23 examples of smarter than in sentences

That son of your'n, FRITZ, is smarter than a 2 year old heifer.

Her dress was somehow a little smarter than usual, and Becky, who brought in the hashed mutton, looked at her young lady complacently, as, loaded with plates, she quitted the room.

" "She's smarter than the other one, but not so honest," said Uncle John.

This further aroused the curiosity of Max, who to himself was saying: "I hit the mark when I guessed Obed was smarter than he let on, and could talk just as well as the next fellow when he chose.

Then I just blurted out, "I might as well tell you because, anyway, you're smarter than I am.

Diminutive men have generally very fair notions of themselves; small men as a rule are smarter than those of the bulky and adipose school; and, harmonising with this regulation, Mr. Martyn is both sharp and kindly disposed towards himself.

But if I can do a trick and you can't tell how it is done, then you must admit that, for the moment, I am smarter than you.

She was looking along the serried ranks of youth and beauty to see if anybody's frock was smarter than her own.

The Yankees are smarter than we are at that game; they are cutting us to death in South Americaour ore here's too poor.

Some Masters have a great fancy for the dark colouring of the old Southern Hound, but nothing could look much smarter than a good combination of Belvoir tan with black and white.

"I'll tell you one thing," Tucker said, "there weren't nobody smarter than Margery Sewell ever come out of here.

"Sometimes I think cats are smarter than people," Arlen said, "but I love to hear the birds.

" "But don't you think she is smarter than you are and gets her lessons better.

"The farmer is stronger and smarter than we are.

His progress took some little time, what, with bowing to one lady, treading on the dress of another, and parrying the attack of a third who wanted him to give her daughter a cup of tea; so that by the time Dick reached her Lord Bearwarden had left Miss Bruce to the attentions of another guest, more smart than gentlemanlike, in whose appearance there was something indefinably out of keeping with the rest.

You are much smarter than you look, but you can't fool me.

Young folks done smarter than I is.

Everyone is always trying to be first and to be a little smarter than anyone else.

"You'll do well enough, lass," he said; "but I should like you to have had something smarter than that blue stuff.

"Wilder is a fool or he wouldn't leave his herd unguarded at the Witches' Pool." "You'll find he's smarter than you think.

" "Il Signor Podestà will be welcome," said Benedetta, wiping off a spare table, and bustling round the room to make things look a little smarter than they ordinarily did; "he may frequent grander wine-houses than this, but he will hardly find better liquor.

There are various Johnsons among the subscribers, but not Samuel, who apparently would liefer pray with Kit Smart than buy his poetry, thereby showing the doctor's usual piety and good sense.[A]

"Are you smarter than a clergyman?"

23 examples of  smarter than  in sentences