490 examples of slits in sentences

For many hours together they never raised their lids, looking out through slits, cat-like, on the world.

The track then proceeds westwards, winding in and out of the tremendous slits in rock, to Mukhmas, and it was probably along this rough line that the Israelites marched from their camp at Gilgal to overthrow the Philistines.

Eyeballs deep-set, lack lustre, in narrowed slits 7.

Rudolph, half wrapped in his matting, could see the hard, glassy eyes shine cruelly in their narrow slits; but before they lowered to meet his own, a jubilant yell resounded in the go-down, and with a grunt, the yellow face, the flambeau, and the sword were snatched away.

The gentleman was walking towards the house, but he pulled up short, his eyes narrowed themselves to slits and his thick lips closed tightly.

"What can I saywhat can I do toto express my gratitudemy sense of your forbearance, Falconer?" Falconer, with his eyes narrowed to slits, looked at him keenly.

His blue eyes, glittering through the slits of the drawn-down eyelids, were pin-points of wrath.

Little light was there in the great hall through which Leothric ascended, for it only entered through arrow slits here and there, and in the world outside evening was waning fast.

In shape the surcoat somewhat resembled a sack, in which, at a later period, large slits were made in the arms, as well as over the hips and on the chest, through which appeared the rich furs and satins with which it was lined....

This heavy and ungraceful tunic, called a housse, consisted of two broad bands of a more or less costly material, which, starting from the neck, fell behind and before, thus almost entirely concealing the front and back of the person, and only allowing the under garments to be seen through the slits which naturally opened on each side of it.

All the mystery that awaits us looks out through the eye-slits in the grave-clothes muffling her.

She calls him a fine man; he is indeed big enough, and like to become too big; with long slits of eyes that gaze freelie on all.

And so I found him there, standing all alone in the quietest of the yards, his face towards a high wall, while all around, from the narrow slits of the jail windows, I thought I saw peering out upon him the eyes of murderers and thieves.

The man's face was within a hand's breadth of her own, his mouth wide open, his eyes mere shining slits, convulsed with silent merriment.

" He turned upon the hearthrug, and studied the carefully designed slits upon his cloth shoes.

Swaying unsteadily, the mulatto looked around him through eyes closed to snakelike slits.

"But the fair guerdon when we hope to find Comes the blind Fury with th' abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life'" Having not quite finished his 27th year, he died calmly on the 23rd of September, 1828, and was interred in the vault of St. James's Church, Pentonville, in the presence of Lawrence, and Howard, and Robson, and the Rev. J.T. Judkin,himself a skilful painteran ardent admirer and steadfast friend.

Tommy opened it now with trembling hands and looked at the little bits of Grizel on it: the beautiful stitching with which she had coaxed the slits to close again; the one patch, so artful that she had clapped her hands over it.

"Tompkins," murmured the blind one feebly, tears starting from the blue slits and rolling down his cheeks.

And on the top of the hill, after a four-mile trudge, they rested for the first time, Spinrobin panting and perspiring, trousers tucked up and splashed yellow with mud; Mr. Skale, legs apart, beard flattened by the wind about his throat, and thumbs in the slits of his waistcoat as he looked keenly about him over the darkening landscape.

In the Dec. period there was added the S. transept; foliated lancets were inserted in the nave and chancel walls (those in the nave breaking the splays of the Norm. slits); a large window (with reticulated tracery) was placed at the W. end, and a second with flowing tracery introduced into the ribbed chamber over the N. porch.

Cut several slits in the top crust or prick it with a fork before putting it in place.

" The fellow grinned, one hand thrust into the outer pocket of his coat, his eyes narrowed into ugly slits.

Hobart was nearest to him, his face swollen and red, his eyes ugly slits, with teeth snarling between thin lips.

" "I do not believe in this marriage," said Orazio, measuring Prince Ruspoli as he stood erect, his slits of eyes without a shadow of expression.

490 examples of  slits  in sentences