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7526 examples of  slowed  in sentences

7526 examples of slowed in sentences

No explanation is given of this, and we must conclude, either that the speed of time had slowed, or else that the earth was actually progressing on its orbit at a rate, slow, when measured by existing standards.

To-night, as he turned into Cafรฉ Hungarian, Miss Slayback slowed and drew back into the overshadowing protection of an adjoining office-building.

In the meantime, the "Massachusetts's" speed was being slowed rapidly, and a boat's crew stood at quarters.

" The Savoie had by this time slowed down until she was just holding her own against the tide, and one of her lower ports swung open.

The ship slowed down.

Two hours later she slowed down a short distance from three other vessels, which proved to be the Indefatigable, the Invincible and the Lion, the latter the flagship of Vice-Admiral Beatty.

Then he slowed down until he was trotting, and a hundred yards farther on he stopped.

After some weeks the sluggish currents of being in the rat, which had slowed down as a preliminary to stopping altogether, flow fast and furious.

Frank slowed up to allow of Jerry overtaking him, so that they might talk as they covered the miles.

The yacht had already slowed up and was turning.

He seemed to know each time one of them peered over the newspaper; and when at last the train slowed down by the Admiralty Pier all his nervousness returned.

"The baggage man must have told the engineer about me, as we slowed down to a crawl just before we approached the Chicago yards, and off I jumped.

"Seventeen" would rather not have stopped at Warbleton, but Lenny's signal was law on the time card, and the magnificent yellow express slowed down for Lulu.

There Ivra pulled back for a minute, and the Wind Creatures slowed down.

Jeremy got up to examine it when the pistol had ceased to amuse him, and taking advantage of a jerk as the train slowed down, contrived to drop it into the Syrian's lap; who rather naturally swore; whereat Jeremy took offence, and accused him of being a descendant of Hanna, son of Manna, who lived for a thousand and one years and never enjoyed himself.

The panting engine slowed almost to a snail's pace, having only a scant fuel ration with which to negotiate curve and grade combined.

The fat man now slowed up not far from the mulatto and called to him.

Running pell-mell down the alley the mob gave a shout of exaltation as Everest slowed his pace and turned to face them.

"It was when I slowed her up a bit in the caรฑon that I noticed something the matter with her.

Dan slowed his horse as he went farther down the street.

In half an hour all sound of them died out, and Haines, following Dan's example, slowed his horse to an easy gallop.

He slowed his horse to a trot, but after a careful reconnoitring, seeing no one stirring around the sheriff's house, he drew closer and commenced to whistle a range song, broken here and there with a significant phrase which sounded like a signal.

The train slowed down and stopped at a little station.

When it was nearly level with them it slowed on the changing incline and Grace noted that there was a narrow space between the back of the frame and the peat.

"I'll be going," said the persecutor, with a grimace that seemed mixed partly of inherent bravado and partly of shame, as his pulse slowed down to normal.

" Presently the boy noticed that some of the travellers hesitated, slowed up, and finally stood quite still.

Time after time he quickened his pace, only to find that he had been fooled by a patch of dogwood, a clump of haw bushes or even a leaf-strewn knoll, but at last he unmistakably saw the dress, and then he slowed down to a careless saunter.

The deacon, still going at a clipping gait, had one eye over his shoulder as wary drivers always have on such occasions, and when he saw the squire was off the track he slowed down and jogged along with the apparent intention of continuing indefinitely.

All three turned and gazed curiously at the young occupants of the car, as it slowed down.

"Hey, there!" shouted old Mr. Harding, as his car was slowed down by the chauffeur.

bawled old Mr. Harding, as Peggy slowed up and stopped.

Peggy slowed down the engine.

Tucker slowed down.

The ball whined around the rim of the wheel a long time before it slowed, fell into the center of the wheel, and bounced to a stop.

The tires jerked and the plane slowed with a rush of engines.

Time slowed.

When the journey through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona was over, and the train slowed into the station at Los Angeles, she had cause to remember this incident, for Millard was on the car steps, just in front of her.

He drove at low speed, as if he were out to enjoy the scenery, and slowed down gently beside Angela, who was walking in the direction of Riverside.

The train slowed down, stopped, and a porter appeared laden with a huge valise.

But instead of speeding by, Remsen slowed down a few feet distant and jumped from his wheel.

"I got out of the taxicab when it slowed down at a railroad crossing.

After the first enthusiasm of a good brisk start to get steam and interest up, Tug slowed his pace down to such a gait as he thought could be comfortably maintained through the course.

When a big one lifted ahead, he slowed down.

While she sat there, drawn-faced with the cold, thinking rather amazedly these things which she told herself she had no right to think, the launch slipped into the quiet nook of Cougar Bay and slowed down to the float.

" Silently he gathered up speed, racing in the direction the Hoffs' car had gone, not addressing her again until perhaps two miles from Getty Square they caught up with it close enough to identify the occupants, whereupon he slowed down and followed at a more discreet interval.

I fall into that sort of slumber provoked by the regular trepidations of a train on the road, mingled with ear-splitting whistles and the grind of the brakes as the speed is slowed, and tumultuous roars as passing trains are met with, besides the names of the stations shouted out during the short stoppages, and the banging of the doors which are opened or shut with metallic sonority.

As the roar of the bursting bombs began, the bullets slowed down and ceased.

"Hottish corner," said one, as they slowed to a walk some distance away.

When they slowed up, there was the agonizing dread of pursuit.

Owing to the strength of the Sha-t'o Turks, who themselves claimed leadership in China, the expansion of the Kitan empire slowed down.

Her brain cleared; her heart slowed.

Well, I just got my grip packed and didn't say a thing and when the train slowed up for Midgeville, out I slid.

The Silver Spear slowed quickly, and moments later a huge airlock door opened in one of the poles of the asteroid.

About half an hour later, the had slowed to a crawl and the view of the stars disappeared.

I walked resolutely on, without deigning a glance at Harold, who had slowed down to a crawling walk.

He commanded Boodles to go back, but though he had slowed his pace and now halted a dozen feet from Frank, the cannibal, Boodles showed that he was not going back until he had some better reason.

"You don't talk much," said Sharon when the roan slowed for the ascent of West Hill and the music of the bells became only a silver murmur of chords.

A block away it had slowed to turn a corner.

We slowed down after that, of course.

But the driver in the blue jersey, hearing that awful cry behind him, slowed down and crawled along.

The great steamer approached, slowed down, and came to a standstill beside the boat of the starving castaways.

The machine slowed down, as though the chauffeur, in doubt, awaited the outcome of the discussion.

She scarcely noticed that the automobile had slowed down, when within a few feet of her, until a man, suddenly, stood at her horse's head; his hand on the bridle-rein as though to assist her.

" The taxi slowed down before the red-brick entrance of the apartment house.

Now Gadabout, her engines slowed down, drifted almost unguided among the shallows beside Jamestown Island; for our eyes were only for that close-lying shore and our thoughts for what it had to tell us.

Although that honeymoon was almost three centuries gone, and there was nothing left at Varina to tell of it, yet somehow our thoughts quickened and Gadabout's engines slowed as we sailed along the romantic site.

The clanking ceased, the wheels slowed down, and Mary's peaceful heart moved violently in her breast.

She wanted to know the way it was done: so I described to her how sometimes the train was flagged by a danger signal, and when it had slowed down the runner found himself covered by armed men; or how a gang would board the train, one by one, at way stations, and then, when the time came, steal forward, secure the express agent and postal clerk, climb over the tender, and compel the runner to stop the train at some lonely spot on the road.

Just beyond the elms they slowed up alongside a white picket fence enclosing an old-fashioned garden whence came to Mr. Tutt the busy murmur of bees.

" The world seemed normal again as we passed through other towns unharmed and swept by the dark countryside, till a red light rose in our path and a sharp "Qui vive?" came out of the night as we slowed down.

" As we came to the first cross-roads in that dead land back of the trenches which was still being shelled by shrapnel, though not another car was in sight, and ours had no business there (as we were told afterwards), that chauffeur, as he slowed up before turning, held out his hand from habit as he would have done in Piccadilly.

Something in the manner of Spinnel slowed his feet and words.

He did not know that the Flying Fish was slowed down, and that although the hydroplane appeared to be capable of tremendous speed, she was not actually so very much faster than Rob's boat.

" Before the boys could voice any more warnings, the hydroplane, which had been slowed down, dashed off once more.

"Those fellows must be wishing they took our advice now if they are fools enough to have kept out," said Merritt, as he slowed down the engine so as to permit the Flying Fish to ride the rising seas more easily.

Suddenly the Flying Fish began to creep up on the hydroplane, which had slowed down for some reason.

"Seen a rig with Jack Curtiss and Bill Bender in it?" shouted the banker as the car was slowed up by Commodore Wingate.

Upon the crest of the slope which the procession was leisurely descending, he slowed to a lope; and so overtook the crowd that straggled always out to the hangings, came they ever so frequent.

That sickening grip in the chest which is a real, physical pain, though the hurt be given to the soul of a man, slowed Dade's steps to a lagging advance towards the tableau the two made on the steps.

He slowed down at her side.

Although Jarvis went on talking about various things she did not reply, and her silence lasted until, having gone a mile on his way, Jarvis slowed down a little and turned to look at her.

Another mile and they slowed down in heavy sand.

I slowed to a trot, peering everywhere, listening with all my ears.

The old grizzly slowed up, and looked across, and wagged his huge head.

The Master slowed the helicopters.

He slowed, circled, playing with vacuum-lift, helicopters, engines, as if they had been keys of a familiar instrument.

It slowed, at their command, through the phone that led up the wire.

As Nissr slowed near the oasis, the frightened Arabswho had been at their ghanda, or mid-day mealswarmed into the open.

As Nissr, now with slowed engines loomed down the Valley of Sacrifice, a perfectly indescribable hurricane of panic, rage, and hate surged through all the massed thousands who had come from the farthest ends of Islam to do homage to the holy places of the Prophet.

Now the Ka'aba was close; now the nacelle slowed, beside it, in the shadow of its grim blackness.

About ten o'clock at night, as the train slowed up as usual to take water, the engineer and fireman were covered by two of the robbers.

The lorry slowed down, and finally stopped, a hundred yards away.

He slowed down the animals to a walk as he neared it, peering about for some sign of its inhabitants.

[Illustration: FOG ON THE BAY] Our engines were slowed down to half-speed, or just enough to give her steerage way, while the anxious captain peered from the wheelhouse with one hand grasping the signal cord, ready for any emergency.

Not a word was exchanged by the inmates of the buggy during this race, and for several miles farther they drove at the utmost speed, then the horse's terrific gait commenced to slacken, and now that they were beyond the aroused neighborhood, Boston Frank slowed the horse and turned in at a road crossing to throw possible pursuers upon a wrong trail.

The procession slowed up, horsemen jammed to the left of us, the carriage halted.

Consarn 'er pictur'!" He gave a great yell of triumph as we slowed in a long stretch of still, broad water.

For a little way he jounced along the trail; then the motor began to labor; and although Casey pulled the gas lever down as far as it would go, the car slowed and stopped dead in the road.

On the third round the Ford had slowed to a walk, figuratively speaking.

At a dim fork in the trail Casey slowed and stopped.