2784 examples of slender in sentences

Lieutenant Matson was a slender man, and when he turned his right side toward Fernando, he was not much thicker than a rail.

he asked, turning toward the slender, dark-eyed, young cowboy.

Sabota watched the slender young cowboy.

Sabota threw his right arm around the back of his antagonist, gripping the shoulder on the far side of his body and drew the slender form toward himpinning the Ramblin' Kid's left arm and hand to his side.

She glanced at the outfit For a second she fancied she saw again the slender form stretched in the shadow upon the ground while a pair of black inscrutable eyes looked with unfathomable melancholy up into her own.

She was even more exquisitely dressed than usual; and Stafford heard some of the women and men murmur admiringly and enviously as she swept across the hall in her magnificent ball-dress; her diamonds, for which she was famous, glittering in her hair, on her white throat, and on her slender wrists.

There were Russian sables fit for her slender shoulders, and he took them.

Upon so slender a foundation she amused herself for above an hour, erecting such castles in the air that, had any one discovered her thought, she would have perished of mortification.

They han the pleasure, I a slender prize: I beat the bush, the birds to them do fly: What good thereof to Cuddie can arise? (Piers) Cuddie, the praise is better than the price, The glory eke much greater than the gain:..." Shepherd's Calendar, October

Pray, Sir, Let me not be oppresd with noyse; my cause Beares not so slender waight.

bad circumstances, poor circumstances, need circumstances, embarrassed circumstances, reduced circumstances, straightened circumstances; slender means, narrow means; straits; hand to mouth existence, res angusta domi

He reined his horse up to a slow walk, and fell into a reverie,so deep a one that he did not see what he might have seen had he looked attentively into a copse of poplars on a high bank close to his road,two young girls sitting on the ground peeling slender willow stems for baskets.

She looked entrancing between the dark wooden balustrades, one slender hand holding to them, and the other catching up part of her hair.

The vicuña is the smallest American "camel," yet its long, slender neck, small head, long legs, and small body, from which hangs long, feathery fleece, make it look more like an ostrich than a camel.

One grows to fat, another too lean, &c., modest Matilda, pretty pleasing Peg, sweet-singing Susan, mincing merry Moll, dainty dancing Doll, neat Nancy, jolly Joan, nimble Nell, kissing Kate, bouncing Bess, with black eyes, fair Phyllis, with fine white hands, fiddling Frank, tall Tib, slender Sib, &c., will quickly lose their grace, grow fulsome, stale, sad, heavy, dull, sour, and all at last out of fashion.

Omnisque potestas impatiens consortis erit: "they are still suspicious, lest their authority should be diminished," as one observes; and as Comineus hath it, "it cannot be expressed what slender causes they have of their grief and suspicion, a secret disease, that commonly lurks and breeds in princes' families."

The slender, trumpet-like tubes immediately became shafts of masonry, and sank deep into the earth; the lip of the flower changed into a circular mouth of rose-colored marble, and the people, leaning over its brink, lowered their pitchers to the bottom with cords, and drew them up again, filled to the brim, and dripping with honey.

Instantly, the little one ordered Per Ola to pick up a long, slender pole that lay in the bottom of the scow, and try to pole it toward one of the reed-islands.

The letter ends with an earnest appeal to Burke to help him to any honest occupation that may enable him to live without being a burden on the slender resources of Miss Elmy's family.

But it seemed as if a chuckle came from above; it was only some sound in the gasoline lamp, a big fixture which hung suspended by a slender chain from the centre of the ceiling and immediately above the table.

He wandered through the woods, over the country, noting the different signs of spring, for, in spite of his sorrow, he could not but admire the slender spring.

Of the Congoes and Angolas the Jamaican writers had little to say except that in their glossy black they were slender and sightly, mild in disposition, unusually honest, but exceptionally stupid.

Nay, many live on a slender diet to buy rum, sugar and molasses, with other such like necessaries, which are sold at such a rate that the planter here is but a slave to raise a provision for other colonies, and dare not allow himself to partake of his own creatures, except it be the corn of the country in hominy bread."

"Rainbow!"for he would translate her name at times, "come to me,veni"and his lips went on automatically, and murmured, "vel venito!"The child came and sat by his bedside and took his hand, which she could not warm, but which shot its rays of cold all through her slender frame.

" In 1797, Weld wrote, "his chest is full; and his limbs, though rather slender, well shaped and muscular.

2784 examples of  slender  in sentences