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81 example sentences with  smelly

81 example sentences with smelly

Nothing but a busy little hubby to eat him nice, smelly, bacon breakfast and grab him nice morning newspaper, kiss him wifie, and run downtown to support her.

I'll get a mouse-trap in a minute, And bait with cheese that's smelly To bring him helter-skelly That little empty belly,

First I told the right merchant what sort of a bookkeeper I had found slaving away for ten dollars a week on the dark, smelly balcony of the Racketand he's given Alma a job at twenty in a sun-lighted office.

It was a dark, dismal, smelly interior, amply large enough, but ill ventilated, and inexpressibly dirty.

She had no clear conception of the deed when, half of the fish consumed, the smelly stuff revolted her and she hurled the remaining part into the bed of coals.

I confess I had looked forward to a crowning discomfort in the shape of a cold and draughty and smelly room, fried chops or a gory leg of mutton and a heel of the cheese made by Noah in the Ark.

What do you say, gentlemen?" "I never thought," said the Flag Captain, "that I would willingly spend two days shut up in a smelly dock, but you may count me in, sir.

Go back and throw the smelly thing away."

It was a grimy, smelly place, with its own odor spiked by a phosphate-reducing plant two blocks distant.

The officers' accommodation was no better, I and my Staff having to sleep on very dirty and smelly floors.

The result is, that the coats of corded Poodles are almost invariably dirty, and somewhat smelly.

In Paris girls ran into the street and threw their arms about the brave "Marocs" as they marched by, but the lady with the little girls felt that they were a trifle smelly, and, fishing out a bottle of scent, she wet a handkerchief with it and passed it round.

Disagreeable voyage on the Po. Venice, beautiful but smelly.

Venice, beautiful but smelly.

He could stay at Cousin Emma's, but maybe he wouldn't like that because there was a raft of children always under foot and Fred, Emma's husband, was a dreadful "ordinary" person who smoked a smelly pipe and sat round in his shirt sleeves.

They would be sweaty and smelly.

He said it wasn't quite so good as the smelly sort, but her ankle is a whole lot better.

"And see here, you smelly devil: Here's money.

Mahommed ben Hamza, not quite so smelly in his new clothes, was standing at my elbow.

"There are drains in Jerusalembig, dark, smelly, ancient, full of ratsvery useful drains.

Grim beckoned the Sikhs into the room, left one man in there in charge of Suliman, who swore blasphemously at being left behind, and led the way down a passage that opened into an alley connecting with a maze of others like rat runs, mostly arched over and all smelly with the unwashed gloom of ages.

Do you think it's easy to live in a measly little room up six flights of black, smelly stairs, with no fire in winter?

I'm tickled by a pansy, wot's called an 'Appy Thought; I'm gone on yaller "Glories" of the proper smelly sort;

I'm tickled by a pansy, wot's called an 'Appy Thought; I'm gone on yaller "Glories" of the proper smelly sort; An' once I 'eld gerani-ums was gayer than the rest,

Later, when they were in a cab bound for her smelly little boarding-house, he showed them to her.

Huddled in smelly rags by a hastily summoned neighbour from the floor above, the newcomer raised her untried voice in a frail, reedy cry.

he asked (how he hated these poverty-stricken, smelly, ignoble creatures.

But any sort of living things in quantity, "wriggly" as they were bound to be alive and "smelly" dead, she could not and would not abide.

and he said she might respect his ideas, and she said not if they were smelly she wouldn't, and then he gave way completely and saidin spite of the classical remarks of Huxley upon the subjecta bad word.

But sweet it was, as if it was new laid, not even smelly, and its mother dead these four hundred years, perhaps.

Both cities are "smelly," though Venice, even at its worst, stands many degrees above the incredible filth of Srinagar.

Having tied up to a remarkably smelly bank, which was just lofty enough to screen our heated brows from any wandering breeze, we landed to explore.

Monday, September 18.It was impossible to get our boats up the river yesterday, so I spent the day sketching amidst the most picturesque, but horribly smelly, part of the town; much quinine in the evening seemed desirable as a counterblast to possible malaria.

"We uster use grease lamps, dese war made outer iron, wid a piece of cotton rope down in de grease on dis jes send out a puny smelly light.

All her linen is damp and smelly, and much of it is mildewed.

It is really charbon de forgea lot of damp, black dust with a few big lumps in it, which burns with a heavy, smelly, yellow smoke.

Mr. Joey Simpkins had shouldered his way through the smelly push and taken his stand beside the bewildered and half-fainting boy.

Danny was one of these tragedies, but he still picked up a precarious living by doing odd jobs at Mulqueen's and acting as a veterinary when called upon, and he could generally be found either loafing in the smelly little office or smoking his T D pipe on the steps outside.

Armpit, like underarm, refers to the axilla, but also means an object or place that is smelly or greasy.

It is sometimes used for other cats which happen to be rather smelly.

She is the mother of Percy and she was married to "Smelly" Gabe."

Students go to the next class sweaty and smelly.

The Buwad or dried seafood is very smelly but it is crunchy and chewy.

The smelly fish are dumped onto the deck of ships with the hagfish poking out from their bodies.

The whole process is very smelly, and tanneries are often placed at the edges of towns.

This reduces the opportunities for bacteria to cause smelly feet.

Gasoline engines were smelly and noisy.

Big dicks, small dicks, floppy dicks, hard dicks, smelly dicks, clean dicks, curvy dicks, straight dicks.

But before we could ask our questions, we were arrested by police and thrown into a tiny, smelly cell in the basement.

For every eczema-riddled short guy, there was an acne-smothered wet-dreaming giant, or an asexual unwieldy-breasted loner, or a wispily-mustached smelly jock.

Fresh solution for smelly feet: Scientists develop

I’m nauseous just thinking about soft, smelly, slightly browned jeans.

I sniffed her smelly hole and rolled my tongue into her A**hole.

Its like they only send the smelly ones to the bars and drivers try to make you puke by driving like shiat.

Nah, more like him and his korrupt kremlin kronies took the constitution (and their constitutional "oaths") to wipe their smelly sewage behinds with it.

Ndlovu said the diarrhoea cases were from people residing in New and Old Luveve, Cowdray Park, Iminyela and Magwegwe high-density suburbs where there had been complaints of residents receiving dirty and smelly water from their taps.

No more smelly, unclean linen in trains!

No self-respecting French studio can pass up the opportunity to let you eat cheese, so we're giving you the option to heal yourself with a nice smelly slice of Camembert!

Now, in this small ecosystem tucked between the city and the cornfields, wounded sparrows died and putrefied, the caterpillars secreted smelly vapors, and the short-tailed shrews and meadow voles dropped feces.

Often, the most likely cause of smelly clothes is a smelly washing machine, says Kegan.

Often, the most likely cause of smelly clothes is a smelly washing machine, says Kegan.

Smelly Pirate HookerTo remind, the "old" park opened in 1994.

Aside from its theme song, the most popular song from Friends is Phoebe's "Smelly Cat", which was originally about a dog.

The unfortunate development has cast a terrible smelly smear on the NBA, which until recently, was controversially regarded as representing the best ideals of justice, equity the good conscience of the society.

They were dirty, smelly and dark.

"Water left in pipes can change in quality and become smelly or discoloured, so it’s important to replace old water with fresh water, particularly if you are cooking or making beverages, or have staff on site drinking the water," said Mr Ball.

During the day, we lead busy homemaker and/or professional lives (I was a Grade VII teacher before I had my three children), and at night we make our way to smelly school-gyms and musty church-basements to teach Yoga.

Gone are the days of turning up the nose to smelly cabbage!

And, before you go thinking that nobody would want your ripped up and smelly t-shirt, think again!

It's safe, cheap, and, of course, smelly.

Portlandone smelly sock and sleepy knitter headed your way.

Say goodbye to smelly feet!

Smelly hands, caffeine and cholesterol, ultra-cold, Einstein and Pluto might be a planet again.

Smelly things to ease the stress and make you all swoony.

The ones that have paved shoulders are the busiest highways such as the Trans Canada noisy, smelly and with high speed traffic.

There are lots of smelly events, ugly people, threatened deaths, bad weather, and portals far too many portals.

There is a large and smelly collection of bottles all filled with human urine.

They had a challenging eating contest, a smelly slip and slide, and were fishing yesterday.

They're noisy and smelly, and they always hog the bathroom!

This causes them to become smaller and smaller, allowing the bacteria in the gut to process and metabolize them more efficiently, helping to prevent too many smelly compounds.

What happens is that once-sweet Easter bunnies, if they are not neutered, become big, smelly rabbits by the time the seasonal focus switches to Thanksgiving turkeys.