2784 examples of slender in sentences

But a pension of three hundred pounds a year was a slender fund for a travelling valetudinarian, and it was not then known that he had saved a moderate sum of money.

Such was the goodness of Johnson's heart, that he then declared, that "those debates were the only parts of his writings which gave him any compunction: but that, at the time he wrote them, he had no conception that he was imposing upon the world, though they were, frequently, written from very slender materials, and often from none at all, the mere coinage of his own imagination."

His humanity and generosity, in proportion to his slender income, were unbounded.

Mr. Smithson drew the warm sortie de bal, with its gold-coloured satin lining and white fox border, closer round Lesbia's slender form.

He was brought home and sent to school in America; and two-years later Dr. Bennington announced that the slender youngster, who had been so completely estranged from the affairs of the store, must matriculate in the ozone of high altitudes instead of in college, if his life were to be saved.

He was rather tall and slender, and a sinister black mask hid his face from the quickly raised eyes of the warden.

Now, go!" Her eyes were searching the listless face with entreaty in them; the slender fingers were fiercely gripping one of Mr. Grimm's nerveless hands.

Mr. Grimm seized the slender white fingers and stood with eyes fixed upon hers.

A slender thread of light again filtered up to hint.

The legs are by preference slender and much feathered, the feet large and well separated.

LEGSThe bones of the legs should be small, giving them a slender appearance, and they should be well feathered.

* GENERAL APPEARANCEA miniature English Greyhound, more slender in all proportions, and of ideal elegance and grace in shape, symmetry, and action.

Most of them, however, from the repeated cropping which they have suffered, exhibit a round head of long, slender branches, growing out of the extremity of the beheaded trunk.

Along the edges of some of these gloomy pits we cannot pick our way; therefore a plank is thrown across, and, trusting to so slender a bridge, we pass, one by one.

At this, as if startled at his voice, there appeared in the cottage door-way a slender, rosy-cheeked maiden, who looked blooming and graceful enough to be the incarnation of the fresh and beautiful May.

But what profits a man, who has not abundance of money, Being thus active and stirring, and bettering inside and outside? Only too much is the citizen cramped: the good, though he know it, Has he no means to acquire because too slender his purse is, While his needs are too great; and thus is he constantly hampered.

Each moment is of priceless worth, And our return hangs on a slender thread, Which, as it seems, some gracious fate doth spin.

Armed with these slender powers, she hurried away, commissioned to bring either Mr. Garland or Mr. Abel bodily to Mr. Swiveller's apartment.

The grandfather was now an old and feeble man, but gathering himself together as best he could, he began to trade;in pictures firstand then in curious ancient things, and from the Old Curiosity Shop, as it was called, he was able to obtain a slender income.

But he lost heavily and constantly, until his slender resources were exhausted, and he was obliged to borrow money from the rich little dwarf money-lender, Quilp, pledging his stock as security for the loans.

'I'm afraid, Emily, your happiness hangs on a very slender thread.

First published in 1802 in a slender volume entitled John Woodvil: a Tragedy.

Anna smoothed back the dark hair which hung over his brow, then carefully raised his slender frame in her arms and laid him upon his bed.

The embers were all dead; in the gray ashes was the print of a little foot, whose arched instep had left no trace between the light track of the small heel and the deeper impression that the slender toe had left.

There she stood, a gracious girl, the first created being that had ever seemed a mate for him, light and slender, lightly clad, the fresh breeze of the dawn moulding the subtly folding robe upon her against the soft strong lines of her form, and with a great mass of blossoming chestnut branches in her hands.

2784 examples of  slender  in sentences
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