2100 examples of sleeved in sentences

When Hanna de Long, freshly train-washed of train dust, walked down Third Street away from the station, old man Rentzenauer, for forty-odd springs coaxing over the same garden, was spraying a hose over a side-yard of petunias, shirt-sleeved, his waistcoat hanging open, and in the purpling light his old head merging back against a story-and-a-half house the color of gray weather and half a century of service.

The great suspended stud; the background of shelves and boxes; the scissors-like overalls against the wall; a clothesline of children's factory-made print frocks; a center-bin of women's untrimmed hats; a headless dummy beside the door, enveloped in a long-sleeved gingham apron.

He always wears a glove and long sleeved shirt as he lost his left hand to a Russell's viper bite several years ago.

Of course you are, only THE PHEASANT-HEN In my green-sleeved Oriental robe, I look to youhow do I look? CHANTECLER Like a living commandment ever to worship that which comes from the East.

Then, at a nod from one of the shirt-sleeved surgeons, he stretched himself upon a bare wooden table which had just been vacated and indicated that he wanted relief for his legwhich leg, I recall, was incased in a rude, splintlike arrangement of plaited straw.

Shirt-sleeved householders, leaning against their door-posts smoking, exchanged ideas across the narrow space paved with cobble-stones which separated their small and ancient houses, while the matrons, more gregariously inclined, bunched in little groups and discussed subjects which in higher circles would have inundated the land with libel actions.

There was Morgan with a new haircut, looking somewhat larger than life in a short sleeved shirt, wearing chinos rather than jeans, striding along with a small blonde woman.

The man next to him had a name tag on his short sleeved shirt that read, "R. Melnick M.D." He was pale and sweating lightly.

She was wearing a long sleeved turquoise jersey with a revealing scoop neck.

After a while he grew tired of watching the coming and going of white-sleeved footmen, and of listening to the butler's vociferated orders, and strayed back into the library.

I watch, the mowers as they go Through the tall grass, a white-sleeved row; With even stroke their scythes they swing, In tune their merry whetstones ring; Behind the nimble youngsters run And toss the thick swaths in the sun; The cattle graze; while, warm and still, Slopes the broad pasture, basks the hill, And bright, when summer breezes break, The green wheat crinkles like a lake.

Here the action begins; for Shylock protests he will bite a bit out of them; and though one of these long-sleeved swells warns him that all threats by Jews against Christians are an imprisonment manner, Shylock rashly prepares for a defence.

By noon I was simply crazy with my stuffy, long-sleeved, high-necked blue gingham dress and my great clumpy shoes.

The ladies are all in white, and several English women insisted upon coming out on the deck in low-cut and short-sleeved gowns.

For an hour or two after that the three men sat about in shirt-sleeved ease, puffing at Jack Fyfe's cigars.

Pa, shirt-sleeved, stocking-footed, asleep in his chair.

M'Tosh fired, and office in hands of police" "Stop him!" cried the shirt-sleeved man.

Within the station itself the shirt-sleeved agent surreptitiously locked the door to the ticket-room and sprung the combination of the safe.

He held in his hand, instead of "Cobbett's Register," the "Greenville Republican."He had substituted for his short-sleeved coat, "a round-about."He seemed to have put on flesh, and looked somewhat more contented.

Knots of shirt-sleeved men congregate about the frequent liquor-saloons, talking loudly and volubly.

He is clean shaven, and wears a sleeved waistcoat, heavy boots, fell hat.

The cock that crows, the smoke that curls, that sound Of bells;those boys who in yon meadow-ground In white-sleeved shirts are playing; [A] and the roar Of the waves breaking on the chalky shore; 5 All, all are English.

" 'Twas a soft, white, clinging gown, high-necked and long-sleeved, with the perfume of incense in its folds, Janet vested her mistress in.

Yet bread-making in well-ventilated kitchens and sweeping in open-windowed rooms are calisthenics so bracing that one grudges them to the Irish maidens, whose round and comely arms betray so much less need of their tonic influence than the shrunken muscles exhibited so freely by our short-sleeved belles.

The Hebrew word rendered in the older translations, "coat of many colors," means literally, "long-sleeved tunic."

2100 examples of  sleeved  in sentences