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2594 examples of  slicing  in sentences

2594 examples of slicing in sentences

Besides, it is as vulgar as Rats-bane, or the slicing of the Weasand.

So I told the company that I would trim the hat by slicing a bit from the other side.

But when she returned softly to the interior, after laving face and hands out at the wash-basin, and ordering her abundant hair, she found the little woman up and clad, slicing bacon and making coffee of generous strength from their scanty store.

of shin of beef, trimmings of meat or poultry, a slice of bacon, 2 large carrots, 2 turnips, 5 large onions, 1 head of celery, seasoning to taste, 2 quarts of soft water, any bones left from roast meat, 2 quarts of common stock, or liquor in which a joint of meat has been boiled.

INGREDIENTS.4 middle-sized potatoes well pared, a thick slice of bread, 6 leeks peeled and cut into thin slices as far as the white extends upwards from the roots, a teacupful of rice, a teaspoonful of salt, and half that of pepper, and 2 quarts of water.

Pare and slice the marrows, and put them in the stock boiling.

INGREDIENTS.1/4 lb. of sweet almonds, 1/4 lb. of cold veal or poultry, a thick slice of stale bread, a piece of fresh lemon-peel, 1 blade of mace, pounded, 3/4 pint of cream, the yolks of 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 quarts of white stock, No. 107.

INGREDIENTS.A hare fresh-killed, 1 lb. of lean gravy-beef, a slice of ham, 1 carrot, 2 onions, a faggot of savoury herbs, 1/4 oz. of whole black pepper, a little browned flour, 1/4 pint of port wine, the crumb of two French rolls, salt and cayenne to taste, 3 quarts of water.

When the soup is wanted for use, skim off all the fat, put in the kernels and soft parts of the tongue, slice in a small quantity of fresh carrot, turnip, and onion; stew till the vegetables are tender, and serve with toasted bread. Time.5 hours.

INGREDIENTS.1 large slice of cod, 1 oz. of butter, 1 chopped shalot, a little minced parsley, 1/4 teacupful of white stock, 1/4 pint of milk or cream, flour to thicken, cayenne and lemon-juice to taste, 1/4 teaspoonful of powdered sugar.

Slice and fry the onions a light brown; put them in a stewpan, on the top of which put the fish without washing, and add the ginger, lemon-juice, and water.

Many persons, in carving salmon, make the mistake of slicing the thick part of this fish in the opposite direction to that we have stated; and thus, by the breaking of the flakes, the beauty of its appearance is destroyed.

There are some who like to carve a ham by cutting a hole at the top, and then slicing pieces off inside the hole, gradually enlarging the circle; but we think this a plan not to be recommended.

Slice the vegetables, and put these, with the herbs and spices, in the middle of a stewpan, with a few slices of bacon at the top: these should form a sort of mound in the centre for the veal to rest upon.

lb. of cold roast veal, a small slice of bacon, 1/4 teaspoonful of minced lemon-peel, 1/2 onion chopped fine, salt, pepper, and pounded mace to taste, a slice of toast soaked in milk, 1 egg.

Cut a few slices from a cold fillet of veal 1/2 inch thick; rub them over with egg; lay a thin slice of fat bacon over each piece of veal; brush these with the egg, and over this spread the forcemeat thinly; roll up each piece tightly, egg and bread crumb them, and fry them a rich brown.

The persons whom the host wishes most to honour should be asked if they like the delicious brown outside slice, as this, by many, is exceedingly relished.

Streets went slicing like a butcher's knife, through old colonial estates, whose first masters never dreamed of the city reaching them,and 'Sieur George was still away.

" As Dotty spoke she was employed in slicing an onion, while the tears ran down her cheeks; but a scream from Norah caused her to drop the knife.

" As it turned out to be only a hair-pin, Dotty shook her head in disdain, and went on slicing onions.

Glancing into the sitting-room as she passed its partly opened door she discovered her grandfather asleep in his arm-chair and her grandmother sitting near him busy in slicing apples to be strung and hung up in the kitchen to dry!

Again the blinding circle and the indescribable sound of the ax's impact, slicing through the wood.

Joe would be making the fire, and Harry slicing the bacon.

"Once bittwice shy!" would be his response as he returned to slicing steaks.

For M. Raoul had taken out a penknife and was slicing out page after pagein some places whole blocks of pages together.

He climbed up, laid the book on his knee and went on slicing.

He added, with appropriate gestures, that he had honed it with the particular intent of slicing off a few English heads.

The boons of colonies and cheap bread, and the prospect of a slice out of the public land occupied by Italians, were all not strong enough to overcome the deep, ingrained prejudice against extending the franchise.

The other day, he was trying to shave, to the great danger of slicing off his nose, as the vessel was rolling fearfully.

The whole makes a wonderful instrument, unique among birds, for feelingly manipulating a dainty morsel, shelling, peeling, and slicing, until nothing is left but the sweetest part of the core.

Eat a Slice of Bread and Butter, drank a Dish of Bohea, read the Spectator.

No longer ago than yesterday, as we were coming to Town, she saw a parcel of Crows so heartily at Break-fast upon a piece of Horse-flesh, that she had an invincible Desire to partake with them, and (to my infinite Surprize) begged the Coachman to cut her off a Slice as if twere for himself, which the Fellow did; and as soon as she came home she fell to it with such an Appetite, that she seemed rather to devour than eat it.

When winter came, he was taken down for a guest's meal, and while the hostess was slicing the sausage he had to be on his guard, lest if he stretched out his head it might be cut off.

It follows from this that the center of the ebook experience is going to involve slicing and dicing text and sending it around.

"Allow me," said Mr. Raleigh, taking her plate and bringing it back directly with a wafery slice of bread and a quaking tumulus of jelly.

she said, slicing off about two square inches of cold mutton, and holding it out on the point of a fork.

From taking a bottle of beer or a slice of pie, to telling one where one might or might not live, the police were autocrats in that neighborhood.

"Come back and have a cup of tea, and a slice of home-made bread.

Half a loaf, a single slice of bread even, is better than none.

He awoke before it was dawn, but when he dragged himself from his tepee, moving quietly not to awaken his boy, he found John Aldous on his knees before a small fire, slicing thin rashers of bacon into a frying-pan.

Such was the contrast when we last visited the "Grove;" the picturesque cottage was then as we have described it, and its new-born neighbours were rising fast on every side, and we would not insure its existence for a week longer; for the slicing, cutting, and carving of this once beautiful spot, exceeds all credibility.

Our native pears are tolerably tempting to the look, but defy both mastication and digestion, being the pendulous seed-pods of a tree here, and their outer husks of such a hard woody consistence, as to put the edge of even a well-tempered knife to proof of its qualities in slicing them down.

Observing this, a very sly, old Esquimau began to slice up a deer-skin into little pieces, which he intended to offer for the small pieces of tobacco!

A steak or slice of beef for broiling.

"Beef'steak, s. a slice of beef for broiling.

"Aye, aye; this slice to be sure outweighs the other.

That was by cutting the corn from the cob and by peeling the potatoes and slicing them very thin before they dropped them into boiling water.

There was a scramble between two doctors for the last potatoes, and a duel between one of them and myself in the slicing up of roast beef or boiled mutton, and amorous advances to the lady cook for a tit-bit in the baking-pan.

Of one house all that was left standing was a slice of the front wall just wide enough to bear a sign reading: "This house is for sale; elegantly furnished."

R116750, 1Sep53, P. G. Wodehouse (A) A slice of life.

There, a somewhat confused vision of 'grand shorthorns,' and an inexplicable jumble of pedigrees, grand-dams, and 'g-g-g-g-g-g-dams,' as the catalogues have it; handsome hunters paraded, steam-engines pumping water, steam-engines slicing up roots, distant columns of smoke where steam-engines are tearing up the soil.

Some considerable time is taken up in slicing roots with the machine, or chaff-cuttingmonotonous work of a simple character, and chiefly consisting in turning a handle.

It is propagated by off-sets planted in sand, also by slicing off a portion from the top of the plant and placing it in light, rich, porous loam.

At nearly all the cottage doors, women were peeling and slicing onions into earthen bowls for supper.

The pack has been made to show forth its content by a process of disruptionof slicing.

Similarly, if a scientist wants to gain a thorough comprehension of a complicated organism, he dissects it, or submits it to a process of slicing, studying each slice separately under the microscope while keeping constantly in mind the relation of one slice to another.

Trippet Not a slice!

My harnessed gravity, I believed, would not only enable me to overcome existing mechanical difficulties, but it would make the quarrying of immense monoliths as easy as the slicing of bread, and the placing of them in position as easy as the laying of bricks.

Wabi gave a joyous whoop of merriment at the city-bred youth's half-expressed fear and a volley of Mukoki's chuckles came from where he was slicing moose-steak on the table.

For to me the game of breaking heads and slicing necks would be easy as cracking nuts on an anvilat least, so long as they would come up singly.

CORN MEAL CUBES.Left-over corn meal mush may be made into an appetizing dish by first slicing into rather thick slices, then cutting into cubes about one inch squares.

Such an invitation to jump together over the bonfire was regarded as tantamount to a public betrothal.[410] Near Offenburg, in the Black Forest, on Midsummer Day the village boys used to collect faggots and straw on some steep and conspicuous height, and they spent some time in making circular wooden discs by slicing the trunk of a pine-tree across.

" Sir Lupus nodded, winked, and fell to slicing tobacco with a small, gold knife.

Have a bare knuckle of veal, and a calf's foot or cow heel; put it into a stew-pan with a thick slice of smoked beef, a few herbs, a blade of mace, two or three onions, a little lemon peel, pepper and salt, and three or four pints of water (the French add a little tarragon vinegar).

The above can be made without butter or milk: take a large onion, slice it thin, put it into a little veal gravy, add grated bread, pepper, &c., and the yolk and white of an egg well beaten.

Slice some apples, put them in a little water to simmer till soft, beat them to a pulp; some consider a little powdered sugar an improvement, but as the acid of the apples is reckoned a corrective to the richness of the goose, it is usually preferred without.

Slice finely, and brown in a little oil, two or three onions; put them in a little beef gravy, and add cayenne pepper, salt, and the juice of a lemon.

Peel and slice as many truffles as required, simmer them gently with a little butter, when they are tender, add to them good white or brown consommรฉ, lemon juice, pepper, salt, nutmeg, and a very little white wine.

Cut it in slices, also slice some beetroot or cucumber and put them in a saucepan with a little gravy which need not be strong, two table-spoonsful of vinegar, one of oil, pepper, salt, a little chopped lettuce and a few peas, simmer till the vegetables and meat are sufficiently dressed.

I knew what they could do, have seen them scores of times, as you have, at their slaughter; seen them crush out the hearts of other men just as good as you or I; seen them take them out and skin and quarter-slice them, unmindful of the agony of those who were dear to and dependent on their owners, but it never seemed to strike me home.

" She then gave him a large slice of the cake.

Serve on a slice of beets and a lettuce leaf.

STRAWBERRY COCKTAIL Slice five or six large strawberries into each glass and squeeze over them the juice of an orange.

Then put a lettuce leaf on that and then a slice of hard-boiled egg that has been dipped in tartar sauce.

Cover with a slice of buttered bread.

Spread with cheese mixture and place a brown and white slice together.

Spread on buttered bread and place a slice of stuffed olive on top, in the centre of each piece of bread.

When ready to use, dip the box in hot water; turn out the mixture; slice and place between thin slices of buttered bread.

CHESTNUT SANDWICHES One slice each of white and brown bread, cut thin and buttered, and spread with chestnuts that have been boiled tender, peeled and rubbed through a sieve, then mashed with hard-boiled eggs to a paste and moistened with Mayonnaise.

Slices of bread are very thinly buttered, the cheese mixture spread on generously, each slice covered with another slice, and set away until the filling cools and hardens, when the sandwiches are toasted on both sides and served hot.

Slices of bread are very thinly buttered, the cheese mixture spread on generously, each slice covered with another slice, and set away until the filling cools and hardens, when the sandwiches are toasted on both sides and served hot.

POACHED EGG SANDWICHES Slice as many pieces of bread, from a round loaf, as you have persons to serve.

Across each slice place three strips of pimentoes (use the canned pimentoes), on top of that place a cold poached egg, put a teaspoon of Mayonnaise on the top of the egg and sprigs of watercress encircling the toast.

Build the slices up one above the other, alternating brown and white, and placing the unbuttered slice on top.

Before serving, slice down as you would a layer cake.

VEAL SANDWICHES May be prepared as above, or slice the veal in thin slices and spread with mustard.

BROWN STOCK Follow directions given for bouillon, adding a slice of beef and browning some of the meat in the marrow from the bone.

Slice hard-boiled eggs, one glass of sherry; and one lemon sliced; put all in the stock; allow it to come just to a boil.

Cook in double boiler with one slice of onion and three cups of milk for twenty minutes.

ONION SOUP Slice two or three large onions; fry them in a tablespoon of butter until they are soft and red, then add three tablespoons of flour and stir until it is a little cooked.

BRAINS WITH EGG SAUCE Wash brains well, skin, boil fifteen minutes in salt water; slice in stew-pan some onions, salt, pepper, ginger and a cup of stock.

Salt and pepper the sweetbreads before putting in the kettle, slice two tomatoes on top and cover up tight and set on the back of stove to simmer slowly.

Serve with a slice of lemon on each piece of liver.

CHICKEN LIVERS Slice three or four livers from chicken or other fowl and dredge well with flour.

Slice two large onions in a roasting-pan, and roast the kischkes slowly until well done and well browned.

In serving slice very thin and garnish with parsley. SMOTHERED TONGUE Scald tongue, and then skin.

Season well with salt and pepper and slice an onion over it.

Use cooked potatoes, having them cold before slicing.

She thought, as she turned to her turkey-slicing, that the Perkins child was not taking his father's death "very hard."

[Illustration: As she turned to her turkey-slicing.]