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74 examples of  smart as  in sentences

74 examples of smart as in sentences

Is it not because you show yourself so smart a speaker, now?" "I should not dare do that," said Confucius.

"No need to tell every feller all you knowso he'll be jest as smart as you are.

She went right ahead as smart as if she'd been born to work.

he said; and his eyes smarted as if the tears were about to rush into them.

This girl Watson is against usand she's as smart as they make them, and has plenty of nerve.

Bella, the parrot, lives with Mrs. Morris, and is as smart as ever.

It may also be expedient to put the world out of conceit that all sober and good men are a sort of such lumpish or sour people that they can utter nothing but flat and drowsy stuff, by showing them that such persons, when they see cause, in condescension, can be as brisk and smart as themselves; when they please, can speak pleasantly and wittily, as well as gravely and judiciously.

At the nearer table, a weazened little man bent eagerly over a pictorial paper; at the farther, chalking their cues, stood two players, one a sturdy Englishman with a gray moustache, the other a lithe, graceful person, whose blue coat, smart as an officer's, and swarthy but handsome face made him at a glance the most striking figure in the room.

Aunt larfed waal, an' told me tew try ag'in; so a couple er nights arfter, I spruced up, an' went over to Car'line Miles's; she was as smart as old cheese, an' waal off in tew the barg'in.

This time I am up against a man who is nearly as smart as I am myself, and I can't afford to carry any handicap.

"Their tools are as smart a lot as ever I saw in my life.

This was a boy by the name of Percy Shelley Carberry, rather a bold fellow too, and as smart as they make them, only unscrupulous as to the means he employed by which to gain his ends.

The scholars only laughed and smiled, And cried: "How sweet, how smart a child!" He kept his wings close hid, yet I Remembered him from days gone by, And, stepping up, I whispered this: "My boy, compound for me a kiss.

Oh 'tis true: [Sidenote: tis too true] How smart a lash that speech doth giue my Conscience?

she steps out of a shop as calm as you please in a petticoat and jacket of her own fancy (and ten times more handsome than our purchase), a red shawl tied about her waist, and a little round hat with a bright red bob in it, set on one side of her head, and all as smart as a carrot.

I'm as smart as Tom Blake, any day.

I knew what he meant; for on that table they had laid out David's body, and with that he struck his fist upon the board so smart as to make the bailiff jump and nearly bring the pin out of the candle.

For that blow cut through the iron chains and smote the hauberk of the knight so smart a buffet that he fell down to the ground altogether deprived of breath.

Scold them sharply, and perhaps let them smart a while for their indiscretion and disobedience; and then kiss and make it up, remembering that young folks will be young folks, and that love has its own law and logic.

" "Well," said Ned, who had been listening attentively to Jerry's description of the Apache character, "if I'd had any idea these Indians were half as smart as you say they are, I'd rather have stayed in Texas than started on the trip.

"I've had about as much experience with 'em as anybody in the party, and I don't believe they're half as smart as you make 'em out.

She scrubbed it so hard that her hands smarted as if she had burned them in the fire; she did not stop until every spot was white.

"Dolly is as brave and smart as Susiesmarter, too, for she is shorter!

Smart as a steel trap, hey?" grated out old Harding, rubbing his hands.

"Smart as a steel trap, with teeth that bite and hold, hey, hey, hey?" "Instead of wasting time here, I propose that we at once go to the house in which Roy was confined, and see if we can catch the rascals implicated in this," said Lieut.

Hรฉloise wishes to have everything smart as the Tournelles have, but Godmamma and Victorine are always against her.

It is not much of a drive, as you know, and we all got there at the same time almost, and our party did look so smart as we came in.

"Good, clean job, Bucky, and smart as could be the way you drew him down.

"I've been qualifying for the article, and if I do say it myself I'm as smart a driver this minute as you could find in California.

He's as smart a little chap as I ever saw; and I guess he's the kind that gets better every day.

And I might say, right here, that if you ever try to teach your pets any tricks, you must be both kind and gentle with them, for you know they are not as smart as you are, and cannot think as quickly.

"I think Puckers wears twice as smart a bonnet as yours.

"He is as smart as they make 'em," went on the colonel.

"The man that mends the boats, father, is a man that's 'most as smart as you are.

No, sir; the good, old, well-recognized, red-blooded method of going out and taking it away from people not so smart as they are, is good enough for them, if you please.

" "Well, you're certainly as smart as they give you credit for, I must say.

He is as smart a man as I remember ever meeting, and has done me rather neatly twice this evening.

He is too smart a man to lead me to his den; but the police can certainly find something of him at the house he went in atand, I expect, left by the back way.

But if he's so smart as I think, he won't do it.

He had an elasticity of step, which, in the course of a long march, made many a stout fellow envy him; and the manner in which he busked his plaid and adjusted his bonnet, argued a consciousness that so smart a John Highlandman as himself would not pass unnoticed among the Lowland lasses.

I reckon I was bout as smart a man as you could jump up.

If I did know, I should be as smart as you.

[Illustration: WANTEDA ST. PATRICK ST. AUGUSTINE BIRRELL: "I'm afraid I'm not so smart as my brother-saint at dealing with this kind of thing.

"Bright as a new penny, smart as a whip.

He insisted on people praying with him; and I'd as lief pray with Kit Smart as with any one else.

He was as smart as he could be, too clever to live, in fact, too light a weight for a grave age.

There's nothing so smart as honesty.

While he was never so smart as Willie about such things, he was intelligent and quick to learn; and this was not surprising to me after I discovered the nature of his occupation in life.

Octavia and I made ourselves look as smart as we could in travelling dresses, because there would be no time to change after the lunch; we had to go straight to the train.

" "Why so smart as that?" He hesitated, and her eyes left his face and travelled downward.

Look as smart as you can (hands letter), and deliver this letter before it's too late.

The professor was very busy now, taking soundings almost every day, and doing all kinds of clever work that even Tom, smart as he was, couldn't understand.

I was dazed by a blow in the face, blood trickled into my eyes where a bullet had grazed my forehead, one shoulder smarted as though burned by fire, yet it never occurred to me to cease fighting.

I've never had one working for me, and if I had I'd fire him, because a fellow who's as smart as that ought to be in business for himself; and if he doesn't get a chance to start a new one, he's just naturally going to eat up yours.

It was the only one we had seen during the day, and knowing the possibility of our being mistaken for bush-rangers,* we turned back our rough coats, and rode up to the house as smart as we could make ourselves.

Max is having fits with his tie, and Alec is in distress because his pumps don't look as smart as he thinks they ought.

I wish you were as smart as Puss in Boots; then maybe you could find out what is the matter.

"It was a terrible time before I could get up from the last one," she said, "me that was around as smart as could be with the first.

"Arctura Fish is as neat as a pin, and as smart as a steel trap," said Barbara, regardless of elegance; "andsince nobody else will ever dare to give inI believe Arctura Fish is the very next thing, now, for us!"

The woman was well developed, good-looking, and as smart as a steel-trap, and both being English I was not at all surprised at their mutual admiration and infatuation, nor did I blame them much.

Her fingers fumbled at her work, Her needle would not go; What ailed so smart a little maid It puzzled me to know,

It's a pity so smart a fellow should make a wreck of himself."

How are you, marm?" "Oh! smart as a trap.

[Footnote A: 'He insisted on people praying with him, and I'd as lief pray with Kit Smart as with anyone else.']

" "Isn't he as smart as his brother Henry?" asked Uncle Jonah.

Having hurriedly made himself as smart as possible, he took car for Glasgow, and there caught the ten o'clock train for Aberdeen.

But dat gran'son ob mine is smart as a steel trap.

"She certainly did; she's as smart as she is good looking.

His majesty was in need of seamen; and he was evidently too smart a one to be deprived of the glory of serving his country.

And in some of their travels they met Barzelia Trimble, a woman lecturer, she's young and good lookin' and smart as a whip, and I guess she made much of Josiah, 'tennyrate she gin him tickets to her lecture.

John A. Calhoun, my Joe John, the trustees of our schools Are not so smart as you, John, but then they're not all fools;

The Bois has never been so smart as it was the past season, for the horrible fire of the Bazar de la Charitรฉ put an end to the Paris season, and left those who were not personally bereaved no solace but the Bois.

Lance smarted a little at this infelicitous speech.

Here's to the man who's as smart as can be I mean the man who agrees with me.