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490 examples of  slits  in sentences

490 examples of slits in sentences

She regarded him wryly, her eyes crinkled now quite to slits.

No one will see it, and if they go through the door, the thread will simply draw out of one of the slits without their noticing it, and we shall see that it's been disturbed.

You see, Dick True, the trouble is, our Father has given us a whole world full of air and sunlight to be happy in, and we poison the air with smoke and shut ourselves away from the sunshine in boxes of brick and mortar, only letting a stray beam come in occasionally through slits in the walls which we call windows.

For many hours together they never raised their lids, looking out through slits, cat-like, on the world.

But its thin light was unneeded, for the great flood of moonshine, coming through the slits of the skins, made a clear yellow twilight.

Kazan's eyes were red, and they narrowed to slits as he looked forth into the day.

His eyes were mere slits.

The track then proceeds westwards, winding in and out of the tremendous slits in rock, to Mukhmas, and it was probably along this rough line that the Israelites marched from their camp at Gilgal to overthrow the Philistines.

Now Martin had been watching them through the slits of his not quite closed eyes all the time, and listening to their talk.

Trim it, and with a sharp knife make two or three slits in the middle, that it may taste more of the seasoning.

A Chinese lady binds her feet, and an American her waist; a Maori woman slits her nose, and an English belle pierces her ears.

Eyeballs deep-set, lack lustre, in narrowed slits 7.

Rudolph, half wrapped in his matting, could see the hard, glassy eyes shine cruelly in their narrow slits; but before they lowered to meet his own, a jubilant yell resounded in the go-down, and with a grunt, the yellow face, the flambeau, and the sword were snatched away.

Yaos, known by the three vertical slits in their cheeks; slim Nandi, with perforated lobes to their ears; ebony Kavirondo; Sudanese of an excellent quality; Wanyamwezi from the country between Tabora and Lake Tanganyika, the very tribe from whom the German Askaris are recruited, and all the dusky tribes that stretch far north to Lake Rudolph and the Nile.

He slowly pushed his chair back from the table and with eyes half-closedthe lids tightening until there were but narrow slits through which the black pupils burned like drops of jethe began slowly to straighten up.

The gentleman was walking towards the house, but he pulled up short, his eyes narrowed themselves to slits and his thick lips closed tightly.

"What can I saywhat can I do toto express my gratitudemy sense of your forbearance, Falconer?" Falconer, with his eyes narrowed to slits, looked at him keenly.

Her dark eyes might be magnificent if wide open: but through the narrow slits of their lids, half hidden by long curling lashes, the eyes peer at you with a cold, watchful, intent gaze that carries a certain uncanny and disconcerting fascination.

Her eyes, nearly closed, shot red rays through their slits.

His blue eyes, glittering through the slits of the drawn-down eyelids, were pin-points of wrath.

His mouth was ajar; his eyes, half closed, hideously revealed slender slits of white.

" There was a sort of explosive gasp from von Brรผnig and Savaroff, and I saw McMurtrie's eyes narrow into two dangerous cat-like slits.

" The pasport ended, both they forward went; The Ape clad souldierlike, fit for th'intent, In a blew iacket with a crosse of redd 205 And manie slits, as if that he had shedd Much blood throgh many wounds therein receaved, Which had the use of his right arme bereaved, Upon his head an old Scotch cap he wore, With a plume feather all to peeces tore; 210

He stood with eyes screwed to slits staring into the apricot-colored dust in the direction of the vanishing noise.

The officer was looking at Peter fixedly with his chill slits of eyes.

It is lighted by an old-fashioned watchman's lantern hanging from the ceiling; the innumerable pricks and slits in the metal throw a marvellous pattern on the curved walllike some masonry that hasn't been.

He set up two stout forked poles on the bank, seven or eight feet high, and as much asunder east and west, and having cut slits eight or ten inches long, and the same distance apart, close to the edge, on the sides of the hide, he threaded poles through them, and then, placing one of the poles on the forked stakes, tied the other down tightly at the bottom.

Three more of these narrow slits in his prison walls he found before he came back again to the door.

His narrow eyes burned like twin coals through their narrow slits, as he piped in a high-cracked voice, "But that is not all.

Salarino tells him that the mental attitude is everything; that mirth is as easy as gloom; that nature in her freakishness makes some men laugh at trifles until their eyes become mere slits, yet leaves others dour and unsmiling before jests that would convulse even the venerable Nestor.

These ragged boards, sparingly nailed across the window sockets, gave the houses the air of wearing masks and of squinting at us through narrow eye slits.

Little light was there in the great hall through which Leothric ascended, for it only entered through arrow slits here and there, and in the world outside evening was waning fast.

Nicky's eyes were two slits of glaze between half-shut lids.

In these slits pieces of bone were fixed to which were tied other pieces, forming a great impediment to their speech, and in some cases giving the idea that the wearer had two sets of teeth.

The only daylight entered the hall through narrow slits of windows on either side of the front door.

For the most part, the outside windows were narrow slits, since the houses got light from the central patio.

In shape the surcoat somewhat resembled a sack, in which, at a later period, large slits were made in the arms, as well as over the hips and on the chest, through which appeared the rich furs and satins with which it was lined....

This heavy and ungraceful tunic, called a housse, consisted of two broad bands of a more or less costly material, which, starting from the neck, fell behind and before, thus almost entirely concealing the front and back of the person, and only allowing the under garments to be seen through the slits which naturally opened on each side of it.

The warden paused, dazed, incredulous before the audacity of it, while he studied two calm eyes which peered at him through the slits of the mask.

The base of the cone stands some distance above the water line, and in its sides conical slits are cut, so as to establish a free communication between the water within the conical vessel and the water outside it.

Make one or two slits to let out the steam, and bake in hot oven.

"Will you show me the way home, then?" The boy shook his head again, and now stared at the velvet jerkin, then at his own garb, which consisted of a piece of sack with slits in it for his head and arms to come through, and a strip of cow-skin for a belt to hold it in.

All the mystery that awaits us looks out through the eye-slits in the grave-clothes muffling her.

With the help of Mr. Eddy, he then ripped out the sleeves, cut off the waists about an inch above the skirt gathers, cut slits in the skirts for arm-holes, and tacked in the sleeves.

She calls him a fine man; he is indeed big enough, and like to become too big; with long slits of eyes that gaze freelie on all.

If a man had it on he would be completely covered, from head to foot, with just a pair of slits for his eyes to peep out of, and another for his mouth, so that he could breathe.

For just as the main physical feature of the frontier is this mountain wall, with its narrow lateral slits, so the main political feature is the existence in the tracts of country thus characterized of a succession of wild and warlike tribes, owing allegiance to no foreign potentate, but cherishing an immemorial love for freedom and their native hills.

About two hundred yards to the left we saw through the rain a large pile, apparently risen straight out of the lake, looking ghostly livid, for it was of white stone, not high, but an old thing of complicated white little turrets roofed with dark red candle extinguishers, and oddities of Gothic nooks, window slits, and outline, very like a fanciful picture.

And so I found him there, standing all alone in the quietest of the yards, his face towards a high wall, while all around, from the narrow slits of the jail windows, I thought I saw peering out upon him the eyes of murderers and thieves.

"There were two pockets which we could not enter; these he called his fobs; they were two large slits cut into the top of his middle cover, but squeezed close by the pressure of his belly.

A gas-lamp threw its radiance on the ceiling in bars through the slits of the window-shutters, and then, far in the middle wilderness of the night, the lamp was extinguished by a careful municipality, and I was left in utter darkness.

With head bent low in deference to the force of the blast, and eyes narrowed to slits, the surfman searched the seething sea for the shadowy outlines of a vessel in trouble.

And from her, her eyes narrowed to two slits, her cheeks scarlet: "Why, thanks.

There came into Blanche Devine's face a look that made slits of her eyes, and drew her mouth down into an ugly, narrow line, and that made the muscles of her jaw tense and hard.

It may have been that which caused her eyes to narrow to mere slits as she gazed at the drooping Julia.

The first stage is panelled so as not to present too great a contrast to the octagon, and the next is also panelled and has narrow canopied slits on alternate sides, with four thin buttress-like projections on each face.

The man's face was within a hand's breadth of her own, his mouth wide open, his eyes mere shining slits, convulsed with silent merriment.

went the carronade at last, and five little slits in the mainsail showed that her charge of grape had flown high.

Half-way up it was loop-holed in long narrow slits for the fire of the defenders.

Its ear was already slit.

With great generosity I allowed her to place it in the slit.

And the smile consisted of long strips of red tape, which were drawn out through slits at the corners of the mouth by means of threads which passed through holes in the sides of the head.

She rested her arms on it, and narrowed her eyelids as he spoke till her eyes glittered through the slits of them.

Larsen's eyes were mere slits of blue glass, and his mouth was set in a thin line.

It was lighted by three long perpendicular slits of windows, let into a twelve-foot thickness of wall.

Slits are cut in the skin of their breast, ropes passed through and secured by wooden skewers, and then the men swing and surge until the skin gives way and tears out.

It was very dark: a narrow bow-slit in the thick wall admitted the only light they had to guide them.

And cautiously, little by little, he opened the door; and, holding the lantern over his head in the narrow slit, he peeped infrowning and palewith one eye, as if he expected something to fly in his face.

Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise (That last infirmity of noble mind) To scorn delights and live laborious days; But the fair guerdon when we hope to find, And think to burst out into sudden blaze, Comes the blind Fury with the abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life.

According to the account given by Labillardiere, confirmed by the information given by Mr. Hekmeyer, the figures are often craunched by women and children, to the latter of whom they serve as dolls, toys, and even money-boxes, as shown by the slits formed in the upper part of the larger objects, which are usually hollow.

Day was breaking, and the first grey light had just begun to steal through the long thin slits in the walls of our barn, when someone shook me hard by the shoulder, and up I jumped.

Bad from the soles of his misshapen boots to the baggy chaperajos, to the bulging holsters at his hips, to the gleaming cartridge belt around his waist, to the soft green flannel shirt, to the red silk handkerchief about his throat, to the dark unshaven face, to the drink-reddened nose, to the mere slits of eyes, to the upturned sombrero that crowned the shock of wiry hair; bad in detail, in ensemble, was this inebriate cowman, bad.

Not a soul within the room stirred, not even Long Pete; but the narrowing lids closed until they were mere slits, and the unshaven jaws tightened.

" He turned upon the hearthrug, and studied the carefully designed slits upon his cloth shoes.

Swaying unsteadily, the mulatto looked around him through eyes closed to snakelike slits.

" A gray light slid through the half-shut door and through the long, narrow slits in the walls.

There was an up-to-date corer and a plate for baking apples, a fat plush apple pincushion for the kitchen, a red apple "bank" with a slit for savings, one of the beautiful Wallace Nutting photographs of a New England apple tree in full pink and white bloom, an artistic brown basket for apples to be kept on the buffet or used for the breakfast table, and a delightful fruit bowl with an apple border.

"But the fair guerdon when we hope to find Comes the blind Fury with th' abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life'" Having not quite finished his 27th year, he died calmly on the 23rd of September, 1828, and was interred in the vault of St. James's Church, Pentonville, in the presence of Lawrence, and Howard, and Robson, and the Rev. J.T. Judkin,himself a skilful painteran ardent admirer and steadfast friend.

Tommy opened it now with trembling hands and looked at the little bits of Grizel on it: the beautiful stitching with which she had coaxed the slits to close again; the one patch, so artful that she had clapped her hands over it.

"Tompkins," murmured the blind one feebly, tears starting from the blue slits and rolling down his cheeks.

And on the top of the hill, after a four-mile trudge, they rested for the first time, Spinrobin panting and perspiring, trousers tucked up and splashed yellow with mud; Mr. Skale, legs apart, beard flattened by the wind about his throat, and thumbs in the slits of his waistcoat as he looked keenly about him over the darkening landscape.

Through slits in that massive shelter of the hardest steel one had a narrow view.

Underneath the slits was a literal panoply of the brass fittings of speaking-tubes and levers and push-buttons, which would have puzzled even the "Hello, Central" girl.

He could not resist the temptation to remain where he was, instead of being shut up looking through the slits of a visor.

So just is the beautiful reflexion of Milton in his Lycidas; Fame is the spur, that the clear spirit doth raise, (That last infirmity of noble mind) To scorn delights, and live laborious days; But the fair guerdon, when we hops to find, And think to burst out into sudden blaze, Comes the blind fury with th' abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life.

One spring morning, when a late frost had made the grass unusually slippery, just as he was expounding to an interested audience how the Danes used to shoot "arrers through them little slits of windies in the wall beyant," his foot slipped, and after rolling for a little distance down the steep incline, he went over the precipitous side of the crag, and fell some twenty feet on to the stones below.

The house itself was something between an eighteenth-century mansion and an old Border fortress; its centre part was very high in the roof, and had turrets, with outer stairs to them, at the corners; the parapets were embattled, and in the turrets were arrow-slits.

He went on: "With our limited senses we are, in a way, merely peeping out of little slits in an armored conning-tower of life, out at the stupendous vibratory battles of the cosmos.

You will perhaps have removed a small bit of the wood with the bark, which you must take carefully out with the sharp point of your knife and your thumb; then tuck the bark and bud under the bark of the stock which you carefully bind over, letting the bud come at the part where the slits cross each other.

The precipitous nature of the ground on the S. side forms a natural defence and accounts for the incompleteness of the rampart The "slats" are merely slight slits in the ground caused by the slipping of the unsupported strata.

In the Dec. period there was added the S. transept; foliated lancets were inserted in the nave and chancel walls (those in the nave breaking the splays of the Norm. slits); a large window (with reticulated tracery) was placed at the W. end, and a second with flowing tracery introduced into the ribbed chamber over the N. porch.

His eyes narrowed to laughing slits of blue, his face wreathed itself in joy, and his mouth curled in a smile as he cried aloud: "Jumping dandelions and happy hollyhocks, but that smells good to me!

Cut several slits in the top crust or prick it with a fork before putting it in place.

" The fellow grinned, one hand thrust into the outer pocket of his coat, his eyes narrowed into ugly slits.

Hobart was nearest to him, his face swollen and red, his eyes ugly slits, with teeth snarling between thin lips.

The light of the lamp she carriedfor it was already dark within the towercaught the spray of the fountain outside as she passed the narrow slits that served for windows.

" "I do not believe in this marriage," said Orazio, measuring Prince Ruspoli as he stood erect, his slits of eyes without a shadow of expression.

This cloth top was covered with slender slits of various shapes and sizes, round, square, sexagonal, and so forth, which, being pressed with the finger, fell inwards and disclosed little hiding-places sunk in the well of the table; but which, as soon as the pressure was removed, flew up again by means of concealed springs, and closed as neatly as before.

He glanced at her through eyes narrowed to evil slits.

They never showed more than slits of eyes beneath their drooping lids, yet they never missed seeing whatever there was to see, and taking advantage of every absent-minded moment when Casey was thinking of the Injun Jim, perhaps.