756 examples of sleep on in sentences

Up to 'leven years ago it wasn't nothing, honey, for me to sleep on a pool-table one night and de luxe the next.

"You don't suppose we are going to sleep on the ground floor, do you?

II should like to sleep on it.

We got into Indiana and have had a yellow fever scare, a quarantine that lasted one night, so nobody could sleep on our train, a riot at Evansville 'cause we took on a couple of female trapeze women that came from Honduras, via New Orleans, and a revival of religion, all in one bunch, and pa is beginning to get haggard, like a hag.

But at night, when silence and sleep on the lonely hamlet fell Like a spirit clad in white through the graveyard gate she passed, And the stars bent down to hear, "I have come to you, love, at last," While through the valley solemnly sounded the midnight bell.

Probably they would never come back to this town, but sleep on their big engine every night; and every day, from the toothsome dainties of the train-boy Sullivan's basket, they would "eat all they could hold."

Rack Slimson, my most payin' customer, hadda sleep on the dinin' room table all night because you druv him out of his room.

Oh, the stringy-bark, &c. When we started to cut the rust and smut was just beginning to shed, And all we had to sleep on was a dog and sheep-skin bed.

He would sleep on horseback, riding toward the edge of a precipice!

There it is the term in every-day use for any rough bedstead, such as the natives sleep on and call a khat.

Strength for brief and feeble waking Lengthened sleep on age bestows.

As I was preparing next night to sleep on the bare ground outside a caravanseraifor I was almost destituteI saw a horseman ride up whom I recognised.

The company provides a bench for them to sleep on, similar to those we have in freight cabooses at home, a wash room and sometimes water.

They both soon sank to sleep on the cold deck, huddled close to each other, and locked close in each other's arms.

"Mr. Tuttle, the captain of the tug, did not sleep on the boat that night, but went to a cock fight.

It would eat from her hands, attend her in her rambles, and sleep on her pillow.

There is plenty to eat, and a bed to sleep on, and no one to be afraid of.

So she called him inside and gave him a bed to sleep on.

It would be difficult to find sixteen more miserable people than the Prince and his companions when they awoke the next morning from their troubled sleep on the hard ground.

Do you usually sleep on the bare floor?"

Comin' down to sleep on your claim?

It is to be presumed that such men always sleep on the ground-floor, though where they find their bed-rooms it is hard to say.

In the daytime it was common ground for both boys, and Keith did his studying in there, but he continued to sleep on the chaiselongue.

I sleep on the porch at night.

The people sleep on these suspended beds or on straw spread upon the floor.

756 examples of  sleep on  in sentences