37 examples of smelly in sentences

Nothing but a busy little hubby to eat him nice, smelly, bacon breakfast and grab him nice morning newspaper, kiss him wifie, and run downtown to support her.

It was a dark, dismal, smelly interior, amply large enough, but ill ventilated, and inexpressibly dirty.

She had no clear conception of the deed when, half of the fish consumed, the smelly stuff revolted her and she hurled the remaining part into the bed of coals.

I confess I had looked forward to a crowning discomfort in the shape of a cold and draughty and smelly room, fried chops or a gory leg of mutton and a heel of the cheese made by Noah in the Ark. I fancy that we are going to have a decent dinner; and I trust I may not be disappointed, for it is about the only thing that will save my life.

"I never thought," said the Flag Captain, "that I would willingly spend two days shut up in a smelly dock, but you may count me in, sir.

Go back and throw the smelly thing away.

It was a grimy, smelly place, with its own odor spiked by a phosphate-reducing plant two blocks distant.

The result is, that the coats of corded Poodles are almost invariably dirty, and somewhat smelly.

In Paris girls ran into the street and threw their arms about the brave "Marocs" as they marched by, but the lady with the little girls felt that they were a trifle smelly, and, fishing out a bottle of scent, she wet a handkerchief with it and passed it round.

Venice, beautiful but smelly.

Venice, beautiful but smelly.

He could stay at Cousin Emma's, but maybe he wouldn't like that because there was a raft of children always under foot and Fred, Emma's husband, was a dreadful "ordinary" person who smoked a smelly pipe and sat round in his shirt sleeves.

They would be sweaty and smelly.

He said it wasn't quite so good as the smelly sort, but her ankle is a whole lot better.

"And see here, you smelly devil: Here's money.

Mahommed ben Hamza, not quite so smelly in his new clothes, was standing at my elbow.

"There are drains in Jerusalembig, dark, smelly, ancient, full of ratsvery useful drains.

" Grim beckoned the Sikhs into the room, left one man in there in charge of Suliman, who swore blasphemously at being left behind, and led the way down a passage that opened into an alley connecting with a maze of others like rat runs, mostly arched over and all smelly with the unwashed gloom of ages.

I'm tickled by a pansy, wot's called an 'Appy Thought; I'm gone on yaller "Glories" of the proper smelly sort; And once I 'eld gerani-ums was grander than the rest,

I'm tickled by a pansy, wot's called an 'Appy Thought; I'm gone on yaller "Glories" of the proper smelly sort; An' once I 'eld gerani-ums was gayer than the rest,

But sweet it was, as if it was new laid, not even smelly, and its mother dead these four hundred years, perhaps.

Having tied up to a remarkably smelly bank, which was just lofty enough to screen our heated brows from any wandering breeze, we landed to explore.

Monday, September 18.It was impossible to get our boats up the river yesterday, so I spent the day sketching amidst the most picturesque, but horribly smelly, part of the town; much quinine in the evening seemed desirable as a counterblast to possible malaria.

All her linen is damp and smelly, and much of it is mildewed.

Mr. Joey Simpkins had shouldered his way through the smelly push and taken his stand beside the bewildered and half-fainting boy.

37 examples of  smelly  in sentences