7526 examples of slowed in sentences

" The Savoie had by this time slowed down until she was just holding her own against the tide, and one of her lower ports swung open.

After some weeks the sluggish currents of being in the rat, which had slowed down as a preliminary to stopping altogether, flow fast and furious.

Frank slowed up to allow of Jerry overtaking him, so that they might talk as they covered the miles.

He seemed to know each time one of them peered over the newspaper; and when at last the train slowed down by the Admiralty Pier all his nervousness returned.

There Ivra pulled back for a minute, and the Wind Creatures slowed down.

Jeremy got up to examine it when the pistol had ceased to amuse him, and taking advantage of a jerk as the train slowed down, contrived to drop it into the Syrian's lap; who rather naturally swore; whereat Jeremy took offence, and accused him of being a descendant of Hanna, son of Manna, who lived for a thousand and one years and never enjoyed himself.

The panting engine slowed almost to a snail's pace, having only a scant fuel ration with which to negotiate curve and grade combined.

"It was when I slowed her up a bit in the cañon that I noticed something the matter with her.

"You don't talk much," said Sharon when the roan slowed for the ascent of West Hill and the music of the bells became only a silver murmur of chords.

The machine slowed down, as though the chauffeur, in doubt, awaited the outcome of the discussion.

Although that honeymoon was almost three centuries gone, and there was nothing left at Varina to tell of it, yet somehow our thoughts quickened and Gadabout's engines slowed as we sailed along the romantic site.

"Seen a rig with Jack Curtiss and Bill Bender in it?" shouted the banker as the car was slowed up by Commodore Wingate.

He slowed down at her side.

Although Jarvis went on talking about various things she did not reply, and her silence lasted until, having gone a mile on his way, Jarvis slowed down a little and turned to look at her.

The Master slowed the helicopters.

He slowed, circled, playing with vacuum-lift, helicopters, engines, as if they had been keys of a familiar instrument.

It slowed, at their command, through the phone that led up the wire.

As Nissr slowed near the oasis, the frightened Arabswho had been at their ghanda, or mid-day mealswarmed into the open.

As Nissr, now with slowed engines loomed down the Valley of Sacrifice, a perfectly indescribable hurricane of panic, rage, and hate surged through all the massed thousands who had come from the farthest ends of Islam to do homage to the holy places of the Prophet.

Now the Ka'aba was close; now the nacelle slowed, beside it, in the shadow of its grim blackness.

The lorry slowed down, and finally stopped, a hundred yards away.

[Illustration: FOG ON THE BAY] Our engines were slowed down to half-speed, or just enough to give her steerage way, while the anxious captain peered from the wheelhouse with one hand grasping the signal cord, ready for any emergency.

For a little way he jounced along the trail; then the motor began to labor; and although Casey pulled the gas lever down as far as it would go, the car slowed and stopped dead in the road.

On the third round the Ford had slowed to a walk, figuratively speaking.

At a dim fork in the trail Casey slowed and stopped.

7526 examples of  slowed  in sentences