2594 examples of slicing in sentences

But when she returned softly to the interior, after laving face and hands out at the wash-basin, and ordering her abundant hair, she found the little woman up and clad, slicing bacon and making coffee of generous strength from their scanty store.

There are some who like to carve a ham by cutting a hole at the top, and then slicing pieces off inside the hole, gradually enlarging the circle; but we think this a plan not to be recommended.

" As Dotty spoke she was employed in slicing an onion, while the tears ran down her cheeks; but a scream from Norah caused her to drop the knife.

" As it turned out to be only a hair-pin, Dotty shook her head in disdain, and went on slicing onions.

Glancing into the sitting-room as she passed its partly opened door she discovered her grandfather asleep in his arm-chair and her grandmother sitting near him busy in slicing apples to be strung and hung up in the kitchen to dry!

Again the blinding circle and the indescribable sound of the ax's impact, slicing through the wood.

Joe would be making the fire, and Harry slicing the bacon.

"Once bittwice shy!" would be his response as he returned to slicing steaks.

For M. Raoul had taken out a penknife and was slicing out page after pagein some places whole blocks of pages together.

He climbed up, laid the book on his knee and went on slicing.

He added, with appropriate gestures, that he had honed it with the particular intent of slicing off a few English heads.

The other day, he was trying to shave, to the great danger of slicing off his nose, as the vessel was rolling fearfully.

When winter came, he was taken down for a guest's meal, and while the hostess was slicing the sausage he had to be on his guard, lest if he stretched out his head it might be cut off.

It follows from this that the center of the ebook experience is going to involve slicing and dicing text and sending it around.

He awoke before it was dawn, but when he dragged himself from his tepee, moving quietly not to awaken his boy, he found John Aldous on his knees before a small fire, slicing thin rashers of bacon into a frying-pan.

Our native pears are tolerably tempting to the look, but defy both mastication and digestion, being the pendulous seed-pods of a tree here, and their outer husks of such a hard woody consistence, as to put the edge of even a well-tempered knife to proof of its qualities in slicing them down.

There, a somewhat confused vision of 'grand shorthorns,' and an inexplicable jumble of pedigrees, grand-dams, and 'g-g-g-g-g-g-dams,' as the catalogues have it; handsome hunters paraded, steam-engines pumping water, steam-engines slicing up roots, distant columns of smoke where steam-engines are tearing up the soil.

Some considerable time is taken up in slicing roots with the machine, or chaff-cuttingmonotonous work of a simple character, and chiefly consisting in turning a handle.

At nearly all the cottage doors, women were peeling and slicing onions into earthen bowls for supper.

Wabi gave a joyous whoop of merriment at the city-bred youth's half-expressed fear and a volley of Mukoki's chuckles came from where he was slicing moose-steak on the table.

For to me the game of breaking heads and slicing necks would be easy as cracking nuts on an anvilat least, so long as they would come up singly.

Such an invitation to jump together over the bonfire was regarded as tantamount to a public betrothal.[410] Near Offenburg, in the Black Forest, on Midsummer Day the village boys used to collect faggots and straw on some steep and conspicuous height, and they spent some time in making circular wooden discs by slicing the trunk of a pine-tree across.

" Sir Lupus nodded, winked, and fell to slicing tobacco with a small, gold knife.

She thought, as she turned to her turkey-slicing, that the Perkins child was not taking his father's death "very hard."

[Illustration: As she turned to her turkey-slicing.]

2594 examples of  slicing  in sentences