1097 examples of slippers in sentences

I've seen him go on the stage in a general's uniform with carpet slippers and no hat, which everyone knew must be contrary to the regulations of the Arabian army, in which he was supposed to hold his commission.

"Little chilly," he said, and in carpet slippers and unbuttoned waistcoat moved over to the base-burner, his feet, to avoid sloughing, not leaving the floor.

"When I was up-stairs jest now fer my slippers, I heard him kind o' sniffin' inter his piller.

" The laugh which followed brought the keeper out of the office in his carpet slippers, a patchwork quilt over his shoulders.

The pure white silk fitted to a nicety, and the tiny satin slippers seemed as if they were made upon her feet, and never intended to come off again.

They had suffered the unfortunate Porteous to put on his night-gown and slippers, as he had thrown off his coat and shoes, in order to facilitate his attempted escape up the chimney.

When the object of their resentment dropped one of his slippers, they stopped, sought for it, and replaced it upon his foot with great deliberation.

" "I am going because I want tobecause I am dead tired, and long, with a perfect passion, for our cozy room, the dim firelight, and my darling toasting her pretty slippers.

Glancing up at him from my work (which consisted of the inevitable worked slippers without which no woman considers her wifehood absolutely asserted), I caught him in the act.

He was leaning back in his arm-chair, with his eyes fixed in mournful meditation upon his mother's portrait (at least I thought so), when I asked him if he was tired, and I fancied he was thinking sad thoughts of the mother who had not been dead so very long as never to trouble the thoughts of the living; so, laying down my slippers, I crossed the rug and perched myself on Charlie's knee.

Perhaps you can find something the chief can put on, and bring down a pair of the captain's socks and slippers.

Close to the door was placed a pair of yellow boots and slippers, which are always at the entrance of every apartment frequented by the sultan.

" Then at Lyons he met again Her of the pink slippers, now Madame Fournier, and a widow.

When the young gymnast came in turn to me, radiant in his salmon fleshings and blue trunks, with slippers and bows to match, I could not help asking him if he was an Italian.

Don't forget to put a pair of old slippers into your knapsack.

He had put on his dressing-gown, and was now looking for his slippers.


"You shall don my winged slippers," said the strange prince, "and they will bear you over sea and land.

" Then the man took off his winged slippers, and put them on the feet of Perseus; and the woman whispered to him to be off at once, and to fear nothing, but be bold and true.

Then he leaped into the air to try the Magic Slippers.

Then he turned, and the Magic Slippers bore him over the sea straight towards the north.

As for Perseus, he leaped again into the air, and the Magic Slippers bore him southward with the speed of the wind.

But when they saw the Magic Slippers on his feet, they ran to him, and welcomed him to the Western Land and to their garden.

Having finished, the clerk smiled as one well pleased with a duty well performed, salaamed and clacked away in his heelless slippers.

Countess Olga's dancing slippers.

1097 examples of  slippers  in sentences