yards, slaughterhouses and mountains of knackered fridges has long been swept away, replaced with all the trappings of hipster-infused regeneration.

The outbreak started after a worker at a local slaughterhouse fell ill and was tested positive.

The premier of the western North Rhine-Westphalia region warned it faces the threat of a renewed lockdown amid a spiralling outbreak at a major slaughterhouse.

The rationing comes after some of the largest slaughterhouses and processing plants across the country have been forced to close or slow production because of coronavirus outbreaks among workers.

These deserve more government and institutional support instead of factory farms and slaughterhouses.

The sheep are supposed to be headed for a slaughterhouse in the Middle East, with sending the sheep to local abattoirs considered a last resort.

The slaughterhouse at Mattancherry had the capacity to handle 50 large and 25 small animals, while the one at Kaloor handles 200 large animals and 75 small animals daily.

The Slaughterhouse in Yaounde is an old building that one cannot even manage and even when we try to manage, it creates more problems because people are living around.

The U.S. Labor Department said on Thursday it cited Smithfield Foods for failing to protect employees from the coronavirus, making it the first major U.S. meatpacker to face a fine after outbreaks at slaughterhouses infected thousands of workers.

Authorities in northwestern Germany's Vechta county said Saturday that 66 workers at a chicken slaughterhouse tested positive.

We avoid animal-rights protestors carrying slaughterhouse footage on iPads like the plague.

Well, serene-faced cattle marched towards the slaughterhouse.

When one JBS hog slaughterhouse closed in Minnesota last week, 10% of the nation’s hog processing capacity instantly ground to a halt.

Bill 97, An Act to regularize and provide for the development of local slaughterhouses and to amend the Food Products Act, was also examined by the Committee.

Fury In The Slaughterhouse.

Gandhi the pot-bellied pig was the star at a June 17 march in Ottawa against slaughterhouses.

Most of his term dealt with improvement of streets, draining of lowlands, change of wooden pipe sewers, construction of public baths, daily collection of household refuse, building of municipal slaughterhouses, rehabilitation of waterworks.

One way to improve the minister's plan would be to provide financial support for the two proposals to purchase slaughterhouses, which would have a solid impact on Quebec's cattle production.

A runaway pig causes havoc in a Winnipeg neighbourhood as two young girls try to rescue it from the slaughterhouse.

Select a geographical region, covering slaughterhouse, transport network (stakeholders) and ten farms.